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This letter from Osama Bin Ladin is from 1998, I just found it and thought it would serve to demonstrate that we bloggers don’t have to go searching for tiny signs in Islamic writing that may indicate that Muslims have been encouraged to kill non-Muslims…..because the hard proof is available in plain view for all the world to see. You’ll also notice that 1998 was way before 9/11 when the US “supposedly” declared war on the entire Muslim world. Looks like they’ve been trying to kill us longer than any of us knew!

The letter begins with a list of all the times when Americans have harmed the Muslim world (just your typical stuff about desecrating their land, supporting Israel and humiliating the Muslim people of the world). The letter then lists the fines that the Americans must pay for their “sins”. Be afraid……be very afraid.

For the full letter, here is the URL:

Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders

World Islamic Front Statement

23 February 1998

I will now post paragraph #4 until the end of the letter

"...All these crimes and sins committed by the Americans are a clear declaration of war on Allah, his messenger, and Muslims. And ulema have throughout Islamic history unanimously agreed that the jihad is an individual duty if the enemy destroys the Muslim countries….Nothing is more sacred than belief except repulsing an enemy who is attacking religion and life."

On that basis, and in compliance with Allah's order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims:

The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies -- civilians and military -- is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque [Mecca] from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim. This is in accordance with the words of Almighty Allah, "and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together," and "fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah."

We -- with Allah's help -- call on every Muslim who believes in Allah and wishes to be rewarded to comply with Allah's order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it. We also call on Muslim ulema, leaders, youths, and soldiers to launch the raid on Satan's U.S. troops and the devil's supporters allying with them, and to displace those who are behind them so that they may learn a lesson."

NICE EH?? But then again....maybe I'm just paranoid.

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Thought I'd give my thoughts about this article.

Khader Shkirat

Friday March 15, 2002

The Guardian

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are currently experiencing a huge military offensive by Israel. We are a largely unarmed and defenceless civilian population facing the force of a major military power. Yes, those large stones, M16s, Molotoff Cocktails and bazookas that the Palestinians use don't count as weapons. As for the claim that the majority of Palestinians are unarmed, I suppose this is true, but so are mothers and babies who get killed at Pizzerias. The human rights abuses committed by Israel in the towns, villages and refugee camps of the occupied Palestinian territories are breathtaking both in their scale and brutality Really? tell me about some of them. I have yet to hear about rapes, murders, harrassement, etc. , yet the states which call themselves the international community are leaving us to the mercy of the Israeli army. Things could be worse.....Palestinians could be left at the mercy of other Arabs
The Israeli attack on the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, which began on February 28, marked a clear turning point. Yes, the Israelis finally decided that they had enough of the suicide bombers The subsequent military escalation has now spread to civilian areas throughout the occupied territories, including Tulkarm, Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, Beit Jala, Ramallah, Qalqilya, Hebron and the Gaza Strip. ...and the suicide bombers have limited their attacks to largely uninhabited areas right? This is taking place during a period of heightened rhetoric from the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, who declared last week: "The Palestinians must be hit and it must be very painful: we must cause them losses, victims, so that they feel the heavy price." Which is just disgusting compared to Arafat who speaks about Holocaust denial and encourages Palestinians to blow themselves up in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible.

Israel justifies these attacks on civilian areas as necessary to root out "terrorists" and destroy "terrorist bases". But their actions go far beyond any possible claims of self-defence. This is a question of perspective. You don't think that these men and boys are guilty of anything, while Israelis see the same men and boys entering into cafes and restaurants to kill Jews Rather, Israeli actions appear designed to punish the entire Palestinian civilian population much like suicide bombings are designed to kill the entire Jewish population , in violation of human rights and humanitarian law. ...and those law abiding, humanitarian-conscious suicide bombers are adhering to which laws? Remind me I forget. These include the use of heavy weaponry in intensive strikes on densely populated civilian areas, utterly disproportionate to any perceived or real threats Again, a matter of perspective....but just for the record, how is the use of M16s disproportinate to the Paestinians use of large stones, M16s, Molotoff Cocktails and bazookas? . The failure of the Israeli forces to distinguish between civilian and military targets has resulted in high numbers of civilian deaths and injuries: from February 28to March 10 alone, more than 113 Palestinians were killed and 368 injured. And the ability of Palestinian suicide bombers to seek out innocent women and children have led to many Israeli civilian deaths and injuries.

The vast majority were civilians who do not serve in the Palestinian Authority police or security forces Which doesn't stop them from straping explosives to their chests and blowing themselves up in public . Children, women and refugees have been indiscriminately attacked, in contravention of international law which provides them with special protection. And I suppose to indescrimite attack on Jewish women and children are in strict adherence to international law Particularly striking for human rights observers have been the mass roundups of Palestinian males between the ages of 14 to 50 in the past week. Since February 28, about 2,200 people - including children - have been arbitrarily arrested and detained in camps outside their own areas. Inhuman and degrading methods routinely used during these arrests and detentions include blindfolding, strip-searching, and writing numbers on detainees' arms For a response to this, see yesterday's blog .

On a scale only seen recently in the Balkans, we have suffered extensive destruction of civilian property, including houses, workplaces, hospitals, clinics, ambulances, schools and universities, churches and mosques - as well as water and electricity supply lines Actually, that type of destruction was seen in New York city only six months ago when Arabs decided to go after unarmed Americans . Despite the glare of publicity, Israel even feels free to attack humanitarian agencies, and deny civilian access to medical supplies and treatment This has been proven to be falacious. Israelis have never stopped Palestinians from reaching hospitals.

We now face the real threat of what is euphemistically called "transfer" - in other words, the forcible expulsion of the Palestinian population - something that is openly discussed in Israeli military and political circles. The current escalation of the conflict seems designed to provide the pretext for mass transfers of civilians. You're right. Transfers are heinous....we should just suicide bomb ourselves until the Palestinian population is no longer a threat....much more humane than bussing them far away from Israelis Israel's acts of ethnic cleansing in the past are well-documented By whom? . In 1948, more than 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled or fled from massacres Ok, let me get this straight. Anyone who leaves their home because they're afraid of being killed is considered to have been ethnically cleansed? So if we counted all the Jews who left Israel and all surrounding Arab countries for fear of persecution by the Arabs we could count this as ethnic cleansing? WOW! You better be careful because if you're playing a numbers game'll lose . During and immediately after the Six Day war of June 1967, 388,000 were expelled.

...this section just contained some more crap about Israeli violation of international law...

We watch in amazement while Britain coordinates sanctions against Zimbabwe at the same time as blocking action against Israel. What we are witnessing is a conspiracy of silence. As well as violating legal obligations to civilians under occupation, this refusal to take effective action against Israel ignores the boost to peace that would come from a halt to Israeli human rights violations. Why does this fool keep talking about legal issues? Everyone knows that Arabs have no legal systems and that suicide bombers violate laws of nature when they take their own lives...not to mention violating Q'uranic laws when they get female suicide bombers to carry out their dirty work. But they seem to conveniently forget this. The first urgent step is the immediate deployment of an independent, international presence to protect Palestinians and stop the war crimes We should get the UN back in there so that they can witness the kidnapping and murder of more Israeli soldiers and do nothing about it . Sanctions must be imposed on Israel to force it to accept this presence and engage in peace negotiations leading to a complete withdrawal from the territories. Part of an overall settlement must now also include an end to impunity: that requires the prosecution of war criminals.


Just thought I’d post a few headlines from Egyptian newspapers. Now, let’s remember not to be too critical, after all Egypt is a "moderate" Arab nation….I’m sure we’re just misinterpreting the headlines….perhaps something got lost in the translation.

·Egyptian Government Daily Praises the Martyrdom Attack on Jerusalem Cafe: 'A Heroic Operation'

·The U.S., Israel, and Turkey "The True Axis of Evil"

·The Egyptian Regime Encourages Persecution of Christian Copts

·Egyptian Columnist: Guantanamo is the Real Auschwitz

·'Since Egyptian Gays Have No Rights, Their Rights Need No Defense' (I know this doesn’t relate to the Mideast crisis, but I thought I’d just emphasize the fact that even moderate Arab countries have social values that are so ridiculous it makes me want to vomit).

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Ok, I admit it. I can’t defend the behavior of the Israeli soldiers who printed ID numbers on the arms of Palestinian terrorists (or eventual terrorists….whatever you’d prefer). It was stupid, careless and a clear opportunity for Arafat to claim, yet again, the poor, meek, persecuted Palestinians are being tortured at the hands of the Israeli regime. So far, nothing new and no big surprises right? Well, in a statement condemning the Israeli army, Arafat said that the Israelis were printing numbers on the arms of the Palestinians “just like they claim the Nazis did to them”. Ok, let’s get something straight here. The Jews never “claimed” that they were tortured, tattooed and exterminated in concentration camp. This is a matter of fact that never needed any proof once the allied forces entered the camps and witnessed the horrors suffered by the Jews. Only a Holocaust denier uses phrases like “…the Jews claim”. Israel was given to the Jews as a direct result of the Holocaust. World leaders felt that a people who had suffered so many persecutions and injustices deserved a homeland where they could live free from fear of extermination…plus I’m sure all that bible stuff about the land belonging to the Jews helped their cause too. It was this belief that made Israel official and legitimate in the eyes of the civilized world. Arafat chooses to deny the historical facts that have made Israel a legitimate state, which thereby proves that withdrawal from “occupied” territories won’t make the country any more legitimate in his eyes because he doesn’t believe the Israelis have a legitimate claim to the land in the first place. How can the US ask Israelis to negotiate with this guy? His statements just don’t add up! In one speech he says that he accepts the legitimacy of a Jewish state, and in another statement he denies that which truly makes Israel legitimate. By being a Holocaust denier, Arafat, once again, has shown that this “land for peace” garbage is just that…. its crap!

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Interesting links...

Most Dishonest reporting for 2001...the Winner is...the BBC.
Runner up? Deborah Sonntag (New York Times). See the article in Honest Reporting.
My prediction for 2002? A tie between the BBC and the Washington Post.

Israel must not be stopped before it finishes riding the world of Palestinian terrorism

Three years ago, the #1 hit song in Israel was called "Salaam", a song where a group compried of young Palestinians and Israelis, called SHEVA, sang together about peace and about living and loving together. Check points were virtually non-existent. Thousands of Palestinian workers commuted daily into the heart of Israel to work and provide a better future for their children. The average Palestinian income was among the highest in the Middle East. Infant mortality was dropping.
Then Clinton decided that Arafat had to be brought along to where the Palestinian people already had progressed. Teary-eyed Bill did not realize who he was dealing with. Arafat, the man who constantly appeases the West in English and spews out antisemitic hate in Arabic. Arafat who was chased out by Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia for constantly trying to destabilize these countries. Arafat who brandished a gun at the UN. Arafat who promised millions of martyrs. Arafat was offered more than ever, more than any analyst considered safe for Israel. But peace would make him irrelevant to his people. So he turned it down and unleashed the intifada. He used the Oslo accord to organize 18 police forces of thugs. And he waged war to put himself back in the driver's seat.
Now, 17 months later, he has lost his relevance, his army and his power. He is reduced to having to ask permission before he can leave his house. It is time to get rid of him for good. Let's recognize that his Nobel prize was a farce and a mistake of historical proportion. Let a new generation of Palestinian leaders who really and sincerely care about the lives of Palestinians take over. Sharon has just started and hopefully he will not stop.

Finally, Sharon does the right thing.

In this article in Reuters, we find out that Sharon is basically following a policy which could be summarized as follows... "look, we are going to get nailed by the Annan's and Jospin's of this world anyhow. If we do not retaliate, we get more attacks from terrorists, if we simply retaliate, we get more attacks from terrorists, if we cleanup, we stand a chance to reduce the number of guess what, you keep playing the diplomatic game, I am doing was the Israeli people are demanding. Cleanup time!" As events have shown, this is 17 months overdue. At the first sign of terrorism, massive force needs to be brought to bear to nip it in the bud. I say...don't stop Ariel until the entire terrorist infrastructure built by Arafat and financed mostly by the EU and Canada gets wiped out once and for all.
And while you are at it, go into the Palestinian schools and destroy all the anti-semitic propaganda that is being fed daily to Palestinian children. Education is far too important to be left to terrorists such as Arafat.

Michael Coren gets it...

The bottom line on the Middle East, March 9, 2005 Toronto Sun
Until the Arab world accepts Israel's right to exist, there can be no peace


I've had enough. Of the distortions, the hatreds, the fashionable politics. About Israel and the Middle East. Had enough of the moral equivalents and the double standards. So it's time to make my stand, and prepare for the dark cascade of threatening and abusive e-mails that will surely follow.

The Arab world is almost without exception composed of dictatorships where human rights are suppressed and democracy ignored. Syria, Libya, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are ruled by family or military despots. Egypt persecutes its minorities, suffocates free speech and spreads international anti-Semitism.

The Gulf states are medireview, Lebanon is controlled by brutal Syria while the liberal world says nothing and Iran, while not Arabic but part of the Islamic purview, murders opponents, treats women appallingly and smuggles guns to terrorists so as to kill children.

The Palestinians? They have suffered dreadfully for years now, but have to stop obsessively blaming Israel and look for more complete solutions. The Jewish state was established because the land was, simply, Jewish land. Jews had never left, even though the majority were forcibly removed by the Romans. Jews remained through centuries of Muslim invasion, Ottoman rule and British occupation.

Zionism always existed. It became a more potent political force, however, in the late 19th century because of the mass killing of Jews in Poland and Russia, the persecution in France, Italy and elsewhere. Nothing new, of course. They killed them in England in the 13th century, in Spain in the 15th. Killed them everywhere.

So waves of Jewish immigrants purchased land from local Arabs who didn't even always refer to the region by name.

Palestine was a Roman word for the area inhabited by the ancient Jewish people. More Jews arrived, often with the support of the Arabs, with whom they lived in relative peace. There were even cases of mayors being Arab, deputy-mayors Jewish, and vice versa.

United Nations vote

Then, in the 20th century, the world decides to kill Jews again. Six million this time. After World War II, the United Nations votes to establish Israel, something that would probably have happened earlier if it hadn't been for the war. Contrary to flabby popular thought in some circles, the vote is supported by the Soviet Union and its communist allies.

The United States, on the other hand, opposes Israel only a few years later in the Suez Crisis.

The Jews are given a small territory. But even so, the mighty Arab world invades and swears to make the Middle East Jew-free. A handful of Arab leaders call for coexistence. They are murdered. Israel loses some of what was given to it by the UN, but the world does nothing. Yet the Israelis manage to survive, even with the overwhelming numbers and hardware enjoyed by the Arabs.

Decades of wars, terrorism, refusals to meet and discuss.

Israel holds out its hand but it is slapped down. Each time the Arab world tries to remove the Jews the Jews keep winning. Then come the demands for the conquered land to be returned. Generally, Israel complies, even though victors seldom do so.

Mass slaughter

And now the deliberate mass slaughter of women and children. Crazed fanatics, their heads and hearts distended with venom and ignorance, blow themselves up in pizza restaurants full of young mums and babies, dance clubs packed with teenagers, in the middle of families with babies and grandparents.

No, Israel does not do the same. Of course innocent Palestinians die, and this is an obscenity. But never does Israel deliberately target children. Apart from the ethical filth involved, it would weaken their case. There is a vital difference between the tragic death of an Arab child caught in a crossfire and the deliberate massacre of babies by Palestinian terrorists.

Arab children indoctrinated to hate Jews, forced to play games where they symbolically lynch an Israeli soldier, brainwashed into martyrdom. I've seen the evidence. Sermons in mosques shouting for Jews, all Jews, to be ripped apart. Kids in the front of mobs when they should be at home, women suicide bombers blowing Jewish toddlers apart.

Yes, of course Israel's hands are not spotless and of course the refugee camps are appalling. But as I say, I'm tired of the intellectual trash talk. Stop the terror, seek peace, accept Israel's existence. And raise your children to work plows, not wield swords. Then justice, for all.

Michael Coren is a Toronto-based writer and broadcaster. He can be emailed at and his web site is .

Interesting analysis of Sharon's dilemma.
It is interesting how Colin Moron Powell is asking the Israelis to show "restraint" when clearly Israel has the power to finish this thing off in about a week. They have shown excessive fact encouraging more savage attacks. After all, they defeated the Arab armies in 6, then 14 days in the past. I think that home-made rockets would not exactly be a match for Israel's unparalleled weapons technology.

Today's Feature

From David Baum: an open letter to the President of France.

To: French Embassy in Washington; French Consulate in Los Angeles; French Consulate in Toronto

Dear French Nation! Shalom!

As a Jew, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to thank your President Jacques Chirac for saying that Israel needs to be convinced that peace is better than war. Never mind that peace (shalom in Hebrew) is the most common word in Jewish prayers. That it is endlessly repeated in synagogues, when greeting or taking leave, when getting up or going to bed. Never mind that shalom (peace) is mentioned 275 times in the Jewish Bible (The Old Testament of Christians.) Never mind that of all the world's literature the United Nations chose to inscribe the words of Israeli Prophet Isaiah on the wall across from its building in New York. Here are these words, "and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
neither shall they learn war any more." Never mind that these words are said in every synagogue at nearly every assembly, and that peace is called "God's greatest gift." Therefore, the President of the Nation that still venerates general Napoleon and France's past glories would do better teaching cows how to make milk, or teaching grass how to grow quietly than teaching Jews (Israelis) that peace is better than war. Thank you, Jacques Chirac, for informing me about the encyclopedic extent of your ignorance.

I would like also to thank the unnamed cinema near the Paris Opera for canceling a screening of the "Harry Potter" film for Jewish kids. But I am even more grateful to the police of Paris, which has failed to provide protection for these kids. Apparently Jews of any age are no longer
guaranteed complete equality with the rest of the population. France was the first country in Europe to offer Jews this guarantee, and now it is
apparently also the first to revoke it. I congratulate your great Nation for keeping up at the forefront of progressive thought, no matter in which
direction progress turns.

And how can I not mention the doctorate degree in history, which was offered to Mustafa Talas (who just happens to be Syria's Foreign Minister) by Sorbonne? The Honorable Doctor Talas has written a book on the Damascus Blood Libel of 1840, in which he claims that Jews kill Christians to obtain their blood for Passover. A true genius of historical science is Mustafa Talas, and certainly worthy of Sorbonne. I am infinitely glad that good old blood libels (perhaps the most imaginative product of European civilization), nearly forgotten in the last 50 years, are being revived in French academic circles. You French are just wonderful to have revived such ancient traditions.

(The Damascus Blood Libel started with disappearance of Father Thomas, a Franciscan superior. The French consul accused a group of rabbis and other Jews of ritual murder and extracted a "confession" by torture in which one of the victims died. Pogroms followed throughout the Middle East. The consul then requested permission from Mahemet Ali to kill the rest of his suspects. Others, including sixty children, were arrested and starved to convince their parents to confess. The charges were dropped when Sir Moses Montefiore, Adolphe Cremieux and Salomon Munk intervened on behalf of the Jews.)

I also cannot forget the events of October, 2000, with synagogues firebombed and burned, Jewish worshipers attacked and stoned. I know that President Chiraq spoke out against all this, saying that this is not what he meant when he criticized Israel. Well, as English playwright Shakespeare said, "Methinks the Lady doth protest too much." The President's criticisms of Israel had been (and remain) so extensive, so common and so unforgiving, that I cannot possibly believe him. The events of October, 2000 is exactly what he meant.

And if there is any doubt about it, your ambassador to the United Kingdom Daniel Bernard has cleared it up. Not only did he call Israel "that shitty little country," (quite a polite and diplomatic fellow is Daniel Bernard, is he not?) but he also ante-factum (before the fact) blamed the Jewish people for starting World War Three. My greatest gift of gratitude, therefore, goes to him. He has discovered in me (after all, I belong to "those people") a horrifying quality of causing world wars, a terrible character flaw about which I hitherto had been completely unaware. He has also forewarned us of our pre-assigned guilt.

I would like to inform you that I have decided to join the campaign against France. I will not visit or fly through France and its colonies of
Guadeloupe, Martinique, Tahiti and St. Pierre. That I will also boycott all products made in France, including perfume and cosmetics industry, designer fashion labels, French wines, chocolates, etc. That I will use my money to buy Israeli products, and travel to Israel and other countries who still think that Jews are human and should not live at the mercy of Palestinian terrorists.

I will also contact all people I know and try to get them to do the same.

Let it be a humble manifestation of my gratitude.

Our "moderate" Arab "friends" (or "with friends like these, who needs enemies?")

This article also quoted in Daimnation (thanks Damian)...
THOSE LOVABLE SAUDIS The folks at MEMRI have unearthed an absolutely appalling article from Al-Riyadh, a Saudi newspaper, about the Jews' use of human blood in their Purim rituals.

"During this holiday, the Jew must prepare very special pastries, the filling of which is not only costly and rare – it cannot be found at all on the local and international markets."

"Unfortunately, this filling cannot be left out, or substituted with any alternative serving the same purpose. For this holiday, the Jewish people must obtain human blood so that their clerics can prepare the holiday pastries. In other words, the practice cannot be carried out as required if human blood is not spilled!!"
"For this holiday, the victim must be a mature adolescent who is, of course, a non-Jew – that is, a Christian or a Muslim. His blood is taken and dried into granules. The cleric blends these granules into the pastry dough; they can also be saved for the next holiday. In contrast, for the Passover slaughtering, about which I intend to write one of these days, the blood of Christian and Muslim children under the age of 10 must be used, and the cleric can mix the blood [into the dough] before or after dehydration."
"Let us now examine how the victims' blood is spilled. For this, a needle-studded barrel is used; this is a kind of barrel, about the size of the human body, with extremely sharp needles set in it on all sides. [These needles] pierce the victim's body, from the moment he is placed in the barrel."

"These needles do the job, and the victim's blood drips from him very slowly. Thus, the victim suffers dreadful torment – torment that affords the Jewish vampires great delight as they carefully monitor every detail of the blood-shedding with pleasure and love that are difficult to comprehend."
"The human race refuses even to look at the Jewish pastries, let alone prepare them or consume them!" [emphasis added]

A few comments:

1. Is anyone believing that the Saudi government has any moral authority to propose a peace plan with Israel when is actually supports this type of garbage? And if anyone tells you that Saudi Arabia has freedom of press...when you stop laughing, just try and remember when was the last time there was a free election in Ryad!!
2. Who gave this Dr (!!!) his diploma? This was written by a university professor: "Dr. Umayma Ahmad Al-Jalahma of King Faysal University in Al-Dammam". This guy is our weekly winner for the Adolf Award.
3. Al-Riyadh is the official Saudi government newspaper. See comment #1 above. Israel is supposed to make peace with these savages? I don't think so!

Another pearl from MEMRI. If anyone still doubts who was behind the September 11 events (I know, I is very hard to believe but according to a recent poll 62% of Muslims around the world still have doubts...), have them read this article:

Special Dispatch No. 353: Al-Qa’ida Activist, Abu 'Ubeid Al Qurashi: Comparing Munich (Olympics) Attack 1972 to September 11

In the fourth issue of the on-line publication "‘Al-Anssar – For the Struggle Against the Crusader War,” columnist Abu 'Ubeid Al-Qurashi(1) wrote an article in which he compares the Munich operation to September 11.

Both September 11 and Munich '72 Were Media Victories

"…Seemingly, the [Munich Olympics] operation failed because it did not bring about the release of the prisoners, and even cast a shadow of doubt on the justness of the Palestinian cause in world public opinion. But following the operation, and contrary to how it appeared [at first], it was the greatest media victory, and the first true proclamation to the entire world of the birth of the Palestinian resistance movement...”(2)

"In truth, the Munich operation was a great propaganda strike. Four thousand journalists and radio personnel, and two thousand commentators and television technicians were there to cover the Olympic games; suddenly, they were broadcasting the suffering of the Palestinian people.(3) Thus, 900 million people in 100 countries were witness to the operation by means of television screens. This meant that at least a quarter of the world knew what was going on in Munich; after this, they could no longer ignore the Palestinian tragedy.”

"The September 11 [operation] was an even greater propaganda coup. It may be said that it broke a record in propaganda dissemination… With few exceptions, the entire planet heard about it.”

September 11 Restored Arab and Islamic Glory

"While the Munich operation failed to accomplish its goals, the New York raid was very well planned, and accomplished its planners' goals in full. It painfully challenged America, and was an unprecedented slap that had, and will still have, ramifications for the entire world. Unlike the Munich operation, which was limited and had limited national demands, the New York raid had broad goals and aspirations; it rang the bells of restoring Arab and Islamic glory… They did not aspire to gain Western sympathy; rather, they sought to expose the American lie and deceit to the peoples of the world – and first and foremost to the Islamic peoples…”

Al-Qa’ida's and the Taliban's resistance to the crusader campaign… will doubtless go down in history as a model of war between unequal sides… Al-Qa’ida can take over the enemy's [technological] means and use them against him [hang mean to say that Al Qa'ida actually did this...quelle surprise!], while the enemy cannot do the same. The mujahedeen can do this because they have come to understand the enemy's mentality and how his society functions; yet the enemy has no way of deterring the believer or influencing his mentality.”

"After the Munich operation, the Western countries knew how to contain Palestinian rage, at least temporarily: they opened international diplomatic forums to the leaders of the resistance [bingo...this proves that we cannot allow terrorism to succeed...we must destroy terrorists because any appeasement is seen as a victory and only encourages more terrorism...Robert Fisk, Colin Powell, are you listening? comment]. The best proof of this is Arafat's visit to the U.N., and his speech to the General Assembly, a mere 18 months after the Munich operation. The flow of recognition of the PLO increased, and by the late 1970s 86 countries had recognized the PLO, as opposed to only 72 that recognized Israel.”

"In contrast, this time it is difficult to contain Islamic rage, because of the high threshold of the goals: completely and comprehensively eliminating Western colonialism in the Islamic region, and distancing the West once and for all from regional affairs…”

"Some may think that the absence of international and regional support for Jihad, in contrast to past support for the [Palestinian] resistance, is a weak point [for the Jihad movement]. Yet the opposite is true. This fact exempts the mujahedeen from the need to offer any concessions, or to continually lower the threshold of their demands so that it leads to a fall –as happened to many resistance organizations that succumbed to the pitfalls of treachery and subjugation, and lost their principles…”

September 11 Proves Muslim Superiority Over the West [and a complete lack of respect for human comment!]

"Some commentators maintain that the direct goals of the New York raid were shattering the idols in the mind of the peoples and arousing them from their slumber. This is indeed what happened. From the New York raid, it can be concluded:

* "No form of surveillance can provide early warning or permit rapid decision making. Even the Echelon satellite surveillance system, which cost billions of dollars… did not manage to stop the 19 mujahedeen wielding knives.

* "The Americans' marketing of the war is totally inefficient. America could not even find an acceptable name for the campaign. Neither 'Crusader War,' 'Absolute Justice,' or 'Infinite Justice' allowed the American propaganda apparatus to overcome the feelings of hatred for America. They could not even remove internal American qualms.

* "The Islamic nation is struggling against globalization, and it continues with its negative attitude towards Western rhetoric and explanations. The Westerners' rage increased once it became clear to them that [Muslims] could use the same computers that they did without espousing the same values. Against all their assessments, [Islamic] culture cannot be shattered by technology [that's right...and this might have to do with the fact that among the 50 largest economies in the world, non are Muslim countries].

* "The West ignores the power of faith. Western civilization, which is based on the information revolution, cannot distance the Muslims from the Koran. The book of Allah brings to the hearts of Muslims a faith deeper than all the utopian descriptions and than the [lies] of the tyrannical Western propaganda machine.

* "Symbols never lose their value. Sheikh Osama [bin Laden] has become a symbol for the repressed from the four corners of the Earth – even for non-Muslims.

* "The Western propaganda machine's size did not keep it from being defeated by Sheikh Osama with what resembled a judo move. The aggressive Westerners became accustomed to observing the tragedies of others – but on September 11 the opposite happened…"

History Will Prove September 11 Justified

"There are data attesting to the importance of the Munich operation in the history of the resistance movement, and the extent of its influence on the entire world. It is known that a direct consequence of this operation was that thousands of young Palestinians were roused to join the fedayeen organizations… The number of organizations engaging in international 'terror' increased from a mere 11 in 1968 to 55 in 1978. Fifty-four percent of these new organizations sought to imitate the success of the Palestinian organization – particularly the publicity the Palestinian cause garnered after Munich.”

"This increase in 'terror' activity after Munich will doubtless recur, particularly if we take into account that the New York raid was a political, economic, and military disaster for America, 10 times greater than that of the Munich operation... It will gradually give rise to an all-out struggle against the American crusader campaign which, if it continues to spread, will strike at the heart of America."[anyone still doubts they are going to try again? comment].

Liberals/Socialists - a model of leadership and clear thinking
(still working on this)! I am torn between quoting the idiotic positions of the French or Canadian government. It's so hard to decide between mediocrity and ineptitude...darn!

Dis-honest reporting
(adding material soon)...I could take the easy way out and just quote the BBC, the British Bullshitting Corporation...but I am going to try and be a little more refined.