Saturday, March 30, 2002

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Grasshoppa has just reported that Russians took a quick break from raping Chechnyans to sign a UN resolution condemning Israeli movements in Ramallah.

Just in case anyone needs it, here is a link to a website detailing some of the more "interesting" human rights violations that Russia commits against Chechnyans.
If ever there was a government that should worry about its own problems....

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan condemned Israel's attack on Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's compound as "barbaric," and official Chinese media warned on Saturday the Mideast appeared headed for war.

Just for fun, let's look at the Chinese people's record on human rights!

The People's Republic of China (PRC) detains individuals for exercising their rights to freedom of association, freedom of religion and freedom of expression, including the right to impart and receive information, and other basic rights. Such violations include lengthy detention without charge or trial and depriving defendants of access to legal counsel. Although the prohibition against the use of torture was reinforced by Luo Gan, the Chinese Communist Party's chief law and order official, forced confessions under duress were officially acknowledged. The practice is illegal, but evidence obtained through torture is admissible in court. Li Kuisheng, a prominent lawyer in Zhengzhou, Henan, was finally cleared of all charges and released in January 2001. He had been arrested in November 1998 after defending a client fighting corruption charges, and under torture had "confessed" to fabricating evidence.

During September, the first month of Strike Hard (against crime) Campaign, some 10,000 people were arrested and at least five hundred executed. By the end of October, at least 1,800 people had been executed, at least double that number had received death sentences, and officials had announced they would continue the campaign at least through June 2002 with increased "intensity."

No independent watchdog organizations are permitted in China.

Just to be fair, I'm not even going to mention the fact that the guys making statements against Israel's treatment of Palestinian terrorists EAT DOG!
"...Be Quiet!! Ok. Thank You, Bye Bye" - spoken by Yasir Arafat in an interview with Christian Amanpour, after having been asked what he thought of Colin Powell's statements condemning Palestinian terrorism.
Peace-loving Muslims are at it again...

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) -- An explosion has rocked a Hindu temple in India's Jammu and Kashmir state during an attack by two suspected Islamic militants that left at least 10 people dead.

Friday, March 29, 2002

What Occupied Territories?

This brilliant piece by a Lebanese-American lawyer named Sharon Nader Sloan should be required reading for anyone wanting to express and opinion about the conflict in the Middle East. The article was found on Naomi Ragen's website

Thursday, March 28, 2002

How delightful to see Arafat and his accomplices squirm!!

Boy are they ever scared. The Israelis are calling up their reserve. They are massing troops and tanks around Ramallah. And there is nothing Arafat can do but declare his commitment to the Tenet plan. What a peace loving guy this Arafat! How sweet it is to see him shake like a coward after unleashing hell on innocent Israelis during one of the holiest day for Jews. He knows that he and his criminal confreres are about to get the padded parts of their anatomy kicked...Let's hope the Israelis deport him to one of the countries who pretend to love him so much, like Syria. Speaking of Syria, didn't Canada support their admission to the UN's Security Council? Now that Assad has declared his support for the mass assassination of innocent Israelis (at the joke of an Arab summit in Beyrouth), I wonder whether Kofi Annan, this monument of even handedness will condemn him for inciting violence and hatred. Somehow, I think not.
A letter from Arafat

I just found this letter from Arafat that was written to the New York Times on February 4, 2002.
Here is a small clip from the end. The rest of this ridiculous mockery of our intelligence can be seen here.

...Palestinians are ready to end the conflict. We are ready to sit down now with any Israeli leader, regardless of his history, to negotiate freedom for the Palestinians, a complete end of the occupation, security for Israel and creative solutions to the plight of the refugees while respecting Israel's demographic concerns.

But we will only sit down as equals, not as supplicants; as partners, not as subjects; as seekers of a just and peaceful solution, not as a defeated nation grateful for whatever scraps are thrown our way. For despite Israel's overwhelming military advantage, we possess something even greater: the power of justice.

Of course, it is the Power of Justice that dictates that families sitting around Passover Seder dinners should be blown to pieces for *gasp* observing a Jewish holiday. It certainly looks like "the Palestinians are ready to end the conflict!

Saudi Government Paper: 'Billions Spent by Saudi Royal Family to Spread Islam to Every Corner of the Earth'

Comforting, isn't it? Of course, the Saudi Royal family defended their actions saying there was an immense need to spend the money because
"...the bias against Islam, the tendency, in some quarters, to identify Islam with fanaticism or even terrorism persists and has not been completely erased from the popular mind in the West."

I'm sorry, "hasn't been completely erased"? When did it start being erased? If anything, now more than ever, we understand how well founded our fears of Islam really are.

"Arab leaders formally endorse Saudi land-for-peace plan at Beirut summit"
Wow, what a big surprise! I mean who wouldn't agree to a plan that tells Israelis "you guys do what we say, give us what we've always asked for and then we'll think about being nice". Is anyone actually buying this stuff?

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

...Colin Moron Powell...are you listening? Arab terrorists have no problem bombing Jews during the first Passover Seder. It is OK to bomb murderers and terrorists during Ramadan. They don't really care.

Lovely beginning to Passover as a suicide bomber kills at least 15 people in a hotel in Netanya as people were about to start their first Passover Seder. Given that the Seder is typically a family reunion, I am sure that a large number of victims were probably children. I think Powell is right. We should negotiate with these people as a reward for their acts of courage. After all, blowing up children takes determination, tenacity and vision. Right. Let's give the IDF the mandate it needs. Destroy the Palestinian infrastructure once and for all. And send Arafat to where he belongs. The garbage heap of humanity.
Here is the full text from Naomi Raegan's letters to all those involved in the Middle Eastern conflicts. I'll just post a small clip below as a nice introduction to the letters.

To: Those Preparing The Car Bombs And Suicide Bombers, And Artillery Shells In Which To Destroy The City Of Jerusalem And Her People

From: A Jerusalemite

I would like you to know the following: Each time you blow yourselves up, or plant a bomb, or injure the innocent who walk the streets of this holiest of cities, you do not convince me to leave.

You convince me that you must leave.

She also "wrote letters" to the general media, the Brits (eewww), and all the good people who have yet to be brain-washed and corrupted by biased media sources.

Here is a great piece by Naomi Raegan. Often annoyed by the one-sidedness of CNN reporting about the Middle East, she wrote this piece, which gives us a good idea of what a CNN article would look like "If they [CNN] had reported Pearl Harbor the way they report the Middle East ¡K "

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Charles Krauthammer on Arafat's systematic creation of suicide bombers.

In his article published today, Charles Krauthammer shows how Arafat has patiently groomed an entire generation of suicide bombers while talking peace in Oslo and to the entire naïve liberal western media. Through systematic propaganda and endoctrination in schools from an early age, Arafat has turned thousands of young men into an army if a previously unseen nature. Men ready to die as the price to pay for blowing up as many innocent human beings as possible. It will take at least a generation or two to rid the world of this evil. These men are coming of age to carry the bomb now and this is why the timing of the intifada was by no means a coincidence. Arafat was waiting for the first “harvest” of bombers to come of age. We now know the bounty of this particular crop.
For Arafat to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace while engaging in the most criminal of enterprises shows how morally and politically bankrupt western governments and the western press has become, especially in “enlightened” Europe.

Monday, March 25, 2002

This post was made by ELANA S.

How 'bout we string him up by his...

Yet another article by the much worshipped (which just goes to show how many idiots there are out there) Noam Chomsky. As if this piece of crap needed any more introduction, here's the title "The United States is a Leading Terrorist State".
This post was made by ELANA S.

Well, another credible news source, The Tehran Times, has made a shocking discovery that, interestingly enough, not one other news source in the entire world has believed. Hmmm, I wonder why. I'll post the first part of the article and maybe some of you could give me some ideas as to why no one believes them, I mean afterall, media accuracy and journalistic integrity have always been of highest priority to the Arab media.

Occupied Territories - The Zionist state has tacitly admitted that doctors at the Israeli forensic institute at Abu Kabir had extracted the vital organs of three Palestinian teenage children killed by the Israeli Army nearly ten days ago. ...The Israeli media has nearly completely ignored the affair Gee, I wonder why!
This post was made by ELANA S.

The freaks at are at it again. They post articles about the most ridiculous conspiracy theories, and do so with such smugness that it is enough to make you sick. In any case, I thought I'd post parts of one article that was posted today. In this particular piece, they tell of Israeli soldiers who brutalized Palestinians. Here is most of the article:

HEADING: Israeli Solider Says: Troops Competed to Kill Palestinians

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: In a special interview aired at Israeli television, Channel 2, and reported by the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, a solider who was discharged from the Israeli army a week ago said that Israeli troops and special units carried out "unimaginable" practices against Palestinians.

He said that he was a witness to a happening where Israeli troops competed among themselves on who is capable of killing more Palestinians, saying that soldiers would brag afterwards about the number of Palestinians they have killed.

According to the unnamed solider, Israeli troops operated on the basis of killing as many Palestinians as possible.

He told Channel 2 that while serving with the army, one of his colleagues shot and killed a 10-year-old Palestinian boy without any reason. He also narrated occasions where soldiers would slam the heads of detained Palestinians into concrete walls after being arrested and handcuffed.

He said that in one occasion, following a traffic accidents between two Palestinian cars, Israeli soldiers in his unit ignored the wounded passengers and began dismantling and stealing the record players of the two wrecked vehicles.

Now here is the best part. Listed just below the last line of the article was the source....ready for it? I hope you're sitting down. The Palestine Chronicle! Are they kidding?? Is this supposed to be their idea of investigative reporting? How can you claim to get the "real side of the story" if you take the Palestine Chronicle as your main source!! What a joke!

Is Bush losing his focus?

In this article about Zinni's mission in the middle east, Janine Zacharia analyses Zinni's latest venture into the Israeli-Palestinian quagmire. According to her, this mission is just window dressing. I agree. There is nothing Zinni or anyone can do to solve the crisis until Israel unleashes brutal force and crushes the PA and its infrastructure once and for all. Let's face it. Contrary to what Colin Powell and all his Liberal buddies want us to believe, there is no example of any conflict where negotiations brought hostility to an end. Negotiations always followed the defeat of one side over the other. So why is Zinni there? Because Bush wants the Arab nations to believe that even though he is perhaps planning an assault on Saddam, he is still involved in trying to solve the current situation between Israel and the Palestinians peacefully. But why is Bush so bent on winning over Arab countries? None will ever openly support what he has in mind and no one will ever start a suicidal oil embargo against the US. So what is the point? I don't get it.
This post was made by ELANA S

FYI FYI FYI: Leader of 'Jihad Army' in Indonesia: We Plan to Target American Interests

The London Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat recently interviewed Ja’far Omar Taleb, who is the leader of the Indonesian Jihad Army. Following are excerpts of the article in which you will see, once again, that the terrorist organizations within Muslim countries seek to annihilate America and Americans by any means : The complete interview can be seen here

On Targeting American Interests

Q: "In light of your [Lashkar Jihad's] enmity towards America, do you plan to target American interests in Indonesia?"

Taleb: " …We are not hostile to the American people, but to American policy in our country and in Muslim countries. They think that we are dangerous because we confront the non-governmental organizations that are acting to corrupt Indonesia."

Q: "And what about his fighting America? Do you have reservations about that?"

Taleb: "Allah be praised, the Muslims continue their Jihad against America, and it is our obligation to support them as best we can."

Q: "But those fighting America in Afghanistan are Al-Qa’ida members. Do you support them in their fight against America?"

Taleb: "Of course, as they are Muslims and it is our duty to support Muslims and to wash our hands of the infidels . This is our principle…"

Q: "What is your position on the peace agreement recently signed in Molucca to end three years of Christian-Muslim violence?"

Taleb: "We think that this agreement is a political conspiracy, concocted by the government and the Christians against the Muslims…"

Is it just me or are Muslims obsessed with conspiracies against them?

Sunday, March 24, 2002