Saturday, April 06, 2002

The frogs are hoppin'

Up to 18,000 pro-Palestinian activists marched through Paris on Saturday as part of a series of demonstrations across the country condemning the surge of violence in the Middle East. The rally was billed as one of the largest demonstrations ever in France in support of Palestinians.

Similar pro-Palestinian marches were taking place in the cities of Grenoble, Pau, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Orleans and Rennes.

Meanwhile, here in Montreal, on my way to the library, I was greeted by a crowd of angry pro-Palestinian protesters (half of whom were spoiled, waspy, white kids who have fallen into the "I'm in college and therefore MUST smoke pot, get dreadlocks and support all non-whites no matter what they do" trap). As usual, they chanted "Death to Israel" and carried pictures of dead babies. What surprised me the most though, was that they also carried a big Israeli flag (a real flag made of that semi-shiny polyester-like material) whose Star of David had been replaced with a swastika. Where do they get this stuff? Do they just go to some flag maker and say "Make us an Israeli flag, but replace the star with a big swastika" and then the flag maker says "Ok"?

It's hard to work here when there is such a distraction outside. My stomach churns and my skin feels all tingly. It really gets to me. But now, I feel a lot a better. You know why? Because on my way home, I walked by a house that is rented by the Jewish student union (JSU) and saw some friends on the porch who reminded me that tomorrow the JSU would be holding their weekly "prayer for peace" musical "Jam session".

How fitting. On one side of the street stood a bunch of Arabs chanting "death to Israel" and on the other side, stood a group of Jews reminding their friends of the upcoming "Prayer for Peace". You'd think that after having been spit on, yelled at and threatened, the JSU students would have turned sour, or at least given up on the cause. But no. They persist. They didn't get violent, nor did they sink to the level of an Arab. Instead, they prayed for peace. Never has there been a time when I could say with more conviction: We are the moral ones. We are the good ones. We are right. Our cause is just. Our cause is good. We will prevail. And as Michael Coren once said "Thank God I wasn't born an Arab".
Okay Okay...I can't help it. Just one more post before hitting the sack. I'm adding a new blog to our list o' links. David Artemiw (a fellow Torontonian) has just introduced me to his blog. He's one of those self-proclaimed gentile-zionists (you guys are growing in numbers and you're all so trendy!) who likes to blog about the absurdity of all that is Arab. Go check it out!
And on a completely separate note...

It is 2am here in Montreal, and I have just finished re-listening to one of my chemistry lectures that is available online. It was given by the very well-known scientist and editor of the prestigious "NATURE" magazine, Sir John Maddock. He spends over an hour and a half discussing his brilliant discoveries, the brilliant articles he's written in newspapers and his job in general. He actually sounds like a truly brilliant man....BUT, three-quarters of the way through the lecture, a student asked him which newspaper he works for, to which he replied (thereby erasing any semblance of credibility)...The Guardian. G'night. I'm going to bed.
A must read!

I found the link original on Damian Penny's blog, our constant inspiration. This Op-ed piece by Margaret Wente in the Globe and Mail shows the stupidity of Svend Robinson, a Canadian New Democratic Party MP who seems to always side with the wrong causes. The man has a definite knack for swapping good judgement for a chance to be in the headlines. As an automatic defender of the underdog, including when the underdog is a group of murderers and liars such as the Palestinian Authority, Svend will, thank God, always be a loser. Keep it up Svend. Is it any wonder that the NDP stands at about 8% of public opinion in Canada?

What is good for the goose obviously not good for the gander!

The US has just completed one more "cleanup" operation in Afghanistan. that so? And what exactly gives the US the right to cleanup Afghanistan (which by the way never attacked the US), while Israel has no right to go and cleanup the Palestinian areas (under Arafat's control) from which Israel is being attacked? Let's look at the parallels here...

For the first time, journalists from three news organizations, including CNN, were allowed to accompany the soldiers on the mission, dubbed Operation Mountain Lion.
You mean to say, that it is OK for the US to keep journalists away while they cleanup but not OK for Israel to keep journalists away from their war zone?

After searching the caves, infantry soldiers from the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division attempted to destroy them with C-4 explosives and anti-tank weapons. But it is not OK for Israel to go from house to house to search for weapons? Or even blow up these houses which have been used as staging grounds for killing Israelis?

I think it is time to recognize that Mr. Bush's insistence that Israel withdraw from terrorist areas shows that in his mind, the war on terror is only the war on some terror, precisely the one which inflicts pain on the US. Any other terrorism (in Israel and before that in Northern Ireland, Chechnia and even in Munich) doesn't really mean squat to the US. Bush is sorely mistaken if he thinks that stopping Israel is going to gain him support in Arab countries. What it will accomplish, no doubt, is prove to terrorists that suicide bombing works if it is done on a large enough scale. And the next wave will not be in Jerusalem, Netanya or Tel Aviv. It will be in Manhattan, LA or Chicago. Good luck GWB, I feel sorry for the innocent Americans who will no doubt be the next victims. I cannot wait to call on the American people to "show restraint" while it is counting body bags.

There can be no funny title for this one...

The CBC has just reported:Militants handing out suicide bomber packs to Palestinian refugees

...and the cycle continues.
And the greatest Senator Award goes to...

I'd like to give a personal thanks to one of our readers, Fred, who pointed out this gem. Senator James M. Inhofe gave a floor statement in which he pointed out 7 reasons why Israel's has the unrevokable right to keep every inch of land it now possesses. I don't want to spoil it with any more explanation. Just read it!
And now something from a more "moderate" Arab country:

The good folks at MEMRI have reported that Leading Egyptian Government Cleric Calls For: "Martyrdom Attacks that Strike Horror into the Hearts of the Enemies of Allah"

He also said that martdyom (suicide) operations and the killing of civilians are permitted acts and that more such attacks should be carried out. "[Sheikh Tantawi] emphasized that every martyrdom operation against any Israeli, including children, women, and teenagers, is a legitimate act according to [Islamic] religious law, and an Islamic commandment, until the people of Palestine regain their land and cause the cruel Israeli aggression to retreat…"

Volunteering for suicide bombings against Israelis has become a popular expression in Egypt – so much so that Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a Hamas leader in Gaza, told the Israeli Arab weekly Kul Al-Arab, "Two days ago, in Alexandria, enrolment began for volunteers for martyrdom [operations]. Two thousand students from the University of Alexandria signed up to die a martyr’s death. This is the real Egyptian people."
....Indeed it is.

Friday, April 05, 2002

Position of the Canadian Anglican Church

This letter from Michael G. Peers, Archbishop and Primate, Anglican Church of Canada to the National Post shows me one thing: maybe the abuse of children by priests is not an aberration. Maybe the leadership of the Church finally has revealed the depth of its moral decay. Maybe Canadian Anglicans should think twice about following such a bankrupt leader. For anyone in such a position of moral authority to implicitly justify suicide bombing and the massacre of innocents is simply repugnant. Sir, you are a complete embarrassment.
The Interactive Part of The Site

Let's have a bit of fun. We are asking you to contribute your ideas to this new feature on our site entitled.....
"The most irrelevant people or organizations in the world". If you'd like to contribute, please e-mail us your ideas. The best ones will be published.

Here are our entries for today:

Kofi Annan: who single-handedly managed to establish himself as the most irrelevant UN General Secretary, beating the previous UN GS...Boutros Boutros Ghali. Does anyone listen to this guy ever? Does anyone really think that he matters in any way? We don't.

The United Nations: We predict that their next resolution will probably condemn Israel for its role in the latest Zionist invasion...the Jerusalem Crickets recently discovered in California. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that the Jews are behind this too?

The European Union: For showing the world that the only thing on which they all agree is their hatred for Israel. They couldn't come up with a common currency (Britain is holding out), a common agricultural policy (they still demonstrate in each other's countries by spreading millions of pounds of fruits on each other's roads). But when it comes to condemning "this shitty little country" (as quoted by the French Ambassador to Britain), well, watch out baby...they are all united.

We are just getting started. Let's have fun!
Note to all apologists: the Israeli military action is working. The suicide bombers have been neither suiciding nor bombing lately!

As Jonathan Chait (The New Republic) points out, while all the apologists, bleeding hearts, Vatican-bowing liberals are shedding tears over the fact that Arafat may not have as much comfort as his Nobel Terrorism Prize would entitle him to, the suicide bombings have stopped. Although it may be too early to assume that this barbaric virgin-harvesting practice is over for good, it seems that Israel has finally learned the only language that bullies and cowards understand: strength and determination.

Maybe, this trend also has to do with the fact that since entering the Palestinian Kommandantur, Israel has captured more than 1,200 rifles, 250 grenades, 25 explosive belts and over 500 pounds of high-potency explosives. And for good measure, this arsenal contained a number of disguises to make the bombers appear as Orthodox Jews. Anyone needs help connecting the dots here?
A London newspaper reports: Israeli bomb victim's kidney saves a Palestinian life

The headline pretty much says it all, but just to sum up the article, one of the victims of the Passover massacre was an organ donor. His entire life, he taught his children that 'life was life' and that he refused to limit the donation of his organs to Israelis only. Last week, his kidney was donated to a Palestinian woman...and it saved her life.
PS. The Palestinian woman has been receiving dialysis treatment at a Jewish hospital in Israel for the past five years.

Once again, we at MidEast Realities deplore the horrific treatment of Palestinians by Israelis. We demand that this abusive organ donation, medical treatment and value of human life END. Enough is enough.
....And they say we're not fighting the same war!"

Reuters: Afghan Leaflets Offer Reward for Killing Troops

In similar news:

Yahoo News: Saddam Hussein has increased money for the relatives of suicide bombers from $10,000 to $25,000

Absolutely President Bush. You're right. The war the Americans are fighting is not the same ones being fought by Israelis.
Instapundit has said it well enough....I'm not messing with it.

THE 1994 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WAS A MISTAKE, THE NOBEL COMMITTEE SAYS. At last, I thought, they're coming to their senses. BUT NOOOO. . . . It's not the award to Arafat they regret. It's the award to Peres:

In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper, committee members said they regretted that Mr Peres' prize could not be recalled because, as a member of the Israeli cabinet, he had not acted to prevent Israel's re-occupation of Palestinian territory.

One member said Mr Peres had not lived up to the ideals he expressed when he accepted the prize.

"What is happening today in Palestine is grotesque and unbelievable," said Hanna Kvanmo.

"Peres is responsible, as part of the government. He has expressed his agreement with what [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon is doing," she said.

If Arafat were killed by Israel, Peres could "share in the blame"

"If he had not agreed with Sharon, then he would have withdrawn from the government."

Oslo Bishop Gunnar Stalsett, a committee member for the past eight years, describes as "absurd" what he sees as the involvement of a Nobel laureate in human rights abuses.

Other committee members argue that the Israeli government's actions in general and Mr Peres' involvement in particular are threatening to bring the prize into disrepute.

Words fail me. These guys aren't just idiots. They don't just lack moral judgment. They have negative moral judgment. I believe the traditional term for that characteristic is "evil."
At least they're reasonable and willing to compromise...

Here is what various Palestinians had to say when they were interviewed by a National Post reporter:

"The bombers should kill every Israeli."

"If every Israeli goes back to his own land, only then will we have peace. The final step is to have all of our Palestine."

"We are going to blow ourselves up for Palestine to get our freedom"

"Even if one Israeli dies for every 10 Palestinians, then the three million Palestinians can kill 300,000 Israelis"

"There will be a ceasefire, but not a settlement. We will leave other issues to the next generation."
Scottish clergyman defends mural of Jesus flanked by IDF

LONDON – A Scottish clergyman said today that a church mural showing a crucified Jesus flanked by both Roman soldiers and modern-day Israeli troops was not anti-Semitic, but designed to make his congregation think about current conflicts.He then excused himself claiming to have some "jobs to get done" in his chambers....where four 8-year old boys awaited his arrival.

I think his congregation has some more pressing issues to worry about
Spreading Hatred

The Toronto Sun: Three Jewish institutions have been sprayed with graffiti in the past three days in attacks linked by a Canadian Jewish Congress spokesman to strife in the Middle East.

Here in Montreal, statistics aren't really counted because the anti-semetic graffiti isn't confined to Jewish institutions - it's all over the city. Walking to the University, I cross at least 2-3 paintings showing "swastikas = star of david". It bothers me. I don't like it. I deserve to hear my Prime Minister (or at least 1 minister of his cabinet) denounce this type of hatred-inciting vandalism. It's as simple as that.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Of Course it's the Jews Fault!

In his weekly column for the London based Saudi daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Arafat's aide Bassam Abu Sharif charged Jews of 'nailing Jesus to the cross.' Accusing Israel of shooting at the statue of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, Abu Sharif wrote:

"This, of course, was a failed attempt to murder peace, love, and tolerance, just as their forefathers tried to murder the prophetic message when they hammered their nails and iron stakes through the body of Jesus into the wooden cross…"

I'm sorry. Did I miss something? When did the Islamic/Christian brethren begin?
I really find this disturbing because I've noticed, in recent weeks, that Arabs have devised a new strategy to act against Jews. Their plan involves leading a majority of Christians to believe that this war is a case of Jews against Muslims and Christians. Time and time again, I read things like "....They're (Jews) working to destroy two of the greatest faiths of all time, Christianity and Islam". No we're not! We have no problem whatsoever with Christian Israelis or any other Christians for that matter. How did the Christians get dragged into this?

Does anyone believe that any Church or holy site that is sacred to Christians would last longer than a day in a newly formed "Palestine"? People....let's not kid ourselves here. This war is a simple one. It is black and white...good against bad. Christians in America are fighting the same war in Afghanistan as Israelis are in Israel. These claims that Israel has turned against Christians are as baseless as Arabs are corrupt.....and that's pretty baseless!

PBS: "Public Broadcasting Station" or "Petty Biased Stupidity"?

Looks like the people at and PBS have joined forces!

In an interview about the documentary Battle for the Holy Land that will air tonight on PBS, the producer said that "Israel Might be behind Suicide Bombings"
He explains that since the bombings “served” the interests of Israel rather than the Palestinians, it makes sense that the Israelis are inviting this kind of attack.
Sounds reasonable to me.

I'd just like to point out that PBS is the American equivalent of Canada's CBC, whichI dislike equally as much.
Israel must be on the right road...the whole world is against it!

Remember when Israel bombed the Ozirak nuclear reactor in Irak (1981)? The whole world litterally condemned Israel. Yet Israel probably saved the world frm the perils of having St. Saddam with nukes. In 1967, when Israel took preemptive action and declared war on its Arab enemies and destroyed their armies (massed all around Israel for "unexplained reasons"), the whole world condemned Israel. Heck, the French pulled their pants down...I mean, they put an embargo on weapons destined for Israel. In 1973, the whole world condemned Israel after it defeated the courageous Arab armies which had attacked on Yom Kippour, the wholiest day in the Jewish Calendar (note how Arabs don't have any problem attacking on a Holy day, while our soft-hearted liberal friends were biting their nails at the thought of continuing hostilities in Afghanistan during Ramadan).
So now, when I see the whole world (including the UN [which stands for UnNecessary by the way], the Pope [can we please let this poor man retire so he can take care of his health], the EU [Enormous Utopia] etc...), I am thinking that the Israelis must be absolutely and unequivocally bang on in their actions. One day, just as people are realizing that Israel has saved our bacon in Irak in 1981, the world will recognize that Israel has saved us from one of the main branches of Islamo-fascism, the Palestinian Authority.
Bloggers are so cool!

Nora Vincent got it right on the money when she said:

"Web logs are infuriating because they are thoughtful alternatives to the self-important New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and their toady satellites, much of whose reporting has become hardly less biased than the bloggers'. Bloggers at least have the honesty to admit their biases up front. They don't pretend to be objective.

Way to go everyone. Keep it up.

It's a lot like kindergarden actually....

Bush repeated Israel's right to defend itself but added, "Yet, to lay the foundations of future peace, I ask Israel to halt incursions into Palestinian-controlled areas, and begin the withdrawal from those cities it has recently occupied."

Doesn't that remind you of the time when you were five years-old and your kindergarden teacher said "I know that it was mean of Big Johnnie to slap you across the head and push your face in the toilet, but flicking his ear was a BAD BAD thing to do. Now, go over there and shake hands with Big Johnnie. Big Johnnie, do you promise never slap, flush, kick, spit, name-call or punch tiny Tina again? Ok Good. Now go play in the water bassin together".
Islamo-Fascists are cowards

Have you noticed the pattern that afflicts Islamo-fascists? As soon as they encounter force, they fold. It happened in Afghanistan with the Talibans and now in Israel. As soon as a determined army confronts them, they scramble, fail and fold. Why? Very simple. Islamo-fascists base their power on exploiting and oppressing the weakest members of society. In Afghanistan, the Taliban repressed women and young girls. In Irak, Saddam oppressed unarmed Kurds and gassed them. In the Middle East, Arafat has put in place a system which brainwashes children from the youngest age to do his dirty work. Is it a surprise that all suicide bombers are young? I think not. It is because adults are not as influenceable and would not put up with the nihilism that Arafat spouts day in and day out.
What does this mean? It means that when we encounter terrorism and fascism like Arafat's regime, we need to crush it as it will fold. It means that our task in liberating the world from this plagues must be to protect the weak and the innocent. It means that now is a good time to go after Saddam. He too will fold as he is a coward. I say to Israel "thank you for doing our dirty work. The entire civilized world will breath easier once you finish with Arafat's dangerous, cruel and corrupt regime. Way to go.

Look Mom, I'm a politician!

According to Reuters, anti-Jewish attacks are continuing to plague France. A Jewish centre and a school bus were torched yesterday.

We the people of MidEast realities ask the Jews of France to show restraint in the face of unilateral murderous attacks against them. We ask that they refrain from their continued disproportionate response of screaming, crying and trying to find shelter from bullets and molotoff cocktails. The road to peace between French Jews and the rest of the French people runs through assimilation and conversion. Until those Yids understand that, Europe will see no peace.
Hang onto your burquas they've found a solution!

The Onion website has inadvertently solved the problem in the Middle East. They reported on a story about how "Pepsi CEO's Wife Buys Coke When She's Mad At Him" (bear with me here....there is a link with the MidEast). Can you imagine if North Americans bought domestic oil products every time we were mad at Arabs? If we didn't depend so heavily on Saudis and other Arabs for their oil, they'd have no power whatsoever and Bush would have given Sharon the green light a long time ago. None of this 18 month intifada.....the problem could have been solved before it even started. Surely the US wasn't maintaining ties with Arabs for the fashion! In any case, Canadians and Americans should invest a bit more money in research about extracting oil from our own lands. I know that Alberta's got a lot....too bad it's mixed with sand. And I know that Texas has some too. So why must we kiss the Arab's butts so much? Unfortunately, I know nothing about how Australians get their oil, so I won't be able to recommend solutions for our Aussie contingent (Hi Bruce), but I'm working on it! We CAN solve this problem.

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

It's official. I'm ripping the Canadian flag patch off my knapsack. After reading this article about Svend Robinson of the NDP (Nitwits and Dummies Party) planning a trip to visit with Arafat next week, I'm rethinking my citizenship....actually I'm not, but I'm still really mad. With fools like this, who needs enemies?
Another IndyFreak has decided to spew more anti-semetic hatred on his website. This time, he claims that Israelis had been planning this recent uproar of violence in the Middle East for a long time. His rationale? He says that the original Passover story involves the killing of all first-born non-Jews as God's way of showing that Jews were the chosen people (I know I don't even have to tell our esteemed readers how ridiculous this claim is). He goes on to claim that this year, Israelis decided to somehow replay the Passover story by recreating the slaughter of non-Jews.

The overall tone of this garbage is "....I know that the Passover massacre of Jews at the Seder was sad BUT Israelis are such monsters that it's ok".

I have specifically chosen not to post a link to this creep's website because I don't want to be responsible for an increase in hits to his page. If you absolutely want the URL, you can e-mail me with a request and I will pass the address onto you. You can find our e-mail address in the top left hand corner of our website.
Here's what we're talking about....

When we write that our site is dedicated to exposing the "duplicity" of the Arab and International media, we're referring to people like this:

Ahmed Abu Safia is the president of McGill University's SPHR (Society for Palestinian Human Rights). When reading a column he wrote in one of McGill's tri-weekly newspapers it occured to me that he, like all Arabs, manipulates facts based on the point he is trying to make. Case in point: Throughout this past semester, Abu Safia has invited many "esteemed" speakers to discuss the current mideast crisis and to teach students about the exaggeration of the Holocaust (basically, these guys are Holocaust deniers). Believe it or not, this isn't what bothers me about him.....I mean what do you expect from an Arab at McGill? The thing that really bothers me is that 4 weeks after the lectures, Abu Safia writes a column in which he says that the Israeli treatment of Palestinians is as bad as Nazi treatment of Jews in the Holocaust. This guy denies the Holocaust one day and then uses the atrocious deaths of 6 million Jews to make a completely irrelevant point the next day. I wish Jews had been treated as "badly" as those "poor" pathetic Palestinians.
I'm so tired of hearing the words "....we ask them to show restraint", only being applied to Israelis. Why are they held to a higher standard than the Palestinians? How 'bout we flip the coin and ask that Palestinians show restraint when Israelis build another settlement, isolate Arafat or search another Palestinian home, none of which involve deliberate killings of innocent people. Israelis are asked to retrain themselves when their kids are killed, but Palestinians are allowed free reign when Israelis take control and bomb empty buildings.

Israelis HAVE done everything they can, short of carpet bombing Palestinians, and nothing is getting rid of these suicide bombings. Until this morning, I would have blamed the numerous suicide bombers on the numerous Islamic fundamentalists. Today, however, after watching Canada AM on CTV and seeing a Canadian-born and raised Palestinian talk about how would gladly suicide himself if given the chance, I now know that the problem lies in the average Palestinian AND fundamentalists, not just the fundamentalists. Could it be that these people are just naturally violent? Something to think about...

As for Arafat, he has been given so many chances to stop suicide bombings and has never seized the opportunity. Mind you, that may be a little too much to ask seeing as he's asking for and funding the suicide bombings. But even in front of US cameras, he doesn't even pretend to ask for an ending to the violence. He's had so many opportunities to do something once and for all, but just as an Israeli politician once said, "Arafat never misses and opportunity to miss an opportunity". I think it is time to remove him from the equasion and get on with life.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

(via Scott Gantz)
In defense of the Bush administration's (so-called) "tough" stance against Palestinian terrorism, Ari Fleisher issued a statement saying that "The President does believe that the path to peace does go through Chairman Arafat."

I have a great many ideas as to what we can put through Chairman Arafat. Most of them can be found at Home Depot.

We can always count on good 'ol Christie Blatchford from the National Post to put things into perspective for us....even though we've all felt this for SUCH a long time. At a point in time when the US government has cowardly denied the fact that they are fighting the same war on terror as the Israelis, Christie puts them right back in their place with her column titled "There is Only One War on Terror". While she may simply be stating the obvious, we bloggers need someone high profile to get our ideas out into mainstream news....Way to go Christie!!
Why hasn't this made the front page of all newspapers and TV reports?

Do you remember how a little boy was killed during the first few days of the Intifada? Supposedly, his father was trying to protect him from the bullets that the Israeli monsters were using against the poor, stone throwing Palestinians. Well, think again. Balitistic tests have shown that the boy was most likely executed by Palestinians. He could not have been killed by Israeli bullets. Is your newspaper reporting any of this?
A clash of civilizations

In his latest Op-ed, Daniel Pipes maintains that political correctness has prevented the world from recognizing the current conflict between Israel and the Palestinians for what it is: a clash between two people. Not between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, but rather between Jews in Israel and a Palestinian people which has been fed a steady diet of anti-semitism for generations.

The Only "Solution" Is Victory

by Daniel Pipes
New York Post
April 2, 2002

At this time of war between Israel and the Palestinians, half-baked suggestions for a speedy resolution are whizzing by almost as fast as bullets.

Let's review some of the more prominent schemes.

· A new Palestinian leadership: Israel's defense minister believes that pushing Yasser Arafat out of power will bring a more pragmatic and flexible leadership to office.

· Unilateral Israeli withdrawal: Peace Now, a powerful Israeli organization, promotes the slogan, "Leave the Settlements, Return to Ourselves" - meaning a complete withdrawal to the 1967 border lines. (This is somewhat along the lines of the plan promoted by Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and just passed by the Arab League.)

· A territorial swap: Israel's transportation minister suggests trading some Arab-majority areas within Israel to the Palestinian Authority in return for the latter giving up its claims to some Jewish-majority areas on the West Bank.

· A wall: "A Protective Fence, the Only Way" is a newly popular bumper sticker on Israeli cars calling for an electric fence to go up along the 192-mile border between Israel and the West Bank.

· Buffer zones: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon favors a beefed-up version of the fence option with trenches and minefields, saying this "will lead to security separation and contribute to the security of all Israeli citizens."

· U.S. soldiers: Thomas Friedman of The New York Times envisions that "Israel gradually withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, to be replaced by a joint American-Palestinian security force." He then wants Washington "to station American troops on the ground, indefinitely, around . . . Israel."

These ideas all share the profoundly faulty presumption that a century of Palestinian aggression against Israelis can be stopped either by Israeli concessions or by some clever initiative.

Not one of these suggestions addresses the real problem: the Palestinians' conviction that, by continuing to hammer away at Israel, they can defeat and destroy it.

Although Arafat adheres to this ugly ambition, he is not its source and his removal will not eliminate it. An Israeli pull-back from the West Bank will signal weakness and thus further inflame Palestinian demands. Fences and no-man's-lands are nearly useless. (Just a few days ago, four terrorists from Jordan breached a border fence by digging under it.) Placing foreign soldiers in a hot zone is a non-starter - Americans and Europeans will not accept fatalities in someone else's war.

These faulty notions derive in good part from the Israeli government having made a subtle but large mistake in approaching the Palestinians. This was, as Efraim Karsh of the University of London recently notes, narrowly to define its enemy as the Palestinian Authority, not the Palestinian body politic as a whole. In this, it emulated the U.S. approach to Iraq in 1991 and to Afghanistan in 2001.

One can argue that the Iraqi and Afghan populations are not parties to the aggression of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, and so are not America's enemies, but that's plainly wrong when it comes to the Palestinians versus Israel. Every piece of evidence suggests and every opinion poll confirms that the Palestinian assault on Israel is a wildly popular undertaking. Indeed, there is reason to believe that the "street" is more anti-Zionist than the leadership.

This battle, in other words, is a conventional clash between peoples. In such cases, Karsh explains, the outcome is "decisively dependent on the vicissitudes of national morale with victory or defeat often determined less by battlefield strength than by national cohesion and resilience."

The implication is clear: if Israel is to protect itself, it must achieve a comprehensive military victory over the Palestinians, so that the latter give up their goal of obliterating it. Ending the Palestinian assault will be achieved not through some negotiated breakthrough but by Palestinians (and Arabic-speakers more generally) concluding that their effort to destroy the Jewish state will fail, and so give up this ambition.

There is a war under way, but nearly all observers prefer to ignore this unpleasant reality, preferring instead to suggest meaningless quick fixes.

The time has come for them to face facts, which means finding ways to put a stop to Palestinian aggression.

For the U.S. government, this means halting counterproductive efforts at brokering a cease-fire and focusing on getting Israel's neighbors to finally accept its existence.

Monday, April 01, 2002

Did you know?

That in Tulkarem (one of the Palestinian towns being cleaned up by the Isreali Army), civic workers hailed Israeli army engineers who worked with them to restore electricity and water. What does this mean? It means that once Arafat is eliminated or neutralized, life will go on between Palestinians and Israelis. It will be a better life and Palestinians will be able to resume living with the highest lifestyle of all Arabs (except for oil producing states such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait).
What is next for Israel?

Listening to Israel International Radio, it seems that the effect of the terrorists bombing is having the opposite effect to the one we would expect. Israelis are more united than ever in favor of strong military action. Many are also talking about reoccupying Area A (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) to "clean them up once and for all". They are also talking about dumping "the traitors from the extreme left, Peres and Shapiro". They are talking about expelling Arafat and shipping him to one of the countries supporting terrorism (that would be every Arab country wouldn't it?). They are also refusing to go back to the negotiating table to resume talks where the talks ended after Camp David. Doing that would mean that the hundreds of Israelis who died and the thousands of injured, the thousands who lost their jobs, would all have been for nothing. It would be a treason and the Israelis will never allow it. The Palestinians had one chance and they gave it away to Arafat's tyranny. Never again!
Anyone still doesn't believe that Arafat is an Islamo-fascist?

Read these interviews he gave right after his terrorists' nest was surrounded by Israeli troops.
Interesting how he portrays this situation as Muslims and Christians fighting defending the Hoy Land against Jews (not Israelis, but Jews). This would make him and anti-semite, a racist. My my my...our favorite Nobel Peace Prize winner has flaws...who would have thought? Enjoy these interviews of Arafat. He is at his best.
Hearst publications journalist Helen Thompson seems to be working for terrorists now (or Palestinians, whatever you want to call them). In this morning's press briefing with Ari Fleisher, she asked "Does the President believe the Palestinians have the right to resist thirty-five years of brutal occupation and repression?"

Seems like unbiased reporting to me!
Looks like we're in for the long haul....

"Terrorism will end when the arabs love thier children more than they hate us." - Golda Meir
Israel National Radio reports that:

- The 40 "peace activists" who managed to get into Arafat's Ramallah compound were actually trying to get 21 terrorists out of the compound. There were all arrested on their way out.
- Israeli troops found dozens of explosive belts, the same one used by all terrorist bombers, in a cache of weapons discovered in Arafat's compound.
- In the same cache, Isreali troops found detailed maps of most kindergarten classrooms in Israel.

Of course, anyone thinking that these 21 terrorists were planning to use these belts to blow up Israeli children is greatly disturbed. Peace loving people like Arafat, Hamas, the Al Aqsa brigades and Hezbollah would NEVER hurt children!

Sunday, March 31, 2002

My favorite quote of the week comes from KesherTalk blog. Good work!

End Game: Stick a fork in Arafat, he is, if only it were true.
I'm so distraught over the murder of innocent Jews that I can't even think of anything to write. At this point, I'm content mocking Arafat, so I was pleased to read the following "phone transcripts" from conversations he had with various world leaders. This was provided by the very funny

Arafat: Kofi, my friend, I need a little help here. Can you convene the Security Council and get them to get these Israeli tanks off my front yard?
Annan: Mr. President, you know that I will do everything in my power to help you. I have sent a memo using the strongest possible language to each of the Security Council members that we must do something about the situation in Ramallah right away. I am recommending that our assistants schedule a meeting to discuss what time the Council can meet, where we will certainly get down to the business of putting together a resolution that will ask both sides to cease the violence. But first, a question: Mr. President, have you sent out the word to your people to stop the bombing? Terrorism will not bring the Palestinian people closer to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.
Arafat: [click]

Arafat: Moammar, my brother, now is the time for you to step up to the rock and help your Palestinian brethren. We need you now as never before to help us defeat the Israeli aggressors!
Gaddafi: Yasser, let me ask you--did you or did you not say that you think "Isratine" was the stupidest idea since that assassination attempt on you-know-who in the eighties?
Arafat: Moammar, my brother, my friend--you do know I was only kidding, right? Just a joke! Isratine is a great idea; I'm going to bring it up at the very next Arab League Summit, I swear by the Prophet, peace be upon him.
Gaddafi: [click]
Arafat: Hello? Hello?

Arafat: Mr. Secretary, we all know that if the United States says jump, Israel says how high, can't you call Sharon and get these tanks--
Powell: Don't interrupt me again, Mr. Arafat, I have a few things to say to you about--terrorism.
[15 minutes later]
Arafat: So you're telling me that I'm on my own?
Powell: No, that's not what I said. Listen. And stop interrupting.
[15 minutes later]
Arafat: Can I get a word in edgewise now?
Powell: Yes?
Arafat: So you're telling me I'm on my own?
Powell: [click]