Saturday, April 13, 2002

This should be fun to watch...

Canadian MPs plan trip to Middle East

At least nine MPs from all political parties plan to travel to the West Bank and Gaza Strip next month to see the explosive situation in the Middle East first-hand.

Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish (Mississauga Centre, Ont.), who is leading the group, told The Hill Times that the MPs will report back to their constituents and to Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham (Toronto Centre-Rosedale, Ont.) about their findings once they return. Palestine House, located in Ms. Parrish's riding, is organizing and paying for the bulk of the costs of sending the MPs to the Middle East.

Now I know that all of our bigoted readers are now going to suggest that the trip will have a pro-Palestinan bias due to the source of funding, but I'd like to remind you all of how fair and unbiased Palestinians have always been, and how intelligent and neutral Canadian MPs have always been. In fact, just to ease your fears and to show you how neutral the whole trip really is, here's a sample of what the organizer of the trip said:

"We leave the door open to them [the MPs]. We are not like the Israelis, the Jewish Congress, when they take a person there they wine them and dine them and forbid them to go to the Palestinian territory. No.

"You go and see what atrocities the Israelis have committed and go and listen to what the Israelis are [saying]. Not [Ariel] Sharon and [Ytzhak] Shamir and [Shimon] Peres, we want them to talk to people who are interested in peace, and people who are interested in absorbing and stealing Palestinian land. We wouldn't mind for them to meet with the settlers and see what kind of people we are dealing with."

That's it....I'm moving to the US
One of our readers (with his own blog by the way, containing absolutely marvellous pictures) points out that India may be Israel's second best ally after the US. Let's hope their Secretary of State has a clearer vision of what is really going on.

Check out this fascinating analysis. It is interesting to see that India has been very quiet about the situation in the Middle East. They understand that the fight that Israel is fighting is one they may very well be fighting at home if homicide-bombing is allowed to become standard operating procedure for any extremist looking for recognition.
What a difference!

Today, I went to Synagogue looking for some clarity in the Middle-East situation. As I listened to our Rabbi talked, one very important thing struck me. Even though the Rabbi was more passionate than ever in his message, there was no hatred towards Arabs, no message of war, no message to destroy those who are trying to destroy us and turn the world against us. His message was one of peace. A message about the need for us Jews to become better people and to live by the principles and laws handed down to us by the Almighty. The onus is on us to restore decency, morality and ultimately peace.
Wow! What a shock this was. Compare this to the message of the Muslim "clerics" (see the translation of some of these at Memri). Compare this to the consistent message being fed daily to Arabs to kill, kill, kill, destroy, destroy, destroy, become martyrs, etc...As Jews, we are not blaming the world or the Arabs for our trouble. We blame it on the fact that some of us are not living up to the ideals that the Almighty and our forefathers have taught us. And we surely are not advocating killing anyone. Ever. The life of all Human Beings are precious, especially those of children. And we believe that killing a child, even spiritually, by teaching this child hate is a terrible tragedy. That is the message that the Palestinian people should be hearing. Let's hope that some leader will emerge who will realize that the hatred being fed to Palestinians and their children stops. Immediately.
Powell-Arafat tea-party back on!

According to CNN, The State Department reports that following a communique (in English of course) from Arafat and the Palestinian leadership condemning violence against Jewish and Palestinian civilians, Powell has decided to meet with Arafat in Ramallah on Sunday. So, here you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. First, you organize the mass murder of a few Jews, then the US gets really upset and delays coming to embrace you, then you issue a statement that perpetuates the moral equivalency of murder and self-defense and...presto! you are back in business. The US starts kissing up to you like crazy.

And I thought that Colin was finally getting it. I should have known better. If you read the communique issued by the terrorists, all its says is that killing civilians of all kinds is bad. Yep, it sure is. And so is inflation, the flue and bad weather. But does the statement say that the killing by homicide-bombers must stop? No it does not. Does it say that the Palestinian Authority will find and prosecute those who organize these murders? No, it does not. Does it say that incitement against Jews must stop? No it does not. Does it say that Palestinian children must be taught to become law abiding citizens and not butchers? No, it does not. It accomplishes nothing except blind the naive paper-pushers at the State Department. What a shame and what a disappointment. More and more, it seems that the US is behaving like the Palestinian leadership is...they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
No Kidding!! article appeared in an official Kuwaiti paper Monday saying the Palestinians should thank God they are not fighting Saddam Hussein.

In an article entitled "Sharon is more compassionate than Saddam," Fuad al-Hashem wrote: "I think that the Palestinian people should thank God twice a day for having the Israeli army as an enemy, and for being in a much better condition than we were while facing the Iraqi army and the brutality of its soldiers, which surpasses that of the Jewish soldiers. By comparison, the IDF soldiers and their practice is 'child's play.'"

Then towards the end of the article, we read something that we've been expecting for a while now...
Yesterday in the Knesset, Sharon read from two documents confiscated from Arafat's compound. Here's what they said

The first document, dated January 7, 2002, is a request from Raed Karmi, then head of Fatah-Tanzim in the Tulkarm area, addressed to his chief, Marwan Barghouti, asking for financial assistance for 12 Fatah terrorists under his command. Barghouti forwarded the letter to Arafat, with a note, "I request of you to order the allocation of $1,000 for each of the fighter brethren."

Friday, April 12, 2002

Powell reassessing his planned visit with Arafat. What was your first clue Colin?

According to CNN, Powell is reassessing his planned visit with Arafat:

He is considering what he wants to do, in terms of where we are, where we stand," said Richard Boucher, State Department spokesman.
Boucher gave no indication when Powell would make up his mind about whether to go through with the meeting.
Palestinian sources said some key Arafat aides are meeting with U.S. Middle East Envoy Anthony Zinni Friday night. The group includes Muhammed Dahlan, the Palestinian security chief in Gaza, and Saeb Erakat, the chief Palestinian negotiator.
White House spokesman Ari Fleischer -- during his daily news conference -- said Friday would be a "good day" for Arafat to publicly renounce terror attacks in Arabic to the Palestinian people. Fleischer refused to say whether the Powell-Arafat meeting hinged on such an announcement

Apparently, Colin saw the explosion from a great vantage point as he was in a helicopter when it took place. And now that one of Arafat's group has claimed responsibility for this, he is "reassessing" whether to meet with Arafat or not. maybe a few more homicide-bombers would help him make up his mind? Until now, he wasn't really really sure that Arafat was indeed the guy behind all of this and doubt is starting to creep into his mind. Good job Colin, looks like you may finally be getting the hang of this. And I thought you were real thick there for a while! What a relief!
Double Standard again? (Can't even find a decent link to it anymore!)

Has anyone noticed how little coverage there has been on the explosion in the Synagogue in Tunisia? Maybe this was an accident after all, as the government and the Rabbi are saying. But surely, at a time when Synagogues and Jews are being attacked regularly in France, Germany, Australia, etc..., this should be newsworthy and I would have expected Heraldo or Christine Annanpour to be on the scene interviewing any living thing in sight. Now, let's turn the tables and remember the outcry when a few Muslims reported being insulted after 9/11. Heck, the President even talked about this and condemned it. Anyone wants to take a guess as to why we are not hearing the President stating publicly that Judaism is a peace-loving religion and therefore attacks on Jews are not acceptable? After all, we've had to put up with the constant politically-correct reminder that Islam is such a peace-loving religion. On this topic, I would love to find one Muslim "cleric" who talks about peace, anytime, anywhere. There are none.
Another "freedom fighter" kills and injures many innocent Israelis

Isn't it time we expand the notion of "terrorist infrastructure" to those who surround the homicide-bombers? After all, these lunatics do not appear out of nowhere. They are patiently taught, groomed, indoctrinated and pushed into becoming such monsters. And when we see these disgraceful parents hoping that more of their children will become "martyrs", it is not far-fetched to assume that these parents, who are too coward to do the deeds themselves, are actually the ones behind these bombers. So Israel should make it abundantly clear that the immediate consequence of a homicide-bombing will be the destruction of the bomber's house and deportation of the entire family to a better place. Baghdad would be my first choice. If a second bomber turns out to be from the same neighborhood, then the neighborhood gets it. This way, by warning the bombers of the consequence of their actions beforehand, the destruction of the houses would be pinned squarely on the shoulders of the bombers. It is time we hold the families of the bombers responsible for their daily brainwashing and for turning kids into mass murderers. There must be a very steep price to pay.
Shabbat Shalom!

Another suicide bomber has murdered innocent people in Israel.
Ok class. Now listen up because we're going to play a game. I'm going to tell you a story and you tell me what that story reminds you of. Okay?
Here we go.

An Indian policeman was killed and 12 wounded on Friday in grenade attacks by Islamic rebels in the heart of strife-torn Kashmir's main city, police said. Then the "oppressive" Hindus got mad so you know what they did? Hindus Plan Protest in Riot-Torn Indian Town. Protest organizers said they would call 10,000 supporters on to the streets of Rohidaswada, 40 miles north of India's commercial capital, Bombay, to demand action against Muslims they accuse of attacking Hindus earlier this week. One protest organizer said "We feel the attack on Hindu houses was pre-planned. The Muslims want Maharashtra also to burn like Gujarat."

Ok class. That's all I'm going to tell you. Now go and talk to your friends and see if you recognize the similarities between this story and another one we often talk about.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

OK People...this is going to be tough. Over the next 2 weeks, while Elana is studying for her exams, I am left holding the fort (pretty lousy excuse wouldn't you agree?). I will do my best...even though I get to answer probably about 150-200 emails per day between my job and this labor of love. So, sure...I'll accept your compassion and encouragements anytime!
Watch Lebanon

In this column, Charles Krauthammer points out a hardly-ever mentioned reality: Israel does not occupy any territory in Lebanon. Yet, over the last week, Hezbollah terrorists have been pounding Israel with Katuchia rockets, with the full knowledge and support of Syria. Israel even asked the UN to draw the line behind which Israel had to withdraw and Israel complied. So here is a situation where Israel withdrew from all territories. The result? The vacuum left behind was immediately filled by terrorist organizations which then used this territory as a base to launch attacks against Israeli civilians. Why does anyone believe that the same situation would not happen if Israel withdrew completely from the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights? The only solution is for Israel to completely eradicate terrorists (killing or imprisoning them) before it withdraws from the territories. Once it withdraws, and based on the history of Palestinian using terrorism as their one and only method of negotiation, Israel should go back in anytime a terror group appears to be getting organized. As long as the current Palestinian leadership remains comprised of murderers and Islamo-Fascists, Israel will have to be vigilant and take decisive action whenever and wherever is necessary. Sorry Colin, sorry George but terror is terror and you are either on our side or on the side of the terrorists.
Explosion kills 5 in Synagogue in Tunisia. Government claims it is an accident.

Yeah...that would have been my first guess too.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Powell's visit with the terrorist Arafat is a mistake, according to Sharon. We agree.

Check out this interview of Sharon with Fox News. One thing is clear, Sharon may not have a grand vision for the future, but he surely knows what to do about terrorists like Arafat and terrorist states like Syria. I wish the US would let him do the cleanup job that they are too politically correct and timid to do themselves. We need more Sharon, not less. Go Ari, go!
We the People...

The wonderful Scott Ganz managed to get his hands on what may soon be the Palestinian Constitution. Amusing....very amusing. Here's a couple of should definitely check out the rest for yourself!

Section 2. In order to be eligible for the office of President, a candidate must be:
-Yasser Arafat
-Yasser Arafat, Jr.
-Out of his Fucking Mind

Section 3. The President shall be the Commander in Chief of our Army (poorly trained gunmen, suicide-bombing teenagers), Air Force (Anything that might be living on the Rocks we throw), and Navy (President Arafat’s Rubber Duckie, Kamal).

Bill of Rights:


Ten reasons to be a friend to Israel

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of democracy.
Israel is the sole democracy of the Middle East.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of peace.
The Israeli people, in its vast majority, yearns for peace. This has been proven by multiple efforts and concessions which remain unanswered to this day.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of human rights.
We equally desire peace, welfare and democracy for all of Israel's neighbours.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of the rights of women and children.
We denounce the use of women and children in any armed conflict.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of the values of justice and equity.
These humanistic values are threatened by any form of fundamentalism.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of Jerusalem.
As long as religious freedom, and any freedom, shall be respected by the State of Israel, we shall recognize Jerusalem as its capital.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of non-violence.
Nothing can ever justify resorting to terrorism and hatred.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of the free world.
We call upon the free world to favour the emergence of Arab leaders who sincerely seek peace and democracy and choose negotiation rather than confrontation.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of the oppressed.
Israel is the land of refuge of millions of oppressed Jews.

A "friend of Israel" is first and foremost a friend.
Inspired by these ten principles, we declare on this day, Israel's day of independence, our solidarity with Israel and peace and security for all.
If you love this land...

Let's show Israelis that MidEast Realities readers support them and care for their well being in these terrible times. Please join us in signing this letter that will be sent to Israel.
Yiddish, Jewish, Knisch, Yourish

Meryl from has just written a wonderful essay called "There must be no second Holocaust". Go check it out....a must read!
These Red Crescent Ambulances sure have a very strange payload...check it out in this video.
Thanks to Grasshoppa! and The News, Uncensored Crew for it.
Imagine that, these ambulance people are so thorough and dedicated, they even made sure that the occupants kept their belts! Special belts mind you, but belts nevertheless.
Is there a single rule of human decency that Palestinian terrorists have not broken yet? I can't think of one. Can you?

Me Too Me Too

Demonstrating once again their lemming-like yet trendy behavior, the Germans have joined in on the recent slew of proposals on how the MidEast crisis should be solved. Can you imagine? "Frau Leibnitzerschwig, Frau Hitler how do the two of you propose we solve this Jewish problem?".

And their proposal is revolutionary as well. They seem to be prescribing solutions that no one has thought of yet. JPost summarized the recommendations:

The German initiative starts with a cease-fire in the current violence. Shit....why didn't I think of that?

This would then be followed by a withdrawal of Israeli troops, an early declaration of a Palestinian state, an end to Jewish settlements in Palestinian areas and phased talks on such tricky issues as Israel's borders and the status of Jerusalem.

Is it just me, or are Germans just really bad at dealing with Jews? So bascially, what they're proposing is that Jews give Palestinians everything they've asked for and in return they get....oh wait....darn I must have lost the portion dealing with the stuff the Palestinians give the I didn' doesn't exist!!!

Just in case you don't have the time (or the stomach) to make your way over to IndyMedia websites, here is a sample of what was posted today.

How to Tell a Jew

One can most easily tell a Jew by his nose. The Jewish nose is bent at its point. It looks like the number six. We call it the Jewish six. Many non-Jews also have bent noses. But their noses bend upwards, not downwards. Such a nose is a hook nose or an eagle nose. It is not at all like a Jewish nose.

One can also recognize a Jew by his lips. His lips are usually puffy. The lower lip often protrudes. The eyes are different too. The eyelids are mostly thicker and more fleshy than ours. The Jewish look is wary and piercing. One can tell from his eyes that is is a deceitful person.

Jews are usually small to mid-sized. They have short legs. Their arms are often very short too. Many Jews are bow-legged and flat=footed. They often have a low, slanting forehead, a receding forehead. Many criminals have such a receding forehead. The Jews are criminals too. Their hair is usually dark and often curly like a Negro's. Their ears are very large, and they look like the handles of a coffee cup.

Every Jew does not have these characteristics. Some do not have a proper Jewish nose, but real Jewish ears. Some do not have flat feet, but real Jewish eyes. Some Jews cannot be recognized at first glance. There are even some Jews with blond hair. If we want to be sure to recognize Jews, we must look carefully. But when one looks carefully, one can always tell it is a Jew.

One can recognize a Jew from his movements and behavior. The Jew moves his head back and forth. His gait is shuffling and unsteady. The Jew moves his hands when he talks. He "jabbers." His voice is often odd. He talks through his nose. Jews often have an unpleasant sweetish odor. If you have a good nose, you can smell the Jews.

"From a Jew's face
The wicked Devil speaks to us,
The Devil who, in every country,
Is known as an evil plague.

Would we from the Jew be free,
Again be cheeful and happy,
Then must youth fight with us
To get rid of the Jewish Devil."

It's funny....this stuff sounds sounds suspiciously similar to the things my family read in Berlin in the 40s.....but then again, I'm probably just a paranoid Jew.

big apple blog bash; click for details
Wow...maybe there is hope afterall! The Village Voice (which won several Sonntag awards from Andrew Sullivan for its endless apologetic writings after 9/11) actually publishes a column which makes sense, to a point. Worth reading.

Now that you have read take on it. I agree with almost everything in the article except for its conclusion. Israel will never agree to any outside force monitoring its every mood. Israel needs a free hand to destroy terrorists in all territories. No war was ever solved at the negotiating table until one of the parties had been all but defeated (contrary to what Powell would have us believe). Israel needs time to defeat the Palestinians and establish a regime in the territories which will focus on the real needs of the Palestinian people (education, jobs, health care), not the paranoid and tyranical deception of the mad-man Arafat. Then, and only then will the de-programming of Palestinians commence along with their re-integration into the civilized world.
A great article in The New Republic about Arafat's unequalled record for terrorism. Pointed out by a friend of this Blog...Fred.

A telling excerpt:

From the beginning, Arafat's tactics of terror were audacious: blowing up airplanes in midair; taking children hostage in schoolhouses; skyjackings; hijacking of buses; shootouts and bombings in crowded airports, theaters, terminals, markets, beaches, restaurants, wedding halls. His most daring moment was during the 1972 Munich Olympics, in which eleven Israeli athletes lost their lives. (It was also the first moment when Peter Jennings showed himself to be oh, so understanding of Palestinian terror.) But this terrorism occurred only sporadically. It wasn't until the Oslo agreements and the handshake on the White House lawn that Arafat's terrorism became a routine feature of life in Israel. Israel obliged itself in 1993 to provide the Palestinian Authority weapons (augmented, of course, by the armaments the Palestinians smuggled and illegally manufactured themselves). And those weapons became the instruments of Jewish death. The closer the Israelis came to meeting Palestinian demands, the more intense the terror became. Suicide bombing, in fact, didn't become the Palestinians' chosen mode of day in, day out terror until the year 2000, when Israel offered Arafat more than the old butcher probably ever expected.

From Andrew Sullivan whose insight and dedication always amazes me...

ANTI-SEMITISM WATCH:Norway's parliament wouldn't let a visitor wear a Star of David on his jacket out of solidarity with Israelis under siege. Bruce Bawer has the details:
Dagbladet reporter Cato Vogt-Kielland writes that "Tveitt went into the Parliament building dressed in a thin summer jacket with the Star of David on the chest pocket. But after he had talked in the Parliament restaurant with Parliament members from the Progress, Conservative, and Labor parties, he was sought out by two security guards who asked him to come with them 'because they had received reactions' to Tveitt’s flag symbol. 'I asked who had reacted, and what they had reacted to, but got no answer,' said Tveitt. 'I didn’t think that showing solidarity with Israel would create reactions in Parliament – especially not in Parliament.' The two guards escorted him to the wardrobe. After he had hung up his jacket, they followed him back to his table. As Tveitt points out, "People walk around [in Parliament] with Palestinian scarves and other pro-Palestinian symbols without any reaction."
This from the same country that gives out Nobel prizes, in which some judges claim they now regret giving Shimon Peres such a prize. They have no regrets, as Bruce points out, about giving one to Arafat. Figures.

I would even go looks like Scandinavians, who were so supportive of the Jews during the Holocaust finally figured out that they missed all the fun back then. They are making up for it now by being one of the centres for the most vile anti-semitism disguised as anti-zionism. The imbeciles at the Nobel Peace Prize Academy have argued that Peres should return his Prize because he is associated with the government which is defending Israel. I agree with the academy but for a different reason. Thanks to Peres and Rabin and the Oslo accord, we now have a rogue, terrorist de-facto state in the Middle East. Oh but wait, except for Israel, they pretty much all are (well OK, Jordan is not). So for this one reason, Peres should be stripped of his prize. But this goes against the hundreds of reason for which Arafat should lose his. I mean, besides being a liar, the guy is a murderer (he organizes suicide bombings), a thief (he has diverted millions of aid-$ to personal accounts in Switzerland) and a coward (he uses children to do his own dirty work). I wonder when we will see any other Nobel Peace Prize winner show the genital fortitude to return the Prize based on their refusal to be in a club with someone like Arafat. I am afraid I am going to be waiting for a while on this one.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Check it out. TIME Magazine reports on Why Suicide Bombing Is Now All The Rage

Among Palestinians, dying to kill has become a noble calling. Here's how the practice went from extreme to mainstream.
Just in case you still weren't clear on how Arabs feel about Jews...

One of IndyMedia's lovely Arab readers named Abdul was kind enough to post this letter to Jewish readers on the IndyMedia websites.

Hey, jew face, why don't you stick to your "jew sites" or israel indymedia?
Is it b/c your jew friends don't find your opinion valuable on their sites?
Why are some jews obsessed with Arabs? why can't you get a life of your own?
When you guys had an option of picking your jew-land, out of the whole world you wanted to live in Arab land, in Arab houses, drive on Arab roads and bath on Arab beach.....whats the deal here?
first you prefer Arabs over the world then you hate them and kill them relentlessly.
Is it b/c Arabs like the rest of the world have 'rejected" you?
Why does Sharon keep on asking to be invited by the Arab league? don't you fucks get it...they rather have Arafat deal with you b/c Arafat is the only Arab that could possibly put up with your repulsiveness.

You guys are 'sick fucks" get some "NATION THERAPY" and get over the ARAB OBCESSION.
(Editor's Note: Good one Abdul..."Nation Therapy"...that's one for the books)

Write on your sites, this is an Arab I recall it , you hate Arabs or am I wrong?

You seem to 'dig' Arabs.

Today, April 9th is Holocaust Remembrance Day.
(Thanks to our friends at Grasshoppa! for pointing it out).

And how fitting that this day falls this year in the midst of the most rabid campaign of anti-semitism in the world since WWII. If you think I am kidding/exaggerating, please spend a few minutes reading the vile venom spouted by "clerics" in the Middle East and recorded for posterity on Memri. Hey, I am not making it up. These are the leaders of the Peace-Loving religion that GWB talks about. Don't know about you but I'll take war over this kind of peace any day.


As expected, the moment the Israelis loosen their grip on the Palestinian animals (even in the slightest bit) 13 Soldiers Killed in Jenin

As Israel pulled back from two West Bank towns and entered another, 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in the West Bank town of Jenin. An Israeli general says a suicide bomber blew himself up in an explosives-laden alley.
The impossible marriage between Democracy and Islam (via Instapundit)

To all those hoping that Islam will one day come to its senses, I hate to break it to you - They won't. Osama Bin Laden's blog provides a detailed account of why Islam and Democracy are totally incompatible. Give it up. It's hopeless!

The democratic system conflicts with the Islamic system in the fundamentals as well as the branches. It is not a proper to equate both systems if there exist some similarities between them. Since democracy is kufr and Islam is belief. The term "Democracy" or any of its meanings was not used by the Islamic State that continued in its implementation of Islam for thirteen centuries.

In the democratic system, the foreign policy is based on honoring the international borders and waters because they are a manifestation of respect to people's freedom in choosing their systems, laws, and rulers. Under the Islamic ruling system, the foreign policy is tied with Jihad, conquest and spread of Islam. It destroys borders and physical barriers to save humanity from worshipping each other to worshipping the lord of humanity.

Democracy sanctifies liberties. Individual's freedom determines what a society should be. Islam has its own rules regarding the rights of the individual and of the jama'a: This is in contrast to the Western notion of freedom and liberties.

"In the eyes of the international community legally, in the eyes of the Canadian government, you have no authority to block me from proceeding," - Svend Robinson to an Israeli Soldier who was blocking the entrance to Arafat's compound.

Wow Svend, that statement must have taken you all of 12 seconds to think up! I'll bet Sylvie Lalonde helped him write it.
He even color coordinated his bullet-proof vest!!
So, it looks like Svend isn't going to talk to Arafat after all. You know what struck me about this whole "NDP supports Palestine" ordeal? Two weeks ago when I was in Ottawa, I sat through a meeting in which Svend made a million and one objections to having Alfonzo Gagliano involved in ANY aspects of the government because of the fact that he's been accused, but never found guilty of, participating in shome shady business. Basically, Svend is plugging away, trying to ruin Gagliano's career over some accusations, yet Svend has no problem linking the Canadian government to Arafat; a known terrorist.

Svend, do us all a favor and remove that nice little blue vest that the security personnel made you put on this morning. I'm sure you'll be safe without it...and even if you're not, Canadians won't miss all!
Omahgawd...a pro-Israeli article in the Toronto Star...what is this world coming to?!!!

Pinch me! Kick me! What happened? Who at the Star editorial desk dared to let this one out? An Op-Ed piece which actually finds that the systematic hatred instilled into every Palestinian child could have something to do with the situation in the Middle-East today. No kidding?

The myth that suicide bombers are necessarily produced by "desperate" or "inhumane conditions" should have been fully dispelled by the suicide attacks of Sept. 11, which were carried out by highly indoctrinated and motivated individuals who were neither economically deprived nor oppressed. Rather, they had been living freely in the United States for years. For many of us, this lack of desperation or of any apparent oppression was one of the most intellectually indigestible facts to emerge from the investigation post-Sept. 11.

Perhaps there is a powerful need in Western culture to ascribe something other than simple hatred to explain a phenomenon as extreme as a suicide attack. Similarly, the idea that such attacks are the result of an institutionally indoctrinated hatred of the West or of Jews is repugnant to our rational and liberal approach.

Actually, for many news organizations such as CNN, the Toronto Star, The Guardian, Le Monde, none of this is repugnant. It is OK, as long as the crimes are being perpetrated against Jews, who after all support Sharon, and therefore deserve everything they get.
This shmuck thinks that we blog for the money!
Nope. missed the point. We do it because we are sick and tired of the incredibly biased mainstream press and the systematic double standard which says that Jews are wrong when defending themselves against the lowest form of humanity (terrorists who use and kill children for their own goals, that would be the Palestinian Authority), but Islamo-fascists who openly preach and practice murder on a grand scale are peace-loving and deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize. Somehow Neale, you may have missed this simple nuance.
The "proportionate" response of the US to Pearl Harbor.

In this column, Naomi Ragen provides a parody about how CNN would have reported the Pearl Harbor attack.
From what we know historically (I love this hindsight, don't you?), we know that the Americans...
- did not show restraint (heck, they nuked Japan not once but twice!)
- definitely responded with disproportionate force (about 200,000 people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki against about 5,000 casualties in Pearl Harbor)...are you listening Jean Chretien?
- did not withdraw from the territories they occupied for many many years until they were sure that any remnants of the Imperial Army was wiped out forever
- responded to terrorism with extreme force, until the regime which supported the action in Pearl Harbor was destroyed.
Can any of the "enlightened" pro-Palestinian journalists explain to us why Israel would not be accorded the same right to destroy the vermin which has been attacking it relentlessly for 30 years now?

A wonderful quote from (no-doubt), some imbecile who has fallen pray to Jewish propaganda. Oh but's from Martin Luther King Jr...oh well, there goes the neighbourhood!

"You declare that you do not hate Jews, you are merely anti-Zionist. And I say, let the truth ring forth from high on the mountain tops... When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews... What is anti-Zionist? It is the denial of the Jewish people of a fundamental right that we justly claim for the people of Africa and freely accord all other nations of the globe."

Reverend Martin Luther King, 1968.
(Quote reprinted from Naomi Ragen's wonderful blog).
Blaming Jews for the violence perpetrated against them is par for the course for the Protestant Church in Canada. Read on.

Here's a recent letter in the National Post responding to the outrageous letters by the leaders (what a joke!) of the Protestant denominations in Canada. Condemning the Jews is not an isolated incident from these bigots. It is a deliberate attempt to justify, condone and incite violence against Jews.

National Post , Letters
Re: Churches Identify Root Cause of Uprising, letters (April 5):

In 1938, Bishop A.C. Headlam, chairman of the Anglican church's Council of Foreign Relations in Canada, condemned the "folly and violence" of Nazi attacks upon Jews. But in the same breath, he blamed Jews for "the violence of the Russian Communists" and accused Jewish freethinkers of using Judaism to defame Christianity.

In the wake of Kristallnacht, John Inkster, the minister of Knox Presbyterian Church in Toronto, the largest congregation in the denomination, suggested that Jews were not blameless for their persecution because they had failed to embrace Christianity.

In April, 2002, Michael G. Peers, Archbishop and Primate, Anglican Church of Canada, declared: "The current violence in Palestine has deep roots, but Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory ... is at its heart."

In April, 2002, the Right Rev. Marion Purdy, Moderator, United Church of Canada, stated: "The United Church nevertheless strongly states that at the root of the violence and instability of the region is Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian territories."

The history of the Canadian Protestant Church in response to murderous anti-Semitism has been consistent from the Nazi Holocaust to today. Some Christian humility may be in order, rather than the sanctimonious judgments being offered.

When the liberal West fails to learn from history, it is the Jews who are doomed to relive it.

Alastair Gordon, Toronto.
HA!!! Didn't I call it?

Prime Minister Lionel Jospin calls for calm among French Jews

You'll recall that about 5 days ago I posted this little statement (fully knowing that it was only a matter of time before someone did it for real!)

We the people of MidEast realities ask the Jews of France to show restraint in the face of unilateral murderous attacks against them. We ask that they refrain from their continued disproportionate response of screaming, crying and trying to find shelter from bullets and molotoff cocktails. The road to peace between French Jews and the rest of the French people runs through assimilation and conversion. Until those Yids understand that, Europe will see no peace.

Monday, April 08, 2002

Damn Straight!!!

In a recent online poll from CNN, 56% of respondents said they believed that suicide bombings would eventually make their way onto US soil. It's a relief to see that the majority of American's know that no distinction would be made between an Israeli human target and an American one.
It's so late that I'm too tired to think of anything else to say about that, but luckily the numbers speak for themselves. Looks like Americans aren't as disillusioned as the rest of the world likes to say they are.
Another poorly behaved American... Yemen threatens to expel US ambassador for having a "hotty" attitude

"No No!" shouted the ambassador. "Please don't send me back to the US. Let me stay here in your God forsaken country where only 46% of people can write their names and where infant mortality rates are at 9%. It isn't fair. I don't want to go back to Santa Monica! I want to continue living among a people who have enough pride to expel an American even though only 36% of them had clean water to brush their teeth with before yelling about my attitude. I want to live in a country where my fellow country men bring home 380$ a year, half of which is spent educating their children to hate the country I come from".

PS. No doubt the Israeli "occupation" of Palestinian territory is the root cause of the poverty in this depraved hell hole.
Is it just me or is there a double standard?

I really don't get this. Can you imagine Ariel Sharon telling GWB to exercise restraint after 9/11? Can you imagine Europe telling the US that neither Mullah Omar nor Osama are terrorists and that they are the leaders of the Taliban/Afghanistan and therefore GWB must sit down at the table and negotiate with them? Can you imagine Britain telling the Pentagon that "enough is enough" and it is time for the US to withdraw from Afghanistan? Why is it that a terrorist hitting Israel is someone who deserves tolerance, respect and the right to butcher innocent people and yet get forgiveness over and over and over, while someone who simply supports anti-American terrorists deserves to die with not even the slightest due process?
Is it simply because, as Charles De Gaulle said "Jews are held to a higher standard" or is it because Jews have always been used as cannon fodder throughout History to appease the masses' thirst for blood? Before you choke on this one, think about the pogroms during the Romans, the Inquisition, Russian Tzars, Hitler's Nazism and now Arab Islamo-fascism. See the trend here? Find a tyrant throughout history and you will find Jews being persecuted with the support of the government of the time. Right now, all thugocracies in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world are at it. They are whipping their masses into frenzy to avoid having to deal with their own abject failures, human-rights violations and complete lack of any democratic institution. When was the last free and democratic election in an Arab country? What a joke that these countries are now taking the "high moral ground"! Dickheads.
Ariel, listen pal...I think GWB really, really, really means NOW!

Come on Ari, read the headlines...George wants you out of the West Bank tout-de-suite, OK?
Don't you get it? You gotta let Zinni and Powell have some success. Come on now. Against the entire world, you go in, stop all the suicide bombers, clean up tons of weapons, capture over 1,000 wanted terrorists, pick up truck loads of documents and evidence that the not-really-a-terrorist terrorist Arafat has not only condoned but financed the bombers and you make the US look like fools. So here's how the game is played. Leave a little bit of stuff behind, for instance a couple of bombers, a few explosives and other delights, and let Powell "negotiate" with the Palestinian Authority for them to capture this vermine and show how committed they are to the "peace process". This way, Arafat is rehabilitated as a true peace-loving, Nobel Prize deserving humanitarian, Powell quashes the lastest rumours that he is about to be dropped in favour of Condi Rice, you get what you want (well, you already did 99% of the job at that point), and GWB gets in line for the next round of major love-in and he gets his Prize too.
Can't you see it, everyone wins! And as a bonus, you get Peres back on side. Can you think of a better deal?'s the attack of the annoying italics! We apologize for the fact that our entire site is now written in italics.....we're working on fixing it.
Who you gonna vote for?

Want to know how your MPs feel about Israel's war on terror? The National Post printed an editorial about their Q&A with the leaders of Canada's 5 political parties. As expected, "Their responses to questions about Israel's right to self-defence, the forms such self-defence may legitimately take, and the moral distinction between terrorism and counterterrorism betray a double-standard. Party spokespersons offer vague answers, and take cover behind UN resolutions.

Brian Pallister, the outgoing Foreign Affairs critic for the Canadian Alliance, and Bill Casey, the Tories' critic, were the least equivocal of the bunch. To our query "Do you believe that Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorist or other attacks?" Mr. Pallister replied "Clearly." Mr. Casey: "Absolutely." Both were given without qualification.

Francine Lalonde, the Bloc's Foreign Affairs critic, for instance, insists Israel's right "stops where the right of another people begins ... The Israelis have gone a lot further than what can be called self-defence."

*PERSONAL NOTE: A couple weeks ago when I spent a day in Parliament meeting MPs, I noticed that Ms. Lalonde was peculiarily chummy with Svend Robinson. Hmmm....big surprise eh?

How would this "Lalonde doctrine" have been applied in Afghanistan, we wonder. We wouldn't have been able to actually invade the country or otherwise encroach on the Taliban's "rights." Presumably, our soldiers would have just hung around on the Uzbek-Afghan border, shouting anti-terrorist slogans through bullhorns.

To "Do you regard the recent killings of Israeli and Palestinian civilians as morally equivalent?" only the Alliance said "No." Mr. Pallister was emphatic. "They are two very different issues ... the reality is that one being attacked is not the same as one attempting to respond and prevent further attacks." The Tories and NDP thought the Israeli and Palestinian deaths were equivalent (although the Tories' Mr. Casey only "guessed" they were), seeing no difference between the deliberate slaughter of civilians and their accidental killing in retaliatory raids. Ms. Lalonde of the Bloc even seemed to suggest the deaths of suicide bombers were more tragic than the deaths of their victims -- because of all those root causes: "Some people believe that they have no other means of getting out of the present situation without killing themselves and using themselves as an instrument in the death of others."

Alexa McDonough, the NDP leader, summed up this sentiment when she argued Israel's decision "to escalate the military aggression ... is going to create more terrorism."

But that conclusion seems highly questionable. There have been no suicide bombings in the last six days, versus one a day in the week previous. While terrorists may soon retaliate -- perhaps between the time we write this and the time you read it -- it seems absurd to blame Ariel Sharon for an escalation in violence when the people of Israel just enjoyed their first terror-free weekend in ... well, who can remember.

Sunday, April 07, 2002

How do they get away with this stuff?

Here's what's being sold as legitimate, unbiased reporting these days.......but what can we expect from

The Ugly face of 'Zionist Democracy'

The Israeli army has proven once again to be very powerful especially in comparison to imprisoned Palestinian civilian population...

The fear of having to make peace and comply with UN resolutions and international law has triggered this violent reaction by this racist Israeli government, who has refused in the past to honor and bury their own non-Jewish soldiers like the rest....

The army in Ramallah consists of young soldiers trained to kill, brainwashed to hate, yet they hide deep in their tanks under their bulletproof vests and helmets.

Soldiers have been leaving Palestinian homes wrecked while they fill up bags with stolen merchandise and money.

This isn't even small stuff like using the word "occupation", these are downright lies. There claims are baseless, absurd, unbelievable and being gobbled up by the Arabs as fast as the rest of the crap they've been consuming since the beginning of the intifada.
Bourgeoisophobes? A clear analysis of Islamo-fascism and Western fascination for terrorism

One of our faithful readers and contributors ( know who you are!) has pointed out this wonderful article which provides background on why Americans and Jews are so hated around the world. It talks about why failed cultures developed hatred for cultures which show wealth, power and success. Fascinating!

A Peace-Loving People

Unless you have been living on Planet Mars for the last few weeks, you have surely noticed the dramatic increase in the number of anti-semitic attacks perpetrated on synagogues, Jewish cemetaries and Jews alike all over Western Europe and even now in North America. Several synagogues have been firebombed in France, Germany, Canada and in the United States. And even though no one has been arrested in any of these attacks (see any pattern here?), it is not that hard to surmise as to what group of people most likely is behind these attacks. Let's see...native Indians? Striking government workers? Separatists? I don't think so. What do you think? Did you say Muslims? You bigot! You racist pig! After President Bush has been telling you over and over and over that Islam is a peace-loving religion? And the fact that every Muslim cleric who has bothered to speak out has clearly indicated that Muslims have a duty to kill Jews means nothing! These are peace-loving people, damn it. And the fact that every child attending school in the Palestinian territories is learning from a Canadian-funded textbook that Israel does not exist and that killing 5 Jews, then killing 3 more Jews equals killing 8 Jews also has nothing to do with all this. These are peace-loving people. Get it now?
A peaceful demonstration in Toronto

Yesterday, Sunday, a demonstration was held in Toronto in support of Israel and the fight against terrorism and barbarism. About 2,000 people gathered in front of Queen's Park and peacefully sang and waved Israeli flags to show solidarity. Several interesting things though: 2 media outlets showed up, yet the demonstration did not make it on any evening news. Hum...Media bias? Nah..come on now! Also, contrary to all the pro-Palestinian or pro-suicide bomber or pro-Arab rallies, we neither burned flags or effigies, nor called for the death of Palestinians or Arabs. Nope. All we asked for was for the world to leave us alone. In a country smaller than Prince Edward Island which the Jews have inhabited for over 3,000 years now and in which they have been relentlessly attacked, killed, harassed. And we asked the real Palestinians, the ones who believe in humanity and not in death and destruction to step forward and provide new leadership for a people which has seen nothing but violence and desperation at the hand of a band of Islamo-fascists for over 40 years now. Finally, there were no politicians at this rally. None bothered to show up. None felt that Jewsih blood is worth their precious time. Hopefully, at the next election, Canadian Jews will remember where their Memebers of Parliament stood when Israel needed a friend. And the likes of Elinor Caplan will be thrown out of office for being crass and calculating and for putting their political aspirations above justice and decency. We will never forget.
NOTE: I (Elana) accidentaly posted under my father's name when I wrote the whole "The Frogs are hoppin'" schpiel. I'm the one living in Montreal, not him. Sorry 'bout that.

PS. What's up with blogger lately? No one has been able to post until now.......and now I've gotta go.
Daniel Pipes clearly exposes the duplicity or naivety of Bush's Middle-East policy

Bush is truly trying to have his cake and eat it too. America doesn't need to show restraint in Afghanistan and it is OK not to even try to negotiate with killers such as Osama and Omar. But when it comes to Israel, it must show restraint in the face of calamity and reward killers with negotiations, concessions and ultimately its own destruction. George, get real, your policy is hypocritical and wrong. If Israel follows it, the problems will eventually go away for sure...because Israel as a whole will be gone. Then Islamo-fascism will move onto the next big prize...France, England and ultimately the United States.