Friday, April 19, 2002

Look out folks...there's a new blogger in town!!
Andrew has just created a new blogsite called "Fish In A Barrel", which tries to uncover duplicity in the media. Sound familiar? Isn't it sad that there is now an entire community of bloggers who devote all their time to uncovering lies in the media? The saddest part? There is so much material that we could spend our lives doing this!
In any case, check out the site because he's go a great post about statistical misrepresentations in Israel.
Who is telling the truth about Jenin? Here's what one of the Palestinian bomber had to say to Al-Ahram, an Egyptian Newspaper. I think it is safe to assume that the paper is not pro-Israeli so this account is most likely accurate.

Here's an interview (pointed out by our colleague Damian Penny) of one of the bombers who, he admits, booby-trapped the entire camp of Jenin in order to ambush the Israeli Defense Forces. What he says is exactly what the Israelis said about not allowing the press into the camp until all booby-traps had been dismantled. Note also how the "courageous Palestinian freedom fighters" use children and woman to fool the Israelis into a false sense of security. Here's an excerpt but I highly recommend the whole article.

"We had more than 50 houses booby-trapped around the camp. We chose old and empty buildings and the houses of men who were wanted by Israel because we knew the soldiers would search for them," he said.

"We cut off lengths of mains water pipes and packed them with explosives and nails. Then we placed them about four meters apart throughout the houses -- in cupboards, under sinks, in sofas."

And what about the explosion and ambush last Tuesday which killed 13 soldiers?

"They were lured there," he says. "We all stopped shooting and the women went out to tell the soldiers that we had run out of bullets and were leaving." The women alerted the fighters as the soldiers reached the booby- trapped area.

Priceless...Here is how the British dealt with terrorism in Jenin in 1938

In this excerpt of what happened in Jenin in 1938, we get a glimpse of a gross double standard applied by Britain when judging the way Israel handled the situation in Jenin and the way the British troops did back then. You be the judge.

GUEST COLUMN: How the British fought terror in Jenin

(April 18) 'Demolishing the homes of Arab civilians... Shooting handcuffed prisoners... Forcing local Arabs to test areas where mines may have been planted..."

These sound like the sort of accusations made by British and other European officials concerning Israel's recent actions in Jenin. In fact, they are descriptions from official British documents concerning the methods used by the British authorities to combat Palestinian Arab terrorism in Jenin and elsewhere in 1938. The documents were declassified by London in 1989. They provide details of the British Mandatory government's response to the assassination of a British district commissioner by a Palestinian Arab terrorist in Jenin in the summer of 1938.

Even after the suspected assassin was captured (and then shot dead while allegedly trying to escape), the British authorities decided that "a large portion of the town should be blown up" as punishment. On August 25 of that year, a British convoy brought 4,200 kilos of explosives to Jenin for that purpose.

In the Jenin operation and on other occasions, local Arabs were forced to drive "mine-sweeping taxis" ahead of British vehicles in areas where Palestinian Arab terrorists were believed to have planted mines, in order "to reduce [British] landmine casualties." The British authorities frequently used these and similar methods to combat Palestinian Arab terrorism in the late 1930s. British forces responded to the presence of terrorists in the Arab village of Miar, north of Haifa, by blowing up house after house in October 1938.

"When the troops left, there was little else remaining of the once-busy village except a pile of mangled masonry," The New York Times reported.

The declassified documents refer to an incident in Jaffa in which a handcuffed prisoner was shot by the British police.

Under Emergency Regulation 19b, the British Mandate government could demolish any house located in a village where terrorists resided, even if that particular house had no direct connection to terrorist activity. Mandate official Hugh Foot later recalled: "When we thought that a village was harboring rebels, we'd go there and mark one of the large houses. Then, if an incident was traced to that village, we'd blow up the house we'd marked."

The High Commissioner for Palestine, Harold MacMichael, defended the practice: "The provision is drastic, but the situation has demanded drastic powers."

MacMichael was furious over what he called the "grossly exaggerated accusations" that England's critics were circulating concerning British anti-terror tactics in Palestine. Arab allegations that British soldiers gouged out the eyes of Arab prisoners were quoted prominently in the Nazi German press and elsewhere.

The declassified documents also record discussions among officials of the Colonial Office concerning the rightness or wrongness of the anti-terror methods used in Palestine.

Lord Dufferin remarked:
"British lives are being lost and I don't think that we, from the security of Whitehall, can protest squeamishly about measures taken by the men in the frontline."

Sir John Shuckburgh defended the tactics on the grounds that the British were confronted "not with a chivalrous opponent playing the game according to the rules, but with angsters and murderers."

There were many differences between British policy in the 1930s and Israeli policy today, but one stands out - the British, faced with a level of Palestinian Arab terrorism considerably less lethal than that which Israel faces today, utilized anti-terror methods considerably harsher than those used by Israeli forces.

The writer is visiting scholar in the Jewish Studies Program at SUNY-Purchase. His most recent book is Baksheesh Diplomacy: Secret Negotiations Between American Jewish Leaders and Arab Officials on the Eve of World War II (Lexington Books, 2001)

Thursday, April 18, 2002

What REALLY happened in Jenin

Please check this comprehensive analysis of what happened in Jenin and the way it was related to the world by the various press instruments. Then, make up your own mind about how atrocious the British Press really is. Any concept of British "fair play" definitely has evaporated for good. The Guardian should be the official UN newspaper.
To comment or not to comment...that is no longer the question!

OK. The site that we use to allow you, the readers, to post comments has been down for 2 days now. I am getting a little impatient. If things are not back to normal by tomorrow, I will change to another supplier. I just have to find the time to dig into the HTML code and make the changes. Darn, I knew I shouldn't have skipped those HTML classes! In the meantime, please use our e-mail address to send your comments. Our address is on the left side of the home page. Thanks to all for your many great suggestions!
If this story about Bin Laden is true...

Then Bush is not much better than Clinton when it comes to dealing with Bin Laden. As has been amply demonstrated, Clinton had many opportunities to corner Bin Laden and either through indecision, through being too busy with his "entourage" or deliberately did not capture or get him eliminated. Now, according to recent stories, it looks like the U.S. were so close that they actually injured Bin Laden, but because of the lack of commitment to grounds troops, Bin Laden managed to escape. If only Bin Laden was in Ramallah...someone would know what to do with him!
I wonder what Andrew Sullivan will say about this (for those of you who don't know who Andrew is...well he is a great blogger and is usually bang on the money in his analysis of events. His only fault is that he seems a little enamored with Bush and doesn't seem to realize that even Bush makes mistakes, actually many of them.
Leader of the military wing of Hamas arrested

One more victory for Israel. The head of the military wing of Hamas was arrested by the IDF (I can just imagine what this guy's resume looks like..."so far, I have participated in the assassination of 300 civilians, including 25 children, 3 pregnant women, etc...)". But I digress.
So it has been a good few days for Israel after all. Powell came and went, Bush didn't put too much pressure on Israel, Arafat's 2nd in command was arrested, and now this guy. Makes you wonder what would have happened had Israel had withdrawn when it was asked to do so by the oh-so-balanced U.N. (which stands for Un Necessary by the way). I am sure that had the Israelis withdrawn, then Arafat, true to his word, would have stopped the violence and would have delivered anyone who was responsible for violent acts against Israelis (including the fellows from Hamas and Fatah), as he promised in Oslo. Right!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Lots of facts and documents from the Israeli Government

This new site setup by the Israeli Government provides tons of documents and material related to the current military operation. It also makes available some of the stuff seized by the Israelis in Ramallah and elsewhere. Very informative. Of course, I would exercise the proper level of judgement in making the distinction between hard evidence and opinions. But I forget...if you are reading this already know this or you'd be reading the Guardian!
Time for a new strategy

I don't know about you but I am getting really tired of hearing that "there is no military solution to this conflict". Let's review the history about this conflict over the last 10 years (just to be brief). Madrid failed so we went to Oslo. It too failed in the medium term. Then we had Camp David and Taba and, not only did they fail, but they led to the worst violence in the Middle East in 29 years. I think the saying that "a sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result" applies here. Diplomacy has failed every time it was tried. So it is time for something a little different. There are no example in History of any conflict between civilization and extremism being solved through negotiation. It is obvious why not. Extremists, by definition, are extreme and therefore do not abide by any rule, except their own. The only way to defeat extremism is to destroy it, not appease it.

So it is time to do what the world did to the Nazis and Fascists during WWII, that is destroy Palestinian terrorism once and for all militarily. Following its destruction, Israel needs to be allowed to retain control of the areas until all signs of terrorists and terrorism have been eradicated, including from the education system. This worked in Germany and in Japan and has allowed these countries to eventually re-enter the civilized world. It will take nothing short of that to undo the crimes that Arafat and his backers have been perpetrating on the minds of the entire Palestinian people for 2 generations now.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Rosie DiManno (Toronto Star gets it.

In these 2 columns, Rosie DiManno writes about Israel's fight for survival and wonders why the Arab world has produced so few leaders with any sense of vision. These columns definitely depart from the usual anti-Israel stance of the Toronto Star. As a result, Rosie has been inundated with hate mail since the paper published these Op-Ed pieces. I wonder why.

More peace-loving Muslim rethoric

This latest piece from the Palestinian official TV station (April 12) can mean only one thing. The Palestinians are peace-loving, reasonable and ready to sit down with Israel to negotiate. Right !! Would anyone in their right mind sit down to negotiate with people like this? Or, like Israel is doing, would they build a permanent wall between themselves and this kind of enemy? You be the judge.

Palestinian Authority Preacher:
"Whoever has not merited Martyrdom in these times should rise in the night and ask:
'My Lord why have you denied me Martyrdom?'”

From Friday's sermon:
“We are positive that Allah will help us triumph. Our belief is resolute that one day we shall enter Jerusalem as conquerors, enter Jaffa as conquerors, Ramle and Lod… and Harbiye [Kibbutz Zikkim] and Beit Jarjar [Kibbutz Masu’ot Yitzhak] and all of Palestine, as conquerors!…

“Whoever has not merited Martyrdom in these times must rise in the night and call ‘My Lord, why have You denied me Martyrdom??’ If He asks them [Arab leaders], on Judgment Day: ‘the majority of Palestine was lost in ’48 and what did you do? And the last remainder was lost ion ’67, and now it is being vanquished anew.’ How shall we respond to our Lord?…

“Palestine shall be the burial grounds of the invaders just as it was for the Tartars, and the Crusaders and for modern colonialism… The Tradition relates to us that Allah’s cherished one [Muhammad] said: ‘The Jews will battle against you but you shall emerge masters over them. The Jews have begun the battle against us. And who makes the Muslim master of the Jew? Allah, may He be blessed, the Wise may He be extolled. Until such time as a Jew will hide behind a rock or tree, and the rock or tree will say: ‘Oh Muslim, Oh servant of Allah, here is a Jew behind me, Oh Muslim, come and kill!’ We put our credence in this Tradition as well as in the Tradition that proclaims the expansion of Islamic rule over the world.

“Allah, take in our Martyrs
“Oh Allah, show us the Jews’ black day!
“Oh Allah, show us the Jews’ black day!
“Oh Allah, show us the Jews’ black day!
“Allah, turn upon the Jews and those who aid them!
“Allah, turn upon the Jews and those who aid them!
“Allah, turn upon the Jews and those who aid them!…

[PATV April 12, 2002]
Europe's shame

Orania Fallaci, an Italian author and journalist writes in this article in French how ashamed many Europeans are at the way their leaders are behaving towards Israel and towards Jews these days. Here is a partial translation in English. Enjoy!.

By the way, check out this new site about the reality of the situation in Israel. It is great.

Monday, April 15, 2002

Palestinian Propaganda machine is high gear

There is a famous saying which goes like this: There is never more lies than before an election, during a war and after a fishing trip. The kind of lies reported in this Israeli government site deals with the lies of the second type (during a war) and shows how masterful Palestinians have become at twisting reality to fit their nefarious plans. I wonder when this stuff will make it on to CNN. my dreams.
A conference without Sharon is a non-starter

US diplomats, in their infinite wisdom, are considering having a Middle East conference at the ministerial level in order to avoid having to deal with the issue of Arafat's attendance at such an event. You see, showing remarkable consistency, Sharon has indicated that he favors having a conference with no terrorist at the table. This means that Arafat, the terrorist "par excellence" would not be welcome. How do you solve this impasse? Simple, according to the State Department, you don't invite Sharon either, thus giving once again credence to the moral equivalency between a mass murderer and a democratically elected Head of State. This seems to be the standard MO these days. As we have seen so clearly demonstrated, finding moral equivalency (i.e. fence sitting) is so much simpler and so less risky. Sharon is not a terrorist, so Arafat is not a terrorist. Homicide bombers kill civilians? So do Israeli troops fighting terrorists hiding in homes, schools and churches. Islamo-fascism is a threat to the world? Not more than the two idiots from the Action Defense League in LA who were planning on blowing up a mosque (even though Islamo-fascists probably outnumber Jewish "terrorists" about 100,000 to 1). And so on. If you want more examples of this, simply follow what the Canadian Federal Government and Canadian federal politicians of all stripes are doing or saying. We, in Canada, have invented and perfected this art. How dare these Yankees borrow from our song book?

Empty hands...Powell's strategy?

In today's National Post (not available in electronic format until tomorrow), Mark Steyn makes two really important points. First, he argues that Powell is accomplishing the real mission that he was given, i.e. dragging the diplomatic process out as much as possible to give Israel the time to finish the cleanup job they started (which would explain Powell's touristic itinerary through Spain, Morocco, etc...before arriving where things really mattered). Second, he uses a brilliant sentence dealing with link between Powell's mission and the preparation regarding Iraq:

"After all, this engagement [Powell's] was necessary mainly because of a scheduling conflict over scheduling conflicts: Washington had booked the Middle-East for a war with Iraq only to discover the joint being used for some other guys' war. The US would like a semblance of peace in the Middle -East in order to launch a massive conflagration there".

I love it. It is brilliant. Stay tuned for the live URL tomorrow.
Evil over Conscience

In this brilliant piece, Norman Doidge analyses the mystery of why democracies seem to be paralyzed when faced with evil dictators such as Saddam Hussein, Hitler and Arafat. The man is a psychiatrist and he makes a very convincing argument which explains the Chamberlains of this world, the failure of George Bush Sr. to finish Saddam when he could and the challenge facing GWB Jr. with the current situation with Arafat. Fascinating! (PS. be patient, the link takes about 10 seconds to open...well worth the wait!)
Next time you see a pro-Palestinian protest, show 'em this...

"And thereafter We said to the Children of Israel: 'Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd."

Can't remember coming across this particular verse of scripture in either the Old or New Testaments? That's because it's from the Koran (17:104, The Night Journey). It appears as if there is a Q'uranic basis for the creation of a Jewish state in Israel.

I'll bet they didn't want you to know that! PLUS...a Muslim is the one who pointed it out to the writers of JPost. Read the rest of the article...very interesting stuff.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

Hey, we told you so. Now the German government believes that the explosion of a Synagogue in Tunisia was NOT an accident.

Where is CNN? Where is Christina Annanpour? Where is Geraldo? Where are the peace-loving Muslims who are going to denounce this act? And why has this been buried by the media so quickly and so completely? Watch the next time a simply graffiti is found on a mosque. Jewish "extremists" will be blamed for bringing the Israel-Palestinian conflict abroad. Just watch. This will be fun.

Some questions that Powell probably forgot to ask Arafat

Here are a few questions that Colin Powell forgot to ask the murderer Arafat:
- when will the PA change its charter to remove the clause calling for the destruction of the State of Israel (surprise, surprise, Clinton lied about this...another shocker right there...Clinton lied!)?
- which part of the Oslo accord did Arafat honor? Combating violence? We think not. Apprehending terrorists planning or perpetrating violent acts against Israelis? And sorry but releasing them the same day doesn't count Yasser.
- why did all Palestinian children have the day off the day Sharon visited the Temple Mount? Was it to make sure that enough of the would be there to start the "spontaneous" terrorism?
- which Jewish Holy site under PA control was not desecrated or destroyed altogether?
- why has the PA never published audited financial statements accounting for the more than $5B it receives annually from the EU alone (that amounts to almost $2000 per man, woman and child and yet they still live in abject poverty)?
I think these would make great conversation pieces. Colin, are you listening?
Believe it or not, the Nobel Prize winner for Terrorism incites violence among Arab Israelis

I know this will come as a shock to all but there is evidence that Arafat actually has tried to incite violence among Israeli Arabs. I know, I know, I know, this is incomprehensible given his record for human rights, peace-loving, honesty and sheer human decency, but we must face the truth. Arafat is not perfect. His unblemished record, putting him on par with the likes of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. has to be revisited. Arafat is a warmonger. Yep. You read it here first folks. The man is a monster. I am shattered, crushed.
So Arafat does control the violence after all

Isn't it amazing that the world is still drooling over Yasser Arafat even though he has de facto admitted that he controls the violence? Clearly, Arafat has said that Palestinians will agree to a ceasefire once Israel withdraws from the territories. So, either he does control the violence and he means it (in which case the whole fallacy about him being against violence is finally exposed as a sham), or he doesn't and Powell is being lied to (what a big surprise!). Let's look at what that means from a perspective of Arafat's relevance. If he does control violence, then his record as being THE premier terrorist of all times makes him the wrong person to negotiated with. If he doesn't control the violence and therefore is lying, he is not someone the Israelis should be negotiating with. Either way, he has to go and Sharon's position to have an International Conference without Arafat is the the right position. There is no other logical position to take. Which means that Powell and Bush, who have shown complete confusion and incoherence in dealing with Arafat won't get it and will insist on having Arafat (remember "he is not a terrorist" by GWB) at the conference. Hopefully, Sharon will stand firm on this one or this will be Madrid and Oslo all over again.
This is what I deal with...
Several of the political science professors at McGill University have been very biased, unprofessional and downright frustrating when they talk about September 11 and the MidEast crisis. One of them in particular stands out as having been particularily biased and apt to be pro-Palestinian. Today, the Montreal Gazette printed an article in which they asked some of McGill and Concordia's professors how they would go about solving the MidEast crisis if they were Colin Powell. Throughout my angry letter writing campaign with her, my professor has always maintained that she is neutral and that her views are not slanted...sure Catherine...sure. Here's her clip.

Catherine Lu

Political science, McGill University:

"The U.S. ought to be using its substantial financial clout with Israel to force Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories, and to compel a return to the negotiating table.

"The point the U.S. ought to make is that (Israeli prime minister Ariel) Sharon's policies have not delivered peace but more instability; after all the killing and fighting, the survivors will still have to do the hard of work of negotiating the terms of peaceful coexistence.

"Sharon hasn't listened so far, but that's probably because there has been no credible U.S. threat of withholding funds made.

"Part of the problem is obviously the trajectory of U.S. foreign policy after Sept. 11. By pursuing the friend/foe, good/evil dichotomy of the world, it is hard for (U.S. President George) Bush to call for Israeli restraint when that would be understood as giving in to terrorism."