Saturday, May 04, 2002

As our confrere at Grasshoppa says it so well, it is clear why Mark Steyn gets paid to write and I don't. Damn I wish I knew how to write like Mark Steyn! This column about Europe (a continent no longer in decline as it has already completely declined) is a great piece.

The last paragraph says it all:

About a year ago, I wrote a column about the Euro-elite for the Wall Street Journal hailing the age of the ‘ugly European’. Back then, the ugliness was strictly rhetorical — the smugness of the Pattens and the Perssons. But in the course of 12 months the ugliness has gotten a lot uglier. Muslims killed thousands of Americans, but America doesn’t have anti-Muslim political parties — just a goofy President who hosts a month of Ramadan knees-ups at the White House and enjoins schoolkids to get an Islamic penpal. America has millions of Muslims, but they don’t firebomb synagogues and beat up Jews, and, if they did, the police wouldn’t turn a blind eye. Meanwhile, France has a presidential candidate who makes oven jokes, a foreign minister who believes in the international Jewish conspiracy, and a number-one bestseller which claims the plane that crashed into the Pentagon never existed. But look on the bright side: Europe may be ‘mean-spirited and violent’, but at least it’s not American.
Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi is the first notable Muslim to actually come out squarely on the side of morality, against Arab tyrannies, against the murderer Arafat and for the respect of Jews and Judaism. Someone pinch me!

I'd say that this guy has about as much chance of being able to get a life insurance policy as...oh, let's see...Sulman Rushtie! This guy is VERY courageous and he presents the only glimmer of hope we've seen in a long time coming out of the homogeneously hostile, anti-semitic and racist Arab world. This is awesome!
Anyone still thinks the French are not anti-semites? Check this cartoon from Le Monde, the paper which touts itself as THE objective paper in France.

Le Monde here equates what happened in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 with what just happened in Jenin. In one case, the Germans, who had invaded a foreign country (Poland) went after a Jewish area containing over 1 million unarmed Jews with the goal of annihilating all of them. In the case of Jenin, the Israelis decided that hand-to-hand combat would spare the lives of thousands of civilians (even though these same civilians regularly danced in the street whenever Israelis were slaughtered). The Israelis destroyed a nest of terrorists the size of a shopping centre and killed a grand total of 56 people, most of them known terrorists, and found tons of weapons, bomb factories and information pointing to more attacks on the way. I guess I had completely missed the similarities.
Try this SNL Mpeg on is hilarious! It takes a while to load but it is well worth the wait.

Enjoy! And send it to all your French acquaintances. The French get very offended when the rest of the world judges them. But sometimes a little attitude adjustment is warranted. I should know...I am French...not exactly proud of it right now, mind you!
Here's a list of the "militants" who have taken "refuge" in the Church of the Nativity. Judging by their CV's, it's no wonder they are looking for protection. They are pretty much the dredge of humanity. This is also the list of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Friday, May 03, 2002

We only want what is ours...
It's funny to see all the Palestinians claiming that they are open to the idea of a Jewish state of Israel alongside a Palestinian state. But after seeing this map of so called "Palestine", I can't help but wonder where the hell the Jewish state would go. These people say one thing and then show another. I've said it once and unfortunately I think we'll be saying it for the rest of time....they're all liars.
Maybe that's not such a bad idea...

Andrew Berman from Fish In A Barrel has written a great proposal as to what the next international organization should look like...

Perhaps there should be a parallel institution composed entirely of Democracies. For now, let's use the term "United Democratic Nations," or UDN. Democracies would use the UDN as much as possible, and fall back to the United Nations when necessary, thus minimizing the propoganda value of the UN to the tyrants of the earth.

Check out the rest of his plan here.

Thursday, May 02, 2002

A great editorial in the National Post about the UNHRC...the infamous UN Human Rights Commission. Can the UN get any worse? Well OK, I guess Jean-Marie Le Pen could be General Secretary!

My favourite quote:

While some of the world's worst human rights abusers avoid the commission's scrutiny, First World nations with sterling humanitarian records are dragged over the coals because their social programs do not meet with the approval of Critical Race theorists.
Jenin 'massacre' reduced to death toll of 56

Washington Post: JENIN, West Bank — Palestinian officials yesterday put the death toll at 56 in the two-week Israeli assault on Jenin, dropping claims of a massacre of 500 that had sparked demands for a U.N. investigation. Liars!

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Today was an OK day for us...2 awards in one day! OK, let's boast!

First, Elana received an award as the "Capitalist Chick" of the month.
Then, our site was voted "Conservative Site of the Day" by Enterstageright e-Journal.

Cool...well we think so anyways!
Why it is going to take a whole generation for peace to have a chance.

Arafat has turned an entire generation of Palestinian youths into savages who know nothing about peace, freedom, liberty or respect for human life. Just like G-d made the Jews wander the desert for 40 years after they left Egypt (so that all of those who had lived as slaves died and only a new generation of Jews entered the Promised Land), Palestinians are going nowhere for a whole generation. Many have completely abdicated every ounce of civility and human decency.

In this Op-Ed, Joseph Farah provides an account of his encounter with Palestinians who were demonstrating in Washington. Simply appalling.
That's it. I am cancelling our trip to Europe. We're heading to Israel this summer.

In this Op-Ed, Charles Krauthammer really nails down what is happening in Europe as we witness the worse anti-semitism in the continent's history in the last 50-60 years. A great piece. Scary but great.

Apr. 29, 2002
Please excuse the Jews for living
Charles Krauthammer

France can hardly contain its contempt for that muscle-bound naive, the American hyperpower, stomping around the world in search of "evildoers.'' The French roll their eyes at such primitive moralism, so devoid of Gallic nuance. How inconvenient, then, that the same French have just put on the presidential ballot Jean-Marie Le Pen, the modern incarnation of European fascism. Le Pen defeated the Socialist prime minister for second place, making him a runoff candidate for president of the Fifth Republic. No matter. This will not restrain French intellectuals and foreign ministers from lecturing Americans on their simplism - their preference for morality over realpolitik, their reliance on military power, their fantasies about an "axis of evil," and, perhaps most unbearable, their principled support for Israel. Israel - that "shitty little country," as the French ambassador to Britain recently said at a London dinner party. "Why should we be in danger of World War III because of those people?'' This contemptuous sneer at "those people'' occasioned a minor scandal. No, the scandal was not the ambassador's statement, but the hostess's indiscretion in revealing it -and then adding how utterly commonplace the ambassador's sentiment had become in London's better circles. And not just among the cocktail set. The European "street" has lately been expressing itself on the subject of Jews as well. In France, synagogues have been burned to the ground and Jewish youths savagely attacked. In Belgium, two synagogues were firebombed, a third sprayed with bullets. A Berlin police official advised Jews, for reasons of safety, not to wear outward symbols of their religion.
IN EUROPE, it is not very safe to be a Jew. How could this be? The explanation is not that difficult to find. What we are seeing is pent-up anti-Semitism, the release - with Israel as the trigger - of a millennium-old urge that powerfully infected and shaped European history. What is odd is not the anti-Semitism of today, but its relative absence during the last half-century. That was the historical anomaly. Holocaust shame kept the demon corked for that half-century. But now the atonement is passed. The genie is out again. This time, however, it is more sophisticated. It is not a blanket hatred of Jews. Jews can be tolerated, even accepted, but they must know their place. Jews are fine so long as they are powerless, passive and picturesque. What is intolerable is Jewish assertiveness, the Jewish refusal to accept victimhood. And nothing so embodies that as the Jewish state. What so offends Europeans is the armed Jew, the Jew who refuses to sustain seven suicide bombings in the seven days of Passover and strikes back. That Jew has been demonized in the European press as never before since, well. since the '30s. The liberal Italian daily La Stampa ran a cartoon of the baby Jesus, besieged by Israeli tanks, saying, "Don't tell me they want to kill me again.'' Again. And this time the Christ-killers come in tanks. Just when Europe had reconciled itself to tolerance for the passive Jew - the Holocaust survivor who could be pitied, lionized, perhaps awarded the occasional literary prize -along comes the Jewish state, crude and vital and above all unwilling to apologize for its own existence. The French were the vanguard of this modern anti-Semitism that can tolerate the Jew as victim but not as historical actor. It was 35 years ago at the outbreak of the Six Day War that Charles de Gaulle cut off French support for Israel, denouncing its audacity in fighting for its life over his objections. But he did not stop there. He later went on to famously denounce the Jews as "an elite people, sure of itself and domineering.'' The rejection of docility - "sure of itself'' - was Israel's real crime 35 years ago. It remains Israel's crime today. Israel's recent three-week Operation Defensive Shield, the boldest and most justified Israeli military offensive since the Six Day War, provokes precisely the same reaction, though not always expressed with de Gaulle's candor. Three people have been chosen by the UN to judge Israel's actions in Jenin. Two are sons of Europe, and one of those is Cornelio Sommaruga. As former head of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Sommaruga spent 12 years ensuring that the only nation on earth to be refused admission to the International Red Cross is Israel. The problem, he said, was its symbol: "If we're going to have the Shield of David, why would we not have to accept the swastika?'' This man will sit in judgment of the Jews.
Marx was wrong when he said that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. The second time is tragedy too.
The Washington Post Writers Group.
How slick Mr. Annan, how slick!

So, Kofi Annan is most likely going to announce that the mission to Jenin will be cancelled because of Israel's refusal to cooperate. Imagine the headlines..."Israel's giant cover-up" or the Guardian "Israel, what are you hiding?" or "The truth about the Massacre in Jenin will never be known". You get the idea.

In fact, Israel was presented with two options. One, to accept a commission which was so biased against Israel that its findings were a foregone conclusion (one of the key members, the former head of the International Red Cross once compared having ambulances with the Star of David akin to having ambulances with Swastikas) or reject the commission and rely on the international media (sounds really scary, doesn't it?) to uncover the fact that there is nothing to uncover. Obviously more of a gamble than the first option, but a gamble which may potentially pay off. So Israel, very wisely, has decided to take a chance and wait for other observers to come in and effectively do the work that the UN should be doing if it had any credibility whatsoever. I hope the gamble will pay off.

Along the same vein, isn't it interesting that the PA representative in NY, Mr. Abdel Rahman (who originally claimed that there were thousands of casualties, then hundreds), when asked about the fact that thus far, no one has been able to find any evidence whatsoever of a massacre in Jenin, stated that really "It is not the numbers that count; it is the methods used by Israel in dealing with a civilian population."? Abdel buddy, you are grasping at straws now, let it go!
This piece is very funny but oh so true, unfortunately (Thank you Daniel)

D. Waxman, a regular reader and contributor to the site has written this very incisive piece about the UN (United Nothings, Useless Nitwits?) which really puts into perspective how criminally incompetent the UN and Kofi Annan have been. Enjoy.

"New United Nations Resolution" by Daniel P. Waxman

By a wide margin, the United Nations passed U.N. Resolution 242-JBAG yesterday, declaring "Jews bad, Arabs good." The following are excerpts from U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan's speech announcing the resolution:

"Finally there will be moral clarity to our Middle East policy," beamed an exultant Annan. "When people used to insist that our policies betrayed a double standard, we used to have to hem and haw. Now we can rely on this clear, concise pronouncement to justify our actions."

"We will attempt to implement this resolution immediately. Its applications are almost endless. For example, through the passing of Resolution 242-JBAG, [U.N. Middle East envoy] Terje Roed-Larsen and I can continue to proclaim that a massacre occurred in Jenin without being taken to task for not having any supporting facts. It is truly liberating."

"Or if we are asked why we must send a fact-finding mission to Jenin, but need not send one into Palestinian-controlled territory after suicide attacks or just generally to monitor whether Palestinians are amassing mines, mortars and missiles in violations of the Oslo accords, we may simply state 'Jews bad, Arabs good.' I can call on Israel to 'withdraw immediately' after it responds to daily attacks by suicide bombers (Jews bad), but demand no repercussions for Chairman Arafat when he is caught red-handed signing invoices to pay for such bombs. (Arabs good)"

"This brief, catchy phrase has so many more uses. No longer will we need to prevaricate when asked why UNRWA helps to keep Palestinian refugees in limbo in over 50 refugee camps more than a half century after the invasion of Israel created the refugee problem, and where no similar incentives were given to Indian and Pakistani refugees not to settle after the partition of India."

"We can stand tall when people question how is it possible that bomb factories could exist in these U.N.-managed camps. And, I think, thankfully there will be no more questions concerning how Syria, a state that sponsors more terror than any other, can sit on the U.N. Security Council, or why I decided to meet with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah."

"I can run to the top of the mountain and scream 'Israel's illegal occupation' and not worry that some legal scholars will trip me up on semantics. I mean, as if "illegal" is such a loaded word. No more apologies with the 'Jews bad, Arabs good' resolution."

"I think you will agree that the advantages over the 'Zionism is racism' resolution are obvious. That narrow resolution focused only on Zionists, and not on Jews, in general. Also it dealt with only one side of the equation. Conspicuously absent from that resolution was any mention that Arabs are good."

"With its myriad uses, you might think that the passing of the resolution was a simple matter. That is very far from the truth. The first draft failed to mention the Jews at all, and provided only that 'Oil is good.' The final adopted version has a much broader application."

"There were some who were against the resolution altogether. They instead argued for a name change of our organization to 'United Nations Against Israel,' but I felt that that ignored a lot of the other good work we do."

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Put these 2 pieces side by side. Hilarious. Just Hilarious.

On the one hand, the International Medical Association is going to meet Wednesday in Geneva to discuss expelling Israel from the Association (I guess Israel's medical standards do not meet with their approval!!!) and on the other hand, we have the Chairman of the Arab Psychiatrists Association who claims that "Bush Is Stupid; Perpetrating a Suicide/Martyrdom Attack is Life's Most Beautiful Moment; We'll Throw Israel Into the Sea". How beautiful. Maybe I should have been paying more attention to these e-mails from these companies which grant University Diplomas without having to leave your desk! Surely, this is the only way this clown could have gotten a diploma as a Psychiatrist. Jerk.
Palestinians and Arabs as underdogs? Funniest thing I heard in a long time!

Let's put some perspective around the Palestinians and Arabs being the "underdog". This site wonderfully illustrates this hilarious claim that Israel is using its "might" against poor, unarmed, weak countries and populations. Very informative. It also shows how good Arab and Left-leaning propaganda is at shaping public opinion, and how inept Israel is at educating the world on the realities of the Middle-East.

This appalling interview of Desmond Tutu by the BBC (why am I not surprised?) makes it official. Only those who are viciously anti-Israel need to apply for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Desmond, you have just lost all credibility and relevance with this interview. Insinuating that Israel is akin to Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany and Idi Amin's Uganda shows how morally bankrupt you have become and takes away any semblance of objectivity or moral authority. Idiot.
If anyone wonders why Israel is so strongly opposed to the current composition of the commission being dispatched by the UN, read this great analysis of the UN's record towards Israel over the last 50 years.

I think this article explains very clearly why the UN recently was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, joining illustrious and worthy recipients such as, oh let's see...well Yasser Arafat of course! Here's a revealing excerpt of this excellent article.

And then there is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, an operation originally established in December 1949 to assist those Palestinian refugees created by the Arab world's botched attempt at a second Final Solution. UNRWA, as it happens, is centrally relevant to its parent organization's latest outburst of naked Israelophobia. Because UNRWA wholly funds and largely administers the West Bank refugee camp in Jenin where the Israeli army is purported--by various Palestinian militants and local U.N. officials--to have just perpetrated a "massacre" of "unarmed civilians." It is to the site of this alleged "atrocity" that Kofi Annan now intends to dispatch a commission of inquiry chaired by Yasser Arafat's favorite European diplomat, former president Martti Ahtisaari of Finland, and seconded by Cornelio Sommaruga, retired chief of the International Red Cross, a man who once likened the Star of David to a swastika.
Well, we are back...and the Jenin snow job is still going strong

Although evidence is mounting that there never was any kind of massacre in Jenin, the UN (Unnecessary Nuisance) is still going about finding ways to stack the commission which will investigate what "really" happened with anti-Israel participants. Meanwhile, while there are many reported testimonies that Israeli soldiers gave civilians all possible opportunities to leave the areas being cleaned out of terrorists, and plenty of Palestinians who say that there was no massacre, there is still no evidence or testimony contradicting this and supporting the fantasy that a massacre did take place. Is that a problem? No, of course not. There is a very simple solution to this little inconvenience. Just bring bodies from elsewhere and bury them in mass graves. Chances are, the idiots from the UN will fall for it and blame Israel. Come on now, did anyone really expect that the Palestinians would play fair? They never did and never will.