Saturday, May 11, 2002

A Israeli-Palestinian Confederation? Brilliant, simply brilliant. Why didn't we think of it. I read this article in the National Post and thought about how incredibly naive and utopian the author must be. Then I realized he once ran for the New Democratic Party (NDP) in Canada. Figures!

So, Mr. Berlin argues that there should be Israel (doesn't really deal with the minor issue of what borders), a Palestinian state (in the Gaza strip) and a confederation in the West Bank. And why exactly does this Einstein think that this would work when Palestinians were offered full sovereignty over the entire Gaza strip and 95% of the West Bank including East Jerusalem and turned it down? I also like the way the article ends (second last paragraph):

But even if we could somehow persuade both sides and the world at large to accept what I believe is the only remaining option, this new confederation would still be teetering on the edge of an abyss for some time to come.

That would be THE understatement of the century! Dream on buddy, go back to NDP-la-la land...I understand that Svend (Robinson) is there too.

Friday, May 10, 2002

Well thank God they cleared that up! I'm just so comforted...

You know how we all feel sad when we read about the murder of Israeli civilians by genocide bombers? Well, weep no more because in an article published by The New Republic (in a quote taken from the Associated Press), Sheik Salleh Abdul Aziz Mohammed al-Sheik (gesundheit) declared , "The suicide bombers are permitted. The victims are considered to have died a martyr's death."

I can't believe we've been wrongfully condemning Palestinian terror for all this time because of a simple misunderstanding! How did we miss this detail.....suicide bombers are permitted because their victims achieve the same "glorious" fate as their murderers.Yes ladies and gentlemen, all Israeli men, women and children of Israel who died "tragic" deaths are now in heaven with their 14 virgins. I feel so much better now. Thanks for clearing that up Aziz. You're a pal.
The Saudis rear their ugly heads....and are encouraged to enslave and rape Jewish women. Nice eh?

The National Review had an article on their website in which they transcribed a video-telethon attempting to raise money for the Palestinian cause (read: terrorism and genocide) Wanna read a bit of what these peace loving monsters had to say? Go ahead.

"...Muslim Brothers in Palestine, do not have any mercy neither compassion on the Jews, their blood, their money, their flesh. Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours. Why don't you enslave their women? Why don't you wage jihad? Why don't you pillage them?"
Heroes' welcome in Gaza for the terrorists from the Church of the Nativity. This is why the fact that Arafat has arrested 15 Hamas members recently means only one thing...these guys are now in some hotel sipping champagne.

Well, the PA, once again is holding its side of the bargain...the 26 Palestinians who were holding hostages in the Church of the Nativity and who were deported to Gaza to be tried were in fact deported to Gaza. Slight change of plan though. They were given heroes' welcome and a lavish reception. Let's see how the Europeans top that once the real bad guys show up there! This Arafat guy is such a trustworthy peace partner! George, Colin...Woohoo...are you paying attention?

A fair trade for the 13 Palestinian terrorists

I would like to make a suggestion regarding the 13 Palestinian terrorists. I think that we should offer Canada as their final destination in exchange for 13 Federal Cabinet Ministers, including the Prime Minister (and I would throw in Svend Robinson, the NDP member who said "In the name of the Government of Canada, let me in" as he was trying to get into the Church of the Nativity a few weeks ago). So my list, as a start would include Jean Chretien, Svend Robinson, definitely Sheila Copps, Allan Rock and Elinor Caplan. Still 8 spots to fill. I would welcome any suggestions! Imagine getting rid of all these politicians in one fell swoop! Imagine all of them back in Bethlehem fence-sitting and bringing a "balanced" approach to all things Canadian. They would last all of about 2 nanoseconds in this cesspool!
Wonder what this all means...

Washington Post: Palestinians reconsider suicide tactics
...What had seemed glorious began to look tragic, even wrong.
NO! You think?? What a revelation!

The Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas, which has organized dozens of bombings and other suicide attacks, and which claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s bombing south of Tel Aviv, condemned the three boys’ gesture the day after it happened. In a communique, it forbade any further attacks by young adolescents acting on their own. In cooperation with the Palestinian Authority police and Preventive Security service, Hamas officials urged youths to turn in any of their friends planning to become martyrs.

Hamas has not shown such compassion for the victims of its suicide bombings, however, among them Israeli children struck down at pizza parlors and bus stops.

You could sure as hell say that again.

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Jed Babbin really nails the obvious moral bankrupcy of the US policy in the Middle East. I just hope that Condo Rice is waiting in the wing until Colin Powell screws up so badly that he is dropped from the Administration.

Rafael, one of our faithful reader and contributor pointed out this important article. Thank you Rafael.

A telling paragraph...

Mr. Arafat is, was, and always will be a terrorist. He refuses to renounce terror bombings of civilians, and won't even say that Israel has a right to exist. (Yes, I know he made a weasel-worded statement that sounded something like that at Camp David. But he rejected the Camp David deal, and never clearly said anything about Israel's right to existence as a nation.) We are trying to force our ally, a democracy that was established by international law and U.N. mandate, to accept a terrorist as a partner in peace without even demanding the terrorist abandon his most execrable strategy. This is simply irrational and contrary to our moral position as the leader in the war against terrorism.
I'm so naive

I got all excited when I read this headline on JPost: Palestinians in Syria protest against Arafat's leadership
"Finally!", I thought, "a group of sane Palestinians!".......and then I read the article. Turns out they hate Arafat because he's not vicious enough. Typical.
Just in case you thought we were exaggerating...
Here is what newspapers being sold in England are saying.

"THEY are accursed in heaven and on earth a catastrophe for the human race They are the virus of the generation they are the plague of the generation and the bacterium of all time Their history was and always will be stained with treachery, falseness and lying they are a model of debasement and degradation."

'They", of course, are the Jews, perhaps the only people whom we almost routinely recognize through the excoriating language of their enemies.

Need more convincing? Read the rest of the article
Here's the perfect exile place for the 13?, 30?, 50? terrorists currently holding hostages in the Church of Nativity. Check it out.

Yes President Bush, you're so right. Israel's war with the Palestinians is not the same as your war against terrorism. You're so right. They're absolutely two separate things.

Yahoo: Bomb Hits US Restaurants in Lebanon

TRIPOLI, Lebanon (AP) - A bomb exploded outside two American-based fast-food restaurants early Thursday, leaving extensive damage but injuring no one, police said.

Authorities said 3.3 pounds of TNT were used in the blast at 4 a.m. outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken and Hardees restaurants on the south side of this Lebanese port city.

Police said they were investigating links between the bombing and a campaign to boycott U.S. products in retaliation for Washington's perceived support of Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians.

For Heaven's Sake!
That boundless Canadian hospitality: A country which already plays host to so many terrorist groups and their fundraisers decides, 'What the hell, what's thirteen more homicidal maniacs?'

Terror suspects can come here: PM
'Anything we could do, we will do,' Chrétien says of the siege of Church of the Nativity

MADRID - Jean Chrétien yesterday tentatively offered sanctuary in Canada to 13 Palestinian militants who have been under siege in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity since April 2.

(via KesherTalk)

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

How come no one talks about Jenin anymore? Is it because the entire Jenin "massacre" was a lie perpetrated by the Palestinians and for which the media fell hook, line and sinker?

In this excellent column by Rosie DiManno, she clearly points out how the world always holds Israel to an unattainable standard while constantly making excuses for murderers and terrorists. A must read.

Sure sure...
Jordan refuses to accept 13 Palestinian gunmen from Bethlehem
AMMAN, Jordan - Jordan has turned down a request to take in 13 Palestinians who have agreed to go into exile once they leave the besieged Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the official Petra news agency reported today.

The request was received and rejected, an unnamed official was quoted as saying.

"Jordan's position is firm and clear ... Jordan rejects the principle of the deportation and the displacement of the Palestinian citizens to Jordan, even temporarily," the official said, according to Petra, adding that such a step would create a precedent.

Yeah right! I'm sure their refusal has nothing to do with the fact that the 13 Palestinians are bloody terrorists. As always, they're just looking out for other Arab's best interests. HA....liars!

Further to our previous blog, here are 4 other oils companies who do not appear to use any Saudi or Middle Eastern oil imports:
Texaco, Conoco, Ultramar, NoCo. This is over and above Sunoco, which we mentioned earlier.
Guess where I buy my gas?
Here's the complete list of imports. Do the math and you realize how many billions of dollars are actually going to all these murderous states. I think it is time we let the oil companies know that when oils starts to smell like blood, we expect them to start looking for other supplies (Canada, Russia, North Sea, Venezuela even Norway). Any thoughts on how we start publicly shaming these companies?
Quelle surprise! Turns out, some of the billions of Euros sent by the EU to the PA were used to fund terrorism. I am truly shocked! I find it inconceivable that the money sent to Arafat with no strings, no checks or balances, no accountability, no transparency and no reporting fell into the wrong hands. Who knew?

The EU is now "investigating" and will publish a "public reaction" very soon, once it has obtained "clarifications" from the Israelis and Palestinians. I am sure Arafat is really shaking in his little blood-soaked booties now! Jerks.
Homicide-bombing and blowing up busloads of innocents is now trendy. Pakistan is the latest victim of this abomination. 12 French nationals were killed in the latest round. We expect both Pakistan and France to show the utmost restraint.

"Muslim extremists" (read Islamo-fascists, murderers) are suspected to be responsible for the latest massacre of innocent civilians which took place in Pakistan. A bus exploded killing 14 people, 12 of which were French nationals. Although I doubt that the murderers targeted French nationals specifically, this really shows that no matter what concessions are made to Islamo-fascists, they cannot be appeased. They need to be killed. Anyone promoting, encouraging, funding or justifying such acts needs to be destroyed. That is the only way civilization will survive. This is not a criminal matter, this is not a legal matter. This is a self-defence matter and the eradication of this disease must take the form of prevention (through education), vaccination (by eliminating regimes which promote this) and eradication (by destroying the people, cells and organizations which engage in this type of activities). There is no other way.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

I've been a fan of Edwin A. Locke's writing for a while now. He's intelligent and fun to read. The only bone i have to pick with him is that he's not always as clear in his views as I'd like him to be. Let me show you what I mean. Here's a few clips from his most recent article called "The Palestinian Choice":

...Arafat is a ruthless dictator who has had hundreds of his own people tortured or killed. He is and always has been a terrorist; he has never sought peaceful co-existence with Israel but only its destruction. New evidence indicates that he provided money for the suicide bombers' missions and no doubt will continue to do so.

...The Palestinians are the initiators of the violence—an indiscriminate violence in which they do not care whom they kill, whether soldier or child. Israel, in contrast, is acting in self-defense, in retaliation for such terrorism. And its response is aimed at those responsible for the violence and at the facilities from which they operate. (Any innocent noncombatants killed in the process are not the targets of the retaliation, and their blood is on the terrorists' hands.)

...The Palestinians are not seeking to gain their freedom—they are unequivocal enemies of freedom. They, along with the rest of the Arab world, reject the whole concept of rights. Every Arab country is a monarchy, theocracy or some kind of dictatorship. Freedom of speech, property rights, free elections, and the separation of church and state are almost nonexistent. Speaking out against the rulers or against the Muslim religion leads to imprisonment or death. All attempts to start competing political parties are ruthlessly crushed.

Gosh...maybe it's just me but I really can't tell.
Don't forget your sleeping bag, bug spray....and your grenade!
Well, these pictures don't look much like my photos from Camp B'nai Brith, but I'm sure these Palestinian kids have fun at their sleep-over camp too.
Darn! More proof of Israeli brutality against "innocent" Palestinians. With all this evidence (in pictures) of the mistreatment, it is truly becoming difficult to support the "oppressive" regime that is the IDF. In fact if you look at the last photo, you'll see a clear indication that Israelis are trying to kill Palestinian youth.....they're giving them high fat foods like steak and cookies and showering them with luxuries like cigarettes. The bastards! And what's even worse is that in these photos, you can clearly see the Israeli "oppressors" giving the Palestinians medical supplies. Gosh! You'd think the Israelis were civilized or something. Check it out. Definitely worth a peek!
Colin, do us a favor, take a hike! Can you spell incompetence?

"...a U.S. diplomat acknowledged the Italians had largely been kept in the dark about the deal and officials in Rome said they hadn't received an official request. "

No, I am not kidding. After all the hoopla about US diplomats (imbeciles?) negotiating a deal to resolve the hostage taking situation at the Church of the Nativity, it turns out that that Powell and his acolytes forgot a teeny winsy little detail. They forgot to tell the Italians that they were sending them 13 hardened terrorists, who would then be free to roam Italy and Europe (no borders between countries, you see) and reap havoc. And the Italians got upset! Can you imagine blocking the deal over such a minor technicality? I mean come on, what do these Italians think they are? In charge of their own country? What testicular fortitude.

Death, Taxes and Arafat's terrorism. Seems that these are the 3 things that we cannot escape from.

Another day of freedom for the butcher Arafat? Another homicide bomber. Israel spares the lives of 13 murderers by allowing them to go into exile in Italy? Palestinian terrorists responds by killing 15 and wounding 61 Israelis. And again, the world will ask Israel to show restraint. And again the world will justify this crime by saying that Israel perpetrated a massacre in Jenin, even though all evidence points to a complete fabrication by the Palestinian and media spinmeisters.
So what to do now?
1. NEVER return the body of a homicide bomber. Burn it.
2. Warn all Palestinians that Israel will consider the bomber's family as indirectly responsible for the crime (as the bombers are the result of daily doses of hatred administered by the parents in most cases) and systematically send the family of the bomber into permanent exile after leveling their home.
3. If another bomber strikes from the the same neighborhood, flatten the neighborhood.
By warning the Palestinians that these will be the steps taken as punishment for homicide bombers, with no exception, Israel places the responsibility for these actions clearly on the shoulders of the bombers.
Is this collective punishment? Damn right, as it should be. When an entire society raises, grooms, prepares, encourages and deifies murderers, this society as a whole needs to be punished until it changes it ways. There is no other way. Until this murderous culture is destroyed, no civilized country will ever be safe.
At least, with Bin Laden, we know where we stand. With Saudi Arabia, lying and deceiving has become the main modus operandi.

In this Washington Times article, it is pointed out that "The Saudi government gave $135 million in the past 16 months to help the families of suicide bombers and fund other aspects of the anti-Israel uprising. The money goes to a list of 13 charities, and seven of them fund Hamas," which the State Department lists as a terrorist organization, Col. Eisin said.
So every time you and I fill up at the wrong gas station, we actually subsidize the homicide bombers. Should we start punishing Saudi Arabia where it hurts? Yes, in the pocket book. Let's boycott all oil companies who use Arab oil. That would be all of them except for Sunoco (in the US) and Sunoco and PetroCanada (in Canada). That's right, next time you fill up, give your business to these companies who do not indirectly sponsor terrorism and Islamo-fascism. Every $ diverted from the corrupt, cruel, undemocratic and scheming regime in Saudi Arabia is a $ which will not end up in Arafat's pocket. Pass the message around please!
I know you're all wondering why this site in particular hasn't posted anything about the disaster in Israel. Well it's because I don't think there are words to do it justice. I don't know what to say. I'm at a total loss. I will post something as soon as I think of something good to say. But all I can tell you right now is that today I experienced something I've never felt before. Hatred. Profound, pure, painful hatred towards an entire people who started this mess, perpetuate this disgusting terrorism and who place peace on their "God forbid" list. I've never experienced this before and I hate them even more for making me go through this.

Monday, May 06, 2002

Of course, if this actually happens, we are all expecting "restraint" from Europeans.

There are rumors that Al-Qeida is planning to kidnap hundreds of Europeans as hostages to obtain the release of a number of Al-Qeida terrorists detained throughout Europe. Watch for the Liberal spin machine to go into overdrive if this happens..."Militants originated from the slums of Europe", "with no future, poverty-stricken militants had no other options" get the picture.
A brilliant piece by another great writer...Andrew Sullivan. This one about the stark difference between the foreign policies of the US and France towards Israel. He really nails this one.

If you want an insight into the future of U.S. foreign policy, you could do worse than notice how attitudes toward these two countries have hardened in recent months. And in these relationships, the growing gap between Americans and Europeans is particular marked. While Israel's battle against Islamic and Palestinian terrorism is regarded across Europe with dismay and disdain, large pluralities of Americans cheer the Zionists on. And while France remains central to the European project, and its recent flirtation with the far right has alarmed other Europeans, Americans saw in le Pen mere confirmation of what many already believed: that France is an essentially untrustworthy, hypocritical repository of posers and bigots.

Well, isn't this special?

Al-Ahram, the quasi-official Egyptian newspaper recently brought out this incredibly insightful article about the "Jewish curse on the world" and the fact that the Holocaust was a Jewish fabrication, clearly meant to discredit Hitler. Don't you hate it when this happens?

Thanks to the folks at MEMRI for this "pearl".

"With regard to the fraud of the Holocaust... Many French studies have proven that this is no more than a fabrication, a lie, and a fraud!! That is, it is a 'scenario' the plot of which was carefully tailored, using several faked photos completely unconnected to the truth. Yes, it is a film, no more and no less. Hitler himself, whom they accuse of Nazism, is in my eyes no more than a modest 'pupil' in the world of murder and bloodshed. He is completely innocent of the charge of frying them in the hell of his false Holocaust!!"

"The entire matter, as many French and British scientists and researchers have proven, is nothing more than a huge Israeli plot aimed at extorting the German government in particular and the European countries in general. But I, personally and in light of this imaginary tale, complain to Hitler, even saying to him from the bottom of my heart, 'If only you had done it, brother, if only it had really happened, so that the world could sigh in relief [without] their evil and sin.' [emphasis added]"

It will be interesting to see how the "progressive" media outlets (Le Monde, BBC, The Guardian) report on this. What do you mean they won't? You mean they actually are selective in what they report? They have a political agenda? No way!!!
Does anyone still believe that Immigration is not the #1 issue in Europe?

The right-wing politician who was assassinated in Holland today had built a platform around immigration issues.

Opinion polls had shown that Fortuyn's newly formed Leefbaar Nederland (Livable Netherlands) party, running on an anti-immigration platform, was on course to win about 15 percent of the vote in the parliamentary elections. With that kind of showing, Fortuyn could have been invited to join the coalition government.

Same platform as Le Pen (who got 18% of the votes in the French Presidential elections on Sunday). Almost the same level of political support (15%). And surveys show that the same trend exists in other European democracies. Austria's results made the headlines 18 months ago when it elected a far-right prime minister. It put the issue on the map. And ever since then, the support for parties opposing the sort of free-wheeling immigration which has been at the centre of the EU's policy and philosophy for about 20 years has grown steadily. European governments can still ignore it for a while, but they do it at their own peril and ultimately at the peril of democracy as a whole. What will happen when a far-right government takes control not of a small, weak country such as Austria, but a large, powerful industrial base such as Germany, Holland or France? How will the inevitable racial conflicts which will be triggered be dealt with then? It is time the European governments realize that there is such a thing as exceeding the "absorption" potential of third-world immigrants. An ever increasing number of voters are delivering this message more clearly with every election. Time to get your head out of the sand, boys!
What gives with the Palestinian terrorists being exiled to Italy?

I don't get it. Can someone explain why these guys would agree to that, when they are now going to be outside of Arafat's circle and within easy reach of Israel's Mossad? Also, why Italy? Are they planning to blend into some Mafia/Palestinian terrorists alliance movement of some sort? Actually, now that I think of it, their real destination is most likely France where they can start targeting Jews with impunity. Now that the President who saw anti-semitic attacks as nothing more than vandalism has been re-elected, I am guessing that this appeasement policy will be even strengthened and that Chirac is not going to let "this shitty little country" spoil his party. Stay tuned for where these free-roaming terrorists are going to show up first.
Is it just me or what?

Today, Ariel Sharon delivered a 100+-page document to Bush and to the media showing Arafat's involvement in encouraging, funding and directing terrorists activities. There was a passing reference to it on the National (CBC) with, of course, a rebuttal from some unknown Palestinian who knows for a fact that the document is complete propaganda. Sure, why not.
Now let us assume that someone had unearthed another brilliant Bin Laden tape or the "peace-loving" bile commonly spewed by Arafat and his lieutenants. I would bet that it would have been front-page news. Every "expert" on the planet would have been interviewed and would have analyzed the document or tape ad nauseam.
But because this is an Israeli document indicting, Heaven forbids, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, it is given zero airtime, zero exposure. And it is going to be completely discarded by Powell and his staff, probably calling it as "not very productive". And once again, this proves that only dead Jews are news.
And here's another from the incomparable Damian Penny:

An interesting choice of words This was the lead to the BBC's report on today's pro-Israel rally in London:

Tens of thousands of Jewish demonstrators have gathered for a rally in central London to show solidarity with Israel. [emphasis added]

Excuse me? Was everyone at the rally Jewish? Did the BBC describe "thousands of Muslim demonstrators" at the London pro-Palestine rally held on April 13?

The Beeb's website links to Britain's "Islamic Human Rights Commission" (hahahahahahaha)- like CAIR, an extremist group disguising itself as a "public service" organization. I checked out some of the group's press releases and found some very telling commentary. (The site won't let you link to individual releases, so you'll have to trust me on this). It repeatedly calls the gathering a "Zionist rally" and "a major provocation" which "has the potential of inciting racial and religious hatred". It also declared the timing of the rally deeply offensive and provocative, coming so soon after the Jenin "massacre". (The Daily Fisk's "reporting" from Jenin is frequently cited.)

Remember that pro-Palestinian rally I mentioned? It was held one day after a suicide bombing killed 6 Israelis in Jerusalem, and just a couple of weeks after the Passover massacre. But that didn't stop demonstrators from burning Israeli flags, chanting "Down with Israel", and - one day after a suicide bombing and two weeks after the Passover massacre - carrying signs reading "Victory to the Intifada".

And these pro-murder fascist f***heads have the gall to call the pro-Israel rally a 'provocation which could inflame racial tensions'? Unbelievable. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the world has gone completely f***ing insane.
Damian Penny keeps it short and sweet!!!
Here's what our friend Damian had to say about one of the most ridiculous comments a Palestinian supporter has ever made (and that's saying a lot for a Palestinian supporter!!)

Useful idiot watch: Here's a choice quote from 78 year-old Peggy Preston, a 'counter-demonstrator' at the London pro-Israel rally: "All the Israelis can focus on are the suicide bombers." Yeah, the Jews sure are touchy that way, aren't they?

Since we all know that Arabs are incapable of causing any harm to anyone, this article which places blame on Mossad for organizing all anti-semetic attacks in France, makes perfect sense!

New York, NY, May 2, 2002…The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today condemned a report circulating in the Middle East alleging that the Israeli Mossad is behind the recent wave of anti-Semitic attacks in France. An article in the April 29 issue of The Tehran Times, cited a report published in the United Arab Emirates-based daily, Al-Khalij, referring to statements made by French anti-globalization activist Jose Bouvet.

According to Bouvet, the Mossad has been organizing daily attacks on synagogues in France "in order to divert French public attention from Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

Another peace-loving Palestinian supporter speaks out...
When asked what he thought of white people, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (who, needless to say is a vehement supporter of the Palestinians and their terrorism) had this to say:

"White people are potential humans." Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/18/00

Who says we can't place guilt by association? Of course you can.

As always, the Arabs find themselves in wonderful company!
The Anti-Defamation League recently published and article about Palestinian supporters in the US. Unfortunately we could not identify the actual people involved in Palestinian support because they were all wearing these hideous white gowns and pointy hoods. Weird eh? Here's a clip of the article.

U.S. Anti-Semites Take Up Palestinian Cause

White supremacists and anti-Semites have become the latest example of the old adage, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." They have been capitalizing on the crisis situation in the Middle East to further their own goals, allying themselves with the Palestinian cause -- not because they like Palestinians, but because they have in common an intense loathing of Jews and the State of Israel.

Right-wing extremists routinely praise the Palestinians as brave and heroic and indicate their support for the suicide bombers. They often draw parallels between the Palestinian war against the so-called "Israeli occupiers" and their war against what they perceive as an American "Jewish Occupied Government." Some have expressed the hope that the war Palestinians are waging against the Jews will be replicated here by white supremacist groups wanting to rid the U.S. of Jews.

As a final note about the French presidential election...

In my views, this is a good news, bad news type of story. Good news because only 18% of the voters voted for Le Pen. Bad news because 18% of the voters voted for Le Pen. And what is even more bad news is the fact that the percentage Le Pen got was consistent between ballots even though there was a far greater turnout for the second ballot. While he got 17% of the voters who voted for him on the first ballot while a third of the voters stayed home, he got 18% on the second ballot with a far greater participation. What that means is that truly 18% of voters did mean to vote for him and do represent his actual core support. That is troubling. And I don't think this will go away until the French Government decides to tackle the rampant European immigration problem which is tugging at the very fabric of European society. The head-in-the-sand approach seems to have outlived its relevance.

As if this comes as a big surprise. According to Israel's National News, Arafat is really at the root of all terrorist operations. Thanks to the information "volunteered" by Arafat's lieutenants, we now know that Arafat always has been and still is the biggest obstacle to a resolution of the immediate crisis. Let's give him another Nobel Prize.

The fact that Yasser Arafat personally approved terrorist funding for Fatah has now become "unequivocally clear." So announced the Prime Minister's Office today, based on the questioning of senior Fatah terrorists in Israeli custody, including Marwan Barghouti. It has also been learned that explosive charges used by the terrorists were supplied from the Palestinian Authority's own weapons depots.
Israeli investigators have learned that Fatah head Marwan Barghouti, who maintained direct communications with Arafat, transferred money to Fatah operatives specifically for attacks targeting and killing many Israeli civilians. "These disclosures render absurd the public and international debate over whether Arafat is 'doing everything possible to prevent terrorism," the Prime Minister's Office stated, explaining that it is now clear that he indeed did 'everything possible' to promote, not prevent, terrorism.
Barghouti, who admitted to directing terrorist attacks that resulted in the killing and injuring of scores of Israeli civilians, described in detail the transfer of funds to the terrorist operatives. He was responsible for providing the funding for weapons acquisition and armed operations, and said that every terrorist request for funds was accompanied by a detailed requisition request. Barghouti would add his recommendation and signature, and then relay the request to PA Chairman Arafat. Barghouti stressed that every expense, no matter how small, required Arafat's personal approval. The funds were then transferred to the operatives according to the instructions of Hakem Bil'awi, the Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee.
Nasser Aweis, head of the Fatah infrastructure in Samaria, was responsible for the recruiting, arming and handling of terrorist cells. He confirmed that he and other Tanzim terrorist operatives under his command received funding directly approved by Yasser Arafat. Aweis admitted to having been behind numerous terrorist bombings and shootings in Israel, including the murder of six Bat Mitzvah celebrants in Hadera, as well as several shooting attacks in Jerusalem and elsewhere that killed eight Israelis.
Nasser Abu Hamid, a commander and founder of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and who was also arrested during Operation Defensive Shield, revealed during questioning that he and his men received funding and weapons from Marwan Barghouti, through the latter's aide Ahmed Barghouti. Abu Hamid stated that Marwan knew the details of every operation carried out by himself and his men, was involved in the decision regarding the procurement of weapons for the terrorist cells, and even provided the payment approval for these weapons. Abu Hamid and his men were responsible for numerous shooting attacks, explosive charges and suicide bombings, resulting in the deaths of at least six Israelis - including the Kahane couple.
He also revealed that his men received the explosive devices needed for their terrorist operations from Arafat's Force 17 Presidential Guard weapons depots, and that Force 17 members would regularly assemble explosive devices and give them to Fatah terrorists.
The Prime Minister's Office notes that the details of this terrorist connection, as described by the senior Fatah/Tanzim figures themselves, were corroborated by many documents captured in various Palestinian Authority security organ offices during Operation Defensive Shield.
Daniel Pipes provides a clear analysis of the root cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: It has nothing to do with Israel or the Palestinians. It has everything to do with the fact that Arabs have never accepted the very existence of a Jewish State in their midst. And unfortunately, the Bush administration either knows this and closes its eyes, or it doesn't see it and is forging ahead with a strategy which is doomed to fail. Good point.

By 1993, Israel's leadership convinced itself that Arabs fully accepted the existence of a sovereign Jewish state, so it radically changed approaches. Thinking it no longer had to assert its existence, it displayed a gentler side, hoping that diplomacy could settle such secondary issues as borders, Jerusalem's status, and refugees, thereby closing down the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Nice idea, but it failed. Seeing Israel's willingness to negotiate as a sign of its vulnerability, Arabs responded not with the expected good will but with violence. Rather than win Israel more acceptance, diplomacy lost it the recognition it had previously achieved.