Friday, May 24, 2002

The difference between them and us...
In a ceremony marking the two year anniversary of the IDF withdrawal from Lebanon, Hizbullah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah called on the Palestinian people to continue launching terror attacks on Israel. Nasrallah said: "Those that love death defeat those that fear it."
Our friend Joe Katzman at the Winds of Change blog feels very strongly about the issue of water and water distribution in the State of Israel (as do we, here at MidEast realities). On May 21, I posted a DAILY FEATURE which discussed the false claim that Israelis steal water from the Arabs and forbid them from drilling wells. In short, Joe Katzman liked the post enough to link us to his wonderful site. Given the pressing nature of the issue, I'm going to repost that Daily feature and pray that the darn link works this time! Here it is. Enjoy!

"Israel is stealing water from Arabs in the territories. Israel allows Jews to drill wells, but prevents Arabs from doing so."

In the years immediately following the 1967 war, water resources for the West Bank improved considerably. The water system in the southern Hebron region, for instance, was expanded. New wells were drilled near Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarm. More than 60 towns in the West Bank were given new water supply systems, or had antiquated ones upgraded by the Israeli administration in the territories.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, however, the Middle East suffered from one of the worst droughts in modern history. Water in the Jordan River and Sea of Galilee dropped to critical levels. The situation deteriorated further at the beginning of the 1990's and has continued to be a problem in the new millennium.

Under these conditions, the Israeli government restricted the drilling of new wells on the West Bank. It had little choice because the West Bank and Israel share the same water table, and the drawing off of fresh water resources could promote saline water seepage.

To continue reading this fact about Israeli water usage, please see this link.
Something to look forward to...

JPost: Ben-Eliezer warns of bombing wave

Waves of suicide bombers are waiting in the wings to carry out attacks, Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer warned yesterday...

..."We are facing waves of suicide bombers, men and women, and believe me that when I say waves I know what I'm talking about," Ben-Eliezer said.
His comments came just hours after Palestinian terrorists narrowly failed to blow up the giant facility.

“Arms control in the Middle East is impossible so long as Israel refuses to give up its nuclear weapons.”

Israel's assumed nuclear deterrent is an option of last resort, needed to offset the large imbalance in conventional arms, chemical weapons and ballistic missiles possessed by the Arab states. Israel has no incentive to unilaterally attack its neighbors with nuclear weapons whereas the Arabs — as history has shown — have both the capability and motivation to join in a war against Israel. Arms control must therefore begin with a reduction in Arab military offensive capability. Arab "arms control" proposals in essence have only called for Israel to give up nuclear arms without offering anything substantive in return.

Thursday, May 23, 2002


“Israel usurped all of Palestine in 1948.”


Nearly 80 percent of what was the historic land of Palestine and the Jewish National Home, as defined by the League of Nations, was severed by the British in 1922 and allocated to what became Transjordan. Jewish settlement there was barred. The UN partitioned the remaining 20 percent of Palestine into two states. With Jordan’s annexation of the West Bank in 1950, Arabs controlled approximately 80 percent of the territory of the Mandate, while the Jewish State held a bare 17.5 percent (Gaza, occupied by Egypt, was the remainder).

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

What it feels like to be hit by a suicide bomber.....and survive it.
Lately, I've noticed that the phrase "Another suicide bomber has rocked Israel" has less of an effect on me as it did in the past....and that bothers me. I received this letter which describes the fate of suicide bombing survivors and what they go through when they (sometimes unfortunately) survive the attack. Perhaps this will help shake us all back into a frame of mind where we cringe at suicide bombings as much as we did when this lunacy began.

In Maiming Israeli Bodies, Bombers Maim the Soul

Individual pain is a tool of terror.


...X-rays of suicide bombing victims often show hundreds of metallic fragments, ranging in size from millimeters to whole nails, grotesquely embedded in the victims' bodies--literally from head to foot.

Nails, screws, nuts and ball bearings are packed by the suicide bombers into their explosive vests to maximize lethal effects and to inflict unimaginable pain and suffering on innocent Jewish bodies. These maliciously transformed objects are propelled with the force of bullets, penetrating skin, flesh and bone with a furious indifference to civilized human behavior.

The nails fly head first, presenting themselves in a strangely surreal yet orderly arrangement within the victims' bodies. Many are embedded shallowly. Others burrow their way in more deeply and lodge under the skin, where the examining physician can actually touch and feel their alien presence. Some take hours of meticulous exploration to remove. Still others violate the body deeper, perforating and lacerating vital organs. CT scans of these victims' heads show blood, air, metal and bone fragments displacing normal brain tissue.

The "lucky" patient who survives the initial explosive insult may often require extensive surgery to repair damaged organs. Others may sustain fractures, burns, amputations, vascular injuries, paralysis, blindness or brain damage. A collapsed lung or perforated colon--ordinarily considered a major injury--is taken as a blessing for such victims of terrorism.

The Palestinian "martyr's" unheroic weapon has now literally and figuratively penetrated the hearts and souls as well as the bodies of an entire nation.
Note to self...if you want a free one-year stay in a European hotel, just kill many Israelis, call yourself a freedom fighter, make sure that you condition CNN to always use quotes around the term "senior terrorist" and take clergy and civilians as hostages in a church.

Yes, Europeans are really pulling all the stops to make sure that these animals are rewarded for their savage actions. After having left these guys "rot" in a 3-star hotel with a view onto a topless beach in Cyprus for 2 weeks (I am not kidding), these terrorists are being moved into hotels for a least one year with total freedom of movement, and I am sure an unlimited number of phone conversations with their flock of homicide bombers back home to plan their next "operation". Dickheads.
Another homicide bomber today kills 3 people and injures dozens.

As I suggested before, it is time Palestinians start policing these criminals themselves. It is time Israel permanently annex some territory claimed by the Palestinians every time this happens. For every homicide bomber, Israel should annex 100 square kms of Palestinian territory. Right now, the Palestinians are claiming 29,000 square kms of land. 290 bombings and all of Palestine will be gone once and for all. And the Palestinians will only have themselves to blame. It is time the Palestinian society as a whole which is raising, educating, indoctrinating, encouraging, rewarding and celebrating homicide start paying for this barbaric practice. They will pay with the only thing they understand...force and collective punishment. At some point, they will either stop the homicides or lose the prospect for a country forever. This is the only way the Barbarians who are behind these savage acts will learn and will be eventually wiped out from this earth. Let's watch how Sharon responds and how Peres grovels.
I may be cynical but...

Is it just me or is anyone else finding all these warnings about a potential terrorist attack in the US a little suspicious? I mean, realistically, why would the US government NOT give these warnings? It is a win-win proposition. If the attack does take place, they can say..."we told you so, we were right on top of it this time". If it doesn't happen, they can say..."you see, we were so vigilant that we prevented the attack which we were told was going to happen". Either way, they look like they are doing a better job than pre-9/11. By the way, can anyone understand how the director of the FBI and CIA still have their jobs after the massive intelligence failure of 9/11? These guys have got to be the most incompetent civil servants in the entire Administration and they still have their jobs. This is pretty scary.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Sharon may have to call for early general elections

Following the latest political crisis in Israel (which saw Sharon fire 4 ministers from the Shas party over a defeated budget proposal), some analysts believe that general elections may be held in Israel as a way of solving the political impasse. Either Sharon or Netanyahu will win the next election. Either way, this is bad news for Palestinians. If Sharon wins, he will most likely not make a coalition with the Labour party and will be less "restrained" in dealing with the Palestinians, especially with Shimon Peres on the sideline. If Netanyahu wins, I would guess that we will see very little hand-to-hand combat against Palestinians in the the West Bank or Gaza. I would suggest that air attacks (as the ones used by the US in Afghanistan) will become the norm to break the will of the Palestinians. I would venture a guess that Netanyahu will try to show the Palestinians that homicide bombings will cost them dearly. He will count on the average Palestinian to finally say enough is enough. And I think that this would eventually work. Then, and only then, will proper negotiations will begin. Oh, and by the way, Arafat will be in exile, to the great relief of everyone, including other Palestinian leaders who are far too scared for their life to speak out now. I think this may be good news overall. Let's wait and see.
There are reports that the latest suicide bombing in Netanya (which killed 3 Israelis and injured 60) was actually directed by one of the 6 terrorists under US/UK custody in Jericho.

Yes. You read this right. After less than 2 weeks in US/UK custody, the terrorists in custody in Jericho have found an ingenious way to communicate with their groups and direct them in the undertaking of more homicide bombings. You'll never guess how they did it. I wish I had thought of that. They used, are you ready for this..the TELEPHONE. Ha! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these hardened criminals, who have killed scores of people (and readily admitted it, even boasted about it), have unlimited access to a phone. And I would be prepared to bet that their conversations are not monitored as this would be "an invasion of privacy". Under international law, and the Geneva Convention, I would bet that these guys requested and obtained the phones without any pre-condition or restrictions. I'll look for more information about this but one thing is for sure...Neither McVeigh in the US nor any IRA terrorist in Ireland had it so cushy and easy. Once again, the US and UK show their true colors. When it comes to dealing with Palestinian terrorists, they have no testicular fortitude whatsoever. The Israelis should have sent these 6 guys to meet there 432 virgins once a for all. Disgusting.
25,000 walked for Israel in Toronto last Sunday

It was a really cold and awful Sunday in Toronto but still, over 25,000 people walked 7.5 kms (that would be almost 5 miles) to show support for Israel. The media was there of course and we got the usual 10-second snippet during the evening news, most of it devoted to the 10 "counter-demonstrators" who opposed "Israeli occupation". So these 10 brain-dead people got as much (if not more) coverage than the 25,000 who marched for Israel. Why am I not surprised?

On the positive side, we learned that the Canadian United Jewish Appeal has raised over $32M this year (there are 300,000 Jews in Canada). Mirror that with the $60M raised by the United Way among 30 million Canadians and this tells you a little bit about how deeply Jews feel about Israel in this time of crisis. But put into perspective, the money raised unfortunately doesn't go nearly far enough. It costs $300,000 to buy a single armored ambulance...yes, armored ambulance...what has this world come to when a country has to equip itself with armored ambulances? And it costs on average $100,000 in medical care for every person injured by a homicide bomber. The intifada has taken more than $10B out of the Israeli economy because of the destruction, because reservists are taken out of their job, because tourism has been wiped out. So more help is needed, and fast.

So, at the end of the day, I am heartened by the fact that about 1 in every 7 Jew in Toronto was walking on Sunday. I am heartened that so much money has been raised for Israel in Canada so far...but I am still deeply worried for Israel, this little country which is struggling daily to survive against a world gone completely bonkers, a world tripping over itself not to upset the terrorists, the murderers and the butchers for fear of reprisals. By the way, I have written 2 letters to our federal government over the last 4 months, one to the Prime Minister, one to the traitor Elinor Caplan to ask them to explain Canada's incredibly un-principled and cowardly policy in the Middle East. So far no answer. Do you think I should hold my breath?
Daily Feature


"Israel is stealing water from Arabs in the territories. Israel allows Jews to drill wells, but prevents Arabs from doing so."


In the years immediately following the 1967 war, water resources for the West Bank improved considerably. The water system in the southern Hebron region, for instance, was expanded. New wells were drilled near Jenin, Nablus and Tulkarm. More than 60 towns in the West Bank were given new water supply systems, or had antiquated ones upgraded by the Israeli administration in the territories.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, however, the Middle East suffered from one of the worst droughts in modern history. Water in the Jordan River and Sea of Galilee dropped to critical levels. The situation deteriorated further at the beginning of the 1990's and has continued to be a problem in the new millennium.

Under these conditions, the Israeli government restricted the drilling of new wells on the West Bank. It had little choice because the West Bank and Israel share the same water table, and the drawing off of fresh water resources could promote saline water seepage.

Arab farmers on the West Bank are served by approximately 100 springs and 300 wells — many dug decades ago and now overutilized. Restrictions on over-exploitation of shallow wells were meant to prevent seepage or total depletion of saline water. Some wells were dug so that Jewish villages could tap new, deep aquifers never before used. These water pools as a rule do not draw from the shallower Arab sources.

At the end of 1991, a conference was scheduled in Turkey to discuss regional water problems. The meeting was torpedoed by Syria. The Syrians, Jordanians and Palestinians all boycotted the multilateral talks in Moscow in January 1992, which included a working group on water issues.

Following the Oslo agreements, Palestinians were more interested in cooperating on water issues. At the meeting of the multilateral working group in Oman in April 1994, an Israeli proposal to rehabilitate and make more efficient water systems in medium-sized communities (in the West Bank/Gaza, Israel and elsewhere in the region) was endorsed. About the same time, a Palestinian Water Authority was created as called for in the Israeli-Palestinian Declaration of Principles.

In November 1994, the working group met in Greece and the Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians agreed to begin discussion on principles or guidelines for cooperation on water issues. Further progress was made on a variety of issues during the 1995 meeting in Amman and the 1996 meeting in Tunisia. The working groups have not met since.

Israel has not cut the amount of water allocated to the Palestinian Authority (PA) and is planning to examine the possibility of increasing it despite the cut in water allocations within Israel and the requirement of supplying considerable amounts of water to Jordan as mandated by the peace treaty.

In contrast to claims by the Palestinian side, Israel did not even determine the amount of water to be supplied to the territories. The amount was determined in negotiations between the two sides, with the Americans participating. By the consent of both parties, the amount of water was increased relative to the situation prior to the Interim Agreement. Similarly, a formula was decided upon for increasing the water allocation gradually over the interim period.

The negotiations also led to agreements defining the number of wells that Israel is obligated to dig, and the number the P.A. and international bodies are obligated to dig. Cooperation on issues of sewage and environment were also defined. It was further decided that jurisdiction over water would be transferred to the Palestinians in the framework of the transfer of civil powers, and that the water situation would be supervised by joint monitoring teams

Israel has fulfilled all of her obligations under the Interim Agreement. The water quota agreed upon, and more, is being supplied. Jurisdiction over water was transferred completely and on time, and Israel approved the additional digging of wells. Israel and the P.A. carry out joint patrols to locate cases of water theft and other water-related problems.

Sunday, May 19, 2002

And more good news!
Cheney: Another terrorist attack on US almost certain. It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when".

Ok, here's my suggestion. The US government should warn any potential terrorists (and the countries that harbour them) of the fate they will suffer if another attack takes place.....and then they should hold true to their promise. I wanna hear Bush saying "Anyone who attacks Americans on US soil (or in foreign Embassies) will be tracked down. Furthermore, the cities from which they planned the attack will be bombed repeatedly until we feel certain that the world understands us when we say "Don't mess with the US".
No, that's not a call for peace....I'll bet it's a reaction to the Israeli deaths resulting from the latest suicide bombing.

...and another thing. What's this clown still doing around?

Daily Feature!

As if being a bunch of terrorists wasn't enough, here's another reason why Israelis shouldn't let a single Palestinian descendant onto their land...


"All the Palestinian refugees have the right to return to their homes and this is a prerequisite for a final settlement."


Israel could not simply agree to allow all Palestinians to return, but consistently sought a solution to the refugee problem. David Ben­Gurion said as early as August 1, 1948, that the refugee issue would be part of the general settlement "when the Arab states are ready to conclude a peace treaty."

The implied danger of repatriation did not prevent Israel from allowing some refugees to return and offering to take back a substantial number as a condition for signing a peace treaty. In 1949, Israel offered to allow families that had been separated during the war to return and agreed to repatriate 100,000 refugees.

The Arabs rejected all the Israeli compromises. They were unwilling to take any action that might be construed as recognition of Israel. They made repatriation a precondition for negotiations, something Israel rejected. The result was the confinement of the refugees in camps.

The United Nations took up the refugee issue and adopted Resolution 194 on December 11, 1948, which states that "refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which under principles of international law or in equity should be made good by Governments or authorities responsible. Instructs the Conciliation Commission to facilitate the repatriation, resettlement and economic and social rehabilitation of refugees and payment of compensation... (emphasis added)."

The emphasized words demonstrate that the UN recognized that Israel could not be expected to repatriate a hostile population that might endanger its security. The solution to the problem, like all previous refugee problems, would require at least some Palestinians to be resettled in Arab lands.

The Arabs demanded that the United Nations assert the "right" of the Palestinians to return to their homes, and were unwilling to accept anything less until after their defeat had become obvious. The Arabs then reinterpreted Resolution 194 as granting the refugees the absolute right of repatriation and have demanded that Israel accept this interpretation ever since.

Current peace talks are based on UN Resolution 242. The Palestinians are not mentioned anywhere in Resolution 242. They are only alluded to in the second clause of the second article of 242, which calls for "a just settlement of the refugee problem." The use of the generic term "refugee" was a deliberate acknowledgment that two refugee problems were products of the conflict-one Arab and another Jewish.

After the 1948 war, no more than 800,000 Palestinians (and probably considerably fewer) were refugees. Today, the number has swelled to 3.7 million. Does Israel have any obligation to accept all of those? Where would they live? The current Israeli population is 6 million. If every Palestinian was allowed to move to Israel, the population would be nearly 10 million and more than 40 percent Arab. Given the Arabs' significantly higher birth rate, the Jews would soon be a minority in their own country, the very situation they fought to avoid in 1948 and which the UN expressly ruled out in deciding on a partition of Palestine.

It is also important to realize that most Palestinians now live in historic Palestine, that is, the area including the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. When Palestinians speak of the right to return, however, they don't mean just to Palestine, but to the exact houses they lived in prior to 1948. These homes are either gone or occupied now.

In the context of a peace settlement, Israel could be expected to accept some refugees, as Ben-Gurion said he would do more than 50 years ago. If and when a Palestinian state is created, many of the refugees should be allowed to move there, though it is hard to imagine how the territory envisioned for that state could accommodate so many people, and the Palestinian leadership has expressed no great interest in absorbing these people.
Happy Sunday!
Just when I thought that getting snow in Toronto on this May morning was the most shocking thing I'd see today, I read this. The war in Israel continues as another genocide bomber blows himself up. Can anyone give me one good reason as to why we shouldn't implement my suggestion of a massive bombing campaign against the cities that breed these terrorists and against their swine leader Arafat?
Last chance...
Ok guys here is all the information about tomorrow's walk for Israel in Toronto. I have it under good authority that the walk will be absolutely huge. We're talking about thousands and thousands of people....heck, they even rented out the SkyDome! Registration for the walk is between 9:15 am - 10:15am and the walk starts at 10:30 am sharp! Go to gate 6 at the SkyDome and you'll see tons of people registering. You'll have no problem finding your way after that. Be there or be, never thought I'd use that.
See you tomorrow!