Friday, May 31, 2002

Tim Blair gets it
This was taken off his's just fabulous!

SURE, THEY KILL PEOPLE, but at least they don't watch television. Brianna of Eden Prairie ponders cultural differences in a letter to this week's Time:

I was horrified by the picture of the Iraqi child dressed as a suicide bomber, wearing "TNT" containers around his waist. As shocking as it is, however, I am still undecided about how the culture it represents compares with one in which most people would rather go shopping or watch television than concern themselves with current events. Although I don't agree with suicide bombing, I believe Americans could learn something from the Iraqis: they are passionate about what they believe in.
Eden Prairie, Minn.

Equally passionate were the suicide pilots of September 11. Tell us, Brianna; what precisely can we learn from these people? Besides how to kill, I mean.
Those bloody Brits....
(stolen directly from Andrew Sullivan)

THE BBC'S ISRAEL PROBLEM: You have to go to Britain to really appreciate it. But the sheer viciousness and slant of the BBC's coverage of the Israel-Palestinian dispute permeate every item of news. The London editor of the Jerusalem Post finally decided to stop being interviewed by the BBC. He's a journalist; he's not uncritical of many Israeli policies and actions. But he knows anti-Semitism when he sees it:

Since September 11, I have refused all invitations to appear on BBC radio or television. The reason is not that I wish to avoid a debate, but rather that I believe that the BBC has crossed a dangerous threshold. In my judgement, the volume and intensity of this unchallenged diatribe has now transcended mere criticism of Israel. Hatred is in the air. Wittingly or not, I am convinced that the BBC has become the principal agent for reinfecting British society with the virus of anti-Semitism. And that is a game I am not willing to play.
A picture says a thousand words... three of which are OH MY GOD!

Can you guess what this is? If you guessed the x-ray of a suicide bombing victim, you'd be correct. Those little "line things".....yes, they ARE nails.
A great article which clearly demonstrates why Saudi Arabia really is the greatest threat. It is the main promoter and supporter of Islamo-fascism and terrorism. Let's stop buying Arab oil. Buy from Sunoco.

A great article. Worth the read.
Terrific....just terrific

Missiles smuggled into U.S.

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: The U.S. government has alerted airlines and law enforcement agencies that new intelligence indicates that Islamic terrorists have smuggled shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles into the United States.
Homicide bombing - A Crime Against Humanity

This is brilliant. Please sign and forward.
A petition to Mr Downer calling for the Australian government to bring on a resolution at the UN calling for suicide bombing to be declared a crime against humanity has been started. I would appreciate everyone signing it - please put the full name+title - and forwarding the address on to everyone they can think of.

Here is the Link.

May G-d bless you!
More open, unchallenged violence against Jews in France and Belgium. Will we have the guts to tell the French where to stick their Beaujolais Nouveau when it hits the shelves here in North America?

May 30, 2002 The Daily Telegraph (London)
Thanks to member Rabbi Dov Fischer for forwarding this important, disturbing article to us.

Dressed in the striking black mantles and shtreimel fur hats of the Hassidic Jews, Eli Fallick and his son stood out as targets for a gang of
20 Arab youths laying in wait.

The two were smashed to the ground on their way to the Belz synagogue in Antwerp, near the dividing line between the fast-growing Moroccan quarter and the Jootsewijk, where the city's 12,000 orthodox Jews live.

They were kicked ferociously about the body and head as a chorus of teenage attackers spat at them, chanted "Dirty Jew" and praise to Hitler, the now-routine lexicon of abuse in Muslim street attacks. "They went on and on kicking. I couldn't believe what was happening to us," said Mr Fallick, a diamond trader, speaking in a mixture of Yiddish and broken French. "I'm absolutely sure we would have been done for if the police hadn't arrived so quickly," he said. Mr Fallick was barely out of hospital a few days later when his 10-year-old daughter was assaulted on her way back from school. She was slapped, punched and humiliated, but not injured. Now she must walk to and fro in a group with an escort, like any child in Antwerp who is visibly identifiable as Jewish.
The incidents are now so common that they rarely make it into the local press, though last weekend it was reported that the Maccabee sports centre on the outskirts of Antwerp had been vandalised for the fourth time this year. A group of Moroccan teenagers tore up the furniture and daubed swastikas on the walls.
This is eerily familiar to Pinhas Kornfeld, who escaped the Nazis as a child, living underground for three years in Vichy France. He is one of only 1,200 Antwerp Jews to have survived the Holocaust and return to rebuild what was once been a great centre of Jewish enterprise.
Another 27,000 were sent to the gas chambers. "If we don't stop this now, it is going to take a very dangerous turn, the sort of turn we haven't seen for 60 years," he said in his well-guarded offices at Antwerp's Diamond Centre.
"It all begins when you start stigmatising groups. Hitler used to call the Jews 'communists' and Stalin called them 'capitalists': now they're starting to call Jews 'murderers', which is a way of saying its OK to target them."
Antwerp is not alone. The Anderlecht Synagogue in Brussels was attacked with Molotov cocktails last month; another in Charleroi was sprayed with gunfire; Jewish bookshops, butchers, and, above all, cemeteries are routinely vandalised - just statistics among the 2,000 anti-Semitic incidents reported since September 11, an average of 18 a day, with attacks on France's 700,000 strong Jewish community topping the list.
Yesterday, Europe's Jews began to protest, marching through Brussels to the European Parliament building waving Israeli flags. "We will never accept synagogues being set on fire in Europe, 55 years after Auschwitz," said Michel Fridman, the German vice-president of the European Jewish Congress.
The Palestinians refused it because it was Jewish blood. sweet!
Dan Gordon is the author of five books and the screenwriter of such films as "The Hurricane" and "Murder in the First." He is also a former sergeant in the Israel Defense Forces and a peace activist who has held meetings with Arab leaders in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza.
He writes:

That is a chilling story to an American of my age, with memories of white, bigoted-racial purists refusing to accept blood from African Americans in the segregated South.

The Israeli response, which could easily have been, "fine, have it you own way," was to fly in 2,000 units of blood from Jordan, via helicopters, for the Palestinians. In addition, they saw to it that 40 units of blood from the Mukasad Hospital in East Jerusalem went to the hospital in Ramallah, that 70 units got to the hospital in Tul Quarem and they facilitated the delivery of 1,800 units of anti-coagulants that had come in from Morocco, and thus, were somehow acceptable to the Palestinians where Jewish blood was not. (This information was later confirmed to me by Col. Arik Gordin [reserves] of the IDF Office of Military Spokesman, who supplied the exact numbers of units of blood and anticoagulants and the names of the hospitals to which they were delivered.)

So the question to ponder, before the circus leaves town, is how do you negotiate with a hatred so great that it will refuse to accept your blood, even to save its own people¹s lives? How does an international community vilify a nation that offers its own blood to its enemies, while its own soldiers lie dying, and that, when faced with race hatred that brands their blood unfit, diverts military flights to bring blood more suitable to the taste of those who would destroy them?

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Canadian account of settlement shooting that killed 3 boys

This is wonderful. It defends settlements and gives a personal account of the fear felt by victims of the most recent Palestinian shooting and murder that took the lives of three young boys.

This is a picture of a pro-Palesitnian student at the San Francisco University Israel Peace rally. Look at the words on the poster: "Destroying crops and olive trees". This is her big complaint? They (Israelis) eat too many olives? They're hurting the crops? HELLO! They planted the crops! Not to mention the fact that she doesn't seem to mind what the Palestinians are doing in retaliation to the "monstrous" destruction of olive trees and corn fields.
Too much irrigation and eating of olives = Bad
Suicide bombing = OK

I don't see any anti-Palestinian posters saying "Shooting infants and putting their own babies in the line of fire for cold hard cash" or "Brethren to those responsible for 9/11".
“Israel's use of American-made weapons in retaliatory attacks against the Palestinians is illegal.”


The United States has been closely monitoring Israeli actions. Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan) wrote a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell asking whether Israel was violating U.S. law by using American arms in its strikes against Palestinian terrorists. Powell responded in a letter dated August 17, 2001, that Israel's actions did not violate U.S. law. The law in question is the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and it states that defense articles will be used only for specified purposes, including internal security and legitimate self-defense. Israel has maintained that it has been acting in self-defense and the Bush Administration concurs.
SFSU Scandal: We're involved now.

On May 7, we saw a blatant example of how far our campuses had fallen, courtesy of the near-riot at SFSU. While a pro-Palestinian crowd swarmed pro-Israel rally members, used physical violence, and shouted "Get out or we will kill you" and "Hitler did not finish the job," administration officials on the scene did nothing. Glenn Reynolds of has the details.

A number of web blogs have been asked to take part in a Blog Burst whereby various news stories dealing with this disgusting event are posted and commented on. Naturally, we agreed to be a part of this and will now officially begin posting remarks and articles.

In case some of our readers are not fully aware of what exactly occured at San Francisco State University, I am posting the University President's letter regarding the events. Although he does not go into detail about comments made by pro-Palestinian demonstrators, he does seem to give a fair account of what went on. For our first post, we feel that this letter will set the stage about what is to come.

In my 14 years as president of this university, I have never been as deeply distressed and angered by something that happened on this campus as I am by the events of last week. On Tuesday, a pro-Israel peace rally, thoughtfully organized and carefully carried out by SFSU Hillel members, drawing some 400 participants from both campus and community, evoked strong opinions and strong speech -- some from the free speech platform, much from the nearby pro-Palestinian counter-demonstration....

For the most part, the most objectionable behavior occurred after the rally's organizers brought it to a formal close and a group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators who, in keeping with our student event policy, had been held back by barricades and campus police, moved onto the event site, where a few dozen organizers remained. There, some of the demonstrators behaved in a manner that completely violated the values of this institution and of most of you who are reading this message.

...A small but terribly destructive number of pro-Palestinian demonstrators, many of whom were not SFSU students, abandoned themselves to intimidating behavior and statements too hate-filled to repeat. This group became so threatening in gesture and hostile in language that we interposed a police line between the groups and eventually escorted the Hillel students, and the faculty with them, from the plaza. No one was physically assaulted, but that encounter puts at risk all that we value
and represent as a university community.

...Our videotaped record of the event is being reviewed now by SFSU Public Safety to note violations and identify violators so that the University's disciplinary procedures can begin. In one instance, that of a protestor who seized and stamped on an Israeli flag, the case has already gone forward. I fully expect to see other cases presented. If we identify violations of public law, we will refer cases to the District Attorney, with our strong recommendation for full prosecution. We have requested that the District Attorney assign a member of the hate crime unit to work with us, and our Department of Public Safety is contacting individuals who have reported behavior at the rally which would warrant legal action on our part.

I hope you will agree that no love of homeland, no fear or grief for loved ones in the actual area of Middle East conflict, excuses the behavior that has been reported. This is not a war zone. It is a campus, a place where all must feel physically protected even as we engage in the disputation that is part of a teaching and learning environment...

...As you know, since the terrorist attacks on September 11th, I have sent frequent messages to the entire University community calling for peace and tolerance and many of you have responded marvelously, both in words and action; I take great pride in the hundreds of very positive e-mail and letters I have received. But now, as the actions of a small band of bigots threaten to tarnish the reputation of the University as a whole and to discredit all our students, I ask you to join me in speaking out for this University's true values. Show in actions well as words that you believe not only that "Love is Stronger Than Hate" but that hateful actions, threats of violence, outrageous slurs and bigoted statements are rejected and contemned by our entire campus community.

-- Robert A. Corrigan, President

The one thing that you should note, is that he doesn't go into specifics about exactly what was said by the offending students. Various articles report that phrases such as "Hitler shoud've finished what he started", "Go Home", "We're going to kill you" were shouted towards the student organizers of the rally for peace.

This blog can only comment on one or two facets of the travesty at SFSU. Other dimensions of this incident and the alarming trends it represents are detailed in the full SFSU Blog Burst Index at Winds of Change
Personal account of a would-be she-bomber

Thauriya Hamamreh changed her mind about carrying out a suicide bombing when orders to disguise herself in provocative clothes for the attack in Jerusalem made her do some soul-searching.

"They wanted me to have my hair loose, wear sun glasses and makeup and tight clothes. I said no because it's against my religion,"

OH! The horror! Not sun glasses and makeup! Can you believe this chick? They're asking her to strap a bomb to her waist......A BOMB.....and she's getting all hissy over sun glasses!

And suddenly.....Western-style sanity takes over....

A day before the planned attack, Hamamreh began pondering the "righteousness" of the task and whether she would be accepted as a martyr in paradise because she volunteered mostly for personal reasons, including feelings of social isolation after being rejected by a man she had hoped to marry....maybe it was the makeup thing....

"I started thinking that I would be killing babies, women and sick people and imagined what it would be like if my family were sitting in a restaurant and someone bombed them," she said. Didn't seem to stop the rest of 'em......Thank God for small miracles.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Terminally ill patients recruited as homicide bombers. Why am I not surprised?

Naomi Regan reports:

Israeli news Channel Two reported last night that the motivation for suicide bombing was not only "ideological." According to official Israeli sources, Palestinian terrorist recruiters visit terminally ill patients in cancer wards, and two of the suicide bombers in Israel were terminally ill and money was offered to their families. The two women homicide bombers were both divorced and shunned by their families and felt their lives were over anyway. They too were recruited, as a way of bringing "honor" to themselves after disgracing their families. The other bombers were children of very poor families who encouraged the sacrifice of their children as a way of making a buck. They received thousands of dollars, which is why they are encouraging their other sons to do the same.

So the next time someone tells you about the poor, brave, desperate Palestinian that "sacrifices" so much, tell them to read this, and to take a flying leap into reality.
Good news, bad news from The Guardian (UK)

As all you faithful readers know, The Guardian has been one of the most blatantly anti-Israel papers in the Western World, consistently taking an apologist pro-Palestinian view of the conflict. So it is with a little trepidation that I came across a May 18th article in the Guardian followed by a May 25th article actually asks its staff whether they thought that the Guardian provided balanced coverage on the Middle East. We all know that in Guardian-speak, that would mean equal coverage for the monster who blows babies up and for the babies who were the children of "extremist" settlers and were therefore legitimate targets. But I digress.

So, while the article is off to a good start going as far as quoting one of the journalists as saying that the coverage was "embarrassing", the article quickly finds its footing by reverting to the argument that as many people were for the coverage as were against, proving that the coverage was balanced.
Here are 2 interesting quotes:

She lists examples, with Jenin at the head. "I was utterly disgusted at the front page headline 'Massacre' regarding Jenin. The newspaper has a responsibility, especially given how delicate the situation is, not to report such damaging accusations unless it has the proof to back it up. Where was the bold headline saying, 'Lies, there was no massacre'?"

One journalist insisted: "It is not anti-semitic to criticise the brutal and racist regime of Ariel Sharon... it is not anti-semitic to hear the voices of the Palestinians; it is not anti-semitic to see Palestinians as the victims of a situation in which they are overwhelmingly the underdog."

Why do I bother with these schmucks?
An excellent document which debunks 20 myths about Arabs, the PA and Israel. A must read.

Note that this document is written by Bill Bennett, Jack Kemp and Jeane Kirkpatrick, three highly respected American politicians who span the political spectrum.

Canadian Foreign Minister Bill Graham: Chairman Arafat, won't you please come and live with us in our country? We'd be just delighted to have you with us.
Arafat: I don't know who you are, kind sir, but surely you must be Canadian.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

You guys won't believe this one....actually, you just might...

Stefan Sharkansky sent along a link to a set of e-mails that he wrote to the Saudi Embassy, asking several questions about terrorism and suicide bombings. The response he got? Baseless lies, quick changing of subjects, refusal to answer specific questions, and finally, complete disregard. Read on and see just how ridiculous terrorist apologists really are.

By Stefan Sharkansky

I exchanged a number of e-mails recently with an official from the Saudi embassy in Washington. I was left with the distinct impression that the Saudi leadership actively condones suicide bombing as a “courageous” strategy for “oppressed” people to use in order to advance their goals. Given that the Saudi royal family seems to approve of murder of innocents by suicide as a legitimate political act, it only makes sense that so many of the September 11 hijackers were Saudi. I was also impressed by the official’s willingness to make outrageously false statements that are easy to disprove.

Stefan's #1 letter:
Subject: Yahoo! News - Saudi Telethon for Palestinians

how do you explain this?
telethons with little children dressed in fake explosive belts? people donating cars to kill Israelis?
does this have the blessing of your government?

Saudi Response #1:

Thank you for your e-mail.
If you read the article YOU attached, our government does not condone violence and protests. We ask that people send money to help Palestinians who are in need. The Israelis are knocking down homes of Palestinians, cutting off food and water supplies to Palestinian towns, and killing innocent people. We are trying to gather money to feed everyone that needs food. We are gathering money to help get shelter for everyone that needs shelter. We do not support terrorism, but you must admit that both sides are using terrorist methods.

The Palestinians have rights too and we support them just as Jews from around the world support the state of Israel. I have plenty of news articles from around Europe (big flipping surprise!) that show Israeli army officers doing terrible things, so a kid pretending to do something that causes no harm is not that bad at all to me.

Saudi Arabia wants peace in the region. We have put forth a peace proposal that all Arab nations have accepted. They are based on UN resolutions accepted by the world and which Israel is in violation of (in fact Israel is in violation of seventy UN resolutions). The only hope for the region and for ALL innocent people is peace. We hope Israel accepts our proposal and peace can be attained for once and for all.


I definitely can't post all the letters, but believe me when I tell you that it is totally worth your time to go to this link and read the rest of them. Stefan's responses were brilliant! The Arab's were not. After three or four incidences of having Stefan catch the Saudi in blatant lies, Stefan's letters stopped being answered. Big surprise! Read on!

...and once again, Israel will be asked to show restraint. After all, the latest homicide bombing slaughtered only 2 people, a baby and a grandmother. Does anyone care?

Where are the condemnations from Kofi Annan, the Useless General Secretary of the Useless Nations? Where is Arafat's condemnation? This successful "operation" may yet get him another Nobel Terrorism Prize. And our brilliant Bill Graham (Canada's Foreign Minister) will still spout the usual "only negotiations will lead to a meaningful peace." Actually, no. Negotiations will lead to another 10 years of one-sided violence perpetrated by barbarians pretending to be refugees and headed by a monster pretending to be a man of peace. These people only respect force. Time for Israel to go in for a final mop-up. This time, it is destination Gaza. And Sheik Yassin, the "spiritual" (what a joke!) leader of Hamas should be captured and brought to justice in Israel the same way that Adolph Eichman was, for inciting the elimination of the entire Jewish people. And if he is found guilty and executed, the whole world will be a safer and better place.
And proving yet again that the US War on Terror is NOTHING like the Israeli war on terror......

Israeli and US police officers, partners in war on terror

As the threat of terrorism increases, US law enforcement officers are intensifying efforts to learn from Israel's grim experience with suicide bombings and other attacks, Israeli officials said Tuesday.

Members of several US police forces and other law enforcement agencies have visited Israel for training, Israeli officers have lectured in the United States and the US Embassy makes regular requests for advice, said Ze'ev Veldiger, head of the Israel Police security department.

"We get calls from the (US) Embassy on all kinds of issues, schools, public transportation, how to deal with... protecting buildings," said Veldiger in an interview.

He said that since the Sept. 11 attacks he has received several queries directly from the New York Police Department.

He said that a particular area of concern for the Americans is protecting schools from attack, and that he has advised American colleagues on securing public transportation, a frequent target of suicide bombers here since 1994.

A 12-member delegation of senior officers from Georgia is in Israel now for a series of lectures and demonstrations, Veldiger said.

Earlier this month, five New York City police investigators visited the country.

The Americans "want to know how do you deal with a suicide bombing," said police spokesman Gil Kleiman.

"Global terrorism demands global law enforcement."
This guy helped pay to send me to Israel....thanks!

Bronfman to receive honorary citizenship tomorrow

Prominent philanthropist and Jewish leader Charles Bronfman is to be awarded the title of honorary citizen by Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert tomorrow evening in a ceremony at the City Council chambers.

Looks like Capitalism is finallly catching on!!

Yasser Arafat cheese puffs sweeping the Cairo street

Egyptians have a new food fad to spend their piasters on: Yasser Arafat cheese puffs.

A bag of 25-piaster "Abu Ammar" (Arafat's nom de guerre) puffs sports a picture of the Palestinian Authority Chairman, and comes with an ideological spin printed on the bag: "Abu Ammar, hero of the struggle".

"The more you buy, the more you build," the tag line says. "Heartbeat by heartbeat, hand by hand, we'll build a new era," according to a report appearing on the Jordan Times.

Notice how these are the same America haters who claim moral superiority to us capitalist swine. Idiots!
Good Morning!
High alert due to warnings of imminent terror attack in Jerusalem
Security forces and police have gone on high alert in Jerusalem due to warnings that terrorists are trying to enter the city from the north and perpetrate a terrorist attack.

What a nice way to start the day!
We'll call it say the least

Here is a fantastic read by two American women who wanted to put an end to a wealth of myths about the Palestinian people. They (depressingly enough) prove that almost all of the Western world "has been had". Here's a snippet.

Did you know that there was never any country called Palestine? Did you know that there is no such thing as a Palestinian people?
The ideas that the West Bank and Gaza are occupied Palestinian land, and that the Palestinian people are fighting for their land, have been accepted by most of the governments of the world and by most of the media in the world. But if you read on, you will see that these two claims are the biggest lies ever deliberately perpetrated on humanity.

...Importantly, the Jews did not displace anyone, because no one permanently resided there. It was a land inhabited by nomadic, Bedouin tribes. The whole region was nothing but deserts and swamps.
We've said it once and we'll say it again....

The message in the Palestinian maps
By Jeff Jacoby

The next time you see a picture of Yasser Arafat, look at his headdress. He wears it in an unusual style, carefully folded so that it comes to a peak at the top, drapes down over his left shoulder, then tapers to a point at the bottom.

Arafat's oddly arranged keffiyeh is meant to resemble the map of ''Palestine'' - the Arab state whose creation is his all-consuming goal. It is an emphatic symbol: Arafat conveys to everyone who sees him that Palestine is always on his mind.

But look again. The shape of Arafat's keffiyeh doesn't correspond with Palestine at all - not if Palestine means the West Bank and Gaza. What it resembles is the map of Israel - the whole of Israel, from the northern peak of the Galilee, down along the Mediterranean coast, and from there to the southern tip at Eilat.

In short, the Palestine that is always on Arafat's mind is not an Arab state that coexists with Israel but an Arab state that takes the place of Israel. The message conveyed by his keffiyeh is indeed emphatic: It is a message of war without end.

To continue reading, click here

“Herzl himself proposed Uganda as the Jewish state as an alternative to Palestine.”


Theodor Herzl sought support from the great powers for the creation of a Jewish homeland. He turned to Great Britain, and met with Joseph Chamberlain, the British colonial secretary and others. The British agreed, in principle, to Jewish settlement in East Africa "on conditions which will enable members to observe their national customs."

At the Sixth Zionist Congress at Basle on August 26, 1903, Herzl proposed the British Uganda Program as a temporary emergency refuge for Jews in Russia in immediate danger. While Herzl made it clear that this program would not affect the ultimate aim of Zionism, a Jewish entity in the Land of Israel, the proposal aroused a storm at the Congress and nearly led to a split in the Zionist movement. The Jewish Territorialist Organization (ITO) was formed as a result of the unification of various groups who had supported Herzl's Uganda proposals during the period 1903-1905. The Uganda Program was finally rejected by the Zionist movement at the Seventh Zionist Congress in 1905.

Monday, May 27, 2002

Thought you'd all like to be made aware of two new petitions that are available for your autographs! I've signed go ahead and do your part.

This one is a petition asking that the US government declare suicide bombing a crime against humanity.

This one is a petition asking for the removal of a racist course from the UC Berkeley catalog.
About the bomb attack in Petah Tikva, CNN does its usual "we have to give them the benefit of the doubt" dance.

As always, while describing some of the operations launched by Israel to go after Arafat's terrorists, CNN uses the double quotes around the expression "terrorist infrastructure" meaning that this is not their words but rather words used only by the biased-and-therefore-wrong Israel Defense Force. You see, after almost 100 homicide bombings and about 50 failed bombings, there is still a doubt in CNN's mind that this could be a spontaneous, unorganized phenomenon. I guess one has to keep an open mind that these homicide-bombers are all a bunch of loners who just happen to know a) where to obtain explosives, b) create an explosive belt, c) put on a detonator, d) find the best place to detonate it, and d) often chose the most appropriate moment to detonate it, for instance whenever there is an envoy from the US Administration on the ground (remember every visit by the vanishing Zinni). Kind of makes you wonder what they teach in Public Schools over there, doesn't it? Can someone let CNN know that they can drop the charade of trying to be objective by using these irrelevant cosmetic points of punctuation? Anyone who is using Christiane Ananpour as their reporter in the Middle East can't be that worried about bringing any sense of objectivity anyway.
And yet another startling statement made in the news......

Bush said "Arafat has let Palestinian people down"
Breaking News...
Bomb attack in Petah Tikva commerical center: two dead, dozens of casualties

Initial reports indicate that a suicide bomber exploded at a coffee shop outside a shopping center in the Em Hamoshavot neighborhood of Petach Tikva, east of Tel Aviv. Two Israeli is dead, and 27 are hospitalized, six in serious condition. All of the wounded have been evacuated to three area hospitals.

**Note**: One of the critically wounded was an infant...just thought you'd all like to know.
Would the press minimize a failed terrorist attack to use a small nuclear bomb in the US? I think not!

Yes, that is exactly what is happening with regards to the failed attempt to blow up Israel's largest fuel depot, which, had it been successful, would have created a fireball similar to a small nuclear warhead.

As reported in Israel Insider:

Palestinians seeking mega-attacks that kill thousands
Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer warned of a deluge of Palestinian bombing attempts on the way. "We are facing waves of suicide bombers, men and women, and believe me that when I say waves I know what I'm talking about," Ben-Eliezer said.
Ben-Eliezer's warning followed an attempt by Palestinian terrorists to blow up the giant Pi Glilot fuel depot. Security officials said that tens of thousands could have been killed if the explosion of a fuel truck had triggered a chain reaction, igniting petroleum and gas tanks. The resulting fireball, they say, would have caused total destruction in the surrounding area, which includes a country club and apartments in Tel Aviv's posh Ramat Aviv Gimel neighborhood.
`The attack was another attempt by Palestinian organizations, led by Arafat's Fatah organization, to carry out massive-scale strategic strikes that could cause thousands of casualties and precipitate a regional war. `Last week, Israeli army raids in Tulkarm revealed a plot to use a ton of explosives to destroy a skyscraper, and plans to execute seven simultaneous attacks in Israeli coastal cities.

Yet, all that was reported in the press is that the fire started by the truck which exploded was quickly brought under control. No comments about the fact that thousands would have died, that this would surely have precipitated Israel to respond with a massive military operation (which would undoubtedly resulted in a major regional conflict), that once again the Europe-supported-butchers under Arafat's direct orders have no other goal than to do whatever it takes to kill the maximum possible number of Jews and start a war in the Middle East. Where are the analyses? Where is the indignation? This is repulsive.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Two instances of anti-Israel incitement in publicly funded Arab programs in Toronto

In another display of what GWB calls a "peace-loving" religion, 2 Arab programs hosted in premises rented from the Toronto and Peel Region Public School Boards, children were asked to participate in activities showing Israeli soldiers, planes and tanks slaughtering Palestinians, in particular in Jenin. The usual fabrication of 500 "innocent women and children" killed in Jenin (when even the PA recognizes that only 52 perished and most of them were terrorists --- well, they call them militants of course) was used as the theme for a coloring activity.

So here we have it once again. Muslims promote their political agenda by indoctrinating young children (just as they have been doing in the West Bank and Gaza since the Oslo disaster) and thus guaranteeing a never-ending supply of willing suicide bombers. But this time, there is a difference. These "martyrs" already are in Canada, which means that they will be ready to strike as soon as the climate in Canada is ripe for furthering the Islamo-fascist agenda. Think about it. If 2 of these incidents were uncovered in Toronto, how many more are going unnoticed in other cities in Canada, in the US, in England? How many "little martyrs" are already coming up through the pipeline of terror, murder and destruction?

It has been reported that many of the more militant Mosques, especially in the UK, have an agenda to convert one Western country into a Muslim theocracy within the next 25-30 years. This is not paranoia. This is completely consistent with the fact that Islam is an evangelical religion whose goal is to convert non-Muslims to Islam by force if necessary. This is their mission, this is their goal. And the plan is starting to unfold right now as they are trying to shield Muslim children from Western values of democracy and humanism by brainwashing them with lies, fabrication and hostility towards Jews at first, Christians next. Let's watch.
What a weird coincidence....
Eli Federman prevented terror attack; brother Noam - suspected of planning terror

The quick actions of security guard Eli Federman prevented a major terrorist attack at a Tel Aviv night club Thursday. Hours later, his brother Noam Federman, a right-wing activist and former Kach spokesman, was brought into a Jerusalem court for a hearing that extended his remand orders on charges that he was involved in the planning of terror attacks against Israeli Arabs. The two brothers haven't spoken in years.

What a revelation!
Mofaz: As long as Arafat is in office, reform is not possible

"As long as (Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser) Arafat is the leader responsible for reform, then there will not be a reform. He will crush it," Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Shaul Mofaz said in a meeting with military reporters in Tel Aviv today.

Mofaz said Arafat's control, or lack of it, is causing the PA proposed reforms to remain stagnant.

Looks like Mofaz reads our site too! Cool!
“The West Bank is part of Jordan.”


The West Bank was never legally part of Jordan. Under the UN's 1947 partition plan — which the Jews accepted and the Arabs rejected — it was to have been part of an independent Arab state in western Palestine. But the Jordanian army invaded and occupied it during the 1948 war. In 1950, Jordan annexed the West Bank.

Only two governments — Great Britain and Pakistan — formally recognized the Jordanian takeover. The rest of the world, including the United States, never did.

During the 1950-1967 period of its occupation, Jordan permitted terrorists to launch raids into Israel. Amman lost the West Bank after the Jordanian army entered the 1967 war.