Friday, June 07, 2002

OK, I am back from the world domination meeting. I can't tell you what we discussed though. That's a secret. Suffice to say that us Jews, all 15 million in the world, have decided to give the other 6 billion people on earth another chance. Isn't that great news?

In the meantime, it looks like slick-Lou (Dobbs) has been given a reprieve. He is starting a whole new stream of dialogue, discussions and experts parading to discuss his semantic distinction between Terrorists and Islamists. To me, this is not very complicated. There currently are (according to the State Department) 30 conflicts in the world, 28 of which involing "Muslim Militants". So I don't think Lou is stretching at all when equating Terrorism and Islamism. They are one and the same. And the fact that "mainstream" Muslims are most of the time silent about it and some time in support of it certainly doesn't make for a strong case against this obvious association.
Well, it didn't take long. According to the Drudge Report, Lou Dobbs is in real trouble for his comment about Islamist, as reported here yesterday.

According to Drudge, CNN was inundated with calls from viewers in Arab countries protesting Lou Dobbs pretty explicit position about terrorism really being another word for Islamism, ie. the desire to destroy all infidels.

The fact that Dobbs is in trouble over that, once again proves the the "Jewish Lobby" which supposedly controls the media (as most pro-Arab media claim), is doing an absolutely horrendous job. If it did its job properly, we'd see tons of people like Lou venting about Islamism, and any critic would be eaily silenced.

But I must go, I don't want to be late for our next world domination meeting. I'll keep you posted.
Wouldn't mind attending this show...Seinfeld and Larry Miller as warm-up. Cool.

Given Larry Miller's track record about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I hope we will get some more awesome material from Larry and Jerry to post as a result of the show they are planning for Tel Aviv. Stay tuned. Just as a warm up, here's what Larry Miller wrote in an April 22 column:
"For the sake of honesty, let's not use the word Palestinian. Let's call them what they are: other Arabs from the same general area who are in deep denial about never being able to accomplish anything in life and would rather wrap themselves in the seductive melodrama of eternal struggle and death."

Yasser, are you listening?

Thursday, June 06, 2002

Harvard Commencement or Ending? That is the question.

As you probably know by now, Commencement this year at Harvard was marked by a Muslim student trying to show why "jihad" should not be a scary word to his fellow Americans. This guy seems to conveniently forget that historically, every time Muslims engaged in Jihad, it meant conquering territories and killing infidels who would not convert to Islam. If anyone disagrees with this, I would love to hear about any peaceful Jihad anywhere. But this is a minor detail. What is even more interesting is the reaction from a fellow Muslim student:

As Muslim-Americans, we grieve for our fellow citizens who died on Sept. 11, but we also grieve the hijacking of our faith. For us, the healing process means mourning those who were killed in the terrorist attacks as well as re-appropriating our religion from those who do harm to it.

Mr. Yasin's address about jihad is a step toward reclaiming what is ours. Muslim-Americans need to do this bit by bit, word by word, to show our fellow citizens that America has nothing to fear from Islam. Tolerance never comes easily. It often means learning about concepts that might initially seem painful or hostile. Such learning may as well begin on commencement day, when my classmates will find there is no reason to fear a Muslim talking about the meaning of an Arabic word.

OK. So let me get this straight. The point here is to convince Americans "bit by bit, word by word" that Jihad is not something to be scared of. It means teaching Americans to be tolerant, "which doesn't come easy" says this Harvard-produced bright light. No mention of course of rising up against "those who do harm to it" (I am guessing the Islamo-fascists), no, no, no...we can't do that or before we know it, some peace-loving Mullah will issue a fatwa for our head. So it is much better to put all Americans to sleep by making Jihad no more than a personal quest, a light-hearted introspection. We'd better hide the conquests and forced conversion of infidels. Might not go over well, even at Harvard!
The Palestinian mass-murderer who killed 29 Israeli during the Seder in Netanya planned to use cyanide poison gas to increase the number of casualties. Thank G-d, it failed.

If this is true, and I have no reason to suspect that it isn't, and had the mass-murderer succeeded, I would have no qualms having Israel turn part or all of the liberated territories into a giant parking lot. Yes, I admit it. I have little patience for people who would use poison gas. Those who did in the past, such as Germany during WWI ended up flattened under massive amounts of bombs. I think we should keep this is in mind and apply the same type of no nonsense approach. Anyone who decides to cross this line does not get another chance. They are toast, incinerated, finished. I would suspect that Israel would do that if Saddam ever dared to lobe some of Iraq's biological weapons of mass destruction towards Israel. Let's hope for everybody's sake that this NEVER happens.
Someone pinch me! Finally, some clarity!

I want you to read the following statement, then try to guess who made it, and then finally look at who actually made this statement. Then, pick yourself off the floor and write this guy a thank you letter. This is incredible. Here is the statement:

"We are no longer going to call it a WAR ON TERRORISM! From now on it will be called a WAR ON ISLAMISTS!" "It is a time for moral clarity. It is not a war on Muslims or a war on Islam, but Islamists; those Islamic extremists who are out to destroy Western Civilization as we know it."

It's not Bush; Colin Powell? Yeah, very funny. Nope. It is CNN's Lou Dobbs! Read his entire commentary. Then write him a letter at
US geo-political zigzags show a complete lack of vision

In this great article, Peter Beinart (the New Republic) clearly demonstrates the inconsistencies in the US handling of its war against terrorism, the Indo-Pakistani conflict and the Israel-Palestinian situation. The US has no qualms invading Afghanistan to fight its battle, constantly asks Israel to show restraint while fighting its own war on terrorism and sits smack on the fence in the India-Pakistan conflict. Go figure. The US's track record in picking "winners" (it supported and armed Saddam, the Talibans and other choice democrats) is spotty at best. Once again, why does Colin Powell still have a job?

Here's an excerpt from this excellent article:

Let's consider the similarities between the two conflicts. Like Israel, India is suffering horribly at the hands of terrorists. Last October, 31 Indians were killed in a suicide raid near the Kashmiri legislature in Srinigar. Last December, terrorists attacked the Indian parliament in New Delhi, killing 14. And this May, 34 Indians--mostly women and children--were butchered at an army base in Kashmir.

Just as Israel holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the terrorism it suffers, India holds Pakistan responsible for the terrorism in the disputed region of Kashmir. And like Israel, India has a point. In fact, Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf's relationship to Kashmiri terrorism is remarkably similar to Yasir Arafat's relationship to Palestinian terrorism. Just as Arafat spent decades plotting violence against Israel, General Musharraf spent the 1990s developing close ties to Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and Laskar-e-Taiba, two of Kashmir's primary terrorist groups. On May 29, 1999, Indian intelligence intercepted (and the CIA verified) a telephone call between Musharraf and his deputy, Lieutenant General Mohammed Aziz. In it, Aziz said of the terrorist organizations in Kashmir, "We have them by the scruff of the neck and whenever desired, we can regulate the situation."

Not the MidEast, but too important to ignore

It's little leftist but.....
Here's an intersting suggestion of what to build at Ground Zero:

A mosque.

The man who suggested it continues It would be a living testimony to the American conviction that secularity and diversity are not the enemies of faith, but are rather the very basis of spiritual strength and religious renewal. For this reason, I would ask, why not build a mosque at ground zero? And a church, and a synagogue as well? Why not erect a vast inter-religious center on the premises as a supplement to the secular, cultural, and artistic elements that will figure in the blueprint for the site’s reconstruction?

How 'bout a vote? Let us know what you think of this idea.
Just one question
Upon emerging from his swiss-cheese-lilke compound today, Arafat made this statement to the world: "No one can defeat the Palestinian people who are defending the holy sacred Christian and Muslim holy places, and we are here to defend it and we are ready to die to defend it".

Christian and Muslim holy places. What about the Jewish holy places? Time and time again, Arafat has said that this is not a war against Jews, but a war against Israelis. In fact only a short while ago, in a CNN interview, Arafat said that he had Jewish friends in "Palestine"! (Wherever the hell that is...). So, why isn't he protecting the holy places of his Jewish friends?

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Human Shields vs. Human Bombs? An interesting concept from Hillel Neuer (The New Republic).

Hillel suggests that Israel accept thousands of unmarked International observers who could mingle with the Israeli population, making homicide-bombing a much more risky business as it might result in the death of International observers. Interesting concept. I'd like to get the ball rolling by nominating a few people as front line observers. I wish them well. At the top of the list, Robert Fisk (British reporter who is a rabid Palestinian and Islamo-fascist apologist), Sven Robinson (a Canadian MP who recently went to Ramallah to show support for Arafat), Abdel Rahman (the Palestinian representative in the US, because no one can lie with as straight a face as this weasel), Bill Graham (Who, your rightly ask? He is the obscure and insignificant Canadian Foreign Minister), for embracing Arafat last week. Please feel free to add your own list. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of armchair critics out there who love to pound on Israel every time a massacre takes place.
Freudian slip for Kofi Annan?

In his now usual condemnation of homicide-bombing (never followed by any action mind you, other than more anti-Israel resolutions from his friends in the Arab world), Kofi Annan makes an interesting Freudian slip. Read on:

"The brutal and willful killing of innocent lives can never be justified, no matter what the objective. Every effort must be made to bring justice to those responsible for this cruel act," said the statement, which was carried by the Interfax news agency.

Did you see it? "Justice must be brought to those who commit these acts". Meaning that they are living in injustice right now. What Annan should have said was "Every effort must be made to bring those responsible for this cruel act to justice". OK. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that this was an honest mistake committed by a bloaded, incompetent, anti-Israel bureaucracy. Oh but wait...he is the boss of the place, which would make him responsible for this, right? Poor Kofi.
Wow...a Muslim Cleric who actually is willing to admit that Islam has to change. What will be next? Women should be equal to men? What is this world coming to? Read this article brought to us by the wonderful folks at Memri. Incredible!

Sheikh 'Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari, dean of the Faculty of Shar'iah (Islamic Law) at Qatar University, known for his liberal positions, published an article in the London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat. Following is the last paragraph of this article:

"Muslim society must understand that today's cruel attack on it, which distorts the image of Islam and the Muslims, obliges us to restore for ourselves the banner of science, culture, and progress because we urgently need a strong and modern society. We must acknowledge that we are in a state of stagnation, and must begin to change our curricula and the religious programs, with modern thought that will combine religious principles with the new reality. [We must] prepare an appropriate atmosphere for scientific research in all areas, and develop social life, in order to inspire self-confidence." sunk.

In true journalistic style, the imbeciles at (a Canadian News Organization) reported on today's suicide bus bombing in Israel as the work of a militant. You want to know the dictionary's definition of a "militant"? Having a combative character; aggressive, especially in the service of a cause: a militant political activist. You know what? I find the Arab and Palestinian supporters at my university (McGill) to be aggressive in character when it comes to supporting their cause, so I guess they can be placed in the same category as this morning's bomber right?

Now let's look at the dictionary definition of "murderer". The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice. This morning's bomber killed 16 people, not just one. So this makes him a murderer 16 times over. Why are people still calling them militants? That word makes absolutely no reference to the fact that these animals take the lives of innocent men, women and children. To me, this little detail is the same as referring to the priests who molest children as "sexually active" as opposed to "molesters". The former fails to inform readers that they are in fact molesting and raping young children. Would Tim McVeigh (the Oklahoma Bomber) be referred to as a militant or as a mass-murderer? What is the difference? Wouldn't be the fact that the victims are Jewish, would it? No, of course not! Why do we put up with deceit like that? No more double standard. I hereby declare the harassment campaign open! Write them letters! Tell them you want their journalists reprimanded. Let them know that you're not stupid and you won't stand for written garbage like that. Be heard. Write at
Our first disagreement
I think my father and I might be experiencing our first case of "creative differences", because I actually do think that the Israelis should turn Gaza and the West Bank into parking lots. (see post below). I'm expecting (or rather hoping) that Israel responds with extreme use of force sometime within the next 12 hours. There is absolutely no reason to let these crimes go unpunished. Israelis have not retaliated against the past 5 or 6 suicide attacks (a huge slap in the face to the victims and their families) and yet Israel has been given absolutely no credit for their incredible restraint. The way I see it is that Israelis have always been and will always be more culturally and intellectually superior to those who would have them killed by any means, and so they will always be treated as the "aggressor" against the poor Palestinian weaklings. Enough is enough. There is no reason to continue with this tremendous suffering. Israelis needn't worry about getting permission to clean up their surroundings. Gratitude from the West will be given once the dirty work is done and the MidEast is once again the safe and glorious place it once was.
Calling on Israel to show restraint. Israel should not turn Gaza and the West Bank into parking lots. Rather it should go in with conventional weapons and destroy the terrorist infrastructure and the terrorists once and for all. And it should stay there as long as Palestinians refuse to embrace the civilized world.

Another 16 Isrealis were massacred today when a Palestinian mass-murderer exploded a car packed with explosives near a bus. Al Jihad claimed responsibility and indicated that the murderer was from the Jenin area. Hopefully, the IDF will go back in and finish the cleanup it started in this cesspool of terrorism. Israel must start at the top and arrest all "clerics" who encourage violence and bring them to justice for crimes against humanity. After all, just like Hitler or Milocevic did not kill anyone personally, they are seen as war criminals and treated as such for ordering such crimes. Similarly, all those who encourage the mass-murder of civilians (such as the vast majority of all these "clerics"), are war criminals and should be brought to justice. If Arafat won't do it (how could he when he is also encouraging, financing and rewarding murderers), then let the IDF do it and rid the Palestinian people of these monsters who have brought nothing but corruption, misery and death to millions.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Next time you read something about the Middle East from Reuters, think twice.

By Tom Gross

Last week, the Israeli army arrested Reuters photographer Suhaib Jadallah Salem in the Gaza Strip, after a hand grenade was found in his car. Last month, a Reuters' cameraman was arrested in the West Bank, after Israel said he was "directly connected to enemy terrorist activities."

These incidents raise serious questions about the journalistic integrity of the reports issued by the Reuters news agency, which (with AP) almost every western news outlet relies on for their primary news feed from the Palestinian-controlled territories. The Committee to Protect Journalists, a reporters' rights organization based in New York, has described the arrests by Israel as an "unacceptable infringement of press freedom".

Reuters' own report on the matter, entitled "Israel detains second Reuters journalist," omits to mention the grenade found in their photographer's car.
Do you believe that the fire that destroyed the Israeli Embassy in Paris was accidental? Larry Miller wonders why the press has given virtually no coverage to this highly suspicious event.
Remember when the Djerba (Tunisia) synagogue was bombed about 2 months ago? The Tunisian government immediately released the conclusion of its investigation that it was an accident. A month later, we learned quietly that Al Queida had carried out this terrorist attack. Now, we are being fed the same pabulum by the French government. And for some reason, the media is buying it. If the US embassy burned to the ground, would the world media bury the story? My feeling exactly. Anyhow, Larry Miller is very funny as always. Well worth the read. Enjoy!
How low can Hamas get? Lower than any civilized human being could ever conceive.

In this article, Lawrence Grafstein reports on the moral dilemma tearing Hamas apart. They are actually reviewing the very morality of homicide bombing. Not from the standpoint of whether it is the right thing to do. No, no, no. They are actually debating whether 15-year old is too young and whether such young terrorists have any chance of inflicting maximum casualties on Israelis. By the way, Hamas was just invited by Arafat to join his new "reformed" cabinet. Yeah...I think we should negotiate with these monsters. Right away, with no pre-condition. Can someone shake Colin Powell up a bit? The man clearly has lost all sense of reality. Actually, "lost" may be too kind.

Here's a small sample of this excellent article.

Picking up The Washington Post recently, I found two pieces that showed just how far we have traveled down Yasir Arafat's moral dead-end road. The first was a dispatch from Gaza City by Edward Cody, which described the apparent debate over suicide bombings currently afoot in the Hamas stronghold. "Some suicide attacks, [the people and leaders of Gaza] have concluded, surpass the limits of what is acceptable, even for a people with its back against the wall," Cody reported. And what makes "some" of these attacks unacceptable? It is not, alas, the nature or the age of the targeted victims--civilians, oftentimes children. Rather, it is the age of the perpetrators and the efficacy and extent of the murder. Cody paraphrased Ismail Abu Shenab, quaintly identified as a "Hamas activist," to the effect that the attacks "should not be carried out by such young boys ... and should be planned in a way that gives them a real chance of inflicting damage on Israel."
Hizbollah planning "mega-attack" on Israel
According to recent intelligence reports, Hizbollah is planning to launch "mega-attacks" against Israel. Remember folks, Hizbollah is based in Southern Lebanon, which was "freed" of Israeli occupation over 2 years ago. Even the UN, this beacon of pro-Israel thought has certified that Israel has in fact evacuated every square inch of Lebanese territory. So, let's ask Mr. Beilin (the Israeli MK who has been such an ardent pro-Palestinian supporter) whether he still believes in Land for Peace now. Here's a case where all the land was returned and the peace never came. Am I implying that Palestinians have deceived the world's public opinion? Absolutely. Palestinian have in fact proven that in some cases, one can fool everyone, all the time.
Egypt Warned U.S. of a Qaeda Plot, Mubarak Asserts

Egyptian intelligence warned American officials about a week before Sept. 11 that Osama bin Laden's network was in the advance stages of executing a significant operation against an American target, President Hosni Mubarak said in an interview on Sunday.

Ok. so here's what I've been wondering: Let's pretend for a moment, that a week prior to 9/11, Bush came right out and alerted the American people to the fact that they had received information from Mubarak about the threat of a terrorist attack. No date, no location, no time, no target....basically, no information. Do you think anyone killed at the WTC would have stayed home from work that day as a precaution to the possible threat? Do you think any New Yorkers would have made preparations that would have saved their lives? Unfortunately, we all know that things would have most likely been the same. Is it fair to jump all over Bush and the FBI for not stopping this attack? I mean look at what they had to work with....or what they didn't have, I should say. How many of us would look at this man:

....and take what he says about America's national security seriously. Not to mention the fact that we're assuming he really did warn Bush about attacks (which, to be honest, I HIGHLY doubt anyway). With all the information that was (or wasn't) provided to the FBI and US government, we really can't criticize too much for the slip ups they may have had. This is obviously not to say that the airport security personnel are off the hook too. Surely, some passport stamper or ticket collector screwed up big time and for that they should be held accountable. I can't understand why we're all focussing so much of our time and energy trying to place blame on Bush and his team, when we practically have signed confessions from the guys in the MidEast. It seems to me that our energy should be refocused on uniting together to finish the job that the US and allied armies began in Afghanistan and the rest of the terrorist infected world....but of course that's just my opinion.
Well this is nice!

Muslim children 'kill' Israelis on UK-made 'Islamic Fun' CD

A British company is producing an educational CD-Rom that encourages Muslim children as young as five to "kill" Israelis.

The CD, called Islamic Fun!, is being sold for £19.95 from a suburban home in Crawley, West Sussex. One of the games on the disc, obtained by The Independent on Sunday, is called The Resistance and tells children playing it: "You are a farmer in south Lebanon who has joined the Islamic Resistance to defend your land and family from the invading Zionists."

Check out this crock....

Abbas Panjwani, the director of the company Innovative Minds, which produces Islamic Fun! said: "The game does not target any human beings including soldiers, it targets Israeli tanks. From that point of view it's no different from any other war game. It does not target any religious or racial group including the Jewish community. In fact its educational content teaches children the difference between Judaism and Zionism."
I wonder what's cookin'....

White House invites Sharon unexpectedly for talks

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is scheduled to meet with President George W. Bush at the White House on Monday, according to a surprise announcement made last night by the White House.
The values they teach their children...

Charles Johnson uncovers after-school specials on Palestinian television:

In the short film features, which air at two or three in the afternoon (for optimum viewing by children), a gang of Israeli soldiers (played by Egyptian and Palestinian actors) decides to use the ten-year-old Palestinian soccer kids as shooting targets.

There is no reason for the attack by the Israeli soldiers, most of whom are pictured wearing kipot or yarmulkes-the Jewish skull caps worn by religious Jews.

After killing several of the kids in the middle of the field, the Israeli
soldiers are seen patting each other on the back laughingly while the camera moves in for a close-up shot of the dead Palestinian children.

(via Damian Penny)
The creation of Israel resulted solely from U.S. pressure.


When the UN took up the question of Palestine, President Harry Truman explicitly said the United States should not "use threats or improper pressure of any kind on other delegations." Some pressure was nevertheless exerted and the U.S. played a key role in securing support for the partition resolution. U.S. influence was limited, however, as became clear when American dependents like Cuba and Greece voted against partition, and El Salvador and Honduras abstained.

Many members of the Truman Administration opposed partition, including Defense Secretary James Forrestal, who believed Zionist aims posed a threat to American oil supplies and its strategic position in the region. The Joint Chiefs of Staff worried that the Arabs might align themselves with the Soviets if they were alienated by the West. These internal opponents did a great deal to undermine U.S. support for the establishment of a Jewish state.

Although much has been written about the tactics of the supporters of partition, the behavior of the Arab states has been largely ignored. They were, in fact, actively engaged in arm-twisting of their own at the UN trying to scuttle partition.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Interesting parallel between the Israeli-Palestinian and the India-Pakistan conflicts on the Debka File site. And lots of behind the scene information about the geopolitics of G. W. Bush. It appears that the US is getting ready for the next phase of its war on terrorism, namely pre-emptive actions. I remain unconvinced but would love to be proven wrong!

Thanks to a new illustrious reader for pointing Debka File to us. A really worthy addition to our site. Thanks!

Of particular interest is the following excerpt:

3 June: In a lengthy speech to West Point graduates Sunday, President George W. Bush articulated a shift in his war on global terror. The familiar threats to “rout them out” or “find them wherever they are” were replaced for the first time by a warning to Americans “to be ready for pre-emptive action to defend our liberty and to defend our lives”. Warning of the continuing danger, he said, “We must take the battle to the enemy, disrupt its plans, and confront the worst threats before they emerge.”
Last week, the former secretary of state George Shultz spoke of a war that is “not just one of hot pursuit, but of hot pre-emption”- a buzz phrase quickly adopted by the New York Times columnist William Safire.
However, Shultz, addressing the US Foreign Service, defined his terms precisely: He refuted the oft-heard complaint (notably, in relation to the Palestinians) that it is impossible to distinguish “terrorists” from “freedom fighters.” President Reagan’s secretary of state ventured to do just that. Terrorists, he said, practice “random violence on as large a scale as possible against civilian populations to make their points or get their way,” he said. The battle must be taken to such forces before they strike, he added.
New definitions for the war on terror are all the rage in Washington these days. A semantic barrage is filling an urgent need to clear minds on ways and means of combating terror and, no less urgently, to clear away yesterday’s truisms cluttering up today’s tactical terrain.
In the same vein as the last post, here is a great critique of the International Conference that Powell and Co. are planning for the Middle East. Robert Tracinsky is right on the money on this one.

This conference, which can only be seen as a reward for Arafat organizing, funding and then condemning terror and slaughter for 20 months cannot take place until Palestinians and Arab countries have made one thing clear: Israel has the right to exist and defend itself. Until then, no deal...actually, no talk either.

So Powell and Graham (the Canadian Foreign Minister), smoke this!
Bush believes in equal opportunity; in his cabinet he hires visible minorities, disabled individuals, men, women and idiots like this.....

Powell rules Israel not barred from ICRC activities

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has ruled Israel is not barred from participating in the International Committee for the Red Cross.

WASHINGTON - United States Secretary of State Colin Powell has ruled Israel is not barred from participating in the International Committee for the Red Cross despite a dispute over emblems that has barred it from full membership for decades.

"I hereby determine that the Magen David Adom Society of Israel is not being denied participation in the activities of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement," Powell was quoted as saying in a May 5 ruling published on Friday in the daily Federal Register of U.S. laws.

So let me get this straight...Magen David Adom applies (on several occasions) for membership into the Red Cross Association and gets rejected every single time due to their insistence on keeping the Star of David as their official symbol. The Palestinian Red Crescent is accepted into the Red Cross Association, despite their refusal to put the red cross on their ambulances. Powell sees no problem with this double standard. While the Red Cross clearly states that MDA will NOT be given full membership into the Association, Powell makes a statement claiming that they are being allowed into the Association. Keep moving big surprise here.

The majority of the population in Palestine was Arab; therefore, a unitary Arab state should have been created.


At the time of the 1947 partition resolution, the Arabs did have a majority in western Palestine as a whole — 1.2 million Arabs versus 600,000 Jews. But the Jews were a majority in the area allotted to them by the resolution and in Jerusalem.

Prior to the Mandate in 1922, Palestine’s Arab population had been declining. Afterward, Arabs began to come from all the surrounding countries. In addition, the Arab population grew exponentially as Jewish settlers improved the quality of health conditions in Palestine.

The decision to partition Palestine was not determined solely by demographics; it was based on the conclusion that the territorial claims of Jews and Arabs were irreconcilable, and that the most logical compromise was the creation of two states. Ironically, that same year, 1947, the Arab members of the United Nations supported the partition of the Indian sub-continent and the creation of the new, predominantly Muslim state of Pakistan.
"Houston, we have a problem". Arafat is facing a dilema. One of the 6 super-terrorists currently under UK/US guard in Jericho has been ordered freed by a Palestinian court. Yet, part of the deal was to keep this guy in jail. Hum....what to do, what to do, what to do...

Sharon comes to the rescue.

"We will take all the necessary steps so that it will not be possible to release a person who was involved in murder, who ordered murder, and whose organization carries out murders to this day," Sharon told reporters.

Do you think this guy has any kind of life expectancy? So Arafat will release the guy and Israel will do the dirty work that Arafat should have done all along. And the world will once again condemn Israel and praise Arafat for being a man of peace, who after all, released this guy following the order of a court, thus showing that he is a law-abiding leader. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?
A fascinating list of known and lesser-known terrorists. As per my previous post, where are the Goldbergs, Andersons, McArthurs on this list? Surely it must be an oversight. How can it possibly be that they all have Middle Eastern sounding names?

Thanks Damian for pointing it out.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Political Correctness CAN kill. Actually, it did...close to 3,000 people. Read this brilliant column by Mark Steyn (National Post).

Here, in an excerpt, Steyn described how the now infamous "Phoenix Memo" was overlooked not by mistake, but deliberately so as not to have to profile "Middle Eastern men taking flying lessons". And exactly how many blond, Norwegian, senior citizens or other recognizable groups have hijacked planes lately? Things haven't changed since September 11; we are still smack in the middle of a debaucherie of political correctness. This is why the 80-year old lady gets padded down at the airport just as anyone named Mohammed or Waheed does. We will never learn.

Example Number Two: another memo from last summer, this time the "Phoenix memo." Agent Kenneth Williams filed a report on an alarming trend he'd spotted and, just to make sure you didn't have to plough through a lot of stuff to get to the meat, the Executive Summary at the top read: "Usama bin Laden and Al-Muhjiroun supporters attending civil aviation universities/colleges in Arizona."

Three weeks ago, FBI Director Mueller was asked why the Bureau had declined to act on the memo. He said: "There are more than 2,000 aviation academies in the United States. The latest figure I think I heard is something like 20,000 students attending them. And it was perceived that this would be a monumental undertaking without any specificity as to particular persons."

A "monumental undertaking"? OK, there are 20,000 students. Eliminate all the women, discount Irv Goldbloom of Queens and Jock MacNab of Aberdeen and Rene Purlaine of Lac St Jean and just concentrate on fellows with names like ... oh, I dunno, Mohammed, and Waleed, and Ahmed. How many would that be? 150? 200? Say it's 500. Is Mueller really saying that the FBI with all its resources cannot divert 10 people to go through 2,000 names apiece and pull out the ones worth running through the computer?

...but go and read the whole thing, it is worth it.

Note to self...if you want to be part of the Palestinian Government, make sure you kill Israelis, lots of them.

In a move surely geared to showing the world that he is a credible partner for peace, Yasser Arafat has just asked four terrorist groups (including Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) to join his "reformed cabinet". Ok, so hang on, let me get this kill Israelis (if possible, make sure you focus mostly on toddlers, women and grandmothers having pizza or ice cream), you scream from the roof-tops that your goal is to kill a lot more of them, you officially state that you want to destroy the State of Israel and after all that, as a reward, you get asked to be in the new and improved Palestinian Cabinet. Now, how can anyone thinking straight not see what a serious peace-loving man Arafat is? Now, he is making homicide-bombing not only mainstream, but actually a ticket to his inner circle. And there I was doubting that the man actually deserved the Nobel Terrorism Prize...the insanity has now reached a level that even Orwell, in his wildest dream could not have imagined. Repeat after me...let's all show "restraint".
We're off to a cottage to have some fun!!! We'll be back tomorrow with more great stuff! See ya!

Israel has a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East and is able to conceal it by refusing to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.


Israel's decision not to be bound by the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is based largely on the grounds that the treaty has done little to stem nuclear proliferation in the region. Iraq is a signatory to the NPT, and yet was able to amass a large amount of nuclear material without the knowledge of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Israel has called for the creation of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East and has stated many times that it will not be the first state to introduce nuclear weapons into the region. Simultaneously, numerous Middle Eastern countries have been trying to build their own nonconventional capabilities.

In addition to Iraq, which is believed to possess the materials to produce a bomb, Algeria, Syria and Iran all have ongoing covert programs to develop an atomic weapon.
Suicide bombing math...
(via Damian Penny)

Justin Weitz has written a fascinating statistical analysis of civilian casualties in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Everyone knows that the Palestinian side has suffered three times as many deaths as the Israelis. We're constantly reminded of this by pro-Palestinian activists, who use this as evidence that the Israelis are in the wrong. (Presumably, they'd start supporting Israel if the Palestinians successfully launched a 9/11-style attack in Tel Aviv, right? Right?)

Weitz, however, notes that far more of the women and children who have died were Israelis:

While it is true that more Palestinians have died in the two years of uprising than Israelis, this is to be expected. Urban gunfights kill people, such as Mohammed al-Dura, the 12-year-old boy who was actually killed by Palestinian shots in 2000. (Of course, Israel was blamed. What did you expect?) While we say the facts behind the numbers lie, the numbers also lie. According to Jerusalem Media & Communications Center, a Palestinian research organization (which isn't too keen on Israel), 37 Palestinian women were killed between September 30, 2000 and May 7, 2002. This is 2.8% of all Palestinians killed in that period. During the identical period, according to figures issued by Israel's Foreign Ministry, 126 Israeli women were murdered by Palestinians. In other words, 25% of the total Israelis murdered were innocent women. Another Palestinian research group, the Palestinian Monitor, recorded that 11.7% of those killed were children under the age of 15. 57.7% of all Israelis killed were under age 15.

Remember these figures when you get into an argument with a suicide-bombing apologist.