Saturday, June 29, 2002

Everyone's favorite sex-therapist is in the Holy Land!


US-based sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer is in Israel apparently on a solidarity visit, sources said. Dr. Ruth, as she is fondly known, arrived in the country over the last few days and is staying at a hotel in Tel Aviv, a hotel employee confirmed today.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Contrast this with the picture of the baby dressed as a homicide bomber.

This is a picture of a little girl who was killed last week by a homicide bomber in Jerusalem. She was shredded to pieces. And to make things even better, the nails in the bomb were covered with poison. Yep, we must negotiate with these animals. Or wipe them out. Tough decision isn't it?

OK. I admit I could be convinced that Bush's speech has some value and that the State Department actually lost this battle.

I hope I was wrong and this speech marks the beginning of a new era of American non-intervention until the Palestinians have reformed. Charles Krauthammer thinks so.

My favorite quote though..."Asking Arafat to renounce terrorism is like asking Tiger Woods to stop playing golf". Right on.
Surprise...Iran and Iraq are developing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). And, of course, Powell and company can guarantee that, based on Arafat's stellar record of moderation and respect for human lives, the Palestinian state that they dream up in their fantasy world would neither acquire nor use any of these WMD against Israel. Is he a goof or what?

Sobering thoughts. The "moderate" President of Iran has said publicly that if Iran acquired WMD, he would use them against Israel. In the case of Saddam, we know he already used such weapons against the Kurds several years ago. Now that it appears that both Iran and Iraq are once again engaged in this type of arms race, we can only hope that:
a. Israel destroys the factories (as they destroyed the nuclear reactor being built in Ozirat (Iraq) in 1981);
b. That Iran and Iraq use as many of these weapons as possible on each other;
c. That Powell be in the neighborhood when this happens so he can have a first hand understanding of what his approach is bringing onto innocent people.
Could you imagine yourself watching a commercial about the merits of becoming a mass murderer? Look no further, just turn on Arafat's TV channel. It's right there...with the virgins and all. Clearly these people are from a different planet.

Thanks to Grasshoppa for pointing out this pearl. As late as June 27th (yesterday), this wonderful piece of incitement played on Palestinian TV. I guess they will probably claim that, like the picture of the toddler dressed up as a suicide bomber, this little snippet of Arab culture was a joke...Sure Yasser, we know you are such a piece-loving type of guy...that would be loving Israelis in pieces, right? Monsters!
The punishment fits the crime.....seriously

JPost: Israel sentences young would-be bomber
JERUSALEM - A 16-year-old Palestinian boy who tried to blow himself up when approached by Israeli police has been put in prison for life.

He failed to end his own life, so the court metaphorically ended it for him. Good riddance.
More ammunitions showing how weak Bush's speech really was.

Hey, here's another guy, Spencer Ackerman (The New Republic) who thinks that Bush's speech was weak. He also points out yet another contradiction in Bush's foreign policy. The candidate Bush swore he would not engage in Nation Building. President Bush on another hand announced the US terms for Nation Building in the Middle East. Interesting how reality often destroy the most sensibly thought out plan. Poor George!
Some people have too much time on their hands!

An ode to Chair-Man Arafat
Can you say "target"?

JPost: Gay Pride Parade underway in Tel Aviv

Today's Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv is underway, with security for several thousand reported marchers being provided by 500 police, border police, civil guards, and parade volunteers. Homosexual couples can now register as "married" at he city's municipality. City council member and activist Michal Eden carried out a signing ceremony for a couple during the event.

I love it! Despite their brutally oppressive surroundings, they're most progressive than most of the Western world.

NaziMedia, as IndyMedia has come to be known, is using this photo to try and prove that Bush has converted to Judaism, hence his "extreme pro-Israel bias". I'm sure his pro-Israel stance has nothing to do with the fact that Israel's enemies are scary terrorists.

(via Damian Penny)
A Bible prophecy coming true?

The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that expelling the families of genocide bombers is illegal under current Isreali law. There are talks that the law will be amended to allow such a measure. Now read what the Bible says about Molech (as related by Naomi Ragen), a tribe which practiced children sacrifices:

In the bible, God warns people not to join the despicable cult of Molech, in which parents made human sacrifices of their sons and daughters. The land would vomit them out, the Bible warns. People who have turned maternity wards into bomb factories, and infants into weapons; people who train innocent children to aspire to death and mass murder as the highest form of life, do not deserve to be recognized as having a culture worth preserving and nuturing. They deserve to have the land and the world vomit them out.

Let's hope that these families of degenerates who encourage and glorify murder, genocide, suffering and racism eventually get thrown out forever.
Jews vs. Palestinians - a wonderful contrast brought to you by Noami Ragen


It is Friday, June 21, 2002. In today's edition of the Hebrew daily Yediot Acharonot, there appear two pictures of Palestinian babies. One is a photo found by a Jewish soldier while searching the home of a wanted terrorist in Hebron. It is a picture of a beautiful, wide-eyed baby upon whom someone has "lovingly" strapped an infant-sized suicide belt filled with explosives, as well as wrapping its tiny forehead in the red banner of the "Shahid." (see picture in a previous posting below).

On the next page, is the picture of Dr.Shimon Silven of Hadassah Hosptial lovingly holding in his arms a Palestinian toddler, Salsabil of East
Jerusalem, who had lived in a bubble since birth owing to a rare disease that killed her brother. Dr. Silven has been able to cure her, and give hope to other "bubble" children throughout the world with his new genetically-engineered bone marrow transplants.

That's who we Jews are. And that's who our enemies are.

I find it absolutely uplifting to know that in spite of the ongoing horror perpetrated by Palestinians upons Jews and Arabs daily, there still are people who devote their life to research and to reducing human suffering. Imagine still believing in doing medical research while knowing that you and your loved ones could be blown to bits any day, any time. Is that not the highest form of optimism?

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Oh great...not only are they terrorists, but they're racist to boot! And they insulted my role model! Take it back scum!

Palestinian newspaper slurs Rice as 'the dark-complexioned lady'

An article appearing this week in the Palestinian Authority newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, criticizes US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice as "the dark- complexioned lady" whose policies have "dealt a blow to the image of the African-American in the eyes of the vast majority of the world's inhabitants."

Don't you just love it when fundamentalist Islamic terrorists try and speak for the entire world? You know Mr. Al-Jadeeda, I haven't heard too many complaints about Condi. Being a woman and all, we didn't expect the Arabs to like her, but we never thought they'd get so openly bigoted about it either. I can't wait for Condi's name to be on the ticket in 2008. If she makes it there, you'll know where to find me......her campaigning office.
Look mom! Sears portrait center got new costumes for their spring promotion!

This photo was released today by the IDF after they found it in the home of a Palestinian terrorist that they raided.

Hmm.....given the stunned look on this boy's face, I wonder what he's thinking. "You want me to do what with these bombs? Are they nuts?!?! How could my parents do this to me?"

(via Little Green Footballs)
It's because they're not Americans.....

Recently I've heard much discussion about Bush's MidEast (no)Plan. Many seem to think that once Palestinians get a taste of democracy, freedom and the "American dream", they'll finally see the light and come to their senses. What so many fail to recognize, or refuse to accept, is the fact that the "American dream" is just's American. While I'm not usually one to whine and complain about American ethnocentrism, I feel that Bush (or more specifically, his speech writers) has been blinded by his ethnocentric beliefs that everyone; no matter what race, religion, ethnicity or nationality, wants to live like Americans. They don't. Western culture and the American dream have been built upon secular values (or non-values, depending on how you look at it) that are completely absent from religious ideologies, especially fundamentalist Islam. For the most part, religion is not about freedom and liberty and free enterprise and democracy, so Bush really missed the mark when he said that Palestinians want and deserve a "democracy and the rule of law. You deserve an open society and a thriving economy. You deserve a life of hope for your children. An end to occupation and a peaceful democratic Palestinian state".

So, did Bush make a major error in judgement by believing that Palestinians want what we want? Of course he didn't! Despite appearances, I still maintain that Bush is not a complete idiot. He's a puppet for intelligent people who give him ideas and write his speeches. These people know that Palestinians are, and will continue to be for several generations, driven by extreme ideas created and maintained by fundamentalist Islamists who would like nothing more than to conquer the world and convert us all. So why'd they do it? Americans (and all Westerners) have a fear of the unknown (which I'm guessing is partially due to our secular tendencies) and a fear and aversion to things and people that are not like us. We are not willing to accept the fact that not everyone is nice and kind and friendly and good at heart. We refuse to see that some people don't want peace. It's beyond us. Had Bush made a speech about how disgusted he is that Palestinians are happier to be at war than to live in peace, Americans (and the rest of the West) may have turned against the Arabs quickly; a fate unsuited for Bush's "...we love the Arab world. Islam is beautiful." stance on fighting terror.

Why are people in denial? Why are politicians in denial? Why can't we just accept the fact that we are fighting with ruthless enemies and may have to be more ruthless if we want to win. Unfortunately we have to adopt an "us against them" attitude or else, in the end, it will be just "them".
Daily Feature!

"Millions of Palestinians are confined to squalid refugee camps."


By the middle of 2000, the number of Palestinian refugees on UNRWA rolls had risen to 3.7 million, five or six times the number that left Palestine in 1948. One-third of the registered Palestine refugees, about 1.1 million, live in 59 recognized refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The other two-thirds of the registered refugees live in and around the cities and towns of the host countries, and in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, often in the environs of official camps.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Looks like Bush's plan is a dud! None of the other G8 leaders endorsed it. No wonder!

There's a very simple reason for that: it is NOT a plan. It is not even a vision. It's an embarrassment. All it did was present some fairly obvious platitudes about the benefits of democracy, law and order, peace and respect for others. Great stuff. Unfortunately, those it was intended to have no concept of what these things mean. Reminds me of the commercials for literacy where people who cannot read are encouraged to look up the closest literacy office in the Yellow Pages. I am not kidding! But I digress. Have Palestinians and Arabs in general ever experienced anything even close to any of these concepts? Democracy? Not in any of the Arab countries which range from ruthless dictatorships to strict monarchies. Law and order? Sure, but only for those who make the laws, i.e. Saddam, Ayatollahs, etc...they abide by their laws and make sure order reigns so they can continue their corrupt regimes. Peace and respect for others? Sure, in a society which has institutionalized the repression of women, the indoctrination of children in the use of weapons since kindergarten, the lynching of "collaborators" and encourages racism against other religions, these concepts are simply meaningless.
So given this blatant ignorance of the values of Arab and Palestinian societies, one can only hope that Bush will go back to his original intention of staying out of the conflict and concentrating on domestic issues. Think Worldcom George.

As far as this blog goes, we had a splendid day yesterday! After being nominated as one of the "Ten Best Unknown Sites" by Right Wing News, several first-class blogs linked to one of our many posts. Among those we'd like to thank are Damian Penny, Little Green Footballs, and Right Wing News.

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Well will ya look at that!

Palestinians will be holding an election in January 2003. Major concerns among Western leaders are that the Palestinians will actually democratically (hahaha yeah right) vote Arafat into office again.

Perhaps I'm seeing the world through rose colored lenses here, but I think that if Arafat were to be elected in 2003, this would make quite a strong statement about the desires of the Palestinian people. Obviously one could not say that they want to move towards peace after having voted for Arafat. Anyone who casts a ballot in his name is nothing more than a war-loving masochist.

There is little doubt in my mind that if Arafat runs again (and I think it's clear that he will) he stands a strong chance at winning. Maybe then the world will wake up and realize that Palestinians are not just another group of people who long for the simple pleasures in life - work, family, peace; and that many of them are in fact fanatical Islamists who want nothing more than to rid the world of Israel and proceed to the next war that they will pick against other "infidels".

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

What we hate...(borrowed from Naomi Ragen's wonderful site)

This open letter to Palestinians and the rest of the world is very long and very good. It touched us enough that we decided to post the letter in its entirety. We hope it clears up the misconception that we (supporters of Israel) arbitrarily hate people......we don't! Here's exaclty what we hate...

What I Hate

By Angela

I was recently wrongly accused of hating Palestinians, always picturing them in a black light and of being a fascist - I hope the following will clear up the misconceptions.You ask me why I hate Palestinians – I don’t hate Palestinians and I have no doubt there are many good ones – unfortunately these are not the ones who hold power, have any say, or who we ever hear about.

Let me tell you what I hate.

I hate the barbarism
I hate the evil
I hate the Intifada
I hate the 72 suicide bombings.
I hate the fact that 559 Israelis most of them civilians and many children are dead.
I hate the fact that 4188 Israelis have injuries some of them so horrific that they are missing limbs, some having burns on over 60% of their bodies and some have nails and shrapnel embedded in them.
I hate all the lives that have been senselessly destroyed.
I hate the feeling of desolation, isolation and desperation that is felt every-time a suicide bomber succeeds.
I hate the EU who sponsors books for children which incite hate against
I hate mothers who don’t love their children.
I hate watching grown men crowd onto the streets of Gaza or Jenin or Ramallah shooting their guns loudly in the air and whooping for joy after Israelis have been killed.
I hate hearing tales of poverty, yet the ammunition and infrastructure for building bombs goes on and on, day in day out, unabated, never running short of funds.
I hate this monster of a leader they have who feebly condemns each vile act in English for the T.V. cameras while shouting Jihad to his people in Arabic.
I hate watching the PA arrest terrorists while shaking their hands and
joking with them.
I hate Hamas, Al Aksa, Fatah, PFLOP, Jihad, and the Tanzim
I hate fathers who hide behind small children while they throw stones at soldiers.
I hate the media who don’t give anywhere near the same press for Israel’s dead as they do for Palestinian dead.
I hate looking at pictures of small children posing with rifles in their hands.
I hate always having to read the names of our dead in newspapers.
I hate fearing for my teenage son every time he goes out.

For pity’s sake take your head out of that sand where you have deeply buried it and look at what I’m looking at. Look at the evil all around you. Look at the incitement to hate that is part of every Palestinians daily life.
Look at small children in pushchairs wheeled around with bands around their head saying death to Jew’s, death to Israel. Look at children of 8 or 9 burning Israeli flags. Look at mothers who are proud of their murdering children. Look at what’s going on around you!

You talk about me seeing all black. Give me a glimmer of hope, tell me
about an organization in these areas that have continuously condemned and raged about these vile acts of terrorism. Who are they?? What do they say??? Who listens to them??? Do you realize that a recent poll showed 80% of the population supported suicide bombers???

How can you say that yes they must be given a state. Why should terror be rewarded. This will mark a precedent for the future where every nation will see that terror works. That cannot be allowed to happen.

It’s being able to look at the situation and see if for the evil it is. It’s not talking to one simple man in Tulkarem and asking him if the Palestinians get all the land will they stop the killings. I didn’t see you approach him on the fact that Palestinians have built twice as many settlements as the Jews. I didn’t see you ask him if he condemned suicide bombers. I didn’t see you ask him about his own vile and dehumanized leadership who encourage and incite terror and hatred. I didn’t hear you ask him why they always blame Israel for their poverty and conditions. I didn’t see you ask him why in 1947 they were offered a state and turned it down choosing to go to war with us instead.

This isn’t fascism – this is realism. It’s getting to grips with what’s going on around you. It’s knowing full well that if a suicide bomber walks into the restaurant where you are eating pizza he’s not going to give a damn about you or your views.

Wake up – this is exactly the same as when the Nazis came into power and all those nice German Jews thought it would pass or nothing bad would happen to them. The state of Israel was built on the ashes of the holocaust so Jews will never again go quietly to their slaughter. You and so-called liberal minded people are doing exactly the same as those poor Jews of Germany.

What I hate most of all is writing letters like these.

It would appear that I am not the only one who thinks that Bush missed a great opportunity NOT to reward terrorism

Daniel Pipes argues along the same line in today's National Post.
Colin Powell strikes again. When is Bush going to dump this imbecile?
More pictures from the nursery school graduation...

The future children of the "democratic" Palestine that Bush speaks of.....

....the burning of an Israeli flag...

(click on the above link to view more pictures)
Bush's speech has Powell signature all over. What a tremendous missed opportunity.

Showing once again a complete misunderstanding of the psyche of the parties involved in the Middle East, Bush has de facto rewarded the Palestinians for 2 years of murders, violence, incitement and hatred. Good job Colin. Let's look closer. 2 years ago, when Arafat started the intifada, the Palestinians had broken every single provision of the Oslo accord and were looking for a way to get yet more out of Israel: its forces, rather than being involved in security, were involved in terrorism, children were being taught hatred for Jews in school, the PA was getting about $5B of aid from the EU with no strings attached and in spite of all this, Palestinians were getting free health care and social services from Israel. But this wasn't enough of course. In comes Arafat, whose relevance is proportional to the level of violence in the area. He unleashes an army of mass murderers on Israel, sacrificing thousands of his own people to boost his own stature and to sink Oslo once and for all. 2 years later, he has succeeded brilliantly. Against all historical evidence, Arafat has managed to convince the world that a Palestinian state is inevitable. Against all odds, he retains absolute power over the Palestinian people, having overstayed his mandate by 3 years and by having mobs execute any dissenter. In spite of 70 mass murders of Israelis resulting in over 550 deaths and 4000 injured, there are massive demonstrations in the world equating Israel to Nazi Germany and screaming for yet more murders. His own cronies get top billing on all news organizations spouting lies and hatred towards Israel at every opportunity they get. Anti-semitism, whipped into a frenzy in Europe and North American university campuses is at its highest level in over half a century.

And yet, Bush, I mean Powell, in his wisdom is now equating the suffering of Israelis who are burying their women and children daily with the plight of Palestinians who have been kept by Arafat and Arab countries in camps in spite of aid on a scale unequalled anywhere, any time in history. He is now asking Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders and return land it captured after being attacked 4 times by savage hordes. And he called for rewarding the Palestinians with a state where they can now plot for the ultimate destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its inhabitants under the cover of sovereignty and secrecy. And he is too coward to even name Arafat by name when asking for his removal from power once and for all.

And this is the man who has declared war on terrorism? Please. Osama and Yasser must be laughing so hard over the naivety, stupidity and lack of understanding from this administration. I suggest Bush go back to his ranch in Texas. He can even invite Yasser to come and spend some quality time with him. Sure beats Ramallah. John McCain for President!

Monday, June 24, 2002

Remember this?.....

Take a look at the next generation!

This picture was taken at a nursery school graduation for Palestinian children. It gives a whole new spin to the saying "Everything I need to know I learned in nursery school".

(Courtesy of Project One Soul and Little Green Footballs)
BREAKING NEWS: Bush has asked Palestinians to replace Arafat as the leader of the PA as a first step towards the creation of a Palestinian state.

If this turns out to be true, this could be very interesting. As I suggested last week, Arafat should have his suitcase packed because he will be leaving for a long long trip very very soon. My guess would be Tunis, Tripoli, Bhagdad or Damascus. Not much of a guess mind you, this covers pretty much the worst of the worst, doesn't it? He could also wound up in Paris where his wife and child are staying.
Stay tuned.

A very slim ray of hope?

Apparently, according to Marianne Meed Ward (Toronto Sun), 50 Palestinians have taken an ad condemning the homicide bombings and demanding an end to the violence. Mind you, she neither mentions names or even the newspaper(s) in which the ad was placed (it could be some obscure rag to which no other Palestinian have access, possibly). But nevertheless, here we have 50 Palestinians who, in spite of the risk to their life for being "collaborators", are coming out against the standard line of the bombers being the fault of the Israelis persecuting the poor little Palestinians. This is pretty incredible. I wish these people the best although I suspect that they will not likely be heard from again anytime soon. Always a cynic.
A Palestinian state is the worst idea...for the Palestinians, that is.

In the Weekly Standard, Daniel Doron demonstrates why a Palestinian state, an accepted concept today among all politically correct circles, actually is the worst possible outcome for the average Palestinian. In fact, while the Palestinian lived under Israeli control, before the Oslo disaster, their GDP went up by 400% in a few years, their health, wealth and education improved dramatically, and when surveyed, 95% of Palestinians said they would rather have Israeli papers rather than Palestinian papers under the PA administration. Then Arafat realized that he was losing the political battle on the ground from his own people for a "Palestinian state" and he unleashed the worst kind of violence on his people and on Israel. The man is a monster. A repulsive monster, that's all there is to it.

During the quarter century from the Six Day War till the Oslo Accords, from 1967 to 1993, political stalemate actually enabled a quiet peace. In those years, Israel maintained a modicum of law and order in Palestinian areas, and the Palestinian economy flourished, its GDP more than quadrupling. The Palestinian standard of living rose dramatically. Infant mortality fell, seven new colleges and universities were established (where none had existed under Jordanian rule), and the welfare of the people, especially of women and children, improved so much that the birth rate soared.

Most Palestinians seemed to prefer this slowly evolving peace to the political ambitions of their leaders. Thus, shortly after Oslo but before PLO incitement had infected their minds and provoked bloody clashes with Israel, the Palestinian inhabitants of East Jerusalem were asked to choose to receive either Palestinian Authority or Israeli identity papers. Over 95 percent chose Israeli. They did so despite disliking Israeli occupation and loathing Israeli bureaucracy (which drives even Israelis up the wall). They cared more about feeding their families and advancing their personal interests than grabbing for instant political gratification.

CNN can't even count anymore...what's the deal here? Actually, they are manipulating the numbers. Pure and simple.

In trying desperately to redeem itself over its blatantly one-sided coverage of the Middle East, and following the scandals created by both the idiotic Ted Turner and the broadcast of a 15-minute interview with a mother of a Palestinian mass murderer, CNN is now trying to shift its focus onto the Israeli victims of the terror. So today, it proudly announced that 1 in every 25,000 Israelis (26,392 to be precise) has been killed by terrorists acts since January 1st. True, but why go back only to January 1st? Because if one goes back to the beginning of Arafat's second organized slaughter of Israeli women and children, the count goes up to 550+. Now, the picture looks quite different. There are about 5 million Israelis. That would be 1 in 9,000 killed in 21 months. On a per capita basis, the 9/11 acts killed 1 in 100,000 Americans. This means that terror in Israel has proportionally killed 11 times more Israelis than 9/11 killed Americans. Anyone wants to take a wild guess as to why Israel is not totally ecstatic at the prospect of rewarding terror on this scale with its own state? Duh....!

Sunday, June 23, 2002

It's cleanup time again in the territories. The Israeli army is calling up reservists and starting Operation Defensive Shield II. Let's see how long it takes before Bush, I mean Powell, asks Israel to withdraw and stop the "invasion".

According to Israel National Radio, the second phase of Operation Defensive Shield is now underway:
The IDF began calling up reservists today on emergency orders, as the country eagerly and anxiously awaits the possible beginning of Operation Defensive Shield II. Some 60 tanks entered Kalkilye last night and took up positions in several neighborhoods in the city, in what has become known as Operation Determined Stand.
Happy B-Day Saddam!...may it be your last!

The Bush administration is still paralyzed because of poltical correctness.

Don't think so? Then why is the Director of the FBI, Robert Muller, planning to address the American Muslim Council? He claims that the AMC is "the most mainstream Muslim organization in America". Yet, as Daniel Pipes points out, the AMC openly supports terrorist organizations and its leaders have a long history of terrorist and questionable activities. Remember when Bush kept making the claim that "Islam is a peace loving religion"? Well, these peace loving Muslim sure have a weird way of showing their love for peace. But then again, the FBI has shown the depth of its incompetence in so many ways, maybe Mueller just didn't get the memo.
Accident my ass!

After truly exhaustive investigations, the Tunisian government deemed the synagogue bombing "an accident" and while the whole world sat back in laughter, they maintained their claims. But today a report was released saying that...

Report: Bin-Laden, and company are alive and well; Al Qaida claims Tunisia synagogue bombing

This of course, simply proves our point that the Tunisian government is just another corrupt Muslim if there were ever any doubt.
Oh yes!!! There is a God!

REUTERS - Peres threatens to resign over security fence

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres issued a veiled threat today to resign from the cabinet, apparently in protest against plans to include parts of the West Bank inside a security barricade being constructed to prevent terrorist infiltrations.

Threatens? Threatens? Please!
Yes Mr, Peres, the fence is horrific. I think you absolutely should leave in protest. In fact, show them who's boss and don't even give them time to beg you to stay. Just pack up and leave NOW!