Saturday, July 20, 2002

It looks like the French have turned a corner in their Foreign Policy since the socialist government was soundly defeated in the last general elections.
What is more significant is that, according to the Warren reports, the French were really calling the shots for Europe when it came to its foreign policy towards the Middle East. Now, a much more Washington-friendly bunch is in charge in Paris and changes are already being felt and seen.

What was even more remarkable than this leak, was the absence of outrage to accompany it. The French as other European governments are increasingly resigned to the inevitable in the Middle East: i.e. regime changes in Iraq and Iran and Syria, and perhaps even in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere down the road. (President Bush's disowning of Yasser Arafat being a stage along this way.)

I get the sense that something really big is going to happen in the Middle East sooner rather than later. Give it no more than 6 weeks.
Tic toc tic toc...looks like the clock is ticking in Iran. Hopefully, the end is near for the regime of murderous clerics and Ayatollahs.

In a further sign that the regime was losing its grip, it then confined its police to barracks in Isfahan, as it had done the previous day in Tehran -- doubting their loyalty. Instead they sent foreign thugs with paramilitary training, chiefly Palestinian and Iraqi Arabs, and Uzbeks and Tadzhiks from Afghanistan, to beat the demonstrators down. It was a desperate measure -- an implicit acknowledgement that the whole Persian people have now sided with the opposition.

Imagine how different the situation would be in the Middle East with Iran out of the grip of Islamofacist thuggery and Iraq on its knees after a punishing US attack. How long would it be before other fascist regimes such as Syria and Saudi Arabia fell? Not too long. And the world would be a much better place for it.
Time for a MAJOR cleanup at the State Department.

The place clearly is a zoo, dominated by friends of the Saudis and career civil servants who think they are above their duty to serve America`s best interest. This is very scary. And Colin has not a clue.

A single Foreign Service Officer in the Jeddah consulate issued 10 of the visas to the Saudi hijackers. Yet GAO investigators told House staffers that no one from State ever interviewed that officer after 9/11 to learn what might have gone wrong.

Houston, we have a problem.
Anyone out there still believing that a Palestinian State would not become an advanced post for Saddam?

According to a poll, 80% of Palestinians would side with Iraq in the case of renewed hostility with the US. Yeah. Let's give these guys a sovereign state so they can plan for the destruction of Israel behind sovereign borders and with the freedom to associate with the likes of Saddam.

Friday, July 19, 2002

Israeli vs. Palestinian casualties

Some very revealing statistics which help to counter the attempt to portray Israel as the aggressor in this current Intifada by giving the figures that "1500 Palestinians have been killed compared to 550 Israelis" can be found on the following links.

The statistics are the result of a study by the International Policy Institute for counter-Terrorism.

Key factors are

1. 80 % of Israeli casualties are non combatant, ie ordinary civilians going about their everyday business in cafes, shops, pizzerias, discos on
buses and in their own homes. In contrast to in excess of 50% of the Palestinian casualties being young men and boys actively involved in combat or terrorist activities.

2. 185 of the Palestinian deaths - one in eight - have been caused by other Palestinians, or are the homicide bombers or other terrorists blown up as a result of their terrorist intent with devices going wrong! This is a very telling statistic.

3. 30% of Israeli casualties are women compared to less than 5 % of the Palestinians.

All the statistics point to the deliberate targeting of the young and the over 40s by the Palestinians, while the Palestinian casualties are overwhelming young men, a high proportion of whom were killed in active combat situations.

It is well worth going to the links to understand the reality of these figures even better, and they are important to counter the allegations made against Israel that the figures 'prove' her aggression and enhance the damaging and untrue David and Goliath image that Israel's enemies love to promote.
Now that I have the floor...why do we allow airlines to behave like pirates and get away with it?

British Airways has lost our luggage. Not just one piece. ALL OF IT. So, after spending my first day of vacation on the phone trying to trace our luggage, I am left to wonder. If someone wrecks your house, they have to replace it. If someone wrecks your car, they have to fix it. If someone wrecks your vacation, they get to maybe pay you $20 per kg of luggage after you spend hours and days filling out forms? And what is with this damn Vienna Convention? Who signed this piece of dumping? Who forfeited my rights to demand that the airlines be held to the same level of duty of care as any of us mortals? They screw but the Vienna Convention says it is OK? (oh in case you wonder why I am so miffed...this is the 3rd time in 4 trips to Europe that our luggage got lost!! I think I am cursed). So I am thinking of starting a class action on this issue. You wreck my vacation? You get to compensate me for the entire vacation and for the lost items. Any lawyer out there would like to take this one on?
By the way...British Airways is not that great. "The world's favorite airline"? Not mine, that's for sure. They are almost as bad as Air Canada.
Amnesty International condemns attacks on Israeli civilians as Crimes Against Humanity.

And the EU keeps funding the main perpetrator and supporter of such crimes: Arafat, the PA and his buddies Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah. Some will say that `the EU doesn`t fund Hamas and Hizbollah directly. Technically, this is correct. But by funding Arafat and the PA, this allows Arafat to earmark and syphon other funds to these barbaric murderers. So indirectly, the EU is funding terrorism and mass murders.

Memo to Mollix (one of our faithful reader and critic): The Israeli cabinet has voted down (22-2) the proposal which dealt with the ban on Arab-ownership of land in Israel.

Hope it reassures everyone about the true democratic nature of Israel. This bill dealt with the issue of allowing Arabs to own land in Israel. I still believe that the bill was misguided in the way it was presented but necessary to Israel's security. I still maintain that the US government would never allow anyone perceived as a potential threat to buy a piece of land in direct view of the White House. Countries have the right (and responsibility) to protect themselves. If this means some sort of discrimination in certain cases, that is unfortunate but necessary.

By Jeff Jacoby
The Boston Globe

July 18, 2002

Israel's image got a black eye last week when its cabinet voted to advance a bill that would have barred Arab citizens from buying homes in some Galilee towns.

The proposed law was denounced everywhere, above all in Israel, where it set off a wave of outrage. Voices across the political spectrum denounced it -- from right-wingers like former Cabinet minister Benny Begin, who condemned it as "undemocratic" and "unworthy," to Yossi Sarid of the hard-left Meretz party, who said that adopting it would be tantamount to "turning Israel into a racist state."

Countless Israelis observed that such a law could only promote the antisemitic slander that Zionism -- the national independence movement of the Jewish people -- is racist. Many agreed with Dan Meridor, a minister from the Center Party, who said it is precisely because Israel is a Jewish state that it must never commit the kind of discrimination against minorities to which Jews have so often been subjected themselves.

Shamed by the public's reaction, the Cabinet reversed itself. On Sunday it buried the bill by a vote of
22-2. And in truth, it would have been surprising if the bill had met any other fate.

Bigoted schemes and intolerant proposals are not unheard of in even the most decent democracies; the mark of their decency is not that such schemes and proposals are never floated, but that they are usually shot down. What made the anti-Arab bill so newsworthy was how out of character it was. One of Israel's greatest distinctions, after all, is that despite the Arab world's long history of anti-Israel enmity and violence, the Jewish state has always guaranteed the equality and freedom of its Arab minority.

Israeli Arabs have the right to vote and to hold public office. Nearly one-10th of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, is Arab; there is even a mosque in the Knesset building for those who are Muslim. One of the justices of Israel's supreme court is an Arab; so is a minister in Ariel Sharon's cabinet. Arabs are active in Israeli commerce, media, education, and law. A few years ago, a young Arab woman was even named Miss Israel.

The vast majority of Israelis regard all this as normal and desirable. It is true -- and most Israelis would acknowledge -- that Arabs do not enjoy full social or economic equality and are at times discriminated against in ways that Jews are not. Often there are tensions and flare-ups; how could there not be, given the thousands of Jews who have been killed or crippled by Arab terrorists?

And yet for all that, few Israelis dispute the right of their Arab countrymen to justice, dignity, and equity. The spirit of Israel's Declaration of Independence, which appealed "to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the upbuilding of the state on the basis of full and equal citizenship," is still a core ideal of mainstream Israeli society. Nearly one Israeli in five is an Arab, and the consensus across Israeli society is clear: Arabs have every right to live among Jews.

If only there were an equally clear consensus that Jews have every right to live among Arabs.

Sadly, there is anything but.

Is there any group of people in this world more roundly despised than the 225,000 Jews who have settled in Judea and Samaria over the past 25 years? (Judea and Samaria are the age-old names for the territory Jordan renamed "the West Bank" after invading it in 1948.) If there is one thing that Europe, the State Department, the United Nations, and most of America's media Bigfeet agree on, it is that the settlers are an intolerable affront who must be uprooted and removed if there is ever to be peace in the Middle East.

Yet why should that be? If it was repugnant to propose that Arabs be kept from moving into certain Jewish towns, it is even more repugnant to demand that hundreds of thousands of Jews be ethnically "cleansed" from their homes and communities. The Nazis had a word for this: *judenrein.* And as Palestinian terrorists make clear every time they commit an atrocity like Tuesday's slaughter of passengers on the Tel Aviv-Emmanuel bus, the Nazi comparison is entirely apt. Anyone who called for expelling every Arab from Israel would be seen as a bigoted extremist. Those who call for kicking the Jews out of Judea invite the same description.

The claim that the settlements are illegal is bogus. Israel took the West Bank in self defense in 1967, and nothing in international law prohibits Jews from moving there. Or rather, moving *back* there: Jews have lived in Judea and Samaria since antiquity. The only time they didn't was during the Jordanian occupation of 1948-67, when the occupiers insisted that the territory be *judenrein.* Far from condemning the settlements, the world should applaud the return of the Jews to their ancient lands -- especially since their goal is not to displace the Arabs living there but to dwell among them.

If there is room in Israel for a million Arab citizens, there is surely room in Palestine for a few hundred thousand Jews. It is time we began to say so.

(Jeff Jacoby is a columnist for The Boston Globe.)
...and to prove to Elana that there is internet access in Europe (as well as electricity and running water by the way)...I will try to contribute some to the site even while touring Italy!
Moooooove over Israel!

US bans Israeli beef

The US Department of Agriculture yesterday issued a ban on all beef imports from Israel until further notice, following the discovery here in June that a single 14-year-old dairy cow in the Golan Heights was found infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease.

Now, if only they'd ban the Palestinian bull that's been infecting the US public.....
Everybody's a comedian...
(via Little Green Footballs)

When Colin Powel met with some foreign ministers, the Egyptian minister Ahmed Maher, said Egypt wanted Washington's plans amended to redress what Arabs see as an imbalance between immediate demands on Palestinians and future demands on Israel.

He then continued...
"Yasser Arafat is in our opinion the only Palestinian leader who has the authority ... to sign an agreement with the Israelis and have it implemented. In the present situation, there can be no substitute,"

Of course, not even he himself, or the other ministers could keep a straight face while making hilarious claims such as these. Here is the accompanying photograph:

He was so right that it scares me...
For months (and I mean MONTHS), my father has said "Why don't the Israelis just destroy the homes and expel the families of all suicide bombers. That would be quite the deterrent." It seems that now, the Israelis are doing just that. I think this is a fantastic idea and can't wait to see it put into action (of course I hope there won't ever be another bombing, but I'm being realistic here).

Israel arrests families of suicide bombers

JERUSALEM - In a tough new response to Palestinian suicide attacks, Israel says it will destroy the homes and expel fathers and brothers of those involved in suicide attacks.

Twenty-one relatives were detained Friday, while two homes were destroyed.
Back-to-back suicide bombings in Tel Aviv Wednesday killed three people, including two foreign workers. An ambush on a bus carrying Jewish settlers left nine people dead, including two babies. The ninth victim, a 21-year-old woman, died Thursday.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

This is what Israelis have come to...

When I see pictures like this, pictures of some of the most peaceful people holding guns, I know that forgiveness (if it is EVER in order) will be difficult to offer.
Sign of the times....
After a month long hiatus, The Onion online spoof newspaper is back! Here, they provide a funny (yet sadly true) report on the demands of an Israeli bus driver.

Israeli Bus Driver Wants Really Big Raise

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL— His nerves shot, Tel Aviv bus driver Yehuda Ben-Zvi said Monday that he wants a "really big" raise. "I'm sorry, but 20 lousy sheqels an hour to drive a bus in this country just doesn't cut it," said Ben-Zvi, 44, nervously scanning each person boarding his bus. "If they don't up me to at least 100 [sheqels] an hour, I'm outta here." Added Ben-Zvi: "Shit, it's not like I've got some deep commitment to providing public transportation. People can walk."
One of the lucky ones...
For those of you who would like to see what one of the "lucky" survivors of a suicide bombing looks like, see this photo*. (*Note: A tad bit graphic)
Good idea!

A while back, I wrote a post about the possibility of extracting and using more Canadian and American oil from Alberta and Texas as a solution to our dependance on Arab countries. It seems that the US government has finally discovered our site and has taken the idea to heart.....well sorta...


WASHINGTON [MENL] -- A leading energy analyst said the United States plans to double imports from Nigeria in an effort to replace dependence on Saudi Arabia.

Paul Michael Wihbey, a member of the African Oil Policy Initiative Group, said the United States intends to double imports from Nigeria from the current 900,000 barrels a day to 1.8 million in 2007. Wihbey said Washington is drafting a new energy security policy that will see Nigeria replace Saudi Arabia as major crude oil supplier.

Blame the French...
For those of you who are still convinced that wine-drinking, cheese-nibbling, Arab loving Parisians are in large part responsible for most of the anti-Semitism in the world, it turns out that you're not alone. American Enterprise Online has dedicated an entire section of their (mostly joking) website to informing the public about the reasons for which the French should be held responsible for all conflicts in the world. Here's the site's logo and their reasoning behind French guilt for the MidEast crisis:

The Finest French Wars
Why the French deserve the blame for just about every recent war.

The Middle East: Still filled with shame at their collaborationist ways in WWII, and possessing an anti-Semitic streak, French intellectuals decide that bloodthirsty Arab dictators who murder children and women in their beds are the obvious moral superiors of Israelis and proceed to stuff container ships full of money and send them to the Palestinian Authority, which uses the cash to buy Semtex, grenades, and baby wipes. (Side effect: Arabs hate us instead of hating France.)
Mine....all Mine! MMMWWAHAHAHAHA...
For the next two weeks, this site will become a one woman show. My father and mother are abandoning us and going off gallivanting in Italy. Yes, 'tis a rough life. As expected, blogging WILL continue during this time, but I ask that everyone cut me a little slack if required. Thanks!! Keep reading!

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

The Emmanuel terrorist attack was "an accident" according to Egypt's Foreign Minister. Yah...that would have been my first guess too. Let's see...first a bomb to stop the bus, then 3 terrorists dressed as Israeli soldiers start target practicing on pregnant women and children trying to flee the bus, killing many of them.
Can you believe that some people actually eat up this sort of stuff?
Terror attack in central Tel Aviv...again

An explosion was reported near the old central bus station in Tel Aviv, Israel Radio reported . A Magen David Adom representative confirmed that there were a large amount of casualties.

Police said that witnesses reported hearing two explosions on Neve Sheanan street. All roads leading to the area have been closed off to allow rescue workers to reach the scene of the explosion. Police sappers are searching the area for additional explosive devices.

The road is lined with food stalls and shoe shops and is usually full of people at all hours. It is also an area popular with foreign workers.

See what they get when they loosen the reigns a little bit?

Remember the Anthrax scare last fall and winter? Notice how so far no one has been detained or charged for it? Notice how the investigation went nowhere fast? Maybe it is because the FBI has been deliberately pursuing the wrong lead. Sorry, the politically correct lead.

The real suspect appears to be back in Pakistan by now. Read on.
A hilarious Op-Ed from Larry Miller about the way the State Department may be handling the LAX murders at the El Al counter.
It is so real, and the State Department is so callous and politically correct that I would not be surprised one bit if Larry were right on the money. Enjoy!
4 groups linked to Arafat have claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Emanuel which has claimed 8 lives so far.

Can you imagine people actually fighting over the "glory" of having setup an ambush where defenseless civilians were shot as they exited their armored bus? Does this tell us something about the Palestinian psyche or what? Does this tell us something about the people associated with Arafat or what? Does it not tell us that the only way to deal with this kind of vermin is eliminating them once and for all or what? Can these people who actually hide behind an obstacle and start shooting at pregnant women, children and unarmed civilians be considered human beings? No way. That would be an insult to the rest of us. These are evil, demented, abnormal beings. We shouldn't negotiate with them. We won't negotiate with them. We must either destroy them or export them to Europe where they seem to like these guys SO much.
The CIA is apparently working on a security plan to protect Israel against terror attacks.

Hahahahahahah...this is the same incompetent, bureaucratic, bloated CIA which couldn't stop 9/11, the USS Cole bombing, the Beirut bombing of the US Base and more. While Israel has shown that only overwhelming force can defeat terrorism by slowly destroying its base and infrastructure, Powell is working on a plan which would see Palestinians receive "security training" from US civilian forces. Isn't it simply re-heated Oslo garbage? 30,000 Palestinians were armed after Oslo to constitute the PA security apparatus whose role was to be exactly what Powell proposes here. We know the result of this brilliant plan. The security force ended up splintered and out of control, the weapons ended up in Hamas and Hizbollah's hands and the security forces, which legally had to turn over terrorists to Israel actually supported and armed them. Why on earth would anyone think that this would be different this time? Colin is at it again.
We did it! We did it! We did it!
This morning at exactly 9 a.m. this site cracked 20,000 visitors! Congrats to all involved and thank you to all our faithful readers!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Palestinian Ad Campaign

This is a very artistic ad campaign put out by a Palestinian organization called "Dying to Live" (notice the play on words with dying and suicide bom....well I'm sure you noticed). Here is a sample of one of several posters the site shows. Each child in the campaign is aspiring to be a great intellectual. The list includes Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Ghandi, Lincoln, etc. Noticeably absent from the aspirations of the young be Muslim. In fact if you look at the list of people they model themselves after, you'll see a few Jews and a bunch of Christians. No Mohammed's in this list!

Madman Saddam praises terror attacks in Israel

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein praised suicide attacks against Israel today, saying they will be "recorded in our history with shining letters."

"Whenever a (suicide) attack occurs against the enemy, I feel as if I carried it out myself and every Arab should look at these acts this way," Saddam said in his first newspaper interview in years.

According to an April official Iraqi news agency report, since March, suicide bombers' families have been receiving dlrs 25,000 from Saddam, who likes to be seen as the Palestinians' best ally and equate Iraq's plight with that of the Palestinians.

Apparently, this gentleman was known to the police in Ottawa. And somehow, nothing could be done?
Try not to spit at your computer screen. This is the guy who was arrested and charged with the killing of David Rosenzweig.

The police categorically says that "This was not a hate crime". My question is, why would this guy walk into a KOSHER pizzeria? To sample the toppings? Don't think so. Because he just loves the people who frequent such an establishment? Don't think so either, actually there was an altercation inside the store before the murder took place outside. To rob the place? Nope, looks like that was never the intent. Because he had a beef against the store owner? Possibly but all accounts say that there was nothing that was said which would point to anything like this. So, what exactly would be the motivation? What is left? Not a hate crime? I am very suspicious, sorry. Let's just hope that political correctness does not interfere with this investigation.
I am not sure that ANYONE is ready for this piece of news...Israel opens new front in Mideast war.

You have been warned. Read on at your own risk.
According to Arab News, "Israel recently launched an Arabic TV channel targeting millions of Arabs. Its sole objective is to take Israeli viewpoints to the Arab public to counter Arab coverage of Israel’s brutal suppression of the Palestinian struggle."
Can you actually believe how low Israel will stoop to spread its message? When Arabs are faced with so many choices of fine, objective, balanced, moderate, compassionate TV channels, one has to wonder why anyone in Israel would actually try to fool around with this very convenient status quo. What we all fear is about to happen....
The Arab media fear that Israel will use the new station to spread false reports about Arab leaders in order to sensationalize and attract viewers.
And this horrendous prospect: Some Arab viewers have been surprised by Israeli efforts to change the Arab view of Israel, Palestine and Jerusalem.
I think we must all rise and combat this unspeakable deed.
So much for tranquility...

A terrorist attack on a commuter bus in Israel has claimed the lives of 7 far.
Details to follow.
Small miracles...
Two people (and I use the word "people" exceedingly loosely) have been arrested in the murder of David Rosensweig.
The police maintain that the killing was not a hate crime, but rather a random act of violence against a Chassidic Jewish man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We should, however, note the attendance of numerous politicians at the funeral of this random father of six. Ontario Premier Ernie Eves, Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman, several local Member's of Parliament and municipal councilors were on hand to pay their final respects to a man who wanted nothing more than to help his son in his times of trouble. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that all these politicians showed up. We should assume that they make it a point to attend the funerals of every Torontonian killed by a random act. Right. Uh huh. I'm convinced.

So what have we learned as yet?
Terrorist = Freedom Fighter
Suicide Bomb = Self- Defense
Hate crime leading to the stabbing of a Chassidic Jewish father of six = random act of violence

Monday, July 15, 2002

Another stellar initiative by the US government

Newsweek Periscope Item Exclusive: Powell's Plan: President Arafat - Without Powers

Powell is encouraging the drafting of a plan that would give the Palestinians a state while moving Arafat into a figurehead presidency with limited powers.

Sure Colin, I'm sure Yasser won't figure this one out! Even if Powell thought he could trick Arafat into accepting a plan that limited his powers to those of a figure head (which of course Arafat isn't stupid enough to accept), why on earth would they come out and tell the media about it? Do they think Arafat won't find out? Do they think he'll willingly go along with the plan when he does find out? Some would argue that saving face is particularly important to Arabs, and I would agree. But this plan wouldn't help Arafat save face! The whole world is in on the little scheme. If anything, accepting the plan would make Arafat more of a fool than he seems to be already.

Grade: F-
Thank you to all for the kind words we received about the assassination of David Rosenzweig in Toronto.
The blogger community is very close and tight and it is so incredible to see the speed at which the news of the horrible crime committed against David Rosenzweig spread. Through our relatives, we have been kept abreast of how the family of this poor innocent man is handling this catastrophe. And things are not going well as you can imagine. How can anyone explain to his kids that he died coming out of a pizza store just trying to help his son who was having problems with his car? This was his 49th birthday. He was a teacher in his spare time. He was a kind, gentle man with a big heart who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He proudly wore the distinctive outward signs of a devoted, observant Orthodox Jew. And he was killed because of it. And once again, his family and the Jewish community will show the dignity and restraint that Jews are expected to maintain regardless of the calamities imposed upon them, whether at home or in Israel.
We will make sure to pass on the many messages of sympathy that we are receiving when we go and pay our respect to this devastated family.
Wow. It looks like the last one wasn't an isolated incident.
Check out the latest photo found by the IDF.

Notice how happy the babies in both photos look! They just can't contain their glee about having parents who would dress their children as terrorists.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Another Jew killed while committing the unspeakable crime of....buying Pizza. This time it happened in Toronto.

Apparently, 2 "skinheads" fatally stabbed a 49-year old father of 6 in front of a Kosher Pizzeria in the heart of a Toronto Jewish area. It turns out that this poor man is a distant relative of our family. The Toronto police is still saying that it is too early to determine whether this was a hate crime. Right. I guess we want to make sure that this does not get confused with all the love crimes committed by skinheads. Let's make sure that we call a spade a spade here. Just like the US government is still sticking to its delusion that the killings at the LAX counter of El Al was not terrorism, it will be interesting to see how long the political-correctness-minded police and politicians in Toronto will stick to that fantasy. Let's face it. This IS a hate crime. And it is the direct result of the constant hate mongering and incitement from Holocaust deniers, Arab press and Arab education system which has desensitized the world to this kind of garbage. Honestly, I am not sure I am still against the death penalty. Actually, armed vigilantism is looking more attractive every day. Sad.
Michael Coren's Israel Now and Forever column is wonderful. There is nothing else to say.