Saturday, August 17, 2002

Anti-semitism is live and this masterpiece...the Media Monitors Network.
Rarely have I seen such a collection of rabid liars in such a small journal. But then again, the Chief Editor is Muhammad Ali Khan. Are we surprised at all?
I would suggest that you don't read any of this stuff after a heavy meal. You will need a new keyboard if you do.
Disgusting. And to think that there are enough uneducated, uninformed, brain-dead people out there who read and believe this stuff. It is so sad.
Dear World...

This is an open letter which was sent by an Israeli many years ago. Please read it and try and guess when this person wrote it. I will give the answer on Monday!

Dear world,
I understand that you are upset over us, here in Israel. Indeed, it appears that you are quite upset; even angry. (outrages?) Indeed, every few years you seem to become upset over us. Today, it is the "brutal repression of the Palestinians"; yesterday, it was Lebanon; before, that it was the bombing of the nuclear reactor in Baghdad and the Yom Kippur War and the Sinai campaign. It appears that Jews who triumph and who, therefore, live, upset you most extraordinarily.
Of course, dear world, long before there was an Israel, we - the Jewish People - upset you. We upset a German people who elected a Hitler and we upset an Austrian people who cheered his entry into Vienna and we upset a whole slew of Slavic nations - Poles, Slovaks, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Hungarians, Romanians. And we go back a long, long way in the history of world "upsets". We upset the Cossacks of Chmielniski who massacred tens of thousands of us in 1648-49; we upset the Crusaders who, on their way to liberate the Holy Land, were so upset at Jews that they slaughtered untold numbers of us. We upset, for centuries, a Roman Catholic Church that did its best to define our relationship through Inquisitions, and we upset the arch-enemy of the Church, Martin Luther, who, in his call to burn the synagogues and the Jews within them, showed an admirable Christian ecumenical spirit.
And it is because we became so upset over upsetting you, dear world, that we decided to leave you - in a manner of speaking - and establish a Jewish State. The reasoning was that living in close contact with you as resident strangers in the various countries that comprise you, we upset you, irritate you, disturb you. What better notion then that to leave you and thus love you and have you love us? And so we decided to come home - to the same homeland from which we were driven out 1,900 years earlier by a Roman world that apparently we also upset.
Alas, dear world, it appears that you are hard to please. Having left you and your Pogroms, inquisitions and crusades and Holocausts; having taken our leave of the general world to live alone in our own little state - we continue to upset you. You are upset that we repress the poor Palestinians. You are deeply angered over the fact that we do not give up the lands of 1967, which are clearly the obstacles to peace in the Middle East. Moscow is upset and Washington is upset. The "radical" Arabs are upset and the gentle Egyptian moderates are upset. Europe is upset, as is Asia and of course, Africa and down under and up there. The Jews are repressive and oppressive and obsessive. And the Palestinians - ah, lo the poor Palestinians. And the world, dear world, you are upset.
Well, dear world, consider the reaction from a normal Jew from Israel. In 1920 and 1921 and 1929, there were no territories on 1967 to impede peace between Jews and Arabs. Indeed, there was no Jewish State to upset anybody. Nevertheless, the same oppressed and repressed Palestinians slaughtered tens of Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Safed, and Hebron. Indeed, 67 Jews were slaughtered in one day in Hebron - in 1929.
Dear world, why the Arabs - the Palestinians - massacre 67 Jews in one day in 1929? Could it have been their anger over Israeli aggression in 1967? And why were 510 Jewish men, women and children slaughtered in Arab riots between 1936 and 1939? Was it because of Arab upset over 1967? And when you, world, proposed a UN partition plan in 1947 that would have created a "Palestine State" along side a tiny Israel and the Arabs cried "no" and went to war and killed 6,000 Jews - was that upset stomach caused by the aggression of 1967? And by the way, dear world, why did we not hear your cry of upset then? The poor Palestinians who today kill Jews with explosives and firebombs and stones are part of the same people who - when they had all the territories they now demand be given to them for their state - attempted to drive the Jewish State into the see. The same twisted faces, the same hate, the same cry of "itbach-al-yahud" - massacre the Jew! - that we hear and see today, we seen and heard then. The same people, the same dream - destroy Israel. What they failed to do yesterday, they dream of today - but we should not "repress" stood by in 1948 as 7 Arab states which the Arab League proudly compared to the Mongol massacres. You stood by in 1967 as Nasser, wildly cheered by wild mobs in every Arab capital in the world, vowed to drive the Jews into the sea. And you would stand by tomorrow if Israel were facing extinction.
And since we now that the Arabs-Palestinians daily dream of that extinction, we will do everything possible to remain alive in our own land. If that bothers you, dear world, well - think of how many times in the past you bothered us. In any event, dear world, if you are bothered by us, here is one Jew, in Israel who could not care less.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Let's just hope that Saddam's missiles are not very precise and fall a little south of Tel Aviv, that would be the Gaza strip. Read on.
Palestinian rally calls on Saddam to bomb Tel Aviv.

Let's also hope that this beacon of tolerance and enlightenment gets it too.
Egypt's Grand Mufti Justifies Palestinian Suicide Attacks.

And does this mean that you have to be a terrorist or support terrorism to be worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize? Has Saddam gotten his nomination in yet?
Mandela to join 'Free Baraghouti' campaign.

Today, while walking to a lecture that I was attending, I passed by a Palestinian mother and her 5 year-old daughter who sit against a wall everyday and pitifully beg for money. Every time that I have passed them, I refuse to give them a cent for fear that my money could fund Palestinian terror - a long shot, but not a risk I'm willing to take. In the interest of good journalism and entertaining our readers, some of the others students who are learning with me, decided to do a little test. In plain sight of other Palestinians and Jews who work and own stores right across from where the hungry woman and child sit, a couple students from my group and I gave them some hot lunches and bottled water. Would they accept it? Would they spit at me? Would they be cynical and think that we had poisoned the food? Not at all.

The little girl jumped up and gave me a hug and then grabbed by hand and kissed it about 20 times while her mother bowed her head, shook our hands and thanked us profusely. The mother then began crying and telling me in Arabic that her husband had died and she had no way to make money. Of course, I don't speak Arabic, but I understood the word "Abou" (father) and pointing to the skies. One of the students from my group started telling the woman (in Arabic) "We are Jews, We are Jews" and the woman said "Yehudeem, Yehudeem, I know" (Jews, Jews I know). As soon as we left, the two of them jumped on the food and ate the meals with incredible appetite.

So, I'm asking you guys to tell me what this all means. Did I shift a little to the left? I doubt it. Did I encounter the average Palestinian? Doubtful too. Is there hope that people like this woman and her child can see (or do see) Israelis as good people? I have no idea. I have yet to sort out my feelings about the event, so I'm asking you guys what you think.
Sweet justice!

Marwan Barghouthi, general secretary of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement in the West Bank, shouts in a Tel Aviv court August 14, 2002. Israel began its first civilian trial of a leader of the Palestinian uprising, slapping murder charges on firebrand Marwan Barghouthi who defiantly vowed in Hebrew: 'The Intifada will win.'
Things to come...
For all of you wondering what I'm going to be spending a whole lot of time doing during this upcoming academic year (and I just know that there are a ton of you who were wondering about that....), I'd like to introduce you to a phenomenal organization that has managed to kill two enormous birds with one very small stone. Readers, meet Operation S.I.C.K. (Stop Inciting Children to Kill). I spent the day with the two founders of this organization and got loads of ideas and inspiration from them. Next week, I'll be meeting with them for another two days of intensive study on how to bring this fabulous (and very Israel-helpful cause) back to Canada and to my campus.

Operation S.I.C.K. has two purposes - one obvious one, and one which conveniently puts Israel in the best light possible and the Palestinians in the deepest sh*t possible. Imagine an internation group of men, women and children, fighting to halt all funding to the Palestinian Authority until the monsters decide to stop recruiting babies to do their dirty work. The organization has carefully designed films, pamphlets and other resources that do not show favoritism to the Israelis, while uncovering the shocking horrors of Arafat and his little friends. What's the best part about the organization? Whether you're pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian, left-wing, right-wing, Jewish or Muslim, how on earth can you refuse to sign your name to this billboard? What kind of a person wouldn't sign up to help save innocent children from the lunacies of their government? If, by chance, you are a powerful organization or politician who refuses to sign on, don't worry because we have a lovely billboard upon which to display your name too! So, if this thing takes off, within two months, we'll have videos being shown on all North American campuses, showing official Palestinian Authority Death Camps for Kids. You'll see footage of Arafat calling on all the boys and girls to sign up as generals an martyr themselves to the noble cause. You'll see commercials that were funded by the PA, showing young girls and boys dropping their dolls and toy trucks and picking up stones. You'll see Palestinian cartoons reinacting the lynching, murder and tearing-apart of two Israeli soldiers who happened to lose their way and end up in an Arab village. To help the cause remain international and credible, you'll also see people in other countries working to brainwash children. You'll see the Tamil Tigers kidnapping children and turning them into killing machines, as well as other terrorist organizations caught in the act.

I was completely blown away by the cause and I'm very excited about representing them on campus. I look forward to a high-energy, provocative and pro-Israel year at school! Check out Operation S.I.C.K. here. Talk to you later! Am Israel Chai!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Is this not the stupidest byline you've ever seen? "The movement of trucks and missiles inside Iraq has U.S. officials wondering if the nation is preparing for a U.S. military action, sources have told CNN."
So let's just see. The whole world is talking about the US attacking Iraq. Everyone is talking about "when", not "if". And US officials are "wondering if Iraq is preparing for a US military action"? And on top of that, CNN thinks this is worth a headline? Maybe these are the same people who were wondering if the attack on the El Al counter was a terrorist attack. Or also the people who thought that the bombing of a synagogue in Djerba was an accident. And these are the people planning for the war? I really hope not.
Larry Miller just went to Israel for the first time.
He describes his trip on El Al and his first few hours in Israel. Hilarious! And this is just the first part of his account. I cannot wait for the second installment. Enjoy!
The second Carol and I walked onto the plane, I leaned over and whispered, "I think I spotted the armed marshall." This was not because I have the observational powers of Conan Doyle's hero, but because a perfect idiot could have spotted the armed marshall, because as you hand your boarding pass to the smiling ticket agent, and walk past the smiling flight attendants making coffee and handing out pillows, you come face-to-face with a guy standing right in the middle of everything who is built almost exactly like "Oddjob" from "Goldfinger." Only bigger. He was wearing an El Al uniform (or five) and you knew three things very quickly: (1) That the bulges all over his sport coat probably weren't wallets; (2) That, most likely, he was not the guy you would later be asking for an extra sour-dough roll; and (3) It would be an immensely bad idea to run over to him suddenly, grab his lapels and scream, "Death to Israel."
Imagine that...the number of patents granted to Israelis went UP 25% in 2001, while the Palestinians were going about massacring Israeli civilians.
Imagine how many patents Israel would have been granted if the country wasn't at perpetual war? Imagine what Israel could do if less of its budget was devoted to defense? Now just for fun, I would love to see how many patents Palestinians got during the same year? And how about these beacon of civilization, all the Arab countries combined? How many patents did they get?...hang on I have a few toes left, should be enough to count them all. By the way, let's call a spade a spade, what have Arab countries contributed to the world over the last 50 years in term of scientific or literary progress? Do Arab countries produce any cars? Any planes? Any original pharmaceutical drugs? Do they publish research magazines? I think there's a bit of a pattern there, wouldn't you say?
Why the hell did it take them so long?
Support for Homicide Bombers May Be Dwindling. One has to wonder what was their first clue.
And by the way, this decreased support seems to be directly attributable to the systematic destruction of the houses of the families of homicide bombers. Now, not surprisingly, the fathers of the homicide bombers are the ones who seem to "police" their sons and daughters. One such father apparently shot his own son in the leg to prevent him from carrying his "mission".
OK, well, time to gloat. We suggested this policy of systematically going after the homes of the homicide bombers back in May.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The Oslo war has cost Israel over $8.5B(from Arutz 7, Israel National News).
Bank of Israel economists announced earlier this month that Israel will have lost a total of $8.5 billion in growth by the end of 2002, as a result of the Oslo War, which began in September of 2000. Israel’s growth for 2002 alone will be reduced by an additional 3.5-5%. Economists say that the Arab violence has particularly taken a toll in the areas of investment, tourism, exports, and private consumption.
Thanks to Dawson Speaks for pointing out this news item.
Events, and now economics, are proving that a military solution is certainly preferable to the Oslo fiasco which achieved nothing other than 2 years of war against Israel and 2 years of violence and misery for the Palestinian people held hostage by Arafat and his cronies.
Some believe that the Iraq conflict has the potential to go nuclear.The scenario being presented is that a US first strike from the air and with cruise missiles would likely not destroy Iraq's capability to launch Scud missiles at Israel. Israel would then respond with tactical nuclear weapons against certain Iraqi cities. The problem therefore is timing. If the US is already on the ground fighting the Iraqi's would this stop Israel from using its nuclear capability given the enormous risk that this would present for US troops?
Who says that crime does not pay? Arafat's personal wealth estimated at $1.3B...billion, not million.
I just can't believe how well paid this guy is. Given that most Palestinians have no jobs, no food and no money (according to all accounts), this money cannot come from taxes on the Palestinian people. I am pretty sure that it doesn't come from Israel. It may come from some of Arafat's Arab "brothers" of course, although most are economic basket cases, except maybe for Saudi Arabia (which has enough cash lying around that they can raise $80M for the families of suicide bombers during a telethon). But most likely, it comes directly from funds siphoned off the annual EU economic aid to the PA. Chris Patten must be so proud. One of the biggest criminals of all times is getting rich on the back of Europe.
And now, here is what could be done for the Palestinian people with the $1.3B. Anyone wants to take a guess as to how much of this money will indeed be funelled back to the Palestinians to whom the money was destined in the first place? Exactly.
This is the rally that Elana attended today in Jerusalem.
Note the difference between this and the "spontaneous" Palestinian rallies calling for the death of Jews, the destruction of Israel, equating Sharon to Hitler and Jews to Nazis, etc...Not mentioning the burning of US and Israeli flags and the parading of children dressed as homicide bombers.
Nope, none of that here. Just solid, dignified confidence in the rightness of Israel's cause and the refusal to stoop as low as Arafat's hordes.
Let's just hope this is not the "new Palestinian leadership" that GWB is talking about.The current PA Communications Minister Imad Falouji, makes remarks which are clearly racist and bigoted.
The Jewish nation, it is known, from the dawn of history, from the time Allah created them, lives by scheme and deceit.
And another pearl:
They came from the four corners of the Earth... and claimed the lie that they were returning to their land, the land of their ancestors, their 'Promised Land' and other such falsehoods.
Don't know about you, but if I were an Israeli, I'd definitely want to negotiate with this guy. Actually, come to think of it, he is probably up for Nobel Peace Prize too.
Rally in Jerusalem
Just a quick post to let all of you guys know that today I had the honour of attending Jerusalem's first International Rally for Israel. It was incredible! People flew in from all over the world. There were Americans, Dutch and even a woman from China! The Jewish Quarter of the Old City were absolutely packed and people were running from store to store trying to single-handedly boost the Israeli economy. There was singing, dancing, cheering, chanting, sweating, sweating, sweating, sweating! It was absolutely packed, but as expected the IDF did a tremendous job of keeping everyone safe and secure. Guards were stationed at either side of each street, all bags were checked several times and the rooftops were covered with armed soldiers. Several Americans came to Israel for the first time, staying in Israel for only for 48 hours, while others came together with their entire families and friends. The sense of unity could be felt everywhere we turned and the morale was sky high.

I used an entire roll of film to cover the event, so hopefully I'll post the pictures as soon as I get home! For further coverage of this ground-breaking, international event, please see the bottom column on the 47th page of the life section in tomorrow's newspaper. (wink wink) Adios amigos! Am Israel Chai.....Chai Chai Vekayam!
Bring out the Champagne...we passed 25,000 hits today.
We are humbled and thrilled. Thanks to all for your encouragements and inciteful comments. They give us the energy and determination to keep going! On behalf of Elana and I, thank you!

Monday, August 12, 2002

US to Europe: Grow up about Iraq -- A brilliant piece by Andrew Sullivan.
Andrew argues that the average American is getting tired of the pontificating from Europeans about the US flexing its muscle, now planning to crush Saddam. But, to the average American, does it get clearer than this, ever?
An average, bewildered American therefore feels like asking of nervous Europeans: just what about September 11 do you not understand? These murderous fanatics could not have been clearer about their intent and capabilities. They want to kill you and destroy your civilization. This must change the prudential equation when faced with a menace like Saddam Hussein. When a tyrant like Saddam is doing all he can to acquire biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, when he has already invaded a neighboring state, when he has used chemical weapons against his own people, when he is subsidizing terror elsewhere in the Middle East, when he has extensive ties to Islamist terrorist groups around the world, doesn't the benefit of the doubt shift toward those who aim to disarm and dethrone him? And doesn't the mass grave of 3,000 Americans in the middle of New York City change the equation just a little?
Where Andrew really excels is when he discusses the fact that the Europeans believe they have created a new type of diplomacy (for instance France and Germany) where the quarrels of the past do not affect the "harmony" of the relationships today. Right, but as Andrew points out it is because the US disarmed Germany, rebuilt Europe and provoked the collapse of the USSR and its satellite hat Europe is where it is at. Brilliant!
There are, of course, deeper structural reasons for Europe's aversion to American power. By unilaterally disarming itself, Europe is making a statement about how the world should be governed: by mediation, diplomacy, international agreements, polled sovereignty. The American analyst Robert Kagan famously expanded on this theme in a much-discussed recent essay. The experience of the EU - the way in which ancient enemies like France and Germany now cooperate in a conflict-free, post-nationalist arena - is regarded as morally and strategically superior to America's still-tenacious defense of sovereignty and military force. What this analysis misses, of course, is a little history. The only reason the E.U. can exist at all is because American military force defeated Nazi Germany. The only reason why all of Germany is now included in the E.U. is because American military force defeated the Soviet Union. Europhiles mistake the fruits of realpolitik with its abolition. And they don't realize that the best and only guarantor of European peace and integration - now threatened from within and without by Islamist terror - is American force again.
Hello From ISRAEL!
Hi everyone! I'm posting this blog from on the of the many internet cafes in the Old City of Jerusalem. Once again, I have gracefully bowed out of a fun night on the town with a group of friends who decided to go to one of the few unguarded clubs in the city. I've become really obnoxious and diligent about staying in well-guarded areas of Israel.

Being here has been an absolute dream come true. I'm so excited about everything I see. It feels so weird to be back in the land that I blog/speak/write/think about for hours and hours of everyday. Being amongst the people who have suffered so terribly over the past 2 years is inspiring and depressing all at once. As my father said, the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are relatively full. But compared to the last time I was in Israel, the streets are pretty empty. However, given the current situation in the country, I'm surprised at the number of people who still walk around. It seems as if the government is really making an effort to create some semblance of normalcy and quality of life for the Israeli people. I've often seen extremely well-guarded street festivals, concerts and family festivals that are pretty well-attended. Nevertheless, it is clear to everyone that people are pretty scared and scarred.

Business in Israel is awful. Store owners beg tourists to buy things from them, using any means possible to charm, entice and entertain potential customers. Arab store owners are feeling it too. While walking down the street the other day, four separate Arab store owners asked me to "...give me a chance to rip you off in my store". I've had other, less charming offers from Palestinians walking the street. Several Palestinians have propositioned me (in far less gentlemanly fashions), while others simply undress women in the streets with their eyes.....and then comment loudly on what they see. A truly lovely people they are.

On a nicer note, I've been personally thanked and blessed on three separate occasions by Israelis who can't believe that a large group of Americans, Canadians and South Africans would visit Israel at such a time. They are really grateful and touched by people who care enough to visit.

Last week I traveled to Hadassah Hospital at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and spoke with the chief orthopedic surgeon who also happened to be stationed as a soldier in Jenin (...remember Jenin....that place where no massacre occured). He described walking through narrow streets and alleys that were designed to kill his platoon. He also spoke about the death of three young soldiers from his unit - a truly tragic and horrific tale which I will describe when I return to Canada. But the most shocking story he told, was that of his last visit to Jenin, when he toured the refugee camp (which is about as refugee camp-like as...say....Springfield, Illinois) with a UN observer. Together, they walked through the camp and discussed the numerous ways in which the Israelis had so selflessly minimized casualties on the Palestinian side. They discussed the deaths of Israeli soldiers and the ways in which they were able to dismantle bomb factories without causing any civilian deaths. The doctor said that the UN observer had been polite and had seemed interested in what he had to say. The following day, the UN published the observer's report - one you've undoubtedly heard and read about. He wrote that an absolute massacre had occured in the camp. He spoke of dismembered bodies laying in the street, dead babies along the roads and the stench of decaying bodies all around him. He also put the Palestinian death toll at 200-300 civilian deaths. The following day, before his departure from Israel, the shocked and angered physician from Hadassah phoned the observer to demand an explanation for all his lies. After a moment of silence on the phone, the UN worker simply said "Why don't you Israelis just get out of the damned territories?", and then hung up the phone.
After all he had been through in Jenin, the doctor returned to his office at the hospital where he treats hundreds of patients....most of whom are Palestinian. In fact on of the most shocking things about Hadassah hospital is that the majority of patients (about 60%) are Palestinians who have absolutely no problem accepting state-of-the-art healthcare from the opressive Zionist regime.

I've seen and done so much in my short time in Israel, so there's far too much to tell you in one post. I'm sure that I'll have other opportunities to write some more in the coming days. Keep well. I'll be home soon! AM ISRAEL CHAI!!!
Palestinians Cheer Carnage
The Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2002
by Michael Oren

In Gaza last week, crowds of children reveled and sang while adults showered them with candies. The cause for celebration: the cold-blooded murder of at least seven people -- five of them Americans -- and the maiming of 80 more by a terrorist bomb on the campus of Jerusalem's Hebrew University. The joyful response of so many to the death, suffering, and mutilation of students and university workers raises pointed questions about the health of Palestinian society, both mental and moral. It makes many Israelis ask whether, even if a cease-fire is reached and negotiations someday resume, peace with the Palestinians is possible.

There is, of course, nothing new about Palestinians applauding terror. During the Gulf War in 1991, they danced on rooftops in praise of Iraqi Scud missiles raining on Israeli neighborhoods. Again, in the mid-1990s, after bus bombs in Israel killed dozens -- one of them was my sister-in-law -- an estimated 70,000 Palestinians filled a Gaza stadium to cheer a reenactment of the massacre. The deaths of over 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11 was another cause for dancing in Palestinian streets, though Arafat's men suppressed foreign coverage of the fete.

The terrorist acts and their gruesome effects are celebrated as inspiration for the next generation. Most recently, a West Bank university held an exhibition in honor of the suicide bomber who killed 14 Israelis at a Jerusalem pizzeria in 2001; the props included painted puddles of blood and scattered body parts. Palestinian parades regularly feature columns of masked and hooded youths girded with cardboard explosives, proclaiming their frenzy to kill. Palestinian babies have also been photographed -- proudly -- in suicide bomber's garb.

Such festivities contrast radically with the reaction of Israelis to the deaths of Palestinian civilians in a recent attack on a Hamas terrorist leader in Gaza. Though "collateral damage" is virtually unavoidable in battle, though the army apologized for its mistake, and though the terrorist himself bore some responsibility for the tragedy by hiding out in a densely populated area, Israelis were deeply disturbed. Many engaged in introspection over anti-terrorist tactics; some took to the street in protest. There was no gloating, no cheering, certainly, but rather nationwide expressions of remorse, even shame.

For all its anomalies, Israel is at base a healthy society. The reaction of Israelis to civilian casualties, even among their mortal enemies, is similar to that shown by Americans after the accidental bombing of villagers in Afghanistan. But the Palestinians are different. Though Palestinian spokesmen often seek to justify terror in terms of popular frustration and despair, there is no rational explanation for the outbursts of joy bordering on ecstasy at the dismemberment of innocent children, women, and men. Beyond the controversy over settlements and territory, beyond the bitter conflict over Jerusalem, there is something else at work in the delight displayed by Palestinians over slaughter -- something sick and perhaps even evil.

Readers of Richard Rhodes's recently published book, "Masters of Death," learn that, after a day of shooting thousands of Jews, members of tthe SS Einsatzgruppen often repaired for a celebratory drink and banquet. The Nazis' behavior is readily identified as barbaric and insane. Surely those same adjectives apply, then, to Palestinians who rejoice not only when great numbers of Jewish civilians are butchered, but tthen their own children are blown up in the process.

For all the kudos discretely given SS killers by the regime, Nazi Germany never publicly lionized them, never plastered their pictures on the streets, or openly encouraged children to emulate them. That kind of adoration for mass murderers can only be found, in abundance, among the Palestinians.

The majority of Israelis, myself included, are willing to make far-reaching sacrifices for peace and to embark on a process of genuine econciliation with the Palestinians. Yet that same majority will have immense difficulty forgetting the horrific scenes of carnage and the pectacle of Palestinians extolling them. For us, the issue is no longer merely borders and topography nor even the terms of a cease-fire, but hether a fundamentally sound society can trust one that has lost its mental and moral bearings.

The damage to peace efforts has been massive, and the chances for repairing it are slim. Still, a sane and responsible Palestinian eadership might yet arise and put an end to the bombings and their public glorification. The alternative is the elimination of all hope for a peaceful settlement in this or even future generations. For the Palestinians, who are now paying a staggering price for their ruinous resort to terror, that is reason enough not to celebrate.
Looks Iraq has decided to take its toys back and leave the sand box. "U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq are over" says the Iraqi Minister of Information.
GWB...I think this is your cue. Jean Chretien/Bill Graham (Canadian Prime Minister and Foreign Mininster), this is also your cue that your usual fence sitting has to end soon. Canada has to side either with the campaign in Iraq or against it, especially now that the option of resuming the inspections has been offically shut down by Iraq.
US Iraq Campaign Has Its First Engagement - Debka Files reports that the US, Turkey (and to a lesser extent Israel) have gone beyond the simple preparation stage to an active stage in the war against Iraq.
According to Debka, the US and UK have engaged in a massive disinformation campaign pretending that no decision was made as to when the campaign against Iraq would start. In actual fact, it would appear that the campaign has already started and that US and Turkish forces are already engaged within Iraq and have been battling Iraqi forces in the north where the US is preparing a number of air bases and refueling facilities. Debka also reports that at its peak, the operation will include US, Turkish, British, Australian, French and Dutch troops. I guess the Europeans cannot resist the temptation of taking part in the carving up of Iraq which may result from this campaign.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

According to the New York Post, this is the latest Iraqi "hit parade"...what the Americans will hit first once things get rolling. As we said before, the Inside Out option (fighting an urban war) is not in the cards.
The Americans will systematically smash any physical sign of Saddam's power so that he is forced to flee the city and ultimately will be on the run. The country will fall within days. I don't believe that anyone in Iraq will be sorry to see this monster go.
Thirty years later, Israel is still fighting against the same forces which killed 11 of its athletes at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. And the world still condemns Israel, the victim, rather than organizing to quash the perpetrators, Arafat's PLO, now rebranded PA.
"We wanted to show that we are even stronger -- that we never give up," she added. "We know we are targets everywhere we go, but you can't live in fear." Abramski competed in the 10,000-metre finals, in which she came last, with 72 written on one of her hands and 11 on the other, in references to the year of the killings and the number of the victims.
Demolishing the homes of the families of homicide bombers is based on a solid, recognized, legal foundation. Ed Morgan (National Post) presents the arguments. They are compelling. And on top of this, the policy is already having a positive effect.
These practices have prompted widespread condemnation by human rights groups, but one surprising source has acknowledged the wisdom of the move. Hamas announced after Friday's university cafeteria bombing that it will now use bombs instead of suicide bombers following Israel's implementation of the new punishments. Since bombs are more easily detected in abandoned backpacks than they are strapped to their human carriers, one thing that can be said about the family punishments is that they may eventually start to work.
These punishments were upheld this week by the generally liberal Israeli Supreme Court. The court listened patiently to the arguments presented by several Palestinians whose homes have been slated for destruction, who contended that the demolitions constitute a form of collective punishment contrary to most human rights conventions. In the end, however, the judges agreed with the government's view that Israel is engaged not in a policing effort but in a war, and that such policies are a necessary, if painful, deterrent.
Human rights lawyers and others who automatically condemn these punishments must think harder about the context in which they occur. The law has always recognized that there is a hierarchy of rights, and that some trade-off between rights protection and the protection of human lives is essential.

A brilliant piece by Rosie Di Manno, one of the only bright lights at the Toronto Star, about the intellectual dishonesty of most European Journalists to admit their erroneous assessment of the Jenin massacre which never was.
I'm writing about this now because I read in a British paper the other day a non-apology "apology" from a correspondent who reported from Jenin immediately after the Israeli assault on Jenin. The attitude from this reporter was: Okay, I got it wrong, I filed seething copy about Israelis, but that's really not the point. The point was, and is, that Israeli aggression is killing Palestinians every day, and let us not forget how the Israelis killed 13 civilians merely to take out one high-ranking Hamas militant a couple of weeks ago.
Who is running the circus in Washington?
On June 24th, Bush called for an overhaul of the Palestinian leadership. On August 8th, the same leadership meets with high-ranking US officials and Arafat says that he is buoyed by the talks. Did I miss anything here? Did the Palestinians do anything to redeem themselves from years of crime and corruption? Has Arafat won another Nobel Prize? Or is Bush back to his old one-issue frame of mind where he cannot seem to put together any coherent policy because he is focused on Iraq?
And what credibility does George Tenet have? A failed peace plan in the Middle East and a massive intelligence failure which missed all the signs that 9/11 was coming? Now, this guy is going to give the Palestinians advice on how to organize their security force. But wait, isn't it what we did just after Oslo? We even supplied Arafat with 30,000 weapons to arm his "security people" and he promptly turned these weapons loose against Israeli civilians. So what this time...grenade launchers maybe?