Friday, August 23, 2002

Why hasn't Israel published the documents it captured during is operation in the West Bank and Ramallah?
The stuff contains not one but probably 100 smoking guns against the PA and the adored-Arafat. It is a PR dream. And yet, for some reason, Israel has done nothing with it other than maybe getting Bush a little more upset than he already was. When is Israel going to start using the intelligence it has to improve its image which is being constantly tarnished by left-leaning and Liberals worldwide?
If you have the time, go to this Die Zeit site and upload any of the documents...they are in English so don't worry. Here is the first one as an example. Great summertime reading.
Sweden has started boycotting Israeli products.
Apparently, food stuff from Israel has disappeared from the shelves in supermarkets.
I suggest that we start boycotting their products as well so less money will be available for them to subsidize their hero, Arafat and the PA. So pass up the Volvo's and the Saab's, refuse to buy from Ikea, buy a Nokia, Samsung or Motorola phone instead of an Ericcson. If all of North America did that, I think the Swedish economy would collapse. Oh how sweet a revenge that would be for the "Jewish lobby"!
For some reason, the moment Arafat was given the Nobel Prize, I started doubting that the Swedish government was playing with a full deck. It is now official.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

N'est-il pas fascinant qu'Amnistie International ait une petition qui circule denoncant les atrocites envers les droits de l'homme en Lybie alors que les Nations Unies viennent d'elire la Lybie pour un mandat d'un an a la tete de la Commission des Droits de l"homme?
Est-il encore necessaire de prouver l'ineptitude et le cynicisme des Nations DesUnies, cet organisme completement paralyse par le racisme des pays du tiers monde envers Israel et les Etats Unis? Un organisme qui a devoue plus de 60% de toutes ses resolutions contre Israel mais n'a jamais meme mentionne les crimes commis en Afrique, au Cambodge, en Bosnie et meme par les terroristes palestiniens envers des femmes et des enfants innocents israeliens qui sont massacres par des bombes remplies de clous rouilles? Pourquoi les Nations Unies ne se revoltent pas contre le fait que les bombeurs-suicides sont souvent souffrants de maladies telles que l'hepatite, ce qui fait que meme si elles survivent, les victimes attrappent ces maladies mortelles et finissent donc par perir de toute facon? Qui sont ces complices au Nations Unies qui sont aussi monstrueux que ceux qui organisent et commettent ces attentant infames? Quand va-t-on finalement nous debarasser de Kofi Annan, ce diplomate inepte qui n'a jamais aide a la resolution d'un seul conflit? Quelle honte! Il est grand temps d'abolir les Nations Unies.
Israël croit au plan de retrait, les islamistes le rejettent
Les remarques du ministre de la defense israelien montrent qu'Israel est realiste quant a ses attentes du nouveau plan de retrait par etape. Alors que des attentats quotidiens ne seraient certainement pas acceptables aux israeliens, Ben Eliezer est conscient du fait que malgre leurs meilleurs efforts, les autorites palestiniennes ne pourront probablement pas arreter tous les attentats. Ceci me semble eminament raisonable. Bien sur, les groupes terroristes palestiniens, dont le Fatah d'Arafat ont refuse ce retrait progressif. Evidemment, tout progres pourrait eventuellement rendre le mouvement palestinien caduque et donc leur plan est simplement de saboter toute initiative amenant quelqu'espoir que ce soit. Et l'Europe continue a financer ces bourreaux bien qu'il est prouve maintenant que les fonds europeens servent a trois choses bien precises: le terrorisme, l'endoctrinement des enfants et l'enrichissement personel d'Arafat.
The UK is placing an embargo on the export of arms to Israel. Any idea when they will impose an embargo on the funding of terrorism through the PA?
For some reason, a lot of people still claim that Blair is a strong Israel supporter. Huh? And I would think that with Sherry by his side, that would not even be an option! I think that Blair, his misses and most of Britain have always been against Israel. I guess they resent the fact that the current situation in the Middle East is the result of years of inept British diplomacy which has lead to their withdrawal from the Middle East leaving behind nothing but un-governable countries, chaos, religious and ethnic fighting.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

And one more nail in the UN coffin. Now it is the Asian Brown Cloud (or ABC). Real or junk science? None of the above. Just a way of trying to extort more money out of the Western World, i.e. the US.
Patrick J. Michaels shows the incredible correlation between any UN-sponsored environmental megafest and the sudden appearance of papers describing near catastrophic phenomena, all based in or originating from the US. Then he slams the UN:
Rather than shaking down the United States, the U.N. would be better advised to encourage free market development — which everyone knows is highly correlated with cleanliness — and discourage its favorite form of political economy, socialism. The history of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and present-day China show a clear correlation between big-government socialism, pollution, and poverty. In freer societies, there is less government, less poverty, and less pollution.
Bang on!
Jean Chretien, the Prime Minister of Canada has decided not to run again for a 4th mandate in February 2004.
Pity. He is the longest serving Western Leader and has demonstrated over and over that it is possible to govern when your IQ consistently matches your age. JC is 68 years old.
Whomever his successor will be is a going to have a very hard time matching Chretien's level of confusion about the Middle East. Once, he was asked what Canada's position was regarding East and West Jerusalem, he replied (showing incredibly lucid and determined leadership)..."East, West, North, South, I don't even know where I am right now". And can you believe it, Canadians elected this nitwit 3 times in a row with an ever increasing majority. Tells you something about the competition doesn't it?
Looks like Israel has dismantled a terrorist cell which was responsible for many of the worst attacks on Israeli civilians.
Members of the group had confessed to carrying out eight attacks that killed 35 people, police said. They said they got their orders from Ramallah-based leaders of the radical Palestinian group Hamas, the sources said.
Ideally, we should just lock these guys up in a room with the relatives of the victims and let the families "take care" of them. But, unfortunately, contrary to what Palestinians do (remember the picture of the Palestinian man with blood on his hand after he had ripped apart an Israeli soldier with his bare hands), Israel is going to accord these people due process of Law and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Even though I am against the death penalty, I think I could be convinced to make an exception for war criminals like these. I'd gladly pull the switch.
Uncle Sam is mighty generous with your tax dollars!!

US money for a Palestinian girls’ school, named for a terrorist who murdered 36 Israelis and an American

Dalal Mughrabi is the woman terrorist who participated in the murder of 36 Israelis and an American nature photographer, Gail Ruban, in 1978. A girls’ high school named for the terrorist - “The Dalal Mughrabi School” - is now being renovated with money from USAID - through ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid). A school named after a terrorist promotes murder and terrorism as positive values to children in general, and especially to those children studying in that school. US money is helping to support an educational structure that is inherently promoting terrorism and glorifying the murderer of an American.

And the brilliant follow up......Thanks Itamar - You've saved us all from this ridiculous institution.....

Palestinian Authority forced by US to remove terrorist's name from school, following Palestinian Media Watch alert

Last week, PMW published that US money was being used for a Palestinians girls' school, named for the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. The State Department immediately demanded that the Palestinian Authority change the name of the school, which they did.

And the depressing reality comes to bite us in the......

Terrorist Dalal Mughrabi’s name still used for USA funded school

The Palestinians continue to refer to the school receiving USAID money as the Dalal Mughrabi School, named after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who murdered 36 Israelis and the American photographer Gail Ruben in the 1978 bus hijacking.

The following appeared a week after the school was “renamed”.

“The Al-Shuyukh Sisterhood Celebrated the Conclusion of its Summer Camp
“The Al-Shuyukh Sisterhood … celebrated the completion of its first summer camp, ‘Tomorrow’s Generation’, in the Dalal Mughrabi School in Al-Shuyukh. The camp was in session for 3 weeks, attended by 300 children… The ceremony included speeches by Abbas Zaki, a member of the PA Legislative Council, and by Muhammad Amran Al-Qawasmi, Director of Education and Culture in the Hebron District…"

[PA Official Daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, August 16, 2002]

Greetings from the MidEast!!
Hi everyone!
Just wanted to let you know about a really cool thing that happened to me yesterday. I took a day trip and happened to be staying in the same hotel as this man:

For those of you who are unfarmiliar with this person, his name is Eli Yishai and he is the leader of Israel's far-right religious political party called Shas.
Seeing as we don't have a common language discussion was difficult. But with the help of a translator I was able to ascertain that he does not think Arafat is a realistic peace partner (wow!!! what a shocker) and he doesn't think that Israel could sustain a war against the Arab world. And I quote "...the Israeli army isn't even near what you think it is".
I should also note that the Shas party was recently dealt a fatal blow (read: They are totally crumbling as a party) because Israel just changed the voting process. In prior years, Israelis could vote for the party of their choice, and then choose the leader of their choice. For instance, a religious Jew would usually vote for Shas, the religious party, and then cast a second vote for a realistic Prime Minister (usually from Labour of Likud). Now, the system only allows for one vote to be cast, meaning that the party with the most votes automatically becomes the ruling party, and the leader of their choice becomes PM. From what I understand, Shas will be in serious trouble in the next election, if not completely obsolete.
I love politics!!!
Anyway, just thought I'd let you know about my star-struck moment. I'll be home soon!
Be well!
Why is everyone so surprised? Lybia has just been elected to chair the UN Human Rights Commission.
Lybia, the original terrorist state? Khaddafi the master terrorist? Isn't this crazy? I mean, come on, it would be like Arafat the terrorist winning the Nobel Peace Prize or Syria chairing the UN Security Council...can you imagine? Oh but wait, these things really did happen...I am not dreaming...AAARRRGGGHHHH...this is crazy!!! Oh but hang on...this is the UN after all. It's OK then, the UN is so irrelevant and inconsequential anyway. Kofi baby, you have single-handedly driven the UN from being dysfunctional to being a complete and utter write-off. Well done. Move along people, nothing to see here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Anyone thinks that the UN sanctions against Iraq actually are effective? Think again. "Saddam bankrolling Jerusalem Arabs".
No wonder the man is so popular among Palestinians. He is bankrolling them, while Arafat is siphoning the money into his personal account.
Daniel Pipes makes a brilliant case for a pre-emptive strike on Iraq.
Anyone who doesn't get it has to be either brain dead or European. Or both.
What will it take?
What will it take to convince the doubters that a pre-emptive strike against Iraq is the only chance we have to save thousands of potential victims? Yes, international law forbids attacking another country pre-emptively. But the law also says that a country which believes that it is about to be attacked can, in certain circumstances, pre-emptively act in order to defuse the risk. This is what Israel did in Iraq in 1981 in order to stop the Iraqis from completing a nuclear reactor. People must realize that because of the potential of Weapons[ons of Mass Destruction (WMD), the potential exists for a country to actual inflict mortal blows to another country before the country being attacked even has the time to react. It is one thing to watch tanks and troops being massed at your border. It is quite another thing to wait for a single nuclear head to wipe out several million people. So yes. As long as we have fairly relatively solid information that Saddam is manufacturing WMD and that he intends to use them (my guess is that he would not be building nuclear weapons to wipe out Bahgdad), then he must be taken out as a pre-emptive measure.
And can we drop the charade about "de-stabilizing the region?" What is so stable in this region which needs to be preserved and protected? A bunch of thugocracies and tyrannies who are all bent on destroying Israel if not each other? Countries ran be presidents-for-life? Countries which fund international terrorism? Countries which still treat their women as second class citizens? Countries which thrive on oppressing minorities and non-Muslims? Countries which have been incapable of lifting their populations out of poverty even though they have had access to hundreds of billions of dollars over the last 20-30 years.
I think it is time we destabilize this whole basket-case of a region, get rid of all non-democratic regimes (that would be all of them except for Israel) and kick start the Arab and Muslim world into the 19th or maybe 20th century, rather than the 15th century which is where the last trace of Arabs and Muslim civilization seem to disappear.
A great analysis of the dangerous Israeli left, the Peace Now people who are still betting on Arafat as a peace partner.
I guess the 600 Israelis who have been killed by Arafat don't count. Let's sacrifice more lives to political correctness and to the desire to appease a gang of murderers headed by a Nobel Terrorism Prize Winner.
Thanks to Kesher Talk for pointing out this article.
Mark Steyn on multiculturalism: multiculturalists are the real racists. As always, Mark Steyn does it better
Not convinced? Well, in Norway, it seems that Muslims are having a really hard time (no pun intended) understanding that gang-rape is not socially acceptable. That's not the worst part. The worst part is that the multiculturalists are trying to blame Norwegian women for not being sensitive to the fact that the way they dress is really what incites these poor Muslims and are therefore directly responsible for this cultural faux-pas. If a white guy used this defense, he'd be put away for a long time. If a Muslim uses this defense, multiculturalists are the first ones to find it quaint. These politically correct apologetic liberal idiots will kill us all.
So Muslim immigrants to Norway should be made aware that things are a little different in Scandinavia? Not at all! Rather, the professor insisted, "Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes" because their manner of dress would be regarded by Muslim men as inappropriate. "Norwegian women must realize that we live in a multicultural society and adapt themselves to it." Or to modify Queen Victoria's wedding-night advice to her daughter: Lie back and think of Yemen.
Interesting reading about the split between the President and the Secretary of State in dealing with toppling the government of another sovereign nation.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Thanks to InstaPundit for this pearl!
National Public Radio is so anti-Israel that it is an embarrassment. It is also dishonest, and costly to the taxpayers who should be entitled to some level of objectivity in their reporting., really nails NPR.
While systematically neglecting serious errors, NPR’s corrections instead tended to dwell on the truly trivial. For example, on June 13, 2002 the network broadcast an admission that three days earlier it had incorrectly reported that the 1990 World Cup-winning German soccer team had represented a unified Germany. In fact, it had represented just West Germany. And on April 18th NPR promptly corrected the name of a test pilot who had first flown the B-52 bomber 50 years ago. It was Tex Johnston, not Tex Johnson.

I told you so!! GWB should have fired Colin Powell a long long time ago. Now Moron Powell is using some of his Republican buddies to openly criticize Bush's approach to dealing with Iraq.
Colin is going to have to decide very soon whether he supports the decisions of the President, his boss and the choice of the American people, or the appeasement champions who still cling to the belief that the US has no legal case against Iraq as long as Iraq has not actually used weapons of mass destruction. But let's get this straight. Saddam is not foolish enough to try and get any WMD into the US, especially relying on dubious characters like Al Qaida for the special delivery. He will use Scud missiles for the delivery to Tel Aviv. So to all these people who argue for waiting to act against Saddam, I would say that their credibility is nil until they accept to put themselves directly in the line of fire, that is in Tel Aviv or nearby.
"It gets hard when they cheer". Words of one of the Jewish doctors who treats Arabs, Palestinians and Jews at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. It gets hard to treat Palestinians like any other patient when they cheer at the news of another massacre of Jews by their fellow Palestinians. As Larry Miller puts it..."I guess it does".
Read the second installment of Larry Miller's account of his trip to Israel. In his column, he shows the extraordinary courage and work of the doctors putting back together the victims of the Palestinian carnage, the wasted futures and the cynicism of Palestinians who murder Jews but still expect the best medical care available in the entire Middle East even though they are working on destroying the State of Israel. And yet, he says that "I didn't meet one Jew the whole trip who didn't think there would be peace, not one. "We can work it out. We have to. They're not going anywhere. Neither are we."
On a lighter note, Larry Miller praises Disney for its generosity towards the children in hospitals in Israel. He also slams the Lakers for their un-generosity and lame excuses. May the Lakers not make the playoffs for the next 50 years!

Monday, August 19, 2002

Minetta, the Secretary of Homeland Insecurity sure as hell has not done much for security.
Today, I had to go to New York on business. On my way back, at La Guardia, the people who stay in front of the X-ray machines all day long asked to check my shoes, just my shoes, probably thinking that the last time someone snuck in explosives into a plane in their shoes, the operation was a great success and thinking that a Middle-Eastern looking man like me would certainly try to emulate it. I obliged. But no one checked my laptop, PDA or cell phone. They also did not look into my laptop bag which contains cords, cables, etc...all potentially dangerous.
They also checked a poor old lady with blue hair twice, once at the security counter, the second time just before going into the jetway to board the plane. This lady looked to be about 65-70 and was pulling a small carry-on luggage,. That's it. They checked her twice. I guess the memo about ethnic profiling has not reached them yet.
Israel pulls troops out of Bethlehem as test case.
How long is this experiment going to last? Here is the 3rd paragraph in the report:
But the violent Hamas and Islamic Jihad, responsible for dozens of suicide bomb attacks against Israelis during two years of fighting, rejected the agreement and pledged to step up their attacks.
I hope this time Israel has made it abundantly clear to the Palestinians that this is their 273rd and last chance at this. My guess is that as the Palestinians, including the PA, do not want peace (because they would use their relevance), there already are several large attacks being planned. Even if Israel is able to stop 95% of these, 1 in every 20 will succeed. Then Israel will defend itself and the Palestinians, through Mr. Erakat, will cry the blues again. This time, it will be the usual "the Israelis have destroyed our infrastructure, how do they expect us to maintain order"? Ah but wait Mr. Erakat, when you ahd the authority and the power in Judea and Samaria, you used them to actually organize terrorism and the intifada. I give this a week, tops.
I hope someone tells us that this is a hoax. Here is how the National Education Association proposes that teachers deal with the 9/11 anniversary. Class, repeat after me: Islam is good. America is bad. Terrorists are freedom fighters. They have grievances which justify their actions. America is an oppressing power and got what it deserved. We cannot assign blame, ever, except when the blame falls on America."
This is what the Teachers Association plans to tell its members to teach on 9/11. How about we boot these idiots out and let Americans decide what should be taught to their kids? Obviously, education is far too important a subject to be left to educators. These guys make me sick.
Here is one of the activities that NEA quotes in one of the lesson plans. The lesson plan was created by PBS. Why am I not surprised?
During coverage of the terrorist attacks, many news organizations showed video footage of Palestinians celebrating the terrorist attacks. Sentiment against the Palestinians--and Arab people more generally--increased as a result of this reporting, though at the time it was unclear who was responsible for the attacks, or how widespread such celebrations were in the Middle East.
So we must teach our kids that unlike Palestinians and Arabs who are dancing on the street at the sight of thousands of American casualties, we must keep our emotions in check and not let our sentiments against Arabs (good heavens!) or Palestinians be affected. They dance on the street and it's OK. And by the way, because we don't really know how widespread these demonstrations were, we cannot have an opinion. But wait, do I remember correctly that the PA actually threatened journalists who wanted to report these demonstrations. I think this part was left out of the lesson plan.
Some guy on LGF has a great suggestion. Why don't people keep their kids at home on that day so that they are not subjected to any of this politically-correct NEA crap?
Abu Nidal "killed himself" with several self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Palestinians really think the world is so dumb that we'd believe them? This guy had a price on his head and he ends his own life with several gunshots? Maybe he kept missing...or maybe Palestinians have finally realized that killing terrorists who are after you and who have vowed to destroy you is fair game. I think this is why Israel does it. It works.
Good riddance Mr. Nidal...I hope the next time Palestinians dance on the street it is to celebrate your long overdue death. May you spend eternity with 72 virgins looking like Osama.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

David Warren presents a good analysis of the current puzzling position of the US towards an attack on Iraq. He gives 7 reasons why patience is actually paying off for the US.
David Warren is one of the best foreign policy analyst. He deserves better coverage. And he is Canadian too! Imagine that!
The Washington Post analyzes the balance of power in the Middle East by comparing the effectiveness of F-16s and homicide bombers.
This gem, dissected very effectively by Little Green Football, takes a very "clinical look" at the phenomenon of homicide bombers and almost glamorizes the fact that this very cheap "weapon" has single-handedly changed the balance of power. Where the article fails totally is when it compares the effectiveness of homicide bombers who deliberately target civilians with civilians killed while acting as shield for bloody murderers. No moral judgement. The Washington Post can do better than that, much better than that.
Israel is alleviating some of the restrictions on the Palestinian population in Gaza and Bethlehem
The representatives of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to Sunday evening's security talks decided to begin implementing Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer's 'Gaza First' plan as of Monday.
It will be interesting to see how much the PA actually does to stop terrorist attacks this time around. How many chances are we going to give the PA until we know for sure that they are incapable/unwilling to stop terrorists? ut of course, this deal was made by Ben Eli-Ezer, the Israeli Labor Defense Minister.