Thursday, August 29, 2002

If the situation wasn't so sad, I'd be laughing my head off!
A good friend of mine (who travelled to Israel with me!) recently informed me that his University campus (U of Boulder, Colorado) sponsored a visit and lecture for none other than Hanan Ashwari, the lying Palestinian. But fear not because the university recognized what a controversial speaker she was and thereby requested that students from "Peace Now" invite a counter-speaker. Peace Now!!! These are Jews who say things like "End the Occupation" and "We support Palestinian's Rights" (as opposed to the rest of us who are in constant violation of their bloody rights)!! That sounds fair doesn't it? Hanan Ashwari and a some crack addict from Peace Now!

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

American Zionist Information Network
We recently received a letter from the webmaster of a website called He asked us if we'd consider checking out his site and possibly linking to it. Now, I'm here to tell all of our readers that they MUST do the same! The American Zionist Information Network is fantastic! They link to hundreds of pro- and anti-Israel news sources, as well as provide fabulous commentary on current problems in Israel. Definitely not to be missed! We've linked to them on the left side of our site. Enjoy.
Dawsonspeek reports this one piece of good news: demolishing the houses of Palestinian terrorists is working very effectively as a deterrent.
As reported by the Associated Press.

In another development Tuesday, an Israeli military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said 30 Palestinians wanted by Israel have recently surrendered to Israeli security forces.
Several of the wanted men asked for assurances that their families' homes not be demolished, according to a report in the Israeli daily Maariv that was confirmed by the Israeli military. Israel last month began demolishing homes of Palestinian terror suspects, and has so far more than two dozen homes have been razed.

This small miracle alone has surely saved many innocent lives. It proves that tough measures to make terrorists and those who support them pay for their despicable actions can actually have a serious impact on terrorism. It also proves, as everyone already knew, that terrorists are cowards and gutless people who only believe in their cause when they can strike against defenseless innocent people. I would suggest that Israel start widening the policy of reprisal against those who incite violence against Jews. For instance, Sheik Yassassin's (the "spiritual" leader of Hamas...spiritual, my ass!) home should be made into a parking lot, as well as all those responsible for developing, printing and distributing the antisemitic crap taught in Palestinian schools and financed by the EU.
Chretien falls flat on his face....again!!......2004 won't come soon enough!

As we reported yesterday, the Canadian government doesn't believe Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist groups. Here, Frontpage magazine brings Canadian idiocracy to center-stage.

It was another shameful Canadian moment.

Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien added to his dismal record in the war on terrorism when his government just recently published a list of seven outlawed terrorist organizations in Canada. The murderous Hamas organization was not among them.

...The opposition conservative Canadian Alliance Party, to its credit, immediately attacked the Liberals for the scandalous omissions, as well as for taking so long in coming out with the list of illegal groups after 9/11. The Alliance is demanding that both Hamas and Hezbollah be proscribed immediately. The Party's foreign affairs critic, Stockwell Day, stated that there is no reason for Hamas to be allowed to raise funds and conduct other activities in Canada, especially in light of a recent terrorist attack against Israel.

This is the wacky world of leftist Liberal Canada. Common sense action is a rarity in government here. So it should come as no surprise that, while the United States has designated Hamas a terrorist organization and shut down its fundraising branches, Chrétien, to his shame, has refused to do so.

The Prime Minister has excused himself by saying that Hamas has a charitable wing that runs schools and hospitals in the Gaza strip and West Bank; only its military wing, he says, should be sanctioned.

Canada's leader naively believes that, with the money it raises in Canada, Hamas will buy books instead of bombs once the cash reaches the Middle East.

...Moreover, after 9/11, Chrétien denied there were any terrorist groups operating in his country until his own security organization went to the media and contradicted him, saying there were 50 such groups on Canadian soil.

While travelling in Israel, I had Americans asking me such questions as " Canadians know what Halloween is?" and "...what is your President's name again?". I kept asking myself how American's could know so little about Canada. Today, I ask myself a different question: With such a blatantly small-minded and irrelevant leader, how can Canadians expect anyone to take us seriously?
Want to bet that the final report from the newest and latest UN gabfest (The World Summit on Sustainable Development) in Johannesburg will contain words such as..."occupied territories", "Zionism", "racism", "colonialism", "apartheid" and also probably "Israel", "Palestinian", etc...? Of course, this is the UN after all! And it guarantees that the summit will be ineffective, expensive, mostly irrelevant and just a prelude to...another summit 10 years from now in whatever city will be trendy at that time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Another brilliant Op-Ed by David Warren about Bush's quiet work inside Iraq and the preparation for an operation which, according to David, will take place this fall.
To read the papers from either side of the Atlantic, you would think the purpose of Mr. Cheney's speech and the others was to draw "a line in the sand" -- not against Saddam Hussein, but against Brent Scowcroft and other "doves" who are presumed to be flying between the "hawk" and his mouse. To state it thus is to show what is wrong with this view: it will not be Gen. Scowcroft standing in the road to Baghdad. But these are very sophisticated analysts, and the fact they are always wrong should not deter us from recognizing their role in shaping public and diplomatic opinion.
Yep. Who the hell is still listening to Scowcroft? He was against the Gulf War, against playing hardball with the Soviet Union, against marginalizing Arafat. He is now against any action in Iraq. Obviously, the US should go in in a hurry. If Scowcroft is against it, it probably is a good idea. Scowcroft is like a compass pointing south all the time. Thank God this guy is retired.
How about wishing a Shana Tova (Happy New Year) to the family of an Israeli soldier on the front line by sending honey and chocolate? It can now be done. Here is how:
Wish Israeli Soldiers and their Families Shana Tova with honey and chocolates!!!
For Rosh HaShana, is providing the opportunity to send honey and chocolates to the soldiers and their families. These can be accompanied by special messages, wishing them a happy and sweet New Year, a year of peace and security, a safe year for their serving sons and daughters.
In addition to boosting the morale of the soldiers, these contributions have helped sectors of Israel hard hit by the current economic downturn and tourist slump. These include pizza and burger restaurants, people involved in the local food industry, as well as ancillary services. As usual, all deliveries are coordinated with the security forces and thus pose no security risk. There are a variety of prices starting at $12.95 US!

Pourquoi ne pas souhaiter une bonne annee aux soldats qui sont sur le front et a leurs familles en leur envoyant du miel et du chocolat? Maintenant c'est possible. Voila comment faire:
Pour Rosh HaShana, vous permet d'envoyer du miel et des chocolats aux soldats et a leurs familles. Ceux-ci peuvent etre accompagnes par des messages speciaux pour leur souhaiter une heureuse et douce annee, une annee de paix et de securite, et une annee sure pour leurs fils et filles qui servent dans l'armee.
Ce geste hausse le morale des soldats et en plus contribue a aider un des secteurs les plus affectes par la crise economique actuelle provoquee par la chute du nombre de touristes. Ceci est particulierement vrai dans les secteurs des restaurants de pizza et de burgers, pour les travailleurs de l'industrie alimentaire et les services annexes. Bien entendu, toutes les livraisons sont coordonees avec les forces armees afin de ne pas creer de risque pour la securite. Les prix varient et commencent a $12.95 US!
A letter to my Member of Parliament (in Canada) regarding Canada's recent list of terrorist organizations which somehow did not include ANY Palestinian organization. If any response ever comes, I'll publish it as well.
Dear Ms. Caplan,
I have just taken notice of the latest list of terrorist groups issued by the Federal Solicitor General Lawrence McCaulay (dated Jul 23). This list is published at the following site:

I am appalled at the fact that in spite of international condemnation and ample evidence, no Palestinian terrorist group (such as Hamas, Hizbollah, FPLP) have actually made it to the list. These groups have proudly claimed responsibility for dozens of terrorists acts which have resulted in the murder of hundreds of Israeli citizens, including women, children and elderly. As well, thousands of people have been maimed and injured for life thanks to infected nails and other devices used by these terrorists to inflict maximum damage and suffering.

Why isn't Canada at the forefront of the battle to eradicate these groups by denying them the right to raise funds in Canada? Why should Canada by the laughing stock of the world for not recognizing these groups as terrorist organizations when many countries, in particular the US have put these groups on their terrorist list based on evidence available to Canada as well?

I am appalled at the stand that our government has taken on this issue, hiding behind the argument that Hamas for instance also provides humanitarian services and as such cannot be categorized as terrorists. Did Canada make the same distinction against South Africa when the apatheid regime was in place? Did Canada make the same argument when the Nazis were attacking their neighbours? Certainly not and rightfully so. The alledged "good work" that these groups do, does not give them a free hand to perpetrate these monstruous acts against unarmed Israelis.

This is scandalous and I hope you will use your influence to rectify this shameful situation.

Yours respectfully.
Here's an interesting twist. Prince Hassan (of Jordan, late King Hussein's brother and uncle of current King Mohamed) is making his move for the restauration of a monarchy in Iraq once Saddam has been sent away on a permanent vacation to frolic with his 72 virgins. And of course, Hassan would be the first Iraqi King.
Prince Hassan's appearance before the Iraqi officers perhaps goes beyond an expression of Jordanian displeasure toward Iraq's growing economic and commercial dealings with Syria and the Gulf countries. Prince Hassan may aspire to see the restoration of the Hashemites to Iraq, and his aspiration may not be entirely unrealistic. After all, writes Mehdi Mustapha, "Who could have imagined that the exiled Afghanis in the West would return to govern Afghanistan after 40 years? Who has heard of Zaher Shah and Hamid Karzai, and why can't this be replicated in Iraq?" In a recent debate on the Qatari, Al-Jazeera television channel, the question of Hassan, serving as the Karzai of Iraq was mentioned but not enriched by a serious debate.
I guess things could be worse. Just as Assad's son, now the president of Syria has turned out to be even more cunning and ruthless than his old Dad, I suspect that any son of Saddam would turn out to make Saddam look like a humanitarian. I'll take the King.
Is the Secretary of the Arab Psychiatrists Association Dr. Adel Sadeq a little under the weather? This is the man who praised suicide bombers last April and called President Bush "stupid". Talk about a reversal. Here's what he says now:
"First of all, we must ask the Palestinian youth to stop the suicide operations. We, the psychiatrists, are opposed to suicide; actually, we treat [people who attempt] suicide and protect our [mentally] ill from suicidal thoughts."

"The politicians say that this is the only method in the hands of the man of struggle. But I say no. There are a thousand other ways, and it is inconceivable that killing oneself is the way of struggle. The clerics say that it is martyrdom, and that Allah has commanded us to die to defend the homeland, and I say no - martyrdom is not the premeditated killing of oneself, but going forth into battle as a mujaheed for the sake of Allah in order to fight the enemy, and at the same time protecting oneself from death. If he happens to be killed, he is a martyr, but he must not plan from the outset to be killed with dynamite."

"Second, we must oppose spilling the blood of innocent people, children, women, old people, and the sick, on both the Palestinian side and the Israeli side. We must not rejoice over the killing of an Israeli child or an Israeli teenage girl. The war must be waged only between fighters. The ugly game now going on - in which a young Palestinian blows himself up on an Israeli bus and innocent people die and then Israel responds by firing missiles on Palestinian homes and innocent people die - must cease, because it is an insane and hellish cycle."

"Third, the Arab psychiatrists must meet with the Israeli psychiatrists to examine how we should call for peace. We must support the peace movement in Israel and in Arab countries. I am convinced that the Israeli people and the Palestinian people do not want war; everyone wants peace. We, the psychiatrists, know how to talk to the people. We can call on them to oppose the enemies of peace on both sides."

"Fourth, we, the Arab psychiatrists, must talk to the people through the media and call on them to stop the suicide and to stop the killing of innocent people. We must call for peace and create public opinion that will pressure the rulers and the governments in order to persuade them to surrender to peace. I also call on Israeli psychiatrists to do likewise, to protect Israeli blood and Palestinian blood."

Huh...say again? This guy actually makes sense. The problem is that we don't know whether he was nuts in April or if he is now having a little mental collapse. Go figure!
Thanks to the wonderful people at Memri for this article.
I've been there, I've seen it....and as usual, the Arabs are lying!

Wall Shifts at Jerusalem Holy site
JERUSALEM (AP) - Part of the wall of Jerusalem's most hotly contested holy site is in danger of collapse, the city's Israeli mayor and archaeologists said Tuesday.

Muslim officials in charge of the site insisted the wall lining the Al Aqsa Mosque compound is stable.
(Now remember to take the word of these Muslim official experts very seriously....after all, these are people who only recently learned how to walk with shoes on their feet.) They accused Israel of exploiting the situation to try to increase its supervision of the site, a political flashpoint revered by Muslims and Jews.

..."The wall will collapse," said Eilat Mazar, head of Israel's Public Committee for the Protection of the Antiquities on the Temple Mount . "The central issue at present is whether it will collapse on the heads of thousands of people who are praying there, or whether it will be done in a controlled manner as it should be done."

Now, knowing the Arabs, which will you suspect will happen? I can't even describe what the wall looks like. It appears as if the wall is pregnant. The bulge is so pronounced that I'm sure it's only a matter of weeks or months before the whole thing caves in.
Palestinian democracy and freedom of press is alive and well!!

Palestinian Group Warns Journalists

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - The Palestinian journalists union declared on Monday that news photographers are "absolutely forbidden" from taking pictures of Palestinian children carrying weapons or taking part in activities by militant groups, saying that the pictures harm the Palestinian cause.

..."We have decided to forbid taking any footage of armed children, because we consider that as a clear violation of the rights of children and for negative effects these pictures have on the Palestinian people," he said.

The statement said footage of armed children served "the interests of Israel and its propaganda against the Palestinian people."

For wonderful examples of how Israeli "propaganda" has seized this opportunity, please check out pictures and stories available at Operation S.I.C.K. (Stop Inciting Children to Kill)

PS. Yes, I'm back home from Israel.....and when I'm down from cloud nine, I'll write an whole schpiel about the trip.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Canada shines one more time: it publishes its latest list of terrorist organizations. On it, one can find such mainstream groups as the Salafist Group for Call and Combat, as well as Vanguards of Conquest. But Hamas? Nope. Hezbollah? Nope. Fatah? Try again. The FPLP? Not even close.
All these Palestinian groups have claimed responsibility for terrorists acts in the past. All encourage suicide bombing against Israeli civilians. And all have been put on the terrorist list in the US. But not in Canada. No siree Bob. Here, these philanthropists are free to raise funds, even open offices, have bank accounts, organize "charity" events and so on. It is just beyond belief and contempt. Chretien and his criminally incompetent bunch must go before all of us Canadians die of shame and embarrassment.
Thanks to Damian Penny for pointing out this outrageous action (or lack of) by the Canadian Government. I will be writing my MP Elinor Caplan as soon as I am done blogging.