Friday, September 06, 2002

Happy New Year! Shana Tova to all!
We want to wish all of our Jewish friends and readers a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. May you see nothing but goodness and may we all see peace and happiness in the MidEast.
"Islamists to mark 'positives' of Sept. 11". Yes, in case you hadn't noticed, there were positives.
And what are they, you might ask? "The Sept. 11 attacks stripped off the mask the United States had been wearing in its Crusader war against Islam and the Muslims," said Bakri, founder of the Muhajirun (Immigrants) Movement, an Islamist movement based in London.
Sheik Bakri said the gathering was to be attended by Muslim personalities from salafi and jihad bodies in Britain and other countries.
Salafi Muslims seek to re-establish what they believe was the pure religion and society of the early days of Islam. Members of jihad groups participate in or support armed struggles to overthrow existing governments and establish rule under shariah.
A letter from Mulla Omar, leader of the Taliban, ousted from ruling Afghanistan by a U.S.-led coalition, will be read. The letter was received, Bakri said, through the Taliban Internet website. So will messages from the terrorist network al Qaida, also received by way of the Internet, he added.

It will be interesting to see who attends this little wunderfest. Imagine, Mullah Omar is even sending a letter!
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Do you know why things are calm right now among Palestinians? Because they are busy indoctrinating the next generation of mass murderers. "PA intensifies campaign of incitement against Israel". And it is working.
Abu Hin presented a survey conducted on 996 children between the ages of nine to 17. Ninety percent expressed their desire to participate in intifada activities, and 73% expressed a desire to become martyrs.
Here is one animal who should be sent away to meet his 72 virgins:
In a PA television interview, Sheikh Ibrahim Mattsai said, "How excited I was to hear a Palestinian child tell me that when he is 14 years old he will blow himself up and become a martyr... I praise those sons of Allah who give you and me martyrdom."
James Lilek writes a moving piece about how he feels a year after 9/11. It is brilliantly written and it made me mad. Thank God there are people who still refuse to let go and make sure we never forget.
One of the most poignant paragraphs talks about his daughter Gnat and one of the little girls on one of the planes, Christine Hanson who was on her way to Disneyland:
Little Christine was Gnat’s age, give or take a month; bin Laden’s lackeys killed her - and did so to ensure that other fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters died as well, preferably by the tens of thousands. This little girl’s death wasn’t even a comma in the manifesto they hoped to write. They made sure that her last moments alive were filled with horror and blood, screams and fear; they made sure that the last thing she saw was the desperate faces of her parents, insisting that everything was okay, we’re going to see Mickey, holding out a favorite toy with numb hands, making up a happy lie. And then she was fire and then she was ash.
I feel the same anger I did on 9/11; I feel the same overwhelming grief. Nothing in my heart has changed, and God forbid it ever does.
I just got a subscription to Glamour Magazine....what's the Islamic world subscribing to?

An Al-Qa'ida-Affiliated Online Magazine: On the Importance of Jihad as a Means of Destroying the 'Infidel Countries'

In an article in the sixteenth issue of the online magazine Al-Ansar, which is affiliated with Al-Qa'ida, a columnist identified as Seif Al-Din Al-Ansari discussed the Koranic verse "Allah Will Torture Them [the Infidels] At Your Hands":

The Annihilation of the Infidels is a Divine Decree

"Regardless of the norms of 'humanist' belief, which sees destroying the infidel countries as a tragedy requiring us to show some conscientious empathy and... an atmosphere of sadness for the loss that is to be caused to human civilization - an approach that does not distinguish between believer and infidel... - I would like to stress that annihilating the infidels is an inarguable fact, as this is the [divine] decree of fate..."

"When the Koran places these tortures [to be inflicted on the infidels] in the solid framework of reward and punishment... it seeks to root this predestined fact in the consciousness of the Muslim group, asserting that the infidels will be annihilated, so as to open a window of hope to the Muslim group..."

"Nevertheless, [this divine decree] has become, for some, a tranquilizing pill... When the enemy launches operations of colonialism and destruction, we find that a few [of the Muslims] refrain from entering the battlefield claiming that the elements of the collapse of Western civilization are proliferating [in any event]."

Muslims Must Not Wait Passively for the Divine Decree to Just Happen

"...I would like to point out the danger of this analysis, because it... [may] make the Muslims passive and turn [them] into one who does not act to carry out [the commandments] of the religion or to dispel falsehood, but lives always in an atmosphere of passive waiting, that is cloaked - always - by a call to trust in the ability of Allah!!"

Read on here!

The Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Cretin, sorry Chretien, has spoken. Hope the world is listening. Such wisdom, such clarity, such vision...I am feeling all tingly about it...Here is the kind of proof that Canada needs before it will consider what to do about Iraq:
"A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven."
He also said "I don't think that Saddam Hussein is a great democrat, and I would prefer to have somebody else there. But probably it would be the same thing with many other leaders in the world." So there you have it. Saddam is not a great democrat. Really? What was his first clue?
For all the non-Canadian reading this blog, you must know how incredibly proud we are of our fearless leader. Wow!

Thursday, September 05, 2002

And in the great Palestinian/Nobel/UN tradition, Abu Daoud, the mastermind behind the 1972 Munich Massacre received the Mahmoud Hamshari Palestine Prize for Culture in 1999.
For what did he receive this prize, you may ask?
Abu Daoud will receive the prize, amounting to 10,000 French francs, for his book, "Palestine: From Jerusalem to Munich", in which he describes how he planned and implemented the killing of 11 Israeli athletes at Munich.
And we, idiots, missed a chance to give McVeigh a prize for the Oklahoma bombing. I hope we don't miss another opportunity and start working on a prize for Bin Laden. After all, the number of people killed by Abu Daoud is minimal compared to Bin Laden's feat. I think a Nobel Prize in in order.
Alexandre Calahan (Faculty of the Marine Corps Command and Staff College) published a thesis entitled "The Israeli Response to the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre and the Development of Independent Covert Action Teams".
Part of the Executive Summary:
Recommendations: Although there are inherent differences between Israeli and U.S. policies, specifically those addressing the use of assassination as a political tool, important lessons may be gleaned from this study for policy makers. Planners of sensitive covert operations must have a firm understanding of bureaucratic processes. Government bureaucracies inherently limit the degree of operational success by the nature of their systems. Bureaucracies cannot move effectively beyond a predetermined operational tempo, and impose fatal restraints regarding operational tradecraft and tactics. Successful covert operations demand a flexible capability with full decentralized authority enabling officers to initiate actions as circumstances dictate, enhancing the operational success-failure ratio. When operational teams incorporate decentralized authority in concert with good tradecraft and tactical techniques, success is virtually assured. Government agencies are capable of conducting decentralized, sensitive operations with reasonable operational control and an expectation of success.
Let's hope that Bush read the document and is planning such operations as a backup plan for Iraq should a frontal attack turn out to be not feasible.

30 years ago today, Palestinians massacred 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. At the time, Arab countries protested when Olympic flags were lowered at half mast for a day. Today, when Israelis are massacred, Palestinians dance on the street. Why are Europeans and left-wing liberals so enamored with these savages?

A reprint of an article linked by Kesher (which has tons of great links on the subject) and also posted by Damian Penny. Let's hope the world remembers.
It was 4:30 in the morning on Sept. 5, 1972, when five Arab terrorists wearing track sweat suits climbed the six-foot six-inch fence surrounding the Olympic Village. Although they were seen by several people, no one thought anything was unusual since athletes routinely hopped the fence; moreover, the terrorists' weapons were hidden in athletic bags. These five were met by three more men who are presumed to have obtained credentials to enter the village.

Just before 5, the Arabs knocked on the door of Israeli wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg. When Weinberg opened the door he realized something was wrong and shouted a warning to his comrades. He and weightlifter Joseph Romano attempted to block the door while other Israelis escaped, but they were killed by the terrorists. The Arabs then succeeded in rounding up nine Israelis to hold as hostages.

At 9:30, the terrorists announced that they were Palestinians and demanded that Israel release 200 Arab prisoners and that the terrorists be given safe passage out of Germany.

After hours of tense negotiations, the Palestinians, who it was later learned belonged to a PLO faction called Black September, agreed to a plan whereby they were to be taken by helicopter to the NATO air base at Firstenfeldbruck where they would be given an airplane to fly them and their hostages to Cairo. The Israelis were then taken by bus to the helicopters and flown to the airfield. In the course of the transfer, the Germans discovered that there were eight terrorists instead of the five they expected and realized that they had not assigned enough marksmen to carry out the plan to kill the terrorists at the airport.

After the helicopters landed at the air base around 10:30 p.m., the German sharpshooters attempted to kill the terrorists and a bloody firefight ensued. At 11, the media was mistakenly informed that the hostages had been saved and the news was announced to a relieved Israeli public. Almost an hour later, however, new fighting broke out and one of the helicopters holding the Israelis was blown up by a terrorist grenade. The remaining hostages in the second helicopter were shot to death by one of the surviving terrorists.

At 3 a.m., a drawn and teary-eyed Jim McKay, who had been reporting the drama throughout the day as part of ABC's Olympic coverage, announced: "They're all gone."

Five of the terrorists were killed along with one policeman, and three were captured. A little over a month later, on Oct. 29, a Lufthansa jet was hijacked by terrorists demanding that the Munich killers be released.

The Germans capitulated and the terrorists were let go, but an Israeli assassination squad was assigned to track them down along with those responsible for planning the massacre. According to George Jonas in Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team, eight of the 11 men targeted for death were killed. Of the remaining three, one died of natural causes and the other two were assassinated, but it is not known for sure if they were killed by Israeli agents.

Meanwhile, the mastermind of the massacre remains at large. In fact, in 1999, Abu Daoud admitted his role in his autobiography, Memoirs of a Palestinian Terrorist. He claims his commandos never intended to harm the athletes and blamed their deaths on the German police and the stubbornness of then-Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (JTA, May 4, 1999).

The massacre of 11 Israeli athletes was not considered sufficiently serious to merit canceling or postponing the Olympics. "Incredibly, they're going on with it," Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times wrote at the time. "It's almost like having a dance at Dachau."

As reported by Damian...One more scene, featured in Jonas's superb book, which I will never forget: on the day following the massacre, all of the flags at the Olympics were lowered to half-mast as a gesture of mourning.

Delegates from the Arab states complained about this implied show of sympathy for Jews, and the organizers promptly returned their flags to the top of the flagpoles. The only good Jew, it seems, is a dead Jew.
A mega-terror attack was avoided this morning when Israeli security forces intercepted a car filled with over 1300 lbs of explosives.
Just to put this into perspective, if my memory serves me right, the Oklahoma bomb was about 5000 lbs. So the Palestinians, these nice peace loving, warm and kind people, were planning to detonate something 1/4 the size of the Oklahoma City bomb probably in a crowded market in Hadera. Anyone would like to take a guess how many hundreds/thousands would have been killed?
As I always advocated, force is the only solution. Enough force and enough pain must be inflicted so that no Palestinian, regardless of how whacked he or she is, will ever dare even consider pulling such a stunt. And if it means deporting more and more of the people even remotely involved with known terrorists, then so be it.
The booby-trapped vehicle reportedly contained 600 kilograms (1350 pounds) of explosives hidden in several gas canisters, connected to a battery and a cellular telephone-operated detonation mechanism. A container of metal shrapnel and bolts were also found.
Note the added touch of the container of metal shrapnel and bolts, just to ensure that those not killed right away would be maimed and torn to shreds for life...awwww....what sweethearts these terrorists are! Hey, here is a time a bomb is found, should the bombers and the people who support them be made to stand near the bomb when it is detonated, just to give them a taste of their own medicine?

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Let's hope this is not just wishful thinking. "The intifadeh's over and the Israelis won."
Interesting article though. I have this uncomfortable feeling that this is the calm before the storm. There are too many rumors flying around involving Arafat and Saddam planning a mega-terror attack in Israel (or even Jordan). This could be as simple as spreading lethal bacteria in Israel's water system or spreading anthrax through the ventilation system of a building. The problem is that it would take days for it to unfold and it would be impossible to point fingers. Very troublesome.
DEBKAfile Military and Palestinian Sources report: Jordanian Bader Unit Arrives in Bethlehem
In an interesting development, it would appear that Israel and Jordan are working together to build a framework whereby the Jordanians would effectively slowly take over security away from Arafat's goons in the West Bank.
Also reported by DEBKAfile, "Sharon: Libya Is Close to a Nuclear Bomb – Apparently with Help of Iraqi Scientists and Saudi Funding."
Doesn't it make us all warm and fuzzy to think that Gaddafi is assuming the chairmanship of the UN's Human Rights Commission starting next March? And how much are we collectively spending on the stupid, incompetent, irrelevant, dangerous, comical, outrageous UN?
Oh cry me a river...why don't I feel a twinge of emotion when I read this? (except anger, of course)

Expelled Palestinian meets 20-day-old son for first time and bids him farewell...sniffle sniffle sniffle

Kifah Ajouri tearfully embraced his 20-day-old son Ali on Wednesday, only to bid him farewell 15 minutes later as Israeli soldiers escorted him to a convoy and drove him to the Gaza Strip, where he will be forced to remain for at least two years.

Ajouri and his sister, Intisar, were being expelled to the Gaza Strip after Israel's Supreme Court, in a landmark decision Tuesday, ruled they had helped their brother, Ali Ajouri, prepare two suicide bombers for an attack in Tel Aviv on July 17 that killed four foreign workers and two Israelis.

Kifah Ajouri was escorted into a courtyard at the military base, his hands and feet bound, to briefly see his mother, sister, wife and three children, said his sister, Amal Ajouri. She bid the two farewell under the watchful eye of Israeli soldiers who filmed the meeting.

When the soldiers realized it was difficult for Kifah to embrace his family, they removed the cuffs from his hands and feet, Amal Ajouri said.

A few minutes later, Intisar arrived with her hands and feet bound, Amal said. Soldiers immediately removed her cuffs and she rushed over to hug her family, she added.

Ohhhh.....that's just so darn heart renching now isn't it? You know who has an even harder time hugging their family? The six people that these baboons murdered!!! Give me a break.

Kifah's wife and children are hoping to get Israel's permission to join him in Gaza, Amal Ajouri said. "They cannot live without each other. They are one family and they have to be together under all circumstances," she added.

You know, I'll bet the families of their victims felt like they wanted to be together under all circumstances also. Shame Shame Shame on anyone who felt the slightest bit of sympathy when reading this article. Yes, it is true that Jews are above these Arabs, and we're compassionate people too, but feeling sorry for a bunch or murderers like them is not's plain stupidity!

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

A key interview with Israel's new Chief of Staff. He does not mince words and exposes Palestinian duplicity (actually triplicity!) in English, Arabic and Hebrew. Brilliant.
Chief Of Staff: "The War Of Independence Has Resumed" IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Yaalon granted an interview to Ari Shavit of Ha'aretz, which was published today. A Makor Rishon analyst noted that the terms "People of Israel" and "Nation of Israel" flowed off his tongue in a refreshingly spontaneous way. Excerpts:
"If the concept 'conquest' [referring to Israel's presence in Judea, Samaria and Gaza] ever had any relevance, it lost it as far as I'm concerned in the year 2000. Israel presented a proposal that was supposed to remove the Palestinians from off our back, but instead [of getting off], they started stabbing us. I [therefore] maintain that the story is not 'conquest,' but rather the lack of recognition of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State.
"The Palestinians have three stories. Their narrative in Arabic is one of mobilization for a war of jihad, non-recognition of Israel's right to exist, rejection of any attachment between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, and mobilization of the Palestinian people for a war with the goal of bringing about Israel's collapse. In English, the story is different: occupation, colonialism, apartheid. Those are completely irrelevant terms, which are intended to furnish the Western world with familiar terminology that clarifies who the good guys are here and who the bad guys are.
"In Hebrew, they have a third story: the peace of the brave. But I know the details and I say that Arafat. saw Oslo as a Trojan horse that allowed the Palestinian Authority people to enter the country, and Sept. 2000 was the date that they came out of the horse. Today, as well, the ideology of Fatah is to cause the State of Israel to disintegrate from within. They do not want to 'end the conflict,' but rather to turn Israel into a Palestinian state."
Asked whether Oslo was a mistake, Yaalon said,"You can't speak in terms of a mistake or not a mistake. After what we have gone through in the last nine years, I have many less question marks and more exclamation points. For me, ethical clarity has been created."
Dismantling Yesha settlements and unilateral Israeli withdrawals are "dangerous moves [that will] give the Palestinians strength to continue. I said this when the question of withdrawing from Joseph's Tomb arose. It was clear to me that leaving the Tomb would just give the Palestinians a push. Whoever thought that leaving the site would neutralize a point of friction was thinking like an Israeli, not like a Palestinian. Every withdrawal under violence and terrorism will only strengthen the way of violence and terrorism, and will endanger us." He agreed that even if a large military force is sometimes required to protect an isolated town, a much larger force would have to be kept there if the town were to be dismantled."
He said that the proposed partition wall separating the Arab-populated areas of Yesha from the rest of Israel "will not solve all the problems. If I had that money, I would invest it somewhere else."
"The key point here is the staying power of the Israeli society. That is the most important factor that is being put to the test at this time, and will continue to be put to the test in the near future. That is what the campaign is about. When the Palestinians initiated the confrontation, their evaluation was that Israel would not be able to withstand even a few dozen casualties. They were surprised. Operation Defensive Shield showed them that they were dealing not with a spider web, but with a tiger. But if they see cracks and a chance of [Israel's] disintegration, a prospect of Israeli capitulation, that achievement will be erased..."We must understand: The Palestinians have returned us to the War of Independence. Today it is clear that the State of Israel as a Jewish state is still an alien element in the region. It will take generations until various elements in the region accept its existence. Therefore, we have to go back to the ethos of standing fast, not because I am enamored of that ethos, but because there is no choice. It is an ethos of no choice."
A year after...
It has been almost a year since the new reality of the 21st century hit us hard. After fascism was defeated, communism was defeated and we naively thought that the "isms" were a thing of the past. Then on 9/11, Islamism declared was on civilization. It slaughtered thousands of unsuspecting innocent people whose only crime was that they were, for the most, US citizens. The war against and the defeat of Islamism will be the trademark of the early 21st century. And just as the cold war was played out with a constant background of a potential nuclear Armageddon, the war against Islamism is being played out with the dual sword of potential biological and nuclear weapons. Of course, the main difference between this new enemy and the ones we faced in the past is that the Bin Laden, Arafat and Saddam's of this world are completely irrational, unpredictable and have no respect for human life, including that of their subjects. This is what makes this war so different. And this is what makes this situation so much more worrisome.
When the world rises up against the US about a preemptive strike against Iraq, the world is applying old thinking and old political concepts to a new world order. When Germany conquered half of Europe, it did it with the intention of capturing the riches from other countries and subjugating the local populations. When Islamists seek to strike they just want to kill. Kill as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. When Germany or Japan struck, they knew they would face a measured response. When Islamists strike, they know that they will not have to face a similar response. If Bin Laden explodes a "dirty" nuclear weapon in the US, who will the US nuke in return? There are few obvious targets to hit at, very few villains to go after. And for this reason, deterrence is completely ineffective. We cannot credibly threaten. The only way to deal with this danger is to preventively and surgically destroy it before it strikes us.
So, to all the "analysts","experts" and "politicians" who are against a strike against Iraq, I ask the following questions:
- Had the US known that Al Qaida and the Taliban were planning 9/11 in Afghanistan, should they have intervened or should they have waited until after 9/11 happened before attacking Afghanistan?
- If it can be undeniably proven that Iraq has WMDs, should we just ignore this fact until it actually uses these weapons? How about if Iraq gives these weapons to third parties such as Arafat? Should we also sit back under the pretense that neither have actually use them and therefore can be trusted?
- If you knew that your neighbor was accumulating explosives in his garage, enough to blow up the neighborhood, would you stay silent until the stockpile actually exploded, at which point you probably would be silent forever?
What will you, the apologists, say to the families of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of victims that a biological or nuclear strike will surely produce? We didn't know! We had to wait! And then when it is too late, will you be saying that "we deserved it". "let's look at the wrongs that Western Society has perpetrated over time"? You probably will. Because you are the same people who refused to assign blame after 9/11. You are the people who did all the soul searching to determine what we supposedly did to these people for them to hate us this much. You are the people who refuse to see evil even when it stares you in the face.
So now that we have the option to deal with the disease before it strikes again, I say we strike at it and we strike hard. We have no option but to destroy this evil before it destroys us. I hope that Bush will not weaken or flinch. I hope Powell will get out of the way. I hope Sharon has the political capital to continue and finish the fight against Islamists in Israel. And I hope that people will take advantage of 9/11 not to find feel good situations but rather to spend time remembering who died, who killed them, why they killed them and what we need to do to eradicate this cancer once and for all.
Comments are back...Have a blast!
Decorating for a cause....
In tributes to my favorite city (New York) and to the wars on terror that have already been fought and won by the US, today I decorated my apartment with these great posters! (and yes.....I'm finding news a tad bit slow in the MidEast)

Good freakin' riddance!

Palestinians Kifah Ajouri (L) his sister Intisar Ajouri (C) and Abed Nasser Asida sit in Israel's Supreme Court in Jerusalem, September 3, 2002. Israel's Supreme Court ruled in favor of the deportation of Kifah and Intisar Ajouri, accused by Israel of assisting their brother to carry out a bombing, but it rejected the deportation of Asida.
Bumper Sticker ALERT!
There's an interesting bumper sticker that I saw on a car here in Montreal and actually heard about in Israel. The sticker says:

IDF: It's not just a job, it's an occupation

Anyone seen any other ones?
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Monday, September 02, 2002

Putting Arafat on trial? Alan Dershowitz thinks it would be an open and shut case. Interesting concept.
According to available evidence, Arafat ordered the assassination of 3 US diplomats and the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, among other "deeds". Why would the Israeli government not arrest Arafat and put him on public trial? Imagine the outrage in Europe where this monster is still viewed as some kind of a saint. But then imagine the embarrassment of the Robert Fisks of this world once the evidence starts piling up for everyone to see. Arafat would end up like Noriega, Milocevic and other deposed tyrants...a pathetic looser in a pathetic prison cell. How sweet this would be. Mind you, Israel could also seek the death penalty against him (just like it did for Eichman, the Nazi responsible for the "final solution". Arafat, like all Islamists is a rabid anti-semite and has often ordered the killing of Jews simply because they were Jews. The world would definitely be a much better place without this vermin.
A demonstration against Ashwari's appearance at the Colorado College.
Thanks to one of our faithful readers for pointing this out. The controversy around having Ashwari appear during events organized to commemorate the victims of 9/11 is growing in leaps and bounds. I don't understand it though. Ashwari is an expert on the topic having practiced support for terrorism for eons now. She actually was the Palestinian Minster of Education for Arafat when the new texbooks were introduced in PA-ran schools. These are the textbooks which don't even show Israel on the map and glorify suicide-bombers. So let's be straight here. Ashwari is against planes running into building because it may hurt the Muslim/Arab/Palestinian cause. Not that it is wrong. Just that it is bad PR. And as far as classifying suicide-bombers as terrorists, I think this would be a bit of a stretch for her. She keeps basically saying to whomever is naive enough to listen to her that "Palestinians have no hope and therefore suicide-bombing is their only option". But as far as crashing planes into buildings, I think she is against it. So, that would qualify her for the opening address at the Colorado College, wouldn't it?
Having Ashwari talk about terrorism would be like having Gaddafi in charge of human rights! Or Syria running the Security Council...nah, that would never happen, would it? Would it?...say it ain't so!
Looks like Europe is slowly warming up to the idea that deposing Iraq may be a necessity, even maybe a good thing! Hey, looks like there is hope even for the French!
Dominique de Villepin is Mr. Vedrine's successor at the Quai d'Orsay, and he's lately been sounding more like de Gaulle, if not yet like Donald Rumsfeld. Here is what he told an annual meeting of ambassadors in Paris this week: "Iraq defies international rules set by the Security Council, holds its people hostage and threatens security, particularly that of its neighbors. Such behavior is not acceptable. We Europeans know too well the price of weakness in the face of dictatorship if we close our eyes and play a passive game."
Palestinian oxymoron: Palestinians Kill Teenage Girl for 'Collaboration'
Where are the condemnations? Where is the outcry? Do you remember when the world was so concerned about the fate of the Al Qaida detainees in Guatanomo Bay? Well, here is a young girl who was beaten (most likely tortured and/or raped) because she was suspected of working with the Israelis. She was executed the way her aunt was executed just last week. Not a word from the "progressive press". Robert Fisk? Would you please take your head out of your a** long enough to notice and maybe write something about it?
And by the way, I think that the Israelis are being absolutely negligent and delinquent in protecting the family of these women from the Palestinian hordes. If they can find the houses of the Palestinian terrorists and blow them up, surely they can find the members of this family and resettle them in Israel. Shame on the IDF this time.
...and here is why Israel and the Palestinians cannot solve the problems of the region alone. They are surrounded by a bunch of countries who have tirelessly worked against Israel, against the Palestinians and against peace for over 50 years now. Their main motivation? Keeping the masses from looking inside and realizing that none of these regimes are either democratic or even legitimate.A great article by Stephen Winn in the Kansas City Star.
These autocrats have little or no political legitimacy, and they consider lying to each other, their unhappy populations and the rest of the world as essential to their survival.
Israel has assimilated the Jews who fled Arab lands. The Arab countries, on the other hand, did far too little to help many of the Palestinians who fled Israel.
We're back!
Hi everyone! Thanks for being so patient. We haven't blogged in a while because my father and I have been busy moving all my stuff back to Montreal for school. Once I get back in to the swing of things here in little Arabia, I'm sure I'll have lots of fun Arab stuff to report. So I promise that blogging will go back to normal in the upcoming days or weeks.

Now, I promised everyone a few words about my trip to Israel. Ok, well, the most shocking things that I found when I went to Israel were as follows:

1. Life is going on! People are moving about, going to work, going out (sometimes) and doing things that often make life so mundane. I had this vision of snipers everywhere and deserted streets, but that wasn't the case at all! The moment I got off the plane a total sense of security washed over me and all the anxiety that I'd been feeling for the days leading up to my trip pretty much vanished. Granted, security is still very tight in Israel. Everywhere I went I was frisked and searched and had my bags opened repeatedly, but I was more than happy to let the security guards do all this because it meant that the areas I was entering were somewhat more secure than what I'd expected.

2. Arabs are everywhere!! The western media has made everyone (including myself) believe that there is a total division between Israelis and Arabs. This is NOT true! I was based in the Old City of Jerusalem and I can tell you that everywhere I turned there were Palestinians. They own stores, go to work (a few of the men actually hold down jobs!), eat, sleep and live just like Israelis. They are granted the same freedoms as everyone else and they live relatively well. This idea that all Palestinians are holed up in refugee camps is so ridiculous that I could help but laugh as I walked through Jerusalem. And the Arabs aren't just in Jerusalem either. Unfortunately, I got really really sick during my trip, so I landed myself a spot in a hospital. I was shocked to see Palestinians filling the hospitals. the receive excellent care, just like Israelis and feel no gratitude towards the Jewish doctors who treat them. Naturally, they have the option of going to Palestinian hospitals but they aren't stupid so they choose to go to Jewish hospitals instead. My roommate (the one who gave me the virus) told me that an Israeli nurse had a great story about Palestinian gratitude towards Israeli healthcare providers. A few months ago a Palestinian woman arrived in a Be'er Sheva hospital in active labour. She was only 6 months pregnant, so both her and her baby were in serious danger. Doctors worked tirelessly to save both the woman and her child and they were very successfully. All physicians and family members agreed that had the woman gone to a Palestinian hospital both her and her child probably would have died. When the nurse went to see the mother about registering a name for the baby, the woman said "I want to name my baby "Jihad"". The nurse refused to register the name and the mother had an absolute fit. The director of the hospital agreed that the nurse had been correct in refusing to register the name. The moment the woman and her child were stabilized, they were transferred to a Palestinian hospital where she registered her baby as "Jihad". What a good people they are.

....more to come!