Saturday, September 14, 2002

Terrorist cell busted in Buffalo, NY

The reason I find this story so interesting is because Buffalo is one of the closest US cities to Canada. While some may call me a conspiracy theorist, I believe that this is the first sign that terrorists will eventually turn to Canada as their next target.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Yom Kippur: To all our Jewish friends and relatives...have an easy fast on Monday: Yom Kippur starts on Sunday night. I wish all of you who are fasting an easy fast, and may we all be inscribed in the Book of Life (even if you don't fast...I won't tell!)...and remember, when you break the fast (after what seems like an eternity), stop after 4 bagels or you may regret it later!
According to Debka Files, Arafat and Saddam are already planning the next phase of the Oslo War, this time with biological and chemical weapons carried by suicide bombers.
"...This is an area about which Israel’s military planners and intelligence are the least informed. They known that in the last six months, the Hizballah and Iraqi military intelligence have sneaked explosives experts into the West Bank, some of them belonging to al Qaeda, and the makings of booby-trapped cars and bomb belts loaded with chemical substances. There have also been reports, some coming from American and Jordanian sources, of Iraqi agents smuggling into the territory materials for biological warfare – most likely smallpox virus and anthrax. Some sources also speak of radioactive materials and nerve gas.
The former UN chief nuclear arms inspector in Iraq, David Kay, raised the possibility earlier this week of the Iraqi ruler enlisting volunteers in Palestinian refugee camps to act as suicidal smallpox carriers and infect hundreds of Israelis, in retaliation for an American assault on his regime.
For this type of warfare, Saddam has no need of missiles, air fighters or kamikaze pilots – only Yasser Arafat. Thus empowered, the Palestinian leader is convinced he will prevail in any power play his rivals and opponents launch against him."
Kill a soldier, get ten points. Kill ten settlers, win the big one!
Have you seen this? Have you discovered the new video game in which you are a Palestinian youth on a mission to kill Israelis? I found it last night and it is called "Underash".

Choose your player:

Then get started on your mission. Your first order of business is to take out a few on-duty soldiers. You're given an Israeli gun (of course) to take out the scumbag.

Damn! Wrong move! You get caught. Watch as the IDF demolishes your beautiful house as you stand by helplessly.

On your next soldier killing mission, your friend Mohammed is brutally murdered by the Zionist occupiers. You carry your dead friend out of the line of fire.

Naturally, you mourn his death, but deep down, you know that Allah has rewarded him with Paradise....

The photos I used were taken directly from the english version of the website. Naturally, they won't show you the scenes where Mohammed and Mariam score the big points by entering a settlers house and blowing the entire family away. They also won't show you the part where you lynch soldiers and tear them apart.

What should the blog community do about this? As disgusting as it is, Underash has been legitimized by video game critiques from the likes of the BBC and other news agencies.
Maybe the Canadian Prime Minister should read this op-ed from Jeff Jacoby (Boston Globe). It provides the clarity that is required when dealing with terrorism. We are not the problem. Terrorists are. And those who constantly apologize for or try and analyze the savagery are also responsible for giving excuses and credibility to a barbaric cause.
Most of us instinctively understood that the savagery of Sept. 11 was not the result of some injustice we had committed. It could not have been prevented by diplomacy. The hostility of bin Laden and his acolytes, and of the violent strain of fundamentalist Islam that produced them, was not an unintended byproduct of US foreign policy. Like the Nazis and the Communists, the jihadis despise us for what we are, not for what we do. We are the society that has extended more freedom, more tolerance, and more prosperity to more people than any other in human history. That is what they hate. And that is why the mushrooming of American flags last September was exactly the right symbolic response to their atrocity.
How dare anyone blame us for the terrorists' crimes? For the tyrants' brutality, for the violence that these fundamentalists commit on their own women, children daily. Who are these apologists? What will they say when the next batch of a few thousand people die at the hands of other fanatics and megalomaniacs who think that Allah gave them the mission to incinerate people?
Thank God for people with clarity and determination against terrorism. Thank God that Bush is the president and that Jean Chretien can do no harm now that he has made Canada into an insignificant banana republic.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

A posting regarding Oliver North and another one regarding Mohammed Atta (one of the 9/11 terrorists) turned out to be hoaxes. Obviously they are both gone. Thanks for pointing out the errors. Doesn't this egg all over our face look good?!?!
New Sonntag award goes to...Jean Cretin, Canadian Prime Minister.
According to the National Post, here is what he said to the CBC, the Canadian Babbling Corporation:
"And I do think that the Western world is getting too rich in relation to the poor world and necessarily will be looked upon as being arrogant and self-satisfied, greedy and with no limits. The 11th of September is an occasion for me to realize it even more."...
"You cannot exercise your powers to the point of humiliation for the others. That is what the Western world -- not only the Americans, the Western world -- has to realize. Because they are human beings too. There are long-term consequences"...
The article goes on to saying: "In an interview that aired last night on CBC-TV, the Prime Minister for the first time suggested the strikes against New York and Washington stemmed from a growing international anger at the way the United States flexes its muscle around the globe."
So here we have it. Cretin's IQ does not even match his age. Here's this lame duck prime minister who is squarely blaming the victim for acts of violence committed against it. This man finds extenuating circumstances in favor of the terrorists who slit the throat of pilots and crashed planes into buildings killing thousands of people, because...well because Americans are better dressed, have better cars, better houses, better jobs, are freer than Arabs, have more rights, better healthcare, and on and on and on? You know what, I think this principle definitely gives me the right to get violent against Luciano Pavarotti (he has a better voice than I do and that sucks), Pete Sampras (this guy plays tennis better than I do, that also sucks), the Pope (for God's sake, more people listen to him than to me, wonder why), and pretty much anyone else. I like this!
What a freaking buffoon. What an embarrassment for Canada. What a slap in the face for the victims and for those who truly believe in fighting terrorism. Is it any wonder that Canada still doesn't consider any Palestinian group such as Hamas, Hizbollah and other choice savage as terrorist groups? Nope. I am sure Einstein here can find lots of redeeming qualities in these people and even if he can't they do have the excuse that the Israelis generally dress better, so it's OK to slaughter them at will. I am moving to the US. This man makes me want to vomit.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Let's kick Saddam's ass!

Click here for the background to this picture. Thanks to Occam's Toothbrush for this great find!
On 9/11/02, I am not sure whether I am more sad or mad…
As I talk to people about 9/11 and watch the images loop on TV, I am hard pressed to figure out exactly what I feel.
I am sad for the families of the victims who are surrounded and bombarded with constant reminders of their loss in newspapers, television and on the radio, especially right now around the anniversary date. How difficult it must be to be forcefully immersed in this frenzy of images, speeches and pronouncements. How they must long to be able to grieve on their terms, not on the terms of the sensationalist media.
I am mad that there a still some who question who was responsible for these atrocities when the evidence is overwhelming. Why are they doing that? Because admitting that the people who perpetrated these were no longer “freedom fighters” but rather mass murderers and this realization may upset their nice rose-colored liberal view of the world?
I am sad that over 100 babies born to women who were pregnant on 9/11 will never meet their dad.
I am mad that the world failed to convert these events into a clear and unequivocal denunciation of terrorism in all its forms. No “ifs”, no “buts”, no “what did we do to deserve this?” No “let’s examine their grievances". Just clear, complete, total condemnation of terrorism as one of the worst kind of crimes against humanity.
I am sad that many kids had to witness the worst atrocities on the plane they were on and watch the terrified faces of their parents as it became clear that they all were going to die. If some image had to be their last, why was it not images about kids, ice cream, puppies, rainbows or toys? Why?
I am mad that the media in its vast majority has refused to make the parallel between Palestinian terrorism and Al Q’aida terrorism even though they both stem from the same desire to kill and maim and coerce western civilization into a world of tyranny, dictatorship, brutal repression and religious fanaticism.
I am sad that in many instances, our Canadian government failed to show unequivocal support for our brothers south of the border in this time of crisis. Yet, every hypocrite in Canada knows, sorry expects, that the United States would come to our rescue should disaster strike here or should we be attacked.
I am mad that when the United States fights terrorism, they fight terrorism. When Israel fights terrorism, they are fascists, racists, Zionists and warmongers.
I am sad that Palestinian children are taught to kill, to play with guns and bombs, to wish for the death of Jews and that the people they look up to, their teachers and parents, are constantly spewing venom and lies about Jews, Israel, Israelis and the United States.
I am mad that out of the entire western world, only two leaders (Bush and Blair) seem to have the clear vision of what deadly threats are posed by rogue thugocracies like Iraq and the fact that when it comes to Weapons of Mass Destruction, prevention is a better course than reaction, especially in the case of nuclear weapons.
I am sad that the more than 100 million Arab children still do not live free as there is no such thing as an Arab democratic country.
I am mad that a terrorist state, Syria, is on the UN Security Council, and that a terrorist, Mouamar Gaddaffi will soon be chairing the UN Human rights commission.
I am sad that so many women are still being subjugated in the name of Islam and being denied basic rights and freedom just because they are women. This lack of respect for the life of these women is what makes it so easy for the Islamist terrorists to stop respecting all human beings who do not toe their line.
I am mad that while “moderate Muslims” and "moderate" Muslim States claim that they reject terrorism, almost none of them have actively joined the fight by denouncing, reporting or even delivering terrorist elements and organizations to the police. Instead, they continue to harbor terrorists hoping that they will not be found. How sincere are these “moderate” Muslims?
Finally, I am mad that when things were so clear after 9/11 between good and evil, between democratic values and tyranny, between respect for human life and the sick desire to kill as many innocents as possible, the media and those who, in final analysis support terrorism blurred these issues and are succeeding in making us loose our focus. Terrorism must be defeated. It is either they or we. Terrorism cannot be contained. Terrorism cannot be appeased. Terrorism cannot be avoided. Terrorism can only be defeated. There is no other option.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Netanyahu speaks out in Toronto on terrorism.
Tonight, in Toronto, Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Israeli Prime Minister spoke about terrorism. How fitting on the eve of the anniversary of the worst act of terrorism in Modern Times. He first defined the rules of war and boiled these down to a very simple concept. Draw a straight line on the sand. On one side, legitimate combatants who fight each other and win and loose wars. On this side of the line, the Geneva Convention which directs what soldiers can and cannot do and how to handle prisoners. On the other side of the line are civilians. Armies and combatants must never deliberately cross this line. There are accidents and collateral victims on this side of the line, but civilians are NEVER to be the deliberate targets of the combatants. Combatants who deliberately cross this line are terrorists. There can be not exception to this definition. No cause ever justifies crossing this line. He then went on to describe many wars of liberations which were fought without the deliberate targeting of civilians. He noted that the French Resistance never went after the families of German officers. Gandhi never went after the families of British Army officers. And Israel’s Irgun always warned the British army of any impending bomb attack so that civilians could be evacuated.
Then, there are the Islamo-Fascists and Palestinians who have never targeted anyone but civilians. In airplanes, office towers, on cruise ships, at Olympic Games, in pizzerias and discotheques, in Hotels during a Passover meal, in schools, in synagogues and on the street. These are not combatants. These are not freedom fighters. These are savage terrorists, no more, no less.
So what is the main difference between real freedom fighters such as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Mandela and Arafat/bin Laden? Simple. All but Arafat/bin Laden were firm believers in democracy. All but Arafat/bin Laden believed in Human Rights. All but Arafat/bin Laden believed in the sanctity of Human Life and all but Arafat/bin Laden believed that their mission was to change the regime they lived in from within with one goal in mind: giving power back to the people. Arafat on another hand believes in terror, corruption, intimidation and tyranny. He executes any opponent. He has amassed an enormous personal fortune by diverting humanitarian funds destined for his people. Those who dare work with Israel are tortured, lynched and executed by wild mobs. He rigs elections and election rules to fake legitimacy. And he calls for more death, more destruction and more violence.
Netanyahu also pointed out that there is no example of a terrorist eventually abandoning his ways and becoming a democrat. Even if some eventually renounce violence, they never free the people once they get into power. Not Castro, not Arafat, not the Taliban, not bin Laden. All love power too much. The methods they use to achieve their goal are the methods they will use on their own people. For this reason, terrorists need to be dealt with as soon as they exhibit the typical pattern of behavior which characterizes them. It is easier to deal with Arafat, Mullah Omar and bin Laden than with Arafatistan, the Talibans or al Q’aida. They must be destroyed before they get into power, before they acquire the weapons to move their level of terrorism from individual acts to state sponsoring.
Bibi closed this part of his speech by stating the obvious: no cause can ever justify the deliberate targeting and killing of innocent civilians. Ever. No exception. No one should be allowed to get away with terrorism or worse, be rewarded for it. Ever. No one should confuse Arafat or bin Laden with what they are not. They are not a statesmen. They are not peace loving. They are not honorable. They are not a freedom fighters. They are not someone to emulate. They were, are and will always be some of the worst terrorists the world has ever seen.
Here's another first hand account of the riots at Concordi-arabia

"It was 1939 Europe all over again," said Thomas Hecht, 73, chairman of the Canada-Israel Committee's Quebec branch. About 25 protesters screaming "Palestinian checkpoint!" encircled Mr. Hecht, a Czechoslovakian-born Holocaust survivor, as he attempted to enter the Hall Building. Several protesters pushed him against a wall, spitting on him and kicking his ankles.

"This is a violation of all that Canadians value," a shaken Mr. Hecht said after he was guided to safety by another man and a group of journalists.

Here's a picture of the Natanyahu riots that I experienced yesterday...

(Courtesy of Little Green Footballs)

...and here is a picture of the fight between the Arab and the Jew that I told you guys about. The funny thing is that only now, upon seeing this small photo, do I realize that I met the Jewish guy in Israel and actually had dinner with him!!

I am shocked and totally shaken up...

This morning, I stumbled upon this article:

Discovery of "poison plot" shocks Jerusalem restaurant owners

Three Arabs from east Jerusalem were recently arrested by police and Shin Bet security officials after they allegedly planned to poison patrons at Jerusalem's Cafe Rimon, it was revealed yesterday. Owners of the cafe said they didn't suspect anything from their loyal Arab workers. Most restaurants and cafes in Jerusalem employ workers from the city's eastern neighborhoods convinced that "in our restaurant it couldn't happen."

Only two weeks ago, I ate at this very restaurant! In fact, it was my favorite place to eat in Jerusalem because ironically, I found it to be the most safely guarded restaurant. My friends and I ate there at least seven or eight times during our trip and I was certain we were being very careful and wise about our choices in where we ate. When my mother told me how much she wished that we could travel to Israel as a family, I kept telling her "When we finally take a trip together, let's not forget to visit my favorite restaurant....Cafe Rimon". I honestly can't believe this story and I hope the restaurant has learned their lesson. Being forced to close down such a fantastic place would be a shame.

Monday, September 09, 2002

"There's no free speech for hate speech," said Palestinian activist [that is Canadian PC parlance for terrorist or supporting-terrorist] David Battistuzzi.
Hahahahahaha!!! Palestinians who teach their children to kill from the time they are babies, who have made terrorism part of their elementary school curriculum, who dance on the street when their terro-buddies kill and maim, who listen to "scholars" and "clerics" pass fatwas to kills Jews and Americans wherever they are....these a**holes now have the audacity to silence anyone who disagrees with their savagery because that is "hate speech"? I don't freaking think so! Shame on the Quebec police for canceling the event rather than busting these fascists and carting them to jail where they belong. Once again, the terrorists have won by managing to have the event canceled. I wonder if a speech by Landry (the separatist Premier of Quebec) would have been canceled if demonstrators had been there...yeah...the sticks would have been hitting, the pepper sprays would have been working overtime and the handcuffs would have been everywhere. But because this is Netanyahu and because it is Concordiarabia, terrorists roam freely and own this disgraceful place which masquerades as a University.
I will be at the Netanyahu speech tomorrow in Toronto. And if I can help it, no terrorist sympathizer will stop me from listening to whomever I want, whenever I want. I am fuming mad at these savages.
My first brush with Islamic terrorism...or something pretty darn close to it....

Speech by Benjamin Netanyahu at Montreal university cancelled due to protests

MONTREAL (CP) - A scheduled speech by Benjamin Netanyahu at Concordia University (boooo hissssss) was cancelled Monday as police used pepper spray and tear gas in a clash with demonstrators who wanted to thwart the former Israeli prime minister's visit to Montreal.

I was at the university when all of this happened, so allow me to explain the events more clearly.

I arrived at the university approximately two and a half hours before Netanyahu was supposed to speak.The entire building (yes, the academic wonder of Concordia Univeristy consists of...wait for it....ONE building) was surrounded with students, mostly Arab but several Jews as well. The Arabs were seriously miffed about the fact that a horrible man like Netanyahu would be allowed to speak. "Why can't we hear moderates like Hanan Ashwari?" asked one protestor. "How dare the University allow a terrorist to disrupt classes like this?" screamed another. The leader of the SPHR (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights Group) spoke through a megaphone and informed students that "Concordia is now under siege. Just like the Palestinians are forced to go through checkpoints in their own homeland, we Concordia students are being oppressed and forced to walk through metal detectors while Mr. Netanyahu is here. They've even sealed off some of the entrances and exits to our university and shut down the escalator". As one would expect, Palestinian flags were waved wildly and those annoying Palestinian scarves were being handed out...somewhat in the same fashion as they were being handed out after the 9/11 attacks....

The protests continued as Jewish students flooded the building waiting to take their seats in the auditorium. Suddenly, a fight broke out between a Jewish student and an Arab student. Apparently (and I cannot vouch for the truthfulness of this because I'm getting the info second hand), and Arab student yelled something nasty about Israel (something to the effect of "death to Israel"), to which the Jewish student responded "Oh, you're all a bunch of terrorists". Apparently, the Arab was able to dish it out but couldn't take it back, because (and I did see this with my very own eyes) he blew an absolute gasket! He became hysterical and started screaming wildly at the top of his lungs. He wasn't saying anything in particular, just yelling....a lot. Then he started saying fu*k a lot and calling the Jew names. Naturally, the members of the press who were present at the timed felt that this young man was just the person they were looking for to make a nice, level-headed, intelligent comment about Netanyahu and the general state of affairs in the Middle East.

So, why did I call this my first brush with Islamic terrorism? First of all, there were dozens of students who were obviously petrified by the events that ensued this morning.....and that's exactly what the protestors wanted. I personally saw a young girl huddled up against the wall sobbing as she listened to the crazy screams of the SPHR leader. And secondly, one of the fundamental rights and freedoms as spelled out in the Canadian Charter - freedom of speech - was violated again (this seems to be the favorite sport of our pro-Palestinian friends nowadays).

PS. Any Canadian who watches CTV can catch me on the six o'clock news!!! I was in the middle of a conversation with my friend Patrick (the Pres. of Hillel) when a reporter spun him around and began questioning him. Of course I just stood there in silence with my camera, but it's still fun to be on TV!
Probably the most important long term legacy of 9/11: "US Nice Guy says 'enough".
Martin Walker provides a damning assessment of European foreign policies over the last 20-30 years. Here's the assessment of these policies given by a senior US diplomat:
"When the Europeans demand some sort of veto over American actions, or want us to subordinate our national interest to a UN mandate, they forget that we do not think their track record is too good," a senior U.S. diplomat said recently in private. "The Europeans told us they could win the Balkans wars all on their own. Wrong. They told us that the Russians would never accept National Missile Defense. Wrong. They said the Russians would never swallow NATO enlargement. Wrong. They told us 20 years ago that détente was the way to deal with what we foolishly called the Evil Empire. Wrong again. They complain about our Farm Bill when they are the world's biggest subsidizers of their agriculture. The Europeans are not just wrong; they are also hypocrites. They are wrong on Kyoto, wrong on Arafat, wrong on Iraq -- so why should we take seriously a single word they say?"
If I were a European right now, I'd be damned embarrassed. But then again, I'd be reading "Le Monde" or the "Guardian", too smug to care and too stupid to see through the lies of this cat-litter.
David Warren, once again, provides incredible clarity in linking events which, taken as separate do not amount to much. Taken as part of a bigger picture, these events create a vary scary picture of all the "axis of evil" players slowly coming together.
David's column should be mandatory reading for the "holier-than-thou" Europeans and Canadian Governments who still look at Saddam, Arafat, the Ayatollahs and bin Laden as products of poverty (of course, a remnant of colonialism, imperialism and zionism!), not as religious zealots. At this point, it looks like Bush and his team are our last barrier of defense against Islamo-fascism and against our very civilization being seriously attacked and challenged by Islamism. Only they seem to have a good appreciation about the depth and immediacy of the danger.
Life slowly returning to Jerusalem. This wonderful letter was brought to our attention by Naomi Ragen. It is worth reading. Maybe this New Year for the Jewish People will be the beginning of a process to return us to a "normal" life. Maybe...Just to put it into perspective, the number of Israeli civilians killed by the Oslo War on a per capita basis would be equivalent to 10 times the casualties of 9/11 in the US. Seeing Israelis emerging from this calamity without giving up their vigilance is nothing short of a miracle. L'Shana Tovah.

Shannon Bratt
Montreal Gazette, August 31, 2002

There is a summer festival going on in Jerusalem, right outside my home. No particular reason, but the city is celebrating. Perhaps just being alive. And yet I have felt destined to watch from the window, a prisoner behind bars. How do Israelis go on living?

It has been said that to understand a nation, look at its art. In this case, I'd like to defer to the words of a boy, who once upon a time left me mystified as we sat on a hill in the dorms and he recited them to me.

Give me one more minute before I die
Allow me to breathe one more time
I am not asking a lot from you G-d
I am asking for one more minute, one more moment of life.

It's not that I've had a spectacular life
But during moments like these, things seem to change
Definitions of good and bad become meaningless
Different measurements of life seem ridiculous

What is a moment in life, you ask
But a moment for a dying man is an entire lifetime
A minute is 60 seconds of pleasure from the smallest things
A moment is the time during which an infant's innocence is still seen

This moment will last until the end of time
This moment is my entire life
Because time is the theory of relativity
It is a concept that is hard to define, but it defines me

He had written this poem across the strap of his gun while guarding his base one night during his army service. He was 18 years old. Once released from service, he returned his gun, along with the poem, but the words remained. Filled with the spontaneity of a child and the wisdom of an adult, he was again tempted yet frightened for the world to see and so, as the clouds hovered above him, he scrawled these same words across an empty basketball court, knowing that the rain was soon to wash the chalk away. Even today, an entire nation echoes them, and only now, four years later, am I finally beginning to comprehend.

How can we explain to the world that all we are asking for is survival? How do I respond to accusing e-mails that I too have a right to an existence? Why must I justify my right to laughter? And why must an 18-year old boy beg for one more moment when his whole life should lie ahead of him? Why should he fear judgment revealing this wish? The questions formed a chain around my throat, denying me even the shallowest breaths of life.

Stepping onto my balcony, I watch as the crowd spills through the narrow streets that only a few weeks ago fear had left deserted. I hear the murmur of a collective conversation and inhale the tantalizing scent of cotton candy blending with the perfume of summer. I sense the happiness wafting up to my apartment, spreading faster than contagion, pulling me toward the scene. I realize that it has been too long since we have smiled.

I look closer at the faces passing by, and hear the poem being whispered into my ears. It is passed from father to daughter as he takes her hand, leading her into the fanfare. It is recited in every baby's gurgle, and reflected in the sparkle of every child's eyes. They are all grateful, for we have all been granted one more day, one more moment, one more breath.

Time might actually define us. One moment might be all we have. But living in Israel means more than carrying the burden of that realization. It means working harder, playing harder and loving harder because of that realization, a lesson that the world could stand to learn.

There will always be those who do not understand and for them, I will never cease explaining. There will always be those who will accuse, and for them I will never cease educating and being educated. There will always be those against true peace, and for them I will never cease communicating. But tonight I have been liberated, by the words of a boy who taught me the meaning of one moment. I will now close my computer, step outside, breathe in the fresh air and join the crowds. I will finally start living.

(Shannon Bratt, a Hebrew University student, is the Israel correspondent for the CIJR-sponsored, student-written and student-produced Dateline: Middle East magazine.)
I'll believe it when I see it...

Arafat tells Palestinian assembly he is willing to step down

Addressing the Palestinian Legislative council on Monday, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat told the legislators that he would step down if asked to do so. Arafat also condemned terror and said that elections would be held in January 2003.

Arafat said that he would be willing to give up his executive powers if the council were to ask this of him. "You can bring someone to replace me as the head of the executive branch if you want, " said Arafat. " I want you to do this and give some peace," he said.