Friday, October 18, 2002

A tale of 2 mothers (as reported by Naomi Ragen).
A letter from an Israeli mother:
[...]I am a mother. And on November 20th I sent my son into the Israeli army. I sent him to defend the ideals he came to believe, I sent him to fulfill his responsibility, I sent him as a mother sends her son, with a great deal of pride and with a broken heart. My son is still my child. He now bends down to plant that long awaited kiss on my cheek when he comes home. His hands have grown and engulf mine in his, but he still holds on when we walk together. But my son caresses a rifle instead of a girl. He eats combat food instead of home cooked meals. He spends his nights on patrol instead of watching TV or studying for an exam.
I am proud of my son, but I know that life could be different. Like all mothers in Israel I want to see the children of my son. I want him to live to be an old man and enjoy the love of a woman. I want him to hold his son in his arms and have hopes and aspirations for his offspring. I would never send my son to commit suicide or to kill other innocent children like him. [...]

A letter from a Palestinian mother [who successfully encouraged her son to become a suicide-bomber]
"Oh my fellow Muslim sisters. I swear by Allah, that you must educate your son to love Allah and obey him. Plant the seed of belief deep in his heart. Educate him, my sister, in the love of Jihad (Holy War on the non-believers) and self sacrifice until death, for Allah's sake 'I beseech you my sisters, women of Palestine who stand strong, do not be stingy with the fruit of your womb in the face of Allah. (i.e. do not prevent your children from going on homicide/suicide bombings.) He who holds my soul in his hand (Allah) is more merciful than us on them (the children). Do not deprive them, out of your own selfishness, of the heaven which Allah has promised to the martyrs and Muj'hadin (Fighters of Jihad). This is our happiness'"

Yeah. Israel and the Palestinians are going to live peacefully side by side. I don't think so. Israel will eventually enlarge the Gaza strip, move all the Palestinians into it, build a very high wall around it and throw the keys away. When even mothers have gone off the deep end, there is no redeeming this entire culture. It is morally dead.
"Bleeding hearts left exposed as fools."
This was the headline in the Sydney Morning Herald on October 15th. Just like in Canada, Australia has its share of bleeding hearts always willing to look at themselves as the cause for terrorism instead of looking at the only cause of terrorism: terrorists. The government of Indonesia should be held to account for its criminal behavior of systematically ignoring the information provided to it by the US and Australia about an upcoming major terrorist operation. This, on top of its complete lack of action in combating the mounting power of the Jemaah Islamiyah Islamist movement in Bali and parts of the Indonesia. Playing ostrich and hoping that all these "bad people" would simply go away if left alone, Indonesia's president, Megawati Sukarnoputra should be held directly responsible for not even attempting to prevent what happened in Bali.
But let us go back to the bleeding hearts. Under the auspices of multiculturalism, the bleeding liberal hearts always promote Islam for its quaintness, "long and rich traditions", "who brought so much to civilization" and so on. Well guess what? Over the last few years, Islam has brought misery and war to Afghanistan, war in the Balkans, thousand of deaths in the Middle East, thousand of deaths in the US, now hundreds of deaths in Bali and the Philippines and the list goes on. Is Islam's mainstream (haven't found where this actually is or who belongs to it mind you) taking step to rid itself of this global savagery? Are Imams and clerics rising in mosques around the world to say enough is enough? No. Of course not. Imams and clerics are busy planning the next step of the Islamization of the world and laughing at the bleeding hearts who see nothing wrong with a culture which is bent on obliterating another culture and annihilating thousands of "infidels". How quaint.
Is something "big" about to happen?
I don't know about you but I have this strange feeling that the pace of events and developments is just a precursor to something big happening.
Over the last week, there was Bali, 3 incidents in the Philippines, a new tape from Al Qaida announcing more operations, the Director of the CIA (Tenet) announcing that the "buzz" is similar to the one right before 9/11, North Korea admitting it has nukes, Saddam buying time using his proxies at the UN (France and Russia), Venezuela on the verge of civil war (the US buys more oil from Venezuela than from the Middle East), a strange and eerie calm in the Middle East even after 14 Palestinians have been killed by the IDF during the last 2 clashes, stock markets on a bungee cord, and so on.
What gives here? Why are events spinning so quickly all of a sudden?
David Warren shares the same uneasy feeling.(He just does it much more eloquently than I do!)
I hope we are all wrong. But when I see the non-existent "homeland security" Secretary (Tom Who?) in charge and a completely dysfunctional State Department, I just don't feel good.
OK people. I probably will get screamed at for this and it has very little to do with the Middle East but I can't resist now that I have the microphone.
Have you ever seen a more inept, incompetent, bloated investigation than the one in Washington on the sniper shootings of the last 2 weeks? Between the municipal police, county police, state police, FBI, ATF, now Pentagon all dipping in, is it any wonder that this boondoggle is going nowhere? I mean heck, there are now several thousand law enforcement people working this thing and they don't even have a clue about the number of people perpetrating these acts let alone a suspect. This is unbelievable. You cannot run investigations by committees, especially when these law enforcement bodies hate each other and refuse to cooperate with each other. Let's just hope that some bright light at some point says enough is enough and re-tools this whole investigation into a functioning entity rather than the current embarrassment!
Let's keep score here, just for fun on how well appeasement and treaties work when dealing with dictators.
In 1991, Iraq signed an agreement that it would disarm as a condition to end the Gulf war. It did not. Iraq is headed by a dictator.
In 1993, the PA signed the Oslo agreement renouncing violence in exchange for PA autonomy. Instead, it incited violence and pushed for the destruction of Israel. The PA is headed by a dictator.
In 1994, North Korea signed a treaty with the US, renouncing its nuclear development program in exchange for oil, food and technical assistance with its peaceful nuclear energy program. Turns out, it actually accelerated its nuclear weapons program instead and is now in possession of at least 2 nuclear warheads and the missiles to deliver them. North Korea is headed by a dictator.
Going back a few years now....
In 1939, Chamberlain made a deal with Germany which, supposedly brought "peace with honor". Then Germany invaded Poland and Czechoslovakia. Germany was headed by a dictator.
Is there any imbecile who still fails to see the pattern here? Appeasing dictators does not work. Treaties signed by dictators are not worth the paper they are written on. Sooner or later, after repressing their own people, dictators will set their sights on other countries and will have to be dealt with. The morale of the story? Destroy dictators and their regime. Do not negotiate. Do not sign worthless treaties. Do not believe anything they say. Just destroy them.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Here is the kind of calm, rational, reasoned reaction that could be anticipated from the Arab world following Condoleesa Rice's call for Arab countries to embrace democracy. Thanks to MEMRI for their great work, as always.
[...]"Will the black Condoleezza free our Islamic homeland with destructive calls for moral degradation through drugs, sex, AIDS and crime which have spread all across the great America?! Or through the destruction of peaceful homes, the uprooting of stones and trees and the destruction of agriculture as it has done in Muslim Afghanistan. Not a single mosque, mud house, village or city, not a clinic or institution, child, woman or old man, was saved from America's crimes?! Or by the erection of Buddha statues in every city and village in that large Muslim country?"

"O Muslims, here is America invading you with its steel, its fire and its oppression. Its bloodthirsty individuals, the likes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice and Sharon, are carrying to you death, destruction, devastation, enslavement and evil which will start in Iraq after they have suppressed Afghanistan and Palestine, and will end, if we do not protect ourselves, in the last piece of land in our extended Muslim world which will be converted into a gigantic Guantanamo extending from one ocean to another."

I don't know about you, but I think the author of this marvellous piece loves Condo!
Who will stand up and stop the charade about Rabin (on the anniversary of his assassination)?
While Rabin did not deserve the fate that ended his life so violently, I think an argument can be made that many of the Israeli victims of the Oslo War lost their life because Rabin was duped. Because Rabin sacrificed Israel's security for political expediency in Oslo. Because Rabin was outsmarted by Peres and Arafat. Because Rabin agreed to give many of the weapons used to kill Israelis to the Palestinians with no guarantees of any kind or any concession. Did Rabin deserve to die? No. Did he deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? No way. Was the Oslo War his fault? No, but he was the one who setup the framework which allowed Arafat to plan and execute the War and still turn the world to his cause. So while we should all share in the sadness of Rabin's family on this sad day, we should also remember that Rabin's myopia cost many people their life and many Israelis their future.
As always, the "brave" Palestinians take cover among civilians after attacking the IDF. The IDF retaliates and the children pay the price. Palestinians have no respect for the lives of anyone, including their own children.
As Golda Meir once said "We can forgive them for killing our children, but we cannot forgive them for making us kill their children".
How prophetic.
Is water going to be the next friction point in the Middle East? Possibly.
With Lebanon unilaterally defying an international de facto agreement in place for decades and pumping massive amounts of water from the source which feeds Israel and the Jordan river, all downstream neighbors are affected. And at some point, their economies could come to a grinding halt. I think this is an issue to watch very carefully.
The new pumping station is expected to draw an additional four million cubic meters of water a year from the Wazzani a crucial tributary of the Hatzbani River which flows into Israel and forms one of the three main sources of the Jordan River.
Has anyone come across any article claiming that the Jews must be the ones behind the Bali bombing because very few of the victims (or even none of the victims) were Jewish? I know the Mossad has already been blamed, but here I am looking for the Jews as the ones being blamed. You know, it's like this urban myth that 4,000 Jews stayed home on 9/11 therefore they are the ones who did it? New York Times? Toronto Star? LA Times? The Guardian? The Independent? I am just too lazy to look through the garbage pile!
Want to feel cold chills down your spine? Read this very realistic prescient "When Saddam got the a usable nuclear device".
And if the Robert Fisk, Ted Kennedy, (French President) Chirac, (German Chancellor) Schroeder and Kofi Annan's of this world don't get it, then they never will. And I hope that Saddam invites them to watch the show and that they stay in Iraq for good. After all, why shouldn't we share our "wealth"? These idiots all deserve each other.
On the day Sadaam developed a usable nuclear device, Ted Kennedy and Gerhard Schroeder found cellars and fearfully stuck there, not daring to open their mouths. On the day Sadaam developed a usable nuclear device, the Republicans did not feel redeemed, or prescient, or worthy.
Thanks to American Kaiser for this great write and to Damian Penny for pointing it out.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

What is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander, the press treats the violence in Bali as compared to how it treats the violence in Israel.
A great article from Steven Plaut showing the parallels, actually the un-parallels between the way the world is reacting to Bali as compared to what has been happening for so long in Israel. Telling excerpt:
Not a single commentator has been insisting that if the terrorists resorted to such violence, then surely they must have legitimate grievances.
Not a single commentator has been insisting that if the terrorists resorted to such violence, then surely they must be fighting for a just cause.
Not a single commentator has been insisting that if the terrorists resorted to such violence, then surely it must be because they are so desperate and mistreated. And no one demanded that Australia ask itself what it has done wrong to earn such hatred.
Not a single commentator has been insisting that Indonesia and Australia need to open dialogue and negotiations with the terrorists because — after all — there is no military solution to the problems of terrorism.
The Nobel Prize Committee has not suggested that the perpetrators of the bombing be awarded a Peace Prize.

Read is really good but frustrating!
Why am I not surprised? Guess who Robert Fisk is blaming for the massacre in Bali...well, the Australians of course! This man is just so predictable, his analysis so superficial and his conclusions so outrageous that he pollutes the very concept of journalism with his ineptitude. Here is an excerpt of his latest verbal diarrhea:
Australians were the principal victims and their murderers must have known they would be. So why were they targeted? John Howard has been among President Bush's toughest supporters. Australia lined up to join the "war on terror" within 24 hours of the attacks on New York and Washington last year. Australian special forces have been operating with American troops in the Afghan mountains against al-Qa'ida. It's a fair bet that yesterday's savagery was al-Qa'ida hitting back.
The French have already paid a price for their initial support for Mr Bush. The killing of 11 French submarine technicians in Karachi has been followed by the suicide attack on the French oil tanker Limburg off the coast of Yemen. Now, it seems, it is the turn of Australia.
If the group which set off the three bombs in Bali is one of the "Islamist" movements on the edge of al-Qa'ida, the choice of target was familiar: a nightclub, a place associated in the mind of Islamists with sex, alcohol and immorality – the same type of target Palestinian suicide bombers have struck in Israel.
If millions of Muslims are revolted at the Bali massacre, few will approve of nightclubs. The usual moral slippage can be employed; the bombing was terrible, but ... Or so the murderers will hope.

So you see, the Australians should have known that their support for the war against terrorism would bring nothing but violence against them. It is, in fact, Australia's fault that this happened because Australia was looking for it. Note the "Islamist" in quotes. This freaking idiot does not believe that there are such things as Islamists, just poor, desperate, persecuted, peace-loving Muslims who have no other recourse but to take revenge on civilians to express themselves. Actually, if you remember, Fisk justified the attack on himself by saying that he probably would have acted the same way if he were in his attackers' shoes. And here is the result of the attack:

Why can't this guy get it? Is he being paid by Al Qaida as their PR man? There is something very suspicious about a man who constantly defends blatant criminal behaviors by turning these into defensible political actions.
Also, where are the "millions of Muslims [...] revolted at the Bali massacre"? Did I miss the memo about the demonstrations everywhere? Did the "clerics" express their outrage and ask all peace-loving Muslims to rise up against this type of violence? Did the various Muslim organization pledge their support for swift and definitive actions by law-enforcement against these "extremists"? No, no and no. I am more and more convinced that this type of violence is becoming part of mainstream Muslim belief and that their passivity is actually a way to support the violence without having to come out squarely in favor of it. How courageous.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Well, it seems that the Nobel Prize Committee has once again rewarded someone who is know for his anti-Israel feelings and actions.
Don't believe it? Read this. A great analysis on what really went on before and at Camp David and how Carter's pronouncements over the last few years have been predictably and consistently anti-Israel.
Where are all the condemnations from all the "moderate" Muslim regimes?
Or is "moderate Muslim" being revealed as an oxymoron? I have to say, I am getting so tired of the whole "peace-loving" Muslim thing. Most conflict areas peg Muslims against others, most terrorist acts around the world are committed by Muslim extremists, the Muslim clerics throughout the Middle East and right in Mecca spout antisemitic venom weekly during their Friday sermons, and yet, we have to continue pretending that most Muslims are peace-loving. Well, where are these peace-loving people? When are they going to publicly start to denounce the global violence that their Muslim "brothers" are perpetrating on civilians everywhere? Why do we have to look for such peace-loving people when it should be their responsibility to willingly and publicly come out with an unequivocal condemnation of all violence? When are they going to start cooperating with law-enforcement forces around the globe and turn in the violent and fascist elements in their midst before they strike and kill thousands? I think it is a legitimate question to ask whether they truly are against such violence or rather whether they are just happy to see the few doing the dirty work while the many still are too worried about political correctness to bring Muslim leaders to task and demand that they take a clear, unequivocal and public stand on violence.
Nothing short of this is acceptable. And until this happens, we can only assume that the majority of Muslims are accomplices of this violence not through their active participation but by their passive reaction and de facto acquiescence.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Peace-loving Muslims show their true colours yet again...

KUTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- An attack described as "a despicable act of terrorism" killed at least 182 people when explosions and ensuing fires destroyed two nightclubs Saturday night on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali.

At least 250 people were injured, many with severe burns, and the death toll could exceed 210, hospital officials said.

Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said there were "preliminary indications" that Jemaah Islamiah, an Islamic radical group, could be behind the attack.

A radical Islamic group led by Abu Bakar Ba'ashir that authorities believe is al Qaeda's network in southeast Asia, Jemaah Islamiah is blamed for a September 23 grenade explosion near a U.S. Embassy warehouse in Jakarta. It also has been blamed for several other bombing attacks in southeast Asia.