Saturday, October 26, 2002

A great post by Fred Lapides about the"peacefulness of Islam".
His take on it is that Islam is not fundamentally a violent faith, but rather, that a leadership void within Islam has allowed a few extremists to hijack the entire Islamic world. A good read.
Carolyn Parrish, a Liberal MP in Canadian Parliament has just made a complete fool of herself by calling into question the objectivity of Stewart Bell (a journalist) who has just been rewarded by B'nai Brith of Canada for his work reporting in Jenin (you know, the massacre-that-never-was).
And the National Post rightfully, absolutely and brilliantly nails her for her stupidity.
Carolyn, should all Nobel Prize winners stop their research after they win the Prize? You see, Carolyn has her nose so far up in the air from being part of the CCE (Canada Cretin Empire), the PM's private club, that she obviously has left her good sense at the door once she joined the Liberals. It is a prerequisite now, isn't it?
Latest strange search Google string which directed a reader to our site:
"Turkish toy boys can damage your wealth".
What will they think of next. And by the way, what was this person looking for?

Friday, October 25, 2002

Jean Cretin, the Canadian PM recently attended the Sommet de la Francophonie in Beirut. There, he listened to and shook hand with Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, one of the world's most "prominent" terrorists. Here is one of the most moderate quotes from this nazi butcher peaceful Muslim: “if they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” And by the way, the Canadian government has yet to declare Hizbullah a terrorist organization. It still has legal status in Canada, along with Hamas and Islamic Jihad (the organization which just massacred 14 Israelis and proudly claimed responsibility for it.
And my @#$%ing tax money is paying for Cretin and his entire team of degenerates. Unbelievable.
Jack Engelhard draws the parallels between the beltway sniper episode and the situation in Israel.
He also proves to those who still haven't clued in that Geraldo Rivera is a complete idiot, a hypocrite and a jerk.
Islam: this "peaceful" religion. Looks like I am not the only one having a real problem with the silence from the vast majority of Muslims.
Jeff Jacoby does too.
At least 14 Israelis were murdered -- many burned alive -- and 65 were wounded when a car packed with explosives rammed a passenger bus near Hadera on Monday. Islamic Jihad promptly took credit for the slaughter, and once again that perfect silence you heard was millions of Muslims in America and Europe not crying out in protest against those who commit massacres in the name of Islam.
The night before, Islamic terrorists bombed a Catholic shrine in the Philippine city of Zamboanga, leaving one dead and 12 injured. Three days earlier, two terror attacks in the largely Christian city's shopping district killed seven and wounded more than 160. And from moderate Muslims in the West, the heartfelt expressions of revulsion and sorrow were -- inaudible.
Time and again we have been instructed that Islam is a "religion of peace." Over and over we have been assured that most Muslims are nonviolent and tolerant. And yet when Islamist fanatics commit acts of horrifying atrocity, and do so *as Muslims,* the peaceable Islamic majority has nothing to say. Why not?
It looks like there is a lot more than meets the eye about the Washington Snipers. An Al Qaida connection possibly.
The FBI went to check into an area called "Ground Zero" (in Marion, Alabama), a possible training camp for Islamists in the US, and went to ask questions to detainees in the Guatanomo detention camp. Why? What prompted them to make the connection between the investigation on the snipers and Al Qaida? Because John Mohammad attended that camp. As well as another camp near Tacoma (WA), a known training camp for terrorists. As reported in Tech Central:
What's the common link between Tacoma, Washington and Marion, Alabama?
It could be James Ujaama, Zain-ul-abidin, and Abu Hamza.
James Ujaama is currently being held without bond as a material witness and has been indicted for attempting to set up a terrorist training camp in Bly, Oregon. Once a model citizen and entrepreneur, Ujaama crossed over into the dark world of Abu Hamza, a man that Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Hamilton recently called "perhaps the best known terrorist in the world." Hamza is associated with the Islamic Army of Aden, a Yemeni terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the USS Cole bombing in October of 2000. The FBI believes that Hamza is an al-Qaeda recruiter, whose London mosque was even visited by Zacarias Moussaoui.
The plot then thickens:
Enter Semi Osman. Back home, Ujaama was a frequent patron of a mosque in Seattle, whose imam was a vocal Lebanese man named Semi Osman. Searching for an Islamic commune, Osman discovered some property outside of Bly through a friend of his wife. What Osman saw as a commune, Ujaama saw as an opportunity for business with his old master Abu Hamza. [...] The FBI obtained a search warrant for Osman's apartment and found weapons, military maps, instructions on poisoning water supplies, propaganda of Abu Hamza, and other materials related to Islamic extremism. The apartment was located in Tacoma, Washington.
Osman, a Navy reservist, cooperated with authorities. When Ujaama returned to the US, the Feds were watching his every step.
Shift to Alabama. Over the summer, Scotland Yard charged Sulayman Balal Zain-ul-abidin, an alleged member of the al-Qaeda network, under Britain's Prevention of Terrorism Act for inviting individuals to undergo terrorist training. Zain-ul-abidin, aka Frank Etim, operated Sakina Security Services, an obvious front for Islamic militancy that included advertising on its Web site a combat course titled "Ultimate Jihad Challenge." The "Ultimate Jihad Challenge" was a two-week course on a 1,000-acre property in Marion, Alabama, called "Ground Zero, USA." The Alabama camp was not owned or operated by Zain-ul-abidin; Authorities believe that the British owners were used by men like Zain-ul-abidin to lure Islamic militants to learn combat training for future Islamic causes.
So John Muhammad's itinerary closely follows the roadmap of known Islamist terrorism training camp. But there is more. What about Malvo, Mohammad's sidekick? Read on:
According to INS records I obtained, Malvo was arrested by Border Patrol agents in Bellingham, Wash., on December 19, 2001. Local police called the Border Patrol during an incident involving "some sort of custody dispute" between Malvo's mother, Uma Sceon James, and John Mohammed (the ex-Army soldier with black radical Muslim ties now at the center of the sniper investigation). James admitted that six months earlier, "she and her son were passengers on a cargo ship that was filled with 'illegal asians (sic).' They were all off loaded in the Miami, FL area where she immediately located work at the Red Lobster in Ft. Myers, FL."
From there, Malvo and James traveled to Tacoma, Wash., and ended up in Bellingham. At the time of their arrest, INS records indicate, neither Malvo nor his mother had any documents proving their identities or allowing them "to be or remain in the United States legally." The Border Patrol agents concluded that because she had "no roots or close family ties in the United States, James was likely to abscond." The arresting officer noted that the mother-and-son illegal aliens, Malvo and James, would be "detained at the Seattle Detention facility in Seattle, Washington pending deportation charges."
[...]Yet, in January 2002, James was released on a $1,500 bond; Malvo was set loose without any bond on his own recognizance. Here is my theory: Somebody at the Seattle INS office leaned on the arresting Border Patrol officers to disregard Malvo and his mother's "stowaway" status-allowing them to run free and allowing the INS to avoid the costs associated with detention and deportation. So, who let Lee Malvo loose? The Seattle INS office referred my call to the Washington, D.C. headquarters. The national headquarters referred calls to the Montgomery County sniper task force. Standard INS operating procedure: Pass the buck and run for cover.
In summary...John Mohammad's meandering closely follow those of a number of terrorists known to be setting up terrorist training camps in the US. John Malvo, inexplicably is let into the US through the Seattle office even though he landed in Miami. Seattle is also near one of the new terrorist training camps.
Don't know about you guys, but I think that there is a lot more than meets the eye in this story. These 2 guys are not simply a couple of disgruntled yahoos. I think they are associated (maybe loosely) with radical Islamists. If this turns out to be true, then the Washington incident would be the second terrorist attack within the continental US and the first one since 9/11.
Washington Sniper: Political Correctness is running in high gear right now.
A Muslim convert has just been arrested after "allegedly" terrorizing the entire greater Washington D.C. area and killing 10 people. He once worked for the Nation of Islam (Farrakhan's boy scouts) and has openly praised the 9/11 attacks against America. Meanwhile, all this time, based on those "experts" (who found enough time to actually go to work even though they seemed to be lined up on CNN 24x7), the dozen law enforcement agencies were looking for an "angry white male". As Andrew Sullivan points out, this is racial profiling of the worst kind. It is reverse racism of the worst kind. It is so rampant that the police actually stopped Muhammad in his car on October 8th and let him go strictly because they were not looking for an African America. And one of the reasons they were not is that (again according to experts), 55% of serial killers are white. Now, I don't know about you but given that 70% of the American population is white, it means that 30% of the population produces 45% of the serial killers. Wouldn't that be a reason to not profile in this case? I think it is safe to say that the reverse-racism practices by law enforcement in the US lead them to tunnel vision and that, in turn, resulted in many more deaths than were necessary. They had decided to look for a white male in a white van, they even released "composite drawings" of the white vans. It turns out that neither a white man nor a white van was involved. Coincidence? Hardly.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Let's go out on a limb completely. The Chechens who have taken over 700 hostages in a theater in Moscow have released children and...ready for this?...Muslims.
I am going to guess that the terrorists are Muslims. I am also going to guess that it will be hard to find a quote by the Canadian PM stating that it is the "greed" of the Russian state that has motivated this action, just like it is the "greed" of Western Countries which motivated the "freedom-fighters" to kill 3,000 people at the WTC. Mind you, considering that Chretien just sat across and shook hand with the leader of Hezbollah in Beirut, the imbecile is probably rooting for the terrorists by now.
A must read as an antidote to left-wing and idiotarian propaganda.
Thanks to Occam's Toothbrush for pointing it out.
While the American left is content to see an Iraqi dictator terrorizing the Iraqi people, the Bushies in D.C. are not. "We do not intend to put American lives at risk to replace one dictator with another," Dick Cheney recently told reporters. For those of you who were too busy making papier-mâché puppets of George W. Bush last week to read the papers, you may have missed this page-one statement in last Friday's New York Times: "The White House is developing a detailed plan, modeled on the postwar occupation of Japan, to install an American-led military government in Iraq if the United States topples Saddam Hussein."
Brutal analysis of France's position vis a vis the war in Iraq by Charles Krauthammer.
France's grandiosity is rivaled only by its hypocrisy. The NATO war on Serbia was conducted without any Security Council approval (because Russia would have blocked it). Kosovo being a bit closer to France, and with Balkan troubles threatening to destabilize its neighborhood, France appears to have manfully suppressed its scruples and supported, indeed participated in, a war unsanctioned by the Security Council.
No more dithering. Put the question to France. We are going to present our resolution to the Security Council. Will you veto it?
This would not be an easy choice for France. It certainly understands that if it vetoes the resolution, and if the United States goes ahead regardless (as it certainly will), and if the war is a success, this will mean the end of the Security Council as a serious institution.
According to David Warren (who is usually relying on excellent analysis if not information), Bush is about to call the UN's bluff after waiting 4 weeks for the French and Russians to get off the pot.
Based on the fact that the latest US offer at the UN was labeled as "their last offer" and the fact that both France and Russia seem to be completely dissatisfied with the US offer, this whole charade is clearly going nowhere fast.
And based on strategic considerations such as the weather and temperature in the Iraqi desert (key elements given that troops will be wearing very heavy suits against chemical warfare), Bush's time is running out to start the operation and the window may not open until a year from now, at which point Saddam may have the nukes he is seeking. So Bush surely doesn't care about the Nov 4th election and must be actively planning for an operation to start within the next 4-5 weeks in early December (when many of the naval-based resources which have been sent from the US are slotted to arrive in the region). I am going to guess that many US troops will be spending Christmas in Baghdad. I am also guessing that Saddam will not, although he will be really really really busy with 72 virgins.
All in the perspective: In the last 2 weeks, the sniper in the US has committed 14 attacks. In the last 2 years, Israel has suffered 14,000 attacks.
The View from Here (by Barry Shaw in Israel)

Life in Maryland and Virginia must be real tense right now. A lone sniper is playing cat and mouse with the law enforcement agencies, and the population is living in fear. As we follow this saga and grieve for the individuals that have been shot by this madman certain demographics should be taken into consideration. Consider, if you will, that Israel fits snugly within the boundaries of Maryland and Virginia. According to the year 2000 census the combined population of both these states is exactly double that of the State of Israel. So twelve and a half million citizens are being terrorized by a lone gunman.
Imagine, if you can, the residents of Maryland and Virginia undergoing 150 suicide bombings and over 14,000 separate terror attacks !!!
That is what Israel, with half the population, has suffered over the last two years.
a.. Shootings? Plenty of them.
b.. Car bombings.
c.. Suicide missions.
d.. Rocket attacks.
e.. Grenade attacks.
f.. Lynchings.
Fourteen thousand incidents that have killed almost seven hundred and seriously injured thousands. All within the geographic size of Maryland and Virginia. Kind of puts things into proportion for you when you next hear of a terror attack in Israel. Kind of makes you appreciate our response when we go after our murderers.
Hope you get your lone sniper.
Let's use some liberal/left wing/democrat logic.
Remember all the allegations about blaming Jews for 9/11 because Israel benefited most from the ensuing fight against terrorism? Or recently blaming the CIA for the Bali bombing as a way for the US to rekindle its War on Terrorism?
Well, I'd like to add another one to that illustrious collection. The Washington sniper is actually paid by Iraq. You want proof? When is the last time the war on Iraq made the headlines (on for instance)? Must be about 10 days now. The entire US is so completely focused on the sniper that it has forgotten about Iraq, and not even North Korea could take the focus away from the sniper. I'll go even further. I think that the French marksman who has gone AWOL while touring the US was recruited by Iraq (OK, maybe Al Qaida as well) to do this.
Hey, so far, the complete lack of evidence and the sheer incompetence of the law enforcement agencies tripping all over each other on this story ensure that my wacky theory is right up there with a bunch of others. is so easy to be an armchair pundit!
Well, I think this is a reason to celebrate. Moderate Muslim leaders in Indonesia support the tightening security measures against terrorists. They have also unequivocally condemned those who perpetrated the massacre as terrorists. Why can't other Muslim leaders and clerics speak with the same clarity?
This is exactly what is needed from Muslims to rescue Islam from the evils of Islamo-Fascism and Wahabism. It is about time. Let's hope that this will give courage and determination to others to speak out as well. And let's hope they are not forced to backtracking into the usual relativism and world of lame excuses about oppression, poverty, Zionism, etc... Let's hope.
Is Google going a little cranky?
One of the last few people visiting our site got there by putting the following string as a Google Search:
"I need interesting facts about Honduras".
Go figure!

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Isn't it tragic that it has taken the work of a deranged sniper for Americans to be reminded of what living in constant fear is all about?
"Your children are not safe anywhere, any time". This is the message left by the sniper at one of the many crime scenes. Imagine living with this constant fear that your children may be in the cross-hair of a deranged, vicious, psychopathic killer. Imagine now that rather than having had to endure this for 2 weeks, this was a way of life for years now. That is exactly what Israelis have had to endure at the hands of Palestinians who have not hesitated in deliberately killing many Jewish children, including a 10-month old baby in the arms of her own mother. To make matters worse, imagine now that the whole world was turning against you because you were trying to reduce the ability of the killers to threaten your children by going after those inciting, condoning and perpetrating the violence. Imagine what would happen if the world started criticizing the FBI, ATF, local police forces etc... for blocking traffic, looking for clues and effectively becoming a nuisance to the population. Imagine if the world told the American people that it needs to sit down and negotiate with the sniper after he killed 10 people, and also to look inside of themselves to figure out how their behavior pushed the sniper to act the way he did. The American people would basically tell the whole world to go fly a kite. That is precisely what Israel should be doing in dealing with (not one but rather) hundred of snipers and bombers daily. There is only one outcome to this type of fight. The aggressors (the snipers, the bombers) must be either put away for good or destroyed. There is no other alternative.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Palestinians from the group Islamic Jihad massacre 14 Israelis in a bus attack
Soon after the blast, the Islamic Jihad organization claimed responsibility for the attack, which came after a curfew was lifted in the nearby town of Jenin on the West Bank and soon after Israeli tanks had fired into Gaza.
Note that this followed immediately after Israel lifted a curfew in Jenin.

What should Israel do? Evacuate Jenin and level it, then find the leaders of Islamic Jihad wherever they are (including Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank) and bring them to justice (as they did for another Nazi, Adolf Eichman).
Nothing short of massive force will work until terrorism is extruded out of the Palestinian psyche. They will only stop when the pain is more than they can bear.
Let me add some more fuel to this new theory, just for fun.
Apparently, French officials notified Interpol that one of their marksmen had gone missing while on a trip to the US and Canada this summer. Officials in the US are investigating whether there is a link between this incident and the sniper shootings in the Washington and Virginia areas. Some analysts have also been wondering why the sniper used the expression "dear policeman" on the tarot card left at the scene of one of the shootings, noting that very few Americans would use the word "policeman" but rather would say "police" or "cop" or "investigator" and have ascertain the possibility that the sniper may be a foreigner or at least a person whose mother-tongue is not English. Is that the link that everyone has been looking for? Could the fact that this guy has been hiding since the summer the reason why no one has noticed a strangely behaving neighbor or relative, simply because he has none? Interesting theory isn't it?
Thanks Damian for pointing out this article.
Anti-semitism in Germany? Live and well unfortunately.
We have a relative who cannot have a conversation without bringing up the Holocaust and antisemitism. We always laugh at her and at her mental "freeze" in the 1940's. After reading this, I am not so sure that her conviction that another holocaust is very possible is not right on the money. I don't think anyone has anymore illusions about how widespread antisemitism is among Arabs and Arab countries. The fact that a German company is willing to go along and rekindle the kind of visceral antisemitism which existed 60-70 years ago in Germany is very troublesome. Not surprising, just troublesome.

I have a correspondent who works for UBS, in Europe. UBS is the largest Swiss bank, owning Paine Webber and other companies. They’ve just opened a new office in Bahrain, and an interesting invoice surfaced, from a German furniture company. I am in possession of a copy of that invoice. Stamped on it are the following words:
“We herewith confirm that [the] above-mentioned goods are not of Israeli origin, nor do they contain to any degree Israeli components, nor have they been imported from Israel.”
Lovely. My correspondent says, “To sum it up: Fifty-seven years after Auschwitz, a Germany company (no less) issues a paper certifying that its products are Judenrein. Shouldn’t there be some outrage? Or at least some concern?”
Yes, but not in Bahrain — where they like — no, where they demand that their furniture be Jew-free.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

The un-parallel between Iraq and North Korea.
Of course, now that North Korea has admitted that it has a secret nuclear program, the imbeciles Democrats on Capitol Hill are saying that the threat from North Korea is greater than the one from Iraq and therefore the US should first concentrate on disarming North Korea (which has the ability to deliver nuclear weapons) rather than Saddam which has no ability to deliver weapons which may not exist.
Let's examine this logic. North Korea has admitted that it has a secret nuclear program when a) there was no open pressure to do so, and b) they clearly are not going to endear anyone once they release this piece of news (neither China, nor Japan, nor South Korea, nor the US, all providing major aid to this country which has been starving its population or half a century). So why did North Korea reveal this to the world? What is the upside? Simply, that they now have a massive amount of leverage to blackmail even more help out of the US and its allies. While before revealing this information, the US held the stick (behave and we will give you aid), now North Korea holds the stick (if you don't give us the aid we need, we will continue our nuclear weapons program). The table has turned and North Korea doesn't even have to prove that it actually has such a program. Just the thought of the possibility gives North Korea the leverage it needs to deal with the international community on its terms. Does North Korea have such weapons? Maybe, maybe not. Does North Korea really think that it can deter anyone with one or two nuclear heads? Of course not. One such attack and North Korea would be a parking lot. Is North Korea a threat then? Hardly. Its economy cannot feed its population. Its army, while large, is equipped with old, obsolete technology and no one knows whether its troops would actually follow through with orders to attack the South where most North Koreans have family.
Let's parallel the situation with Iraq. Saddam has no qualms about sacrificing his population for any cause and at any price. Calculations about the number of people who have died in Iraq under his terror range from 3 to 5 million. His ambition is to conquer most of the neighbouring countries to control the world's most available oil reserves. His economy is producing the food, the technology and the skilled labor to develop, grow and deploy massive weapons programs, including biological, chemical and nuclear. And, as he has shown in the past, he can muster support from his "Arab brothers" when he needs it. He will use the acute anti-semitic and anti-American sentiment that he has cultivated throughout the region to his advantage and will enlist the legions of uneducated masses to rise and destabilize all countries in the region. Does he present an immediate threat to the US? Yes, evidently. He will go after Israel and will destroy all the oil fields if he is not overthrown. He will destabilize the entire region and the world economy and will use his still immense resources to fund, arm, support and hide the most ardent terrorist groups providing them with a quasi impregnable sanctuary. While Kim Il-Jong needs his population fed to stay in power, Saddam needs to create a major crisis to stay in power and rally a population which is terrified. He must be destroyed so the world can go on without the constant threat of a global military and economic crisis.
I don't believe in the death penalty...but forced mass sterilization is becoming more and more attractive. Here is what the mother who sent her son to be a suicide bomber said during an interview (as reported by Naomi Ragen):
I was very happy when I heard that he [Mahmud] killed Jews in the attack. When a warrior of Jihad follows Allah's path to kill Jews, [it is the act of Jihad] that gives him strength. Even if he does not kill any Jews, it is an honorable act because he dies the death of a martyr.
We [Muslims] have a strong maternal instinct. We have a deep love for our sons. We always remember our deceased sons and feel their absence. However, this love weakens when compared to our conquered homeland. We want heaven and endeavor to please Allah. Allah has commanded us to fight the jihad in Allah's way-with our possessions and our souls'. We answer Allah's call, and this gives us pride.
[...]From the first time that I said goodbye, I asked him not to be afraid [infighting] against the Jews, as they are cowards, that he prepare his weapons well before embarking, that he kill [as many] as he can and leave none alive. And when he left for his operation, his face was radiant as if he were meeting the girls of heaven right then and there. I wished him luck and that he enter heaven and marry the girls as soon as possible.

This mother hardly qualifies as a human being. She is an unqualified monster and those who indoctrinated her (the Arafat's of this world) should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize....oh, but wait, he did get the Prize, how can we forget!