Saturday, November 16, 2002

One of our readers has made us aware of this really interesting and worthy cause:
I (his name is Ted) just returned from a most amazing lecture on "Taking Terror to Court" given by a most amazing young (28) Israel Attorney Nitzana Darshan-Leitner. She is diminutive and dynamic, eloquent and impassioned.
Since graduating Law School in Israel in 1995 she has built a practice acting for Jewish terror victims. To date she has commenced over 100 law suits and already has a number of significant judgments. She is currently on a fund raising tour in Canada and the US.
At present, the US holds a total of $3.7 billion in frozen assets of countries including Iran, Iraq and Libya. Both this administration and the last one have elected not to pay terror judgments out of these funds citing feared detriment to the national interest. Legislation is now before congress to rectify this situation and force Treasury to unblock these assets so that the they will be available to satisfy the judgments.
Dozens of cases are being prepared by her to be pursued both in Israel and the US. The defendants include Iran Syria, PLO, PA, Arafat, Barghouti, and Dahlan. She says that Dahlan is responsible for many deaths and has the evidence to prove it. This is the man the CIA is grooming to take over after Arafat. She says she won't let it happen. And I believe her. What determination. What grit. What Chutzpah.
She is also suing the EU for the reckless provision of financing to the PA arguing that that makes them responsible for the deaths caused. This financing now totals about $1.5 billion. Patten says he won't investigate where the money went because he needs it "like a hole in the head". That will just increase the punitive damages that will ultimately be awarded.
If the courts of Israel won't hear the case because of sovereign immunity she says she is getting ready to file the case in Europe where there is no sovereign immunity. She needs money to do this. That is why she is on a fund raising tour.
Her law center is called Shurat HaDin.
Currently Surat HaDin:
a) assists hundreds of Israeli victims of Arafat's violence.
b) tracks the funding and material support for terrorist groups by Syria, Iran, Iraq and the EU.
c) serves as a legal resource and research institute for the numerous courtroom struggles which are being waged in the Israel, US and EU courts on behalf of the Jewish State.
d) is a central clearinghouse and litigation base for the multifarious legal fights which are going on.

All donations are tax deductible.
In Canada checks should be made payable to J. Brass of Canada and sent to Shurat HaDin c/o Rose Cohen, 800 Steeles Ave., West, Unit B10-625, Thornhill ON, L4J 7L2
In the US, checks should be payable to PEF- Israel Endowment Fund and should be mailed to Shurat HaDin c/o 317 Madison Ave., Suite 607, New York, NY 10017.
By the way, she doesn't appear to have a web page. Would you be prepared to do one for her gratis perhaps with the support of your readers.
Ted B.
You must be joking...

Damian Penny reports on the story of Judy Rebick, so-called social activist extrordinaire, who recently paired up Svend Robinson and Libby Davies to break the moratorium at Concordia University and subsequently wrote this article about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I encourage everyone to read this hilarious excuse for an article. Here are some of my favorite parts:

"I only wish the Israelis realized that their best hope of security is a strong Palestinian state. The rest of the Arab world hates them, we don't -- we know them, they are our neighbours."
The suicide bombings, as terrible as they are, are not the reason for Israeli aggression in the Palestinian territories. The real reason is to protect ever-expanding Israeli settlements.
The state of Israel is not in danger. The Palestinians have no army, and other Arab countries are not leaping to their defence. Only Israel has the power to stop the escalating violence.
Honesty at its best
Objectivity is morally overrated

Here's a clip:

A friend of mine, an American, was just on a visit to Israel.While he was here, he went to have a look at some of the Israeli army checkpoints...He came away disturbed by much of what he saw...He said, "Can't you see how wrong it is to make people go through this day after day, deprived of all ability to live normal lives? Don't you understand that it only creates more hatred and violence? Try to imagine how you would feel in their place. Look at it objectively."

Yesterday I thought of writing to him. I might have said:
"...a week doesn't go by without the discovery at some checkpoint of bombs and weapons and Palestinians planning to use them. Every time this happens, the lives of Israelis are spared. If there had been more checkpoints, or more thorough ones, the weapon that killed Revital Ohayon and her two children in Metzer might have been discovered, too. And if 10 more, or 100 more, or1,000 more checkpoints could have saved those three lives, and if at those checkpoints thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of Palestinians would have been harassed and humiliated and kept from getting to their jobs and to their schools and to the hospital, I would have said: Fine, let them be.
On a non-MidEast note...

Elvis hair clipping sells for more than $100,000


Friday, November 15, 2002

Yup....that's my school.
The Muslim Students Association (MSA) at McGill University made donations totaling nearly $4000 last year to a group allegedly linked to Osama bin Laden and his international terrorist organisation, al Qaeda, sources revealed Wednesday. MSA is also unable to account for another $7500 in other donations made last year, but SSMU and MSA are downplaying the financial irregularities.

Gee....I wonder why.

MSA member Ahmed Abu Safia said he is skeptical about any US accusations brought against Islamic charities.

“The USA is accusing everybody,” he said. “They’re suspicious of everyone who is Muslim.”

"If we have any doubts that [organisations] contribute to terrorism, do you think we’d risk giving them money?” he said.

11 killed and 14 Injured in terrorist attack in Hebron.
Palestinian gunmen opened fire on a group of Israelis walking towards Friday night prayer services in the Jewish Quarter of Hebron killing eleven people and wounding 14. In the great tradition of Palestinian honour and fairness, the terrorists kept shooting and targeted the rescue workers, including ambulance drivers.
Note that the terrorists went after unarmed civilians walking to synagogue for the Sabbath. And we are freaking worried about upsetting Muslims by attacking terrorists during Ramadan? Please! Arabs and Palestinians always choose to massacre innocent people when they are least prepared and most vulnerable to this type of acts. Remember the Yom Kippur war? Remember the Passover massacre? By systematically targeting Jews while they are practicing their religion, Muslims show that their hatred is towards Jews, not Israelis. We should respond in kind and show the same disdain and contempt for a religion which still preaches, promotes, encourages and entices the slaughtering of as many Jews as possible as often as possible. The world is already against Israel. It is time Israel took the gloves off and inflict enough pain on the Palestinians that they will beg for a cessation of the violence at any price.
Feds warn of 'spectacular attacks' from al Qaeda

Al Qaeda may be planning "spectacular attacks" in the United States that will cause "mass casualties" and "severe damage" to the economy, according to a federal law enforcement bulletin issued Thursday.

The bulletin, which is issued weekly to law enforcement officials nationwide, is based on intelligence reports, the release of the audiotape that is believed to contain Osama bin Laden's voice, and a "resurgence of al Qaeda operational activity."

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the purpose of all these news reports that have been playing on the television that sits in my living room (which also happens to be my bedroom, kitchen, dining area and study area....ah yeah university life). I realized that every story increases the sense of fear that viewers feel, and so I started wondering what the point was. Can we somehow prepare ourselves for these possible attacks? No. If we expect them, will they be any less devastating or "spectacular"? No. Will we experience less shock and horror? No way.

My father has a theory in which he explains that, while there may indeed be threats by Al Qaeda, the main purpose of the incessant "news bulletins" is to allow the authorities to scream "You see? We told you it was going to happen! Look how accurate we were......we were even able to tell you that there'd be lots of casualties!"....or some variant thereof. Basically, the news reports allow the central agencies to cover their collective ass and possibly decrease the number of people yelling "Why weren't you prepared?". How is it that a country with the best and brightest, most advanced technology, spies, etc. can't control this group of thugs? You want my two cents? It's partly due to the fact that a lot of Americans (read: left-wingers) won't allow the authorities to do their jobs as thoroughly as possible. It has become increasingly clear that the next attack will necessarily come from within the country and so the only techniques that will allow the FBI, CIA and other such agencies to do their jobs properly are things like racial profiling and maybe even the occasional....gasp....invasion of privacy. So here's my unsolicited advice to everyone: Suck it up, bite your lip and let the people do the job they need to do. No, it's not pretty and sometimes it will inconvenience innocent people unfairly but what's the alternative? Sheesh! Some people have so little foresight.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

So Chanukah is right around the corner eh?.....

Where is the outrage from "peaceful Muslims" when Islamo-fascists spew hate, kill an destroy?
Bala Ambati writes in the Chronicle (Independent Daily at Duke University) about the complete duplicity of mainstream Muslim organizations which vociferously condemn anyone even questioning the tenets of Islam, but stay silent when Imams spew hate towards Jews, Christians and Hindus in Mosques and Madrassahs around the world, even in America.
This is brilliant writing:
Every Friday, imams and grand muftis at mosques in Yemen, Qatar, Iraq, and even the holy mosque in Mecca, pray: "O God, destroy the Jews, destroy the Christians, destroy the Hindus"; "O God, the Jews and Crusaders are the filthy sons of pigs and monkeys. Destroy the Jews who the Qu'ran describes as wicked"; "O God, destroy all disbelievers. O Muslims, rise up in jihad. Terrorize the disbelievers in their homes"; "Jewish women are yours to take, legitimately. Enslave them"; "Islam allows acts such as the Bali attack." Arab newspapers proclaim that Jews eat the blood of Muslim children for Purim and Passover, and TV stations propagate the lies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This hate reaches across the oceans.
In Greensboro on June 21 of this year, the Ameer of the Islamic Center proclaimed, "Remember, you cannot appease the Jews who run this country.... They will pursue and persecute you." On 60 Minutes, a Muslim high school student in Brooklyn declared that if she "blew up a naval base, [she] would go to heaven." Textbooks at the Islamic Saudi Academy near Washington teach that it is "okay to hurt and steal from those who are kufr [non-Muslim]" and that on Judgment Day, trees will say, "Oh Muslim, oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him."
[...]Make no mistake: Sept. 11, where men coveted murder over their own lives, was a hate crime. The difference between Falwell and the Middle East's bigoted imams is not their hate, but that Falwell does not fund, call or inspire his followers to murder. Indeed, since Sept. 11, Americans at all levels--from President George W. Bush's visit to a mosque to Rudolph Giuliani's assigning police to protect Islamic centers on the very evening of Sept. 11 to the average citizen--have taken measures to prevent an anti-Muslim backlash in an admirable display of tolerance. Sadly, this has not been reciprocated in any substantial way by the Muslim-American community.
While Muslim-Americans hold countless protests against Israel's treatment of Palestinians, have they held a single one protesting Osama bin Laden's treatment of Americans? Perfunctory condemnations and pro forma condolences do not count; where is the fervor, the rage against the mass murder of fellow Americans as there is about treatment of Palestinians? Governments and organizations from around the world took out full-page ads in the New York Times condemning the terrorists in the weeks after Sept. 11. Was there a single one from Muslim-American organizations? While Bush was pounced on for using "crusade" to describe defensive military action, Harvard's commencement speaker disingenuously airbrushed away the call to violence associated with "jihad," Muslim-American women sue Florida and Illinois for the "right" to get a driver's license while being picture-IDed with their veils on, but emit not a peep about Saudi women not being allowed to drive.
[...]For if moderate Muslims won't take out their own garbage, sadly the militaries of democracies will have to.

Thanks to Damnation and LGF for pointing this out.
European diplomacy or "The art of getting everything all wrong, all the time".
Great find from MaderBlog about the way American diplomacy is slowly discarding European diplomacy as wrong, irrelevant and incredibly smug.
From a senior US career diplomat:
"They told us they could fix the Bosnian mess all on their own. Wrong."
"They told us the Russians would never accept NATO enlargement. Wrong."
"They told us that the Russians would never accept National Missile Defense. Wrong."
"They told us that if we withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972 the whole structure of international arms control agreements would come crashing down. Wrong."
"They told us that the Kyoto Protocol was a good and worthwhile treaty, more than just cosmetics. Wrong."
"They told us that the European Union's new common security and defense policy would improve the military abilities of the NATO allies in Europe. Wrong."

And this is just the beginning. Read this excellent article. I think a few Europeans will cringe, but then they can back to play with their toy guns while debating how best to delay any real work at the Useless Nations.
Arafat-style child rearing sweet. Mom and Dad take their son for his first encounter with Israeli soldiers, equiping him with a toy gun for full effect.

How can we help people who obviously don't want to help themselves?

Forget anger and pain, certain residents of Kibbutz Mezer are trying to put this terribly inconvenient and unsightly massacre behind them.

A gunman kills five, but Kibbutz Mezer fights to save land for Palestinian neighbors.

...Sunday night, five people - including two children - were killed at this kibbutz by a Palestinian gunman, who then escaped. But at a meeting Monday with Mr. Sharon, leaders of this dovish community wanted something else: a commitment that a new, security fence - stretching some 66 miles through the West Bank to block terrorist infiltrations - will not be built on land taken from their Palestinian neighbors in Kafin village, just across the old border in the West Bank.

This kibbutz prides itself on a half century of good relations with neighboring Arab Israeli villages. So the irony that it was targeted by a militia linked to Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement was not lost on anyone, including Palestinian leaders.

..."My hand was stretched out in peace. But a slap in the face is only temporary. It rings in your ears a bit, but when the ringing stops you go on."

Yeah. The father of the two babies killed looked like he was just about ready to put this whole thing behind him when he collapsed into a pile of his dead children's stuffed animals.

For others, it will be ringing for a long time. Five-year-old Matan Ohayon's crayon-drawn New Year card to his family is still on the door of their house: "Happy New Year, I hope we will have a sweet year of happiness and health Love, Matan." Matan was shot dead along with his brother, Noam, a year younger, and his mother, Revital, whom neighbors believe was clutching the boys to protect them.
Hey Kevin.....stick to acting will ya?
Looks like Kevin Spacey isn't an intelligent man ....he just plays one in the movies.

New York Daily News - Kevin Spacey believes that America's troops can oust Saddam Hussein in less than two weeks. But he thinks the country's military brilliance is being misused for political ends.

Spacey blamed last week's Republican rout of the Democrats on "our having had Iraq 24 hours a day for five months. There's not a single domestic issue that anyone in this country was paying attention to."

Right...or maybe Republicans won because granola bar, tree-hugging politics became passe when Islamism threatened the American way of life.

Seriously though, why are people so interested in what actors have to say? Most haven't been educated past the twelfth grade, while those who have are often graduates of drama departments from unknown community colleges. Newspapers aren't supposed to be forums for celebrity rants. If actors want to talk, get a blog like the rest of us! Otherwise, stick to lala land!
"I'm sure you are the most beautiful angels in heaven". A father's eulogy.

..."God looked down from above and said: 'I want those, I want those - there is no better than them. I want them sitting here next to me.' And I am left to bury them. I remain alone."
Hey Putin....oh my gosh....I can't even think of a witty title for this one...


Russia's media expressed shock over a remark by President Vladimir Putin at the Russia-EU summit in which he urged Islamic radicals to come to Moscow for special circumcision!

A reporter for LE MONDE asked whether the Russian military's use of land mines in Chechnya was killing innocent civilians as well as Islamic terrorists.

"If you are a Christian, you are in danger," Putin charged. "If you decide to become a Muslim, this won't save you either, because they think that traditional Islam is also hostile to their goals."

Putin continued: "If you are determined to become a complete Islamic radical and are ready to undergo circumcision, then I invite you to Moscow. We are multi-confessional. We have experts in this sphere as well. I will recommend to conduct the operation so that nothing on you will grow again."

Kremlin aides later explained that Putin was both "exhausted" and "sick and tired of Chechnya."

The comments did not appear on the Kremlin's Web site, which carried an otherwise complete text of the news conference.

'tis a strange strange world we live in.

When will appeasers get it?
Here is what one of the officials of the Mitzner kibbutz said after the slaughter of 5 people including a mother and her 2 babies:
"Our kibbutz was a small symbol of peace," said Dov Avital, chosen as its spokesman in its hour of grief. "This was not a random attack. It was planned - how to get in, where to shoot, and how to get out.
"We believe that all our efforts at peace-making were the cause of this. We hope we can find the strength to stop one small group destroying the hope of coexistence."
Apparently, the kibbutz has become famous over the past month for protesting against army plans to build a security fence inside their Palestinian neighbours' land, and not on the old border.
And then, this morning, we learn that in the latest tape containing Bin Laden's verbal diarrhea, Canada and France (among 6 countries labelled as allies of the US) are fingered as legitimate targets for operations by Al Qaida because of their actions in Afghanistan.
What is the common theme here?
Two situations in which well meaning people (the Kibbutz leaders and the governments of Canada and France) are trying so hard to appease the terrorists and trying to be "nice" and accommodating. Canada has yet to label the organization which has claimed responsibility for the slaughter as a terrorist group. France is the leading force among the EU in siding with the Palestinians and against Israel. And yet, the Kibbutz, France and Canada are all targets of the terrorists.
Why? Simple. Terrorists cannot be appeased. Terrorists cannot change their ways. Terrorists do only one thing: they kill people. They don't negotiate, they don't compromise, they do not argue their cause. By becoming terrorists, they have removed themselves permanently from civilized discourse and normal interaction. They do not value the lives of anyone including themselves. And so, the only course of action that is left is the long term struggle to eradicate these people from the surface of the earth. They either renounce their ways or they get destroyed. There is no middle ground here. This is a very difficult thing for the liberal-granola-eating-politically-correct left, but it is reality. There are cases, and this is one of them, where violence is the only way. It is the right response. It is the only response.
Saphire predicts Hillary-Condoleeza matchup in 2008!

Condoleezza Rice will defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2008, New York Times political columnist William Safire predicted during a stop in Ypsilanti Monday.

Safire was the featured speaker at an annual fund-raiser of the Jewish Federation of Washtenaw County at the Ypsilanti Marriott Hotel.

Boy oh boy are times changing.....some guy shows up to talk to a bunch of Jews in a hotel and is applauded for his predictions that in 2008 an African-American, Republican woman is going to beat out a female Democrat for the Presidency. Last Friday I had a conversation about the fact that Jews, who have always been practically blind supporters of Democrats, were finally swinging to the opposite extreme. It's about time!
Bush Gears Up, getting serious about war.
The White House is shifting James Wilkinson, who helped run the U.S./U.K. coalition communications office in the aftermath of the invasion of Afghanistan, to the Pentagon's U.S. Central Command to serve as spokesperson for Gen. Tommy Franks.
That move is a "big signal" that the U.S. is "getting serious" about Iraq, according to a report in The Washington Times. Wilkinson has just returned from a trip to Morocco, where he practiced his Arabic language skills on the streets. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld used Wilkinson as his spokesperson during the presidential transition period. The 32-year-old communicator is said to be a pro at long-range messaging and overall communications strategy.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

...and another thing

Is it just me or is Friday's deadline just not coming soon enough?
Surprise Surprise!

Fatah officials: Naefa has close contacts with EU officials

Fatah officials in Tulkarm said Tuesday that Mohammed Naefa - the man held responsible by Israel for the deadly attack on Kibbutz Metzer - had deep connections with European Union officials, Israel Radio reported.

Europeans should stick to gloating about their over-hyped histories and cooking......foreign policy and international relations are not their forte.

And in case that doesn't sicken you enough, take a look at this emotional story posted on Maderblog about the sequence of events leading up to the murder of this mother and her babies.

Revital Ohayon, 34, a mother of two, who moved to the kibbutz only three months ago, heard the shooting. She made a panic-stricken telephone call to her former husband, Avi, who lives in a nearby town.

Mr Ohayon heard everything down the line: the gunman breaking down the door, the screams of his wife as she tried to protect the boys, Matan, five, and Noam, four, and the bursts of gunfire as all three died...

Ever wonder what it would be like to live as a non-Muslim in a "moderate" Muslim country?
According to many articles and testimony, life for non-Muslims living in Muslim countries is a succession of frustrating experiences, denial of the most basic rights, persecutions and intimidation. And that is what happens in a "moderate" country such as Egypt. Our "allies", the Saudis are even worse. Isn't it high time we stop providing these racist regimes with non-Muslim workers and expertise and let them go back to building sand castles in the desert? I wonder how many qualified engineers and oil workers all these madrasses are producing.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Israel to retaliate for kibbutz attack
According to several sources, this attack on a kibbutz inside Israel proper, is a turning point. While even some Palestinians are tripping all over themselves apologizing for the "operation", Arafat's representatives are meeting in Cairo with Hezbollah and Hamas leaders. Under Oslo, wasn't he supposed to capture terrorists and either prosecute them or turn them to Israel?
Anyhow, expect a tough response from Israel this time. I expect that reservists will be called up during the next few days and that a widespread operation will unfold to "decapitate" Hamas and the Al Aqsa brigades. And I wouldn't rule out that this time Arafat may be expelled. Let's remember that Netanyahu, the strongest proponent of Arafat's expulsion is now in Cabinet. The terrorists may have handed him the ammunition he needed to convince the rest of the Israeli Cabinet.
By the way, it seems that the Killers dispatched by Arafat Palestinian Militants have finally started striking at the real enemies of the Palestinian people. The courageous fighters liquidated their bloodthirsty enemies, the monstrous occupiers, pictured here:

The Palestinian freedom fighters showed incredible courage when they liquidated these unsuspecting enemies who were lying in bed reading stories with their Mom when they were killed.
No doubt the world will be a better place when all Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Aqsa Brigades and other choice Palestinian gangs of murderers are liquidated for good. Not brought to justice. Liquidated, as they clearly cannot be and will never be redeemed.
They're not anti-war, they're anti-semites!

So called "anti-war" protestors in Italy show the cameras what they're really all about. This man's sign labels the US and Israel as terrorists, while the sign on his shirt says that Jews and Americans are a cancer to society...allow me to draw attention to how normal he looks too! And like a typical Italian in war time, I expect this guy to be rooting for the US next week when they kick the crap out of Iraq. C' I right or am I right?

(via Andrew Sullivan)

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Lest we forget...

While walking home from the library, I heard two students discussing Israel's response to the murder of five Israelis that took place in northern Israel today (see two posts below). "...a little excessive" said one, "Yeah, really disproportionate - It's not like there's been a whole lot of stuff happening there lately or anything" moronically responded the other. This was, of course, in reference to the army's destruction of an empty bomb factory....disgusting, I know. As if that part of the conversation wasn't bad enough, the second girl continued to discuss politics as if she was well versed on the topic. She continued "....and this whole Iraq thing? It's so crazy! It was so spontaneous. It really came out of nowhere. I'm still not convinced Bush has any evidence to suspect Iraq of having nukes. Why would he have even thought to look towards Iraq for weapons violations?"

Every single day since September 11 I've heard my fair share or foolish and ignorant comments. While the exchange between the two students was no crazier than other things I've heard, it did sum up a point that I've been trying to make for some time now; People really don't get it. The human mind is an amazing thing. It allows people to block out the pain of over two years of suicide bombings and shooting sprees in Israel and the bombing of the WTC in the US, to the point where this student treated today's killings as if they were isolated events and the war with Iraq as if it had no connection to 9/11. And I'm not even going to begin ranting about the fact that she thought that destroying a building was an excessive response to the killing of five innocent people. But let's get back to my point...why do people forget so easily? Is it a defense mechanism? Is it because we can't bring ourselves to formulate ideas on anything that CNN doesn't cover 24/7?

In a slightly odd sense, I'm totally committed to making people remember the pain they felt on 9/11 and so when you visit my apartment, you shouldn't be surprised to see that I have beautiful posters of the pre-9/11 NYC skyline all over the place. NYC was my "art theme" this year and it will remain as such until people start remembering why America is's NOT because they like it!

PS. Oh...and another thing. I find it hilarious that students are seemingly so revolted by violence around the world and yet they're flocking to see Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" in which actual footage of the murder of the school's teens is shown. Of course, they're not upset by this display of violence because it serves their cause so well. Hypocrites! And that's why I'm not going to see the movie despite having received a mass e-mail from a friend who was urging everyone to see this "fantastic documentary".
If ever I had to ask the question "WHY?"....

Arabs must be among UN inspectors, say ministers

CAIRO - Arab League ministers meeting in Cairo demanded on Sunday that UN inspection teams that investigate Iraq's weapons programs include Arab experts.

This, of course, makes perfect sense seeing as the the teams that "inspected" (hahahahaha) Jenin after the non-massacre of Palestinians were full of Cohens, Goldbergs and Levys. Maybe I'm missing the point here, but what extra perspective could an Arab provide? "Err....that..umm....that glowing box is full of traditional Iraqi's nothing we should be paying attention to....really..."

Yet another round of murders

Gunman Kills Five in Israeli Kibbutz Attack

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A Palestinian gunman killed at least five people in a kibbutz in northern Israel, hours after a double suicide bombing was foiled in the same area near the West Bank border, police sources said on Monday.

Israeli security forces were still in pursuit of the gunman, who was feared to have hunkered down inside a house in Kibbutz Metzer, a collective farm, early on Monday.

When this monsterous Palestinian is found I hope they give him a taste of sweet democracy by allowing the parents and children of the dead decide his fate.

Note: Charles Johnson and MaderBlog report that three of the dead are children
According to Mansoor Ijaz, a Pakistani-American businessman who helped negotiate a deal turned down by the Clinton administration for Osama bin Laden's extradition to the U.S., Major Al-Qaeda Attacks Expected in Weeks.
According to the intelligence this man has access to, 3 simultaneous attacks are being planned to take place before the end of the month. The targets would be North America, the UK and India.
I have to say that I am so confident in the Canadian Government's ability to foil such an attack that I may just go underground and into hibernation until this too passes!
Seriously, this is a scary thought, especially given that this man seems to have very reliable information. This also confirms what a friend of mine heard while he was in Dubai a few months ago where he was told by a number of Arab businessmen to expect major terrorist attacks in November, attacks which apparently would make 9/11 seem like children's play.
Where are the adults?

An injured Palestinian youth is taken to ambulance after having thrown stones and bottles at Israeli soldiers.