Friday, December 06, 2002

Another Canadian, another moron

You know, I have a big problem with Canadians taking airs of superiority to Americans and calling their president a moron, especially when crap like this hits the newswire:

Quebec MP's cards show him with Arafat: 2,000 of his constituents to receive holiday greetings at Ottawa's expense

A Quebec member of Parliament is using government funds to send out a Christmas card that shows him posing with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Jean-Guy Carignan, who sits as an independent but is still a member of the Liberal Party, began mailing the card to about 2,000 constituents of his Quebec City East riding on Tuesday.

Way to give it to them guys!

The unstoppable Sari Stein has posted Hillel's flat out rejection of any guilt on their part. This is what it's all about guys......keep up the great work.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

There's no way I can outdo this chick. Sari Stein, former Concordia student, attended tonight's Chanukah party with me at Concordia University. She gives a first hand account of what went on and describes the event much more eloquently than 5 hours of sleep per night allows me. Might I add that Sari is quickly gaining much deserved notoriety in the blogosphere. Great work sister!
Just got back from Concordiarabia. I absolutely can't put off studying any more, but as soon as I need a break I'll write a post about what kinda stuff went on. I was glad to see that exams didn't stop a whole lot of McGill students from showing up and lending their support. Thanks for coming out.
I am absolutely horrified. Something must be done

The Concordia University's Student Union has banned the Jewish Student Union (Hillel)

In a meeting of the CSU Council of Representatives Monday at midnight, a motion was passed restricting Hillel's right to table, reserve space for events hold any activities on campus. What was the reason? The Council claimed that Hillel was in violation of federal law - the Foreign Enlistment Act, which in their mistaken interpretation disallowed recruitment into any foreign army - on account of a pamphlet distributed at a Hillel table advertising a volunteer Machal unit in the Israel Defense Forces. In truth, the law only applies to recruitment for armies currently at war with Canada or with an ally. Hillel had violated nothing. However, the CSU used a mistaken reading of federal law as a context to silence the Jewish community's voice at Concordia.

The freedoms of association, of religious and political expression, are now being denied to Hillel by the CSU.

Tonight at 5pm Hillel will be lighting a Menorah in the Mezzanine of Concordia University(Maisonneuve, btwn Bishop and McKay). PLEASE join me in solidarity with Jewish students at Concordia.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Oriana Fallaci at her best. A must read.
...and if this does not give you an incentive to go and buy her latest book "The Pride and the Rage", I don't know what will!
I find it shameful that the Catholic Church should permit a bishop, one with lodgings in the Vatican no less, a saintly man who was found in Jerusalem with an arsenal of arms and explosives hidden in the secret compartments of his sacred Mercedes, to participate in that procession and plant himself in front of a microphone to thank in the name of God the suicide bombers who massacre the Jews in pizzerias and supermarkets. To call them "martyrs who go to their deaths as to a party."
I find it shameful that in France, the France of Liberty-Equality-Fraternity, they burn synagogues, terrorize Jews, profane their cemeteries. I find it shameful that the youth of Holland and Germany and Denmark flaunt the kaffiah just as Mussolini's avant garde used to flaunt the club and the fascist badge.
[...]I find it shameful that many Italians and many Europeans have chosen as their standard-bearer the gentleman (or so it is polite to say) Arafat. This nonentity who thanks to the money of the Saudi Royal Family plays the Mussolini ad perpetuum and in his megalomania believes he will pass into History as the George Washington of Palestine. This ungrammatical wretch who when I interviewed him was unable even to put together a complete sentence, to make articulate conversation. So that to put it all together, write it, publish it, cost me a tremendous effort and I concluded that compared to him even Ghaddafi sounds like Leonardo da Vinci. This false warrior who always goes around in uniform like Pinochet, never putting on civilian garb, and yet despite this has never participated in a battle. War is something he
sends, has always sent, others to do for him. That is, the poor souls who believe in him. This pompous incompetent who playing the part of Head of State caused the failure of the Camp David negotiations, Clinton's mediation.
No-no-I-want-Jerusalem-all-to-myself. This eternal liar who has a flash of sincerity only when (in private) he denies Israel's right to exist, and who as I say in my book contradicts himself every five minutes. He always plays the double-cross, lies even if you ask him what time it is, so that you can never trust him. Never! With him you will always wind up systematically betrayed. This eternal terrorist who knows only how to be a terrorist (while keeping himself safe) and who during the Seventies, that is when I interviewed him, even trained the terrorists of
Baader-Meinhof. With them, children ten years of age. Poor children. (Now he trains them to become suicide bombers. A hundred baby suicide bombers are in the works: a hundred!). This weathercock who keeps his wife at Paris, served and revered like a queen, and keeps his people down in the s***. He takes them out of the s*** only to send them to die, to kill and to die, like the eighteen year old girls who in order to earn equality with the fate of their victims. And yet many Italians love him, yes. Just like they loved Mussolini. And many other Europeans do the same.
Debka reports on the growing convergence between Arafat's many terror organizations, Hizbullah and Al Qaida. Basically, this is akin to "mass murderers of the world, unite". I smell a Nobel Peace Prize here somewhere.
[...]The brutal murder of 21 celebrants at the Park Hotel Passover feast in Netanya on March 27, 2002, provided cover for the first contingent of 15-20 heavily armed al Qaeda men to land on Netanya beach from the sea.
[...]DEBKAfile’s experts on terror assert that al Qaeda terrorists are in this country at the invitation of Yasser Arafat and with logistical support approved by him in person. He imported the Hizballah first, then Osama bin Laden’s Islamic fighters, to advance his single, never-changing goal, to fight Israel until it is destroyed. In the last six months, therefore, while the diplomats and politicians spun their plans, road maps and ceasefire schemes, Arafat surreptitiously turned this country into an international center for the most dangerous professional terrorists alive. He gathered under his wing an assemblage of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hizballah, JIbril’s Popular Front – General Command, Iraqi military intelligence and the pro-Iraqi Arab Liberation Front, joined in April by al Qaeda.
[...]In November, orders for the cells to return to action issued from al Qaeda’s senior command posts in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Lebanon and from Arafat’s headquarters in Ramallah. DEBKAfile’s military and counter-terror sources report that the first attack in this cycle was the crafty ambush laid in Hebron on Friday night, November 15, in which 12 Israeli officers, troops and security men were gunned down.
Next came the bombing-attack at the Mombasa Paradise Hotel on November 28, together with the missile strike that missed an Israeli airliner carrying 260 passengers aboard. Later that day, gunmen went on a shooting-grenade assault on a Likud polling station in the northern town of Beit Shean, killing six Israelis.
That night, a mega-terror strike was rumored to have been thwarted in Jerusalem, although a court gag order prevented its publication.
This penultimate stage for the year 2002 is viewed by our experts as the prelude to a mega-terror offensive already in the works. External and Palestinian terrorists are expected to combine for an escalating cycle of attacks to culminate in one such mega-strike staged by al Qaeda or Hizballah terrorist cells.
This is what the former Mossad chief and current national security adviser, Efraim Halevy, was talking about in his lecture on Monday, December 2, several hours before al Qaeda owned up to the Mombasa strikes.
Halevy spoke of the mega-terror menace hanging over Israel as essentially one of ”genocide” with the aim of destroying Israel to its very foundations. “To meet a threat on this scale,” he said, “Israel possesses a broad and diverse array of capabilities, some of them not yet revealed.” Inherent in Israel’s national security balance, he explained, is the ability to countervail menaces of this kind. Should the danger come to pass, that ability will take the conflict to a new plane which, Halevy was sure, would be understood and accepted by world opinion.
DEBKAfile’s military and counter-terror sources have no doubt that the Israeli prime minister’s chief emissary for delicate foreign assignments was hinting darkly both at an unconventional threat to Israel, that could take the form of a large-scale massacre, and at the Jewish state’s forceful retaliation by means of weapons and war tactics never yet brought into use. Such a counter-strike could well be pre-emptive. For Israel’s policy-makers, the first danger signals flared in Hebron and Mombasa. On Monday, December 2, they published a dire warning as to their potential response.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

What a field day!
If I weren't so tied down with these God-awful exams, I would've posted all this stuff earlier!

A few weeks ago, I posted an e-mail that I had received about European countries placing a ban on kosher meat (which indirectly forces all observant Jews out of the country). The next day, I retracted the post after receiving letters claiming the story was untrue. Well, it seems that the story has resurfaced, and this time it was written about in a newspaper (a newspaper you say? Well MUST be true!). I take no blame for this if it turns out to be false, but it is definitely worth a read!

Orriana Fallaci came out on the good side of the fight.

Oh, and lastly, just some little story about how the Palestinians have now teamed up with al-Qaida. Nothing terribly earth-shattering.

Rosie DiManno from the Toronto Star also wonders why we haven't heard any condemnation of the events in Kenya from "the religion of peace".
Yeah. We've been asking the same question for a long time Rosie. And the answer, I believe is very simple. Muslims do not like Jews.
There's no haven for Jews. Not within Israel and not without.
The earth is stained with their blood: From an El Al counter in Los Angeles to a beach resort in Mombasa.
Their children, their elderly, their scholars, their farmers, the diaspora of their tribe — all targets, at home and abroad. Shopping for food, riding a bus, strolling across a campus, dining as families in restaurants, dancing in clubs, worshipping in synagogues. Not a blessed place in all the world is safe.

[...]I have been waiting, in the days since Thursday's abominable attack, for just one word of sympathy, of pity, from the Muslim world. One note of commiseration to emanate from inside the thousands of mosques, one hint of regret and empathy from commentators ever ready to assail any Israeli misstep and aggression. But the silence has been deafening.
Islam, that great religion of peace, has had nothing to say of more murdered Jews. That silent majority that disapproves of extremism, that argues the Muslim faith has been ill-served by militants who've twisted every article of the Islamic faith — not a murmur of renunciation of those who commit such travesties in their name. Where is the rage?

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Lots of articles are now talking about the fact that following what happened in Kenya, Israel has now been dragged into the "war on terrorism".
What the hell are they talking about? Dragged into? Israel has been the victim of most of the world's terrorism for 50 years. And this terrorism has been encouraged, supported, funded and even promoted by many countries, regimes and by the UN. So "dragged into the war on terrorism" shows how stupid, blind and uninformed all these "pundits" are.
And now that Israel has been hit by Al Qaida directly, Sharon has declared that the "long arm of the Israeli Defense Forces" will track down and destroy those responsible for these terrorists acts. And you know what? I honestly think that Israel is going to be the one to rid the world of Bin Laden and his ilk. Just watch. Just like the Israelis went after and killed every one of the terrorists who were responsible for Munich, they will start the same process and destroy Al Qaida's leadership slowly, systematically and surely. Watch for many exploding cell phones and drive-by shootings. Give it 6 months to a year.
The Master now has his own website: Mark Steyn himself. Promise that even after reading his stuff you WILL come back, OK? OK?
Here's vintage Steyn:
The American is still quiet but the Euro-Canadians get noisier in proportion to their impotence. American naivety transformed Japan and Germany. Anglo-French worldliness gave us Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and thereby September 11. If it takes centuries of "experience" in the region to invent Pakistan, then how much worse can a blundering Yank moron do?
Ouch! Read the rest here.

President holds first-ever Ramadan Fast-breaking feast. Thinking "Bush", right? Nope, it is President Katsav, Israel's president.
For the first time in the history of the state of Israel, President Moshe Katsav on Sunday hosted a feast for the breaking of the Ramadan Fast, a month-long Muslim holiday, at Beit Hanassi in Jerusalem, Israel Radio reported.
The feast was attended by dozens of Arab-Israeli dignitaries, the report said.
Katsav was quoted in the report as saying the holding of the feast was a way of showing Israel's appreciation and respect of the Arab minority, which constitutes 20 percent of the population. He added it was an attempt to repair relations with this sector.
The chairman of the Arab leadership's monitoring committee, Shauki Hatib, reportedly congratulated Katsav on the initiative, saying he hoped the feast would help in mending the ailing state of Arab-Jewish relations in Israel.

And I am sure that all Arab leaders will reciprocate by holding some kind of a Hanukah party.
Necessity is the mother of invention: Israeli company begins emergency production of missile defense system
An Israeli company has begun emergency production of an anti-missile system for civilian aircraft after a missile attack on an Israeli airline last week in Kenya, an official said Sunday.
It is so ironic the Israel, one of the world's smallest countries, is bringing this technology to the whole world. Let's now list the last invention which came out of an Arab country in, let's say, the last 50 years. Anyone? Something, come I thought so. The only reason some Arabs get to enjoy the fruits of the civilization they condemn and want to destroy, is that they happen to be sitting on a pile of oil. They certainly don't deserve any of it given their zero contribution to the betterment of mankind.