Monday, December 23, 2002

Greetings from Sunny Florida!

Between work, exams, family and other crazy things in life, we've totally neglected this blog lately. Given that we're in Florida right now, the chances of us having the time or desire to post stuff is slim to none......heading towards none at alarming rates. Anyway, we will, of course, keep a look out for any major developments in the MidEast and will post ASAP if anything should happen. We'll be back in full swing in early January, and we're seriously considering a new and improved format. While we're still committed to blogging about Israel and the regional conflict, we'd like to branch out a bit more. We're hoping this little vacation will get out creative juices flowing so we can come up with some cool stuff in the new year. Suggestions are welcome!! Have a safe, happy, healthy and wealthy holiday and a fantastic new year. We hope to see you all back in 2003!