Wednesday, March 19, 2003

From LGF Comments...Excellent!
I here MasterCard are coming out with a new TV commercial:

Price of an aircraft carrier ... $800,000,000
Price of an F-16 fighter ... $14,600,000
Price of a tomahawk missile ... $1,300,000
Seeing a US bombing the hell out of Saddam ... Priceless.
Some things you can't buy with money. For everything else there's MasterCard.

Makes you're heart warm, doesn't It.
Looks like Saddam's regime is already starting to unravel...
DEBKAfile Exclusive: Tareq Aziz, Taha Ramadan defect
According to an exclusive report reaching DEBKAfile from its military and intelligence sources, top members of the Saddam Hussein regime have begun to desert him. Sources in Kurdistan report that deputy prime minister Tareq Aziz visited Turkey and instead of returning to Baghdad headed into Kurdistan and went into hiding under Kurdish protection. He is said to be under interrogation by American intelligence officers. Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan has not been seen in Baghdad for three days and may too have fled the country.
Both men were elevated to their positions in 1991 after long service to Saddam Hussein as his most trusted lieutenants.
From northern Iraq we hear that hundreds of Iraqi soldiers and officers are streaming to the Turkoman town of Tozkhurmato, discarding their weapons outside the town and turning themselves in.
From the warfront we hear that the Marine column crossing the demilitarized line from Kuwait is moving toward Nassariyah in southern Iraq, its objective being to cross the Euphrates and reach Baghdad in two or three days.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

As always, a must read from Mark Steyn.
This one is about Rumsfeld. Europeans (including my family), think this man is a raving lunatic. I think he is great. He speaks directly, frankly and does not care for the niceties that Europeans use as a sophisticated excuse for appeasement. Example:
At one Pentagon briefing on Afghanistan, some showboating reporter noted that human rights groups had objected to the dropping of cluster bombs and demanded to know why the U.S. was using them. "They're being used on frontline al-Qaeda and Taliban troops to try to kill them," replied Rumsfeld.
How refreshing. A politician who doesn't beat around the bush. A man who sees who the enemy is and openly says that he will do whatever it takes to destroy terrorists and tyrants.
Why am I ashamed to be a Canadian?
Because my country has decided to side with the bankrupt UN as an excuse to not go after Saddam. Because Canada had no qualms about sending troups to Somalia, to Kosovo and other conflicts without even a hint of a UN mandate, and yet uses this excuse to bail out of Iraq. Because our Prime Minister has put partisan politics ahead of loyalty to our greatest ally, to our greatest trading partner, and, let's face it, to the one country which would defend Canada if it were ever to be attacked. After refusing the resignation of his communications director who publicly called Bush "a moron", this man did not even reprimand one of his backbenchers who called Americans bastards. And now, this imbecile pontificates about the lack of a UN mandate to go to war to disarm Iraq. Maybe he is so incompetent that he has failed to notice the 17 resolutions which Iraq has violated, including 1441 which explicitly threatens Iraq with severe consequences if it did not disarm. Iraq hasn't disarmed so the consequences are coming. It is not that complicated. But Chretien is such a moral, intellectual and incompetent failure that he doesn't get it. Blair gets it, the Australian PM gets it. 28 other European governments get it. But Chretien does not. At least, Chirac has a reason to be against the invasion: he is afraid that the Iraqi archives will be shown to the world and that France's duplicity will finally be revealed. Chretien has no such justification. He just does no get it.
A regime change in Canada is way way way overdue.
God bless America.
Pejman said it better than I could have but here is what an American thinks of the moral stance that America is taking about Iraq.
Which means that we will have to bear the burden once more. And as will be the case once more, America--in addition to preserving its own security--will rid a portion of the world of a horrible tyrant, will provide food, medicine, relief supplies and the inestimably precious supply of freedom to an oppressed people, and will demand no recompense. I don't need a war to be waged in order to be proud of my country. But it is telling that even in the midst of the cataclysm of human conflict, the majesty and beneficence of American generosity and kindness comes through.
Winston Churchill warned the Nazis to "do [their worst], and we shall do our best." Those are words that America and Americans live by. It should be added, however, that in addition to doing our best when others do their worst, we are at our best when the times are at their worst. We could become vicious along with the vicious times, but in spite of all the fears to the contrary, we have kept our character, our sense of humanity and self-worth, our fundamental goodness and decency as a people, and the sense of honor we have borne throughout our history--a sense of honor that allows Americans to look in a mirror and to tell ourselves truthfully and without fear of being contradicted by an objective posterity that when all is said and done, the world is better off for our presence.
Much better off.
May God bless my country and its heroic and valiant citizens. May those blessings spread soon and speedily to the people of ancient Mesopotamia, for they deserve to be free just as much as we do. And may their liberty not be the end, but be only the beginning of a campaign that states unequivocally that mass murder, fanaticism, and tyranny will no longer be winked and nodded at, but will be pursued to the ends of the earth by those who remember history and its lessons.
No more September Elevenths. No more Halabjas. No more evil and totalitarian clerical regimes. Human beings deserve better than that.
And it is high time that they--we--get it.
We are back....
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